2011 NFL prediction Patriots?

They might take a receiver if there is a great value available but they are clearly not having any trouble throwing the ball. If they do take one to serve as a deep threat it'll be a guy taken lower in the draft who plays humble like the rest of their guys, not a big shot early in the draft who might not block or work as hard. They always do such a good job of stashing picks that I think they can really just afford to take the best value available at each of their slots without really having to pick for need, they are the best team in the NFL so far this season after all so it's not like they really have gaping holes to fill.

2012 NFL mock draft pick.?

2012 is too hard to predict as the 2012 college football season hasn't been played yet.. but if the 2012 draft was today, (with this years draft order), i'd say LaMichael James goes 1st to Carolina.. Then 49ers trade up to grab Luck at #2.

mock draft nfl 2012 picks?

Your stupid cowboys and titans dont need a running back. And 49ers dont need a QB