Future Pro Football Hall of Famers?

For sure at this point: Junior Seau Marvin Harrison Brett Farve Possiblity: Kurt Warner ( he wasn't the same after he injured his finger, but he was like Peyton Manning in 1999 and 2001) Rodney Harrison Drew Bledsoe ( not on his first try, but he's got a shot at it) Muhsin Muhammad Keenan McCardell On their way: Ladainian Tomlinson Peyton Manning Tom Brady Ray Lewis Brian Urlacher Ed Reid Champ Baily and a lot lot more

In 2012 Keyshawn Johnson is eligible for the NFL Pro Football Hall Of Fame, is it realistic he makes it in?

No, he is just a legend in his own mind. He was a mediocre receiver at best.

2012 NFL Hall of Fame Class, thoughts?

Is the finale for the NFL Hall of Fame on Febuary 4th if it was announced who is in for 2012?

Yes, the members who will be inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame (2012 class) will be officially announced on Saturday, February 4, 2012.

is there a way to get your superstar into the hall of fame for madden NFL 2012? is there even a hall of fame?

Yea you have to retire with a high influence

who going in the NFL hall of fame in 2012?