whos gonna get drafted?..?

Top 5 2007 NFL Draft Picks 1. QB JaMarcus Russell (Raiders) 2. WR Calvin Johnson (Lions) 3. OL Joe Thomas (Browns) 4. WR Ted Ginn Jr. (Buccaneers) 5. DE Jamaal Anderson (Cardinals) Notable Players 8. RB Adrian Peterson (Texans) 9. QB Brady Quinn (Dolphins) 18. WR Dwayne Jarrett (Bengals) 57. QB Troy Smith (Eagles) That sounds about right, but you never know. All of the teams and players listed above would be great together, and are likely still going to be available when it comes time for the team listed to draft. Troy Smith would be an excellent backup to McNabb, since Garcia may leave as a Free Agent. Practicing alongside Donovan would be excellent for him, and when McNabb steps down, he could really shine.

Why is the 2nd round NFL Draft order different?

That's because those teams had tied records. The ties switch places from round to round. The Colts picked first in the first round because they had the tie breaker (weaker schedule) even though they had the same wins and losses as the Rams.

do you know second-third round analysis of the 2012 nfl draft?

Round 2 33. Rams -- Brian Quick, WR, Appalachian State: The Rams forgo better-known names like Stephen Hill and Rueben Randle for the big-bodied but more raw Quick (6-4, 220 pounds). At least QB Sam Bradford has his first downfield weapon from this draft. 34. Colts -- Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford: Makes perfect sense to pair QB Andrew Luck with his go-to target from their time together with the Cardinal. Fleener's nothing special as a blocker, but he should step right into the pass-catching role vacated by departed Colts TEs Dallas Clark and Jacob Tamme. 35. Ravens (from Vikings) -- Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama: Ravens GM and 'Bama alum Ozzie Newsome saves free-falling Upshaw -- once considered a potential Top 10 pick -- who can clearly play the game effectively even if he is a bit of a 'tweener at 6-2, 272 pounds. The pick makes sense after Baltimore let OLB Jarret Johnson walk. Yet Upshaw could be an even more formidable force opposite 2011 defensive MVP Terrell Suggs. Upshaw is the fifth Tide player selected in the draft's top 35 spots. 36. Broncos (from Buccaneers) -- Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincinnati: Denver does the expected with its first pick of this draft, though goes somewhat outside the box by taking Wolfe, a lineman who's more of a penetrator than a gap plugger. Regardless, he plugs a gap on the depth chart given the free-agent defection of DT Brodrick Bunkley and the apparent reluctance to re-sign Marcus Thomas. Wolfe need only beat out vets Justin Bannan and Ty Warren for snaps. 37. Browns -- Mitchell Schwartz, T, California: Sensible pick. Cleveland cut RT Tony Pashos in March, so Schwartz steps into an open job. Not only that, he dovetails with the team's previous selections, providing protection for QB Brandon Weeden and holes for RB Trent Richardson. And who better to learn the NFL ropes from than all-pro LT Joe Thomas. 38. Jaguars -- Andre Branch, DE, Clemson: Jacksonville has been seeking a reliable pass rusher ever since the day DE Tony Brackens left town nearly a decade ago. Branch should form a nice tandem with improving Jeremy Mincey on a sneaky good defense. 39. Rams (from Redskins) -- Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama: No fear from coach Jeff Fisher and GM Les Snead. Jenkins has first-round cover skills -- maybe the best in this year's draft -- but first-rate off-field problems (including marijuana charges) that led to his demise at the University of Florida. Yet assuming Jenkins has straightened himself out, the Rams have solved a spot that was a consistent problem in 2011 with the ability to pair the rookie with recently signed Cortland Finnegan. 40. Panthers -- Amini Silatolu, G, Midwestern State: Highly touted though he comes out of a relatively unknown program, Silatolu should immediately take over for departed Travelle Wharton and make plenty of space to run for QB Cam Newton and RBs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

Who's new to the Dallas cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys 2013 NFL Draft Round 1:Travis Frederick,Center (Wisconsin) Round 2:Gavin Escobar,Tight End (San Diego State) Round 3:Terrance Williams,Wide Receiver (Baylor) Round 3:J.J. Wilcox,Safety (Georgia Southern) Round 4:B.W. Webb,Corner Back (William & Mary) Round 5:Joseph Randle,Running Back (Oklahoma State) Round 6:DeVonte Holloman,Outside Line Backer (South Carolina)

2010 NFL Draft Questions...?

The Bills made a very bad draft decision. I do disagree with you though when you said that Jimmy Clausen was the most pro ready QB in the draft. I believe Bradford is better then Clausen. Though at least for the next 2 years, Clausen will have more success as he is with a better (Carolina) then Bradford (St. Louis). But anyways, Buffalo definitley should have taken Clausen. They don't need Spiller. It was a bad move that will cost them dearly. I spent a week and a half studying the draft. I read every Mock Draft on ESPN.com, SI.com, ESPN, NFL Network, NFL.com and not ONCE did I see Tyson Alualu going in the first round. I didn't even know who the hell he was! How can he sell jerseys and tickets if nobody even knows who he is? Jacksonville's bad picks like this one is why they don't get any fans. Denver drafting Tim Tebow is an experiment. They want to see if he has what it takes to be an NFL Quarterback. Drafting Tebow was beyond stupid. Kyle Orton was a good starter for them last season. They brought in Brady Quinn as the backup and then they draft a Quarterback in the FIRST ROUND who has a million question marks surrounding him? Denver wasting a first round pick on Tebow will NOT help them especially with Oakland and Kansas City rebuilding and San Diego still at the top of their game. The Saints pick is the only pick you listed that I will defend. In today's NFL, teams pass the ball more then in any other generation. Teams have 3-4 Wide Receivers who can catch the ball, they have good pass-catching tight ends, and even pass catching running backs. You need cornerbacks nowadays more then ever.

1990's NFL Draft, first round QB's?

I enjoy spreading out the field more if you dont mind Top 5 Careers 5. Daunte Culpepper- Great in Minnesota, but has been bad since his injury 4. Donovan McNabb- Has been to the Super Bowl, but no cigar. Has had a very good career with a not as deep WR Core 3. Steve McNair- One Ring. Co-MVP. And to think he came from Alcorn State and built the Titans into an elite AFC team with Eddie George and Derrick Mason and Frank Wycheck 2. Drew Bledsoe- Without him the Patriots would still be at the bottom of the football world and Brady wouldn't be who he is today 1. Peyton Manning- WOW. Big Surprise here. One of my top 5 to play the game Top 5 Busts 5. Jeff George- His career looked promising, but it never happened. Lost the job to Harbaugh later on. 4. Akili Smith- Was so highly rated in that draft and the Browns almost selected him. But on the other Ohio team he was just as terrible. 3. Rick Mirer- At #2 overall and has been a career backup 2. Ryan Leaf- His attitude ruined his football career and people thought he was better than Peyton. 1. Tim Couch- Man, what a bust. Shouldn't have scheduled that extra workout with Cleveland before the draft. Number one overall and was not the same as he was in college. Injured all the time and the Browns were terrible. Although he had two Hail Mary's in his career. (HA HA)

Who will the New York Jets Draft in the 2010 NFL Draft with their 1st and 2nd round picks?

The #1 priority has to be a legit pass rushing OLB like Brandon Graham, Jerry Hughes, Jason Pierre-Paul, Eric Norwood or maybe Ricky Sapp. I wouldn't hate a DE like Jared Odrick or Arthur Jones, but a pass rusher is by far the closest thing to a need that the Jets have and 3-4 DE aren't really supposed to rush the passer. In the second round they should go for a cornerback like Kyle Wilson, Brandon Ghee, Trevard Lindley, Amari Spievey, Syd'quan Thompson, Patrick Robinson, Javier Arenas and maybe Donovan Warren. They would benefit from getting a wide receiver, but its far from a first or second round need. Whether you like his drops or not, Braylon Edwards is a #1 wideout and his presence alone adds a vertical dimension to their offense. Jerricho Cotchery is a very high end #2 wideout and Dustin Keller has the potential to be a lethal matchup nightmare and red zone threat as a TE/WR hybrid type. If somebody like Carlton Mitchell, Jordan Shipley or maybe even Demayrius Thomas is around in the third I wouldn't be against taking him, but not in the first 2 rounds.

what network will the nfl draft?

Round 1 of the 2012 NFL Draft will begin tonight (Thursday, April 26, 2012), at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT/6:00 pm MT/5:00 pm PT. It will be televised on both ESPN and the NFL Network, with coverage starting 30 minutes prior (7:30 pm ET/6:30 pm CT/5:30 pm MT/4:30 pm PT). Rounds 2 and 3 of the 2012 NFL Draft will be televised tomorrow (Friday, April 27, 2012), beginning at 7:00 pm ET/6:00 pm CT/5:00 pm MT/4:00 pm PT on ESPN. Rounds 4-7 of the 2012 NFL Draft will be televised on Saturday, April 28, 2012, beginning at 12:00 noon ET/11:00 am CT/10:00 am MT/9:00 am PT on ESPN.

Bucs 2014 NFL mock draft?

1) there are 7 rounds in an NFL draft 2) nobody cares about the bucs

2010 NFL mock draft, rounds 1+2?

I think it looks mostly pretty good. As a Skins fan, I'm pretty satisfied. Detroit taking Okung is something I think would make alot more sense for them, even though it cuts down on the Skins options. I think you dropped Suh a little TOO far though. I can sort of see KC passing on him, but Seattle taking Berry over him? That's hard to see. I think you have Terrence Cody going to high. McCoy and Tebow also seem a bit high. I think Ducasse is to low. But overall, nice job.

How in the hell was Tom Brady drafted 6th round 199th overall, and now is one of the best 2 QBs in the NFL?

Shows you that all these high dollar scouts don't know everything. look at how many 1st round duds they've drafted in the last 2 - 3 years. Papaw

NFL Draft?

MN- (2nd round) some good OL

Why and how does the order change in the 2nd Round of the NFL Draft?

I think it is because teams trade their particular draft picks with other teams, so they can get certain players etc.

2008 NFL Draft?

1. Miami - Glenn Dorsey DT, LSU Dorsey is easily the best defensive player in this year's draft. He plugs up the middle and has the athletic ability to get after the QB. I know the Phins need a QB but I don't see them drafting one in the 1st round after taking Beck in last year's draft. New England - Chris Long DE, Virginia A lot of mock drafts have had McFadden going here and I just don't see that happening. Their defense is getting old and they need some insurance here. Long is right up there with Dorsey and has the genes to be a great player. I could also see the Pats trading out of this spot. 2. Jets (I know you have ATL but I think the Jets will get this pick) - Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas Yes, the Jets have Thomas Jones but if you look at Adrian Peterson going to Minn last year, it has worked out pretty well for the Vikes. This pick for the Jets is strictly a talent pick because Mangini would love to have Long or Dorsey but with them off the board they go McFadden. 3. Atlanta - Brian Brohm QB, Louisville The Falcons clearly need help at QB and Brohm fits their system perfectlly. Matt Ryan could also fit here. 4. St. Louis - Jake Long OT, Michigan The Rams need Long for injury purposes. Orlando Pace has been out all season and you can see what it has done to their offense. Long provides insurace at tackle and is the best OL in this draft. 5. Oakland - Calais Campbell DE, Miami Oakland doesn't really have the compliment pass rusher to Derrick Burgess. Campbell at 6'8 is a physical specimen and can help the Raiders from the start. 6. Kansas City - Sam Baker OT, USC 7. Baltimore - Matt Ryan QB, BC 8. Carolina - James Laurinaitis ILB, Ohio St. 9. Cincinnati - Sedrick Ellis DT, USC 10. Eagles - Desean Jackson WR, Cal 11. Chicago - Andre Woodson QB, Kentucky 12. Washington - Derrick Harvey DE, Florida 13. New Orleans - Malcolm Jenkins CB, Ohio St. 14. Houston - Kenny Phillips S, Miami

HELP.............NFL DRAFT?

Sam bradford is the number one draft pick this year, meaning he is the best player in the entire draft. and as for thee draft itself, each team gets a certain number of picks. and the worst teams get the first chance to pick. thats why the rams pick first and the saints pick last. and there are rounds in which all teams go in order picking each of their players.

When will the 2nd round draft pick happen in the NFL?

The 2nd and 3rd rounds are tomorrow at 8.

2013 2 Round NFL Mock Draft?

Not bad but I doubt the Lions go with Werner at 5.

What is the NFL supplemental draft?

Supplemental Draft Since 1977, the NFL has also held a Supplemental Draft to accommodate players who did not enter the regular draft. Players generally enter the Supplementary Draft because they missed the filing deadline for the NFL Draft or because issues developed which affected their eligibility (such as athletic or disciplinary matters). The draft is scheduled to occur at some point after the regular draft and before the start of the next season. In 2009, the Supplemental Draft occurred on July 16. In 1984 the NFL held an additional draft for players who were under contract with either USFL or CFL teams. Draft order is determined by a weighted system that is divided into three groupings. First come the teams that had six or fewer wins last season, followed by non-playoff teams that had more than six wins, followed by the 12 playoff teams. In the supplemental draft, a team is not required to use any picks. Instead, if a team wants a player in the supplemental draft, they submit a "bid" to the Commissioner with the round they would pick that player. If no other team places a bid on that player at an earlier spot, the team is awarded the player and has to give up an equivalent pick in the following year's draft.[3] (For example, FS Paul Oliver was taken by the San Diego Chargers in the fourth round of the Supplemental Draft in 2007; thus, in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Chargers forfeited a fourth-round pick.) The 1985 Supplemental Draft was particularly controversial. Quarterback Bernie Kosar who had led University of Miami to its first National Championship in 1984 was earning his academic degree as a junior. Rather than finish his eligibility at Miami he wanted to turn pro. At this time college players had to wait for their class unless they themselves graduated early. A plan was devised by football agent AJ Faigin[4] that was to get him to his preferred team, the Cleveland Browns. Faigin was representing former U of Miami QB and future Hall of Famer, Jim Kelly, then in the USFL, but whose NFL rights were held by the Buffalo Bills. The USFL was in its last days and Kelly would soon be available to the Bills. AJ Faigin's first step was to ask Bill Polian, the GM of Buffalo, if he would be willing to trade the number one Supplemental pick (worth next to nothing at that time) to Cleveland. Polian agreed and Faigin told the Cleveland Browns a trade was available. He next notified Kosar's father he should not formally submit his son's application for the standard NFL draft that was weeks away and declare only afterward; which would put him into the Supplemental Draft. The result of Kosar’s withdrawal resulted in rare open warfare among NFL teams played out in the newspapers with threats of lawsuits between them, notably the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, who had expressed interest in choosing him in that season's regular draft. But as no rules were broken the Giants and eventually Minnesota had to back down. Kosar went on to lead Cleveland to five playoffs and three AFC Championship games. Following that season, the NFL instituted the current semi-random supplemental draft order. The strategy devised by A.J. Faigin, to not declare for the NFL until after the regular draft, was subsequently used by other top players for various reasons. In some cases, it was because they did not want to play for the team that would have drafted them in the regular draft. For example, Brian Bosworth did not declare because he did not want to play for the Indianapolis Colts or the Buffalo Bills, the teams who drafted second and third that year. The Colts had offered him a 4 year, $2.2 million deal before the draft.[5] The Seattle Seahawks won the right to draft first in the supplemental draft, and later signed him to a 10 year, $11 million contract.[6] At the time that was the largest rookie contract in NFL history. As of the 1990 season, only players who had graduated or exhausted their college eligibility were made available for the supplemental draft. Since 1993, only players who had planned to attend college but for various reasons could not have been included in the supplemental draft.

The 2011 NBA Draft Question?

There is only 2 rounds in the NBA draft. Unlike in the NFL has so many rounds because each team has 50+ players, where as NBA teams have 10-15 players. The players that aren't drafted become rookie free agents.

Is anyone else more interested in the 2nd and 3rd round of the NFL draft?

I would say I'm equally interested in those, my Giants success rate with 2nd rounders are high so I find it very interesting too. BQ - Yes, I generally don't like taking RB's high, but to me Eddie Lacy seems like a first rounder, if I think taking a RB in the first seems sensible then I think a NFL team will do the same, I think he will go in the bottom of the first either to a team trading in to the first round for him or to a team there needing a RB.

NFL Draft?

Being a Bucs fan I'm all over this. The coin flip is for the 3rd and 4th spot in the 1st round of the NFL Draft because of a tiebreaker situation with the Cleveland Browns. The coin flip however does not occur on the first day of the draft. It will either occur at this week's NFL Scouting Combine (which right now looks unlikely) or at the NFL Owner's Meeting, March 25-28 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Owner's Meeting seems the likely scenario as of late, but there is no "set" date as of right now. It will definitely occur no later then March 28th due to the fact that time has to be given for both the Browns and the Bucs to decide who they will pick depending on who falls to what spot.

2008 Nfl Draft?

1 Miami- Glenn Dorsey- DT-LSU 2 St. Louis- Jake Long- OT-Michigan 3 New York Jets- Darren McFadden- RB-Arkansas 4 New England (from San Francisco)- James Laurinaitis-LB-Ohio State 5 Oakland- Chris Long-DE-Virginia 6 Cincinnati- Sedrick Ellis- DT-USC 7 Atlanta- Brian Brohm-QB-Louisville 8 Minnesota- Matt Ryan-QB-Boston College 9 Arizona-Felix Jones-RB-Arkansas 10 New Orleans- Malcolm Jenkins-CB-Ohio State 11 Baltimore- Andre Woodson-QB-Kentucky 12 Kansas City- DeSean Jackson-Cal-WR 13 Houston- Rashard Mendenhall-RB-Illinois 14 Carolina- Derrick Harvey-DE-Florida 15 Denver- Keith Rivers-LB-USC 16 Chicago- Kenny Phillips-FS-Miami 17 Philadelphia- Sam Baker-USC-OT 18 Seattle- Alex Boone-OT-Ohio State 19 Dallas (from Cleveland)- Malcolm Kelly-WR-Oklahoma 20 Tampa Bay- Xavier Adibi-LB-Virginia Tech 21 Buffalo- Mike Jenkins-CB-South Florida 22 San Diego- Duke Robinson-G-Oklahoma 23 Washington- Early Doucet-WR-LSU 24 Tennessee- Dan Connor-LB-Penn State 25 New York Giants-Ryan Clady-OT-Boise State 26 Jacksonville- Adarius Bowman-WR-Oklahoma State 27 Detroit-Erin Henderson-LB-Maryland 28 Pittsburgh-James Hardy-WR-Indiana 29 San Francisco (from Indianapolis)- Vernon Gholston-OLB-Ohio Stat 30 Green Bay- Jonathan Stewart-RB-Oregon 31 Dallas- Calais Campbell-DE-Miami 32 New England (pick forfeited)-

Where can I find a list of the NFL Draft picks for this year?

2008 NFL draft rd 1 1 Miami-Jake Long OT Michigan 2 St.Louis-Chris Long DE Virginia 3 Atlanta-Matt Ryan QB Boston College 4 Oakland-Darren McFadden HB Arkansas 5 Kansas City-Glenn Dorsey DT LSU 6 New York Jets-Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State 7 New Orleands-Sedrick Ellis DT USC 8 Jacksonville-Derrick Harvey DE Florida 9 Cincinnati-Keith Rivers OLB USC 10 New England-Jerod Mayo ILB Tennesee 11 Buffalo-Leodis McKelvin CB Troy 12 Denver-Ryan Clady OT Boise State 13 Carolina-Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon 14 Chicago-Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt 15 Kansas City-Branden Albert OG Virginia 16 Arizona-Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tennesee State 17 Detroit-Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College 18 Baltimore-Joe Flacco QB Delaware 19 Carolina-Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh 20 Tampa Bay-Aqib Talib CB Kansas 21 Atlanta-Sam Baker OT USC 22 Dallas-Felix JOnes RB Arkansas 23 Pittsburgh-Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois 24 Tennesee-Chris Johnson RB ECU 25 Dallas-Mike Jenkins CB South Florida 26 Houston-Duane Brown OT Virginia Tech 27 San Diego-Antoine Cason CB Arizona 28 Seattle-Lawrence Jackson DE USC 29 San Francisco-Kentwan Balmer DT North Carolina 30 New York Jets-Dustin Keller TE Purdue 31 New York Giants-Kenny Phillips S Miami RD 1 Notes New England forfeits RD1 P31(spy gate) New England/New Orleands trade RD1 P7 RD5 P164/RD1 P10 RD3 P78 Baltimore/Jacksonville trade RD1 P8/RD1 P26 RD3 P71 RD3 P89 RD4 P125 Detroit/Kansas City trade RD1 P15 RD3 P76/RD1 P17 RD3 P66 RD5 P136 Philadelphia/Carolina trade RD1 P19/RD2 P43 RD4 P109 2009 RD1 Houston/Baltimore trade RD1 P18/RD1 P26 RD3 P89 RD6 P173 Washington/Atlanta trade RD1 P21 RD3 P82 RD5 P154/RD2 P48 RD4 P103 Seattle/Dallas trade RD1 P25/RD1 P28 RD5 P163 RD7 P235 Green Bay/New York Jets trade RD1 P30/RD2 P36 RD4 P102 Round 2 32 Miami-Phillip Merling DE Clemson 33 St Louis-Donnie Avery WR Houston 34 Washington-Devon THomas WR Michigan State 35 Kansas City-Brandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech 36 Green Bay-Jordy Nelson WR Kansas State 37 Atlanta-Curtis Lofton ILB Oklahoma 38 Seattle-John Carlson TE Notre Dame 39 San Francisco-Chilo Rachal OG USC 40 New Orleands-Tracy Porter CB Indiana 41 Buffalo-James Hardy WR Indiana 42 Denver-Eddie Royal WR Virginia Tech 43 Minnesota-Tyrell Johnson S Arkansas State 44 Chicago-Matt Forte RB Tulane 45 Detroit-Jordon Dizon OLB Colorado 46 Cincinnati-Jerome Sinpson WR Coastal Carolina 47 Philadelphia-Trevor Laws DT Notre Dame 48 Washington-Fred Davis TE USC 49 Philadelphia-DeSean Jackson WR California 50 Arizona-Calais Campbell DE Miami 51 Washington-Malcom Kelly WR Oklahoma 52 Jacksonville-Quention Groves DE Auburn 53 Pittsburgh-Limas Sweed WR Texas 54 Tennesee-Jason Jones DE Eastern Michigan 55 Baltimore-Ray Rice RB Rutgers 56 Green Bay-Brian Brohm QB Louisville 57 Miami-Chad Henne QB Michigan 58 Tampa Bay-Dexter Jackson WR Appalaician State 59 Indianapolis-Mike Pollack C Arizona State 60 Green Bay-Patrick Lee CB Auburn 61 Dallas-Martellus Bennett TE Texas A&M 62 New England-Terrance Wheatley CB Colorado 63 New York Giants-Terrell THomas CB USC Baltimore/Seattle trade RD2 P38/RD2 P55 RD3 P86 Philadelphia/Minnesota trade RD2 P43 RD5 P152/RD2 P47 RD4 P117 Tampa Bay/Jacksonville trade RD2 P52/RD2 P58 RD5 P158 round 3 64 Detroit-Kevin Smith RB UCF 65 St Louis-John Greco OG Toledo 66 Miami-Kendall Langford DE Hampton 67 Carolina-Charles Godfrey CB Iowa 68 Atlanta-Chevis Jackson CB LSU 69 San Diego-Jacob Hester FB LSU 70 Chicago-Earl Bennett WR Vanderbilt 71 Baltimore-Tavares Gooden ILB Miami 72 Buffalo-Chris Ellis DE Virginia Tech 73 Kansas City Jamaal Charles RB Texas 74 carolina-Dan COnnor ILB Penn State 75 San Francisco-Reggie Smithh CB Oklahoma 76 Kansas City-Brad Cottan-TE Tennesee 77 Cincinnati-Pat Simms DT Auburn 78 New England-Shawn Crable OLB Michigan 79 Houston-Antwaun Molden CB Eastern kentucky 80 Philadelphia-Bryan Smith DE McNeese State 81 Arizona-Early Doucet WR LSU 82 Kansas City-Dajuan Morgan S NC State 83 Tampa Bay-Jeremy Zuttah OG Rutgers 84 Atlanta-Harry Douglas WR Louisville 85 Tennesee-Craig Stevens TE California 86 Baltimore-Ton Zbikowski S notre Dame 87 Detroit-Andre Fluellen DT Forida State 88 Pittsburgh Bruce davis DE UCLa 89 Houston-Steve Slaton RB West Virginia 90 Chicago-Marcus Harrison DT Arkansas 91 Green Bay-Jermichael Finley TE Texas 92 Detroit-Cliff Avril DE Purdue 93 Indianapolis-Phillip Wheeler ILB Georiga Tech 94 New England-Kevin Oconnell QB San Diego State 95 New York Giants-Mario Manningham WR michigan 96 Washington-Chad Rinehart OG Northern Iowa 97 Cincinnati-Andre Caldwell WR Florida 98 Atlanta-Thomas DeCloud s California 99 Baltimore-Oniel Cousions OG UTEP Miami/Detroit trade RD3 P64/RD3 P66 RD6 P176 New England/San Diego trade RD3 P69/RD3 P94 RD5 P160 round 4 100 Oakland-Tyvon Branch CB UConn 101 St Louis-Justin King CB Penn State 102 Green Bay-Jeremy Thompson DE Wake Forrest 103 Tennesee-William Hayes DE Winston Salem State 104 Cleveland-Beau Bell ILB UNLV 105 Kansas City-Will Franklin WR Missouri 106 Baltimore-Marcus Smith WR New Mexico 107 San Francisco-Cody Wallace C Texas A&M 108 Denver-Kory Lichtensteiger C BGU 109 Philadelphia-Mike McGlynn OT Pittsburgh 110 Miami-Shawn Murphy OG Utah State 111 Cleveland-Martin Rucker TE Missouri 112 Cincinnati-Anthony Collins OT Kansas 113 New York Jets-Dwight Lowey CB San Jose State 114 Buffalo-Reggie Corner CB Akron 115 Tampa Bay Dre Moore DT Maryland 116 Arizona Kenny Iwebema DE Iowa 117 Philadelphia Quentin Demps S UTEP 118 Houston Xavier Adibi OLB Virginia Tech 119 Denver-Jack Williams CB Kent State 120 Chicago-Craig Steltz S LSU 121 Seattle-Red Bryant DT Texas A&M 122 Dallas-TaShard Choice RB Georiga Tech 123 New York Giants-Bryan Kehl OLB BYU 124 Washington-Justin Tryon CB Arizona State 125 Oakland-Arman Sheilds WR Richmond 126 Tennesee-Lavelle Hawkins WR California 127 Indianapolis-Jacob Tamme TE Kentucky 128 St Louis-Keenan Burton WR Kentucky 129 New England-Johnathan Wilhite CB Auburn 130 Pittsburgh-Tony Hills OT Texas 131 Philadelphia-Jack Ikegwuonu CB Winsconsin 132 Buffalo-Derek Fine TE Kansas 133 Baltimore-David Hale OT Weber State 134 Tennesee-Stanford Keglar OLB Purdue 135 Green Bay-Josh Sittion OT UCF round 5 136 Detroit-Kenneth Moore WR Wake Forest 137 Minnesota-John David Booty QB USC 138 Atlanta-Robert James OLB Arizona State 139 Denver-Ryan Torian RB Arizona State 140 Kansas City-Brandon Carr CB Grand Valley State 141 Carolina Gary Barndige TE Louisville 142 Chicago-Zack Bowman CB Nebraska 143 Dallas-Orlando Scandrick CB Boise State 144 New Orleands-Demario Pressley DT NC State 145 Cincinnati-Jason Shirley DT Fresno State 146 Detroit-Jerome Felton FB Furman 147 Buffalo-Alvin Bowen OLB Iowa State 148 Denver-Carlton Powell DT Virginia Tech 149 Arizona Timothy Hightower RB Richmond 150 Green Bay- Breno Giacomini OT Louisville 151 Houston-Frank Okam OT Texas 152 Minnesota Letroy Guion DT Florida State 153 New England-Matt Slater WR UCLA 154 Atlanta-Kory Beirmann OLB Montana 155 Jacksonville-Thomas Williams OLB USC 156 Pittsburgh-Dennis Dixon QB Oregon 157 St Louis-Roy Schuening OG Oregon State 158 Chicago-Kellen Davis TE Michigan State 159 Jacksonville- Trae Williams CB South Florida 160 Tampa Bay-Josh Johnson QB San Diego 161 Indianapolis-Marcus Howard OLB Georgia 162 New York Jets-Erik Ainge QB Tennesee 163 Seattle-Owen SChmitt FB West Virginia 164 New Orleands-Carl Nicks OT Nebraska 165 New York Giants-Jonathan Goff ILB Vanderbilt 166 San Diego-Marcus Thomas RB UTEP round 6 167 Dallas Erik Walden DE Middle Tennesee State 168 Washington-Durant Brooks P Georgia Tech 169 oakland Trevor Scott DE Buffalo 170 Kansas City Barry Richardson OT Clemson 171 New York Jets Marcus Henry WR Kansas 172 Atlanta-Thomas Brown RB Georgia 173 Houston-Dominique Barber S Minnesota 174 San Francisco-Josh Morgan WR Virginia Tech 175 Tampa Bay Geno Hayes OLB Florida State 176 Miami Jalen Parmele RB Toledo 177 Cincinnati Corey Lynch S Appalachain State 178 New Orleands-Taylor Mehlhaff K Wisconsin 179 Buffalo Xavier Omon RB NW Missouri State 180 Washington-Kareem Moore S Nicholls State 181 Carolina Nick Hayden DT Wisconsin 182 Kansas City Kevin Robinson WR Utah State 183 Denver Spencer Larsen ILB Arizona 184 Philadelphia Michael Gibson OG California 185 Arizona Christopher Harrington DE Texas A&M 186 Washington Colt Brennan QB Hawaii 187 Minnesota John Sullivan C Notre Dame 188 Pittsburgh Mike Humpal OLB Iowa 189 Seattle Tyler Schmitt LS SDSU 190 Cleveland Ahtyba Rubin DT Iowa State 191 Cleveland Paul Hubbard WR Wisconsin 192 San Diego DeJaun Tribble CB Boston College 193 Minnesota Jaymar Johnson WR Jackson State 194 Pittsburgh Ryan Mundy S West Virginia 195 Miami Donald Thomas OG UConn 196 Indianapolis Michael Santi TE Virginia 197 New England Bo Ruud OLB Nebraska 198 New York Giants Andre Woodson QB Kentucky 199 New York Giants Robert Henderson DE Southern Mississippi 200 Philadelphia Joe Mays ILB NDSU 201 Indanapolis Steven justice C Wake Forest 202 Indianapolis Mike Hart RB Michigan 203 Philadelphia Andrew Studebaker DE Wheaton 204 Miami Lex Hilliard RB Montana 205 Indianapolis Pierre Garcon WR Mount Union 206 Baltimore Haruki Nakamura S Cincinnati 207 Cincinnati Matt Sherry TE Villanova round 7 208 Chicago-Ervin Baldwin DE Michigan State 209 Green Bay-Matt Flynn QB LSU 210 Kansas City-Brian JohnSton DE Garner Webb 211 New York Jets-Nate Garner OT Arkansas 212 Atlanta-Wilfrey Fontenot CB Arizona 213 Jacksonville-Chauncey Washington RB USC 214 San Francisco-Larry Grant OLB Ohio State 215 Baltimore-Justin Harper WR Virginia Tech 216 Detroit-Landon Cohen DT Ohio 217 Green Bay-Brett Swain WR SDSU 218 Detroit-Caleb Campell S Army 219 Buffalo- Demetrius Bell OT Northwestern State 220 Denver-Joshua Barre

What time does the draft start?

Entire NFL Draft on ESPN 1st Round- Thursday 4-28 @ 8 P.M. ET 2nd-3rd Rounds- Friday 4-29 @ 5 P.M. ET 4th-7th Rounds- Saturday 4-30 @ 12 P.M. ET premiumsportsfan.com

when is the 2010 nfL draft picks?

The 2010 NFL Draft will be held over a period of three days: Round #1: Thursday, April 22nd beginning at 7:30 pm ET Rounds #2-3: Friday, April 23rd beginning at 6:30 pm ET Rounds #4-7: Saturday, April 24th beginning at 10 am ET

NFL Draft?

The first 2 rounds are on Saturday at 2(they moved the 3rd round on the second day for some reason). And yes, it is on the NFL Network. You don't have to look at Mel Kiper's piss poor big board and bad hair.

NFL Draft?

In addition to the 32 picks in each round, there are a total of up to 32 picks dispersed at the ends of Rounds 3 through 7. These picks, known as "compensatory picks," are awarded to teams that have lost more qualifying free agents than they gained the previous year in free agency. Teams that gain and lose the same number of players but lose higher-valued players than they gain also can be awarded a pick, but only in the seventh round, after the other compensatory picks. Compensatory picks cannot be traded, and the placement of the picks is determined by a proprietary formula based on the player's salary, playing time and postseason honors with his new team, with salary being the primary factor. So, for example, a team that lost a linebacker who signed for $2.5 million per year in free agency might get a sixth-round compensatory pick, while a team that lost a wide receiver who signed for $5 million per year might receive a fourth-round pick. If fewer than 32 such picks are awarded, the remaining picks are awarded in the order in which teams would pick in a hypothetical eighth round of the draft. Compensatory picks are awarded each year at the NFL annual meeting which is held at the end of March; typically, about three or four weeks before the draft.

What is the order of the 2nd round of the NFL Draft?

Second round Pk Sel # Team 1 33 Detroit 2 34 New England (from Kansas City) 3 35 St. Louis 4 36 Cleveland 5 37 Seattle 6 38 Cincinnati 7 39 Jacksonville 8 40 Oakland 9 41 Green Bay 10 42 Buffalo 11 43 San Francisco 12 44 Miami (from Washington) 13 45 N.Y. Giants (from New Orleans) 14 46 Houston 15 47 New England (from San Diego) 16 48 Denver 17 49 Chicago 18 50 Cleveland (from Tampa Bay) 19 51 Dallas 20 52 N.Y. Jets 21 53 Philadelphia 22 54 Minnesota 23 55 Atlanta 24 56 Miami 25 57 Baltimore 26 58 New England 27 59 Carolina 28 60 N.Y. Giants 29 61 Indianapolis 30 62 Tennessee 31 63 Arizona 32 64 Pittsburgh

nfl fantasy draft?

I think your way off to be honest. 1. Manning - Best field General 2. Brady - Right behind him 3. LT - Best RB in the game 4. Peterson - Up and coming superstar 5. Westbrook - Does the most and gets the least credit 6. Farve - Even though a few years left, can't replace experience. 7. S. Jackson - Another dual threat out of the RB 8. J. Addai - Same as Jackson 9. L Johnson - A huge work horse 10. Carson Palmer - 3rd best QB in the league. My 10...no reason to have a WR or a defensive player taken in the first round. Good luck!!

NFL Draft?

He'll get drafted but it'll be probably late or even 2nd round at best

NFL Draft Survey....?

1. I would laugh. 2. I would be so estatic i'd like run around the room. 3. It happened recently in baseball so I guess it could happen in football. 4. I would be suprised. I don't see him slipping past the Vikings. 5. I would cry. BQ: Maybe further.

NFL Draft 2008?

I'm a Bears fan as well I'd like to see our team draft Matt Ryan in the 1st round, we have some quality QBs already, like Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton, these 2 are some good QBs, they just need to develop more. Those 2 are good, but I want to see how a new drafted QB will do in the 08-09 season for the Bears. Matt Ryan could be the starter for the first game in the regular season to see what he can do. If Sam Baker is still in the 2nd round, the Bears should draft him.

Best NFl 2nd round players in 1998 draft?

here is the second round from the 1998 draft Round 2 Sel# Team Player Pos. School 31 Oakland Leon Bender DT Washington State 32 Indianapolis Jerome Pathon WR Washington 33 Arizona Corey Chavous SS Vanderbilt 34 Tampa Bay Jacquez Green WR Florida 35 Chicago Tony Parrish SS Washington 36 Arizona Anthony Clement T Louisiana-Lafayette 37 St. Louis Robert Holcombe FB Illinois 38 Dallas Flozell Adams T Michigan State 39 Buffalo Sam Cowart MLB Florida State 40 New Orleans Cameron Cleeland TE Washington 41 Pittsburgh Jeremy Staat DT Arizona State 42 Baltimore Pat Johnson WR Oregon 43 Cincinnati Artrell Hawkins SS Cincinnati 44 Miami Patrick Surtain CB Southern Mississippi 45 Tampa Bay Brian Kelly CB Southern California 46 Tennessee Samari Rolle CB Florida State 47 Seattle Todd Weiner T Kansas State 48 Washington Stephen Alexander TE Oklahoma 49 Miami Kenny Mixon DE Louisiana State 50 Detroit Germane Crowell WR Virginia 51 Minnesota Kailee Wong ILB Stanford 52 New England Tony Simmons WR Wisconsin 53 Atlanta Bob Hallen C Kent State 54 New England Rod Rutledge TE Alabama 55 N.Y. Giants Joe Jurevicius WR Penn State 56 N.Y. Jets Dorian Boose DE Washington State 57 Jacksonville Cordell Taylor DB Hampton 58 San Francisco Jeremy Newberry C California 59 San Diego Mikhael Ricks TE Stephen F. Austin 60 Detroit Charlie Batch QB Eastern Michigan 61 Denver Eric Brown SS Mississippi State the best from the list has got to be Patrick Surtain. Flozell Adams is pretty good, Sam Cowart, Samari Rolle and Joe Jurevicius have all had decent careers. The best part is that all these guys were selected AFTER the second round of that draft 64 Chicago Olin Kreutz C Washington 65 St. Louis Leonard Little DE Tennessee 72 Philadelphia Jeremiah Trotter MLB Stephen F. Austin 76 Seattle Ahman Green RB Nebraska 92 Pittsburgh Hines Ward WR Georgia 93 Indianapolis Steve McKinney G Texas A&M 113 Washington Shawn Barber OLB Richmond 117 Pittsburgh Deshea Townsend CB Alabama 173 Minnesota Matt Birk C Harvard 226 Arizona Pat Tillman SS Arizona State

NFL Draft???

If there are no trades between the top five: 1. Oakland - Jamarcus Russell. Its looking more and more like he is the guy the Raiders are coveting. what an arm too. 2. Detrioit - Brady Quinn. Should take Calvin Johnson but wont because of all the bad history with drafting 1st round wide recievers and there are other players they could and need to take here as well (Joe Thomas, Gaines Adams) but I think Quinn is just too much of the sure thing Brady/Manning-like franchise quarterback to pass on, and he doesnt have to start right away because they have John Kitna. 3. Cleveland - Calvin Johnson. The best player in the draft can't fall any further. He's a once in a generation type of talent. Think a cross between Randy Moss and T.O. Cleveland's got other needs but they just cant pass on Johnson. 4. Tampa Bay - Gaines Adams. Tampa needs to bolster its aging defense and Adams can be the dominant face of the future. 5. Arizona - Joe Thomas. This would be perfect for the Cards because they would be getting the guy they wanted to keep Leinert on his feet for the next decade. Biggest Bust: Gaines Adams - very talented but not dominate enough to succeed in any system and could fail in one that doesnt play to his strengths enough.

NFL Draft questions?

There are 7 rounds, actually. A & B are answered below. C - Teams that draft players have first chance to sign them, so it all comes down to what contract they agree on. D - Yes The current format consists of seven rounds. Each team is assigned a selection in each round, with the team with the worst record from the previous year being assigned the first pick in each round. The team with the second-worst record gets the second pick, and so on. Ties are broken by strength of schedule. In the event that the strength of schedules are equal, a coin is flipped to determine who picks first. For teams that qualified for the playoffs, ties are broken first in the order in which they were eliminated from the postseason. However, the Super Bowl participants make the final two selections, with the team that lost the game picking next to last, and the winner picking last. In addition to the 32 picks in each round, there are a total of up to 32 picks dispersed at the ends of Rounds 3 through 7. These picks, known as "compensatory picks," are awarded to teams that have lost more qualifying free agents than they gained the previous year in free agency. Teams that gain and lose the same number of players but lose higher-valued players than they gain also can be awarded a pick, but only in the seventh round, after the other compensatory picks. Compensatory picks cannot be traded, and the placement of the picks is determined by a proprietary formula based on the player's salary, playing time and postseason honors with his new team, with salary being the primary factor. So, for example, a team that lost a linebacker who signed for $2.5 million per year in free agency might get a sixth-round compensatory pick, while a team that lost a wide receiver who signed for $5 million per year might receive a fourth-round pick. If fewer than 32 such picks are awarded, the remaining picks are awarded in the order in which teams would pick in a hypothetical eighth round of the draft.

2013 nfl bucs mock draft. 4 rounds?

no way does poyer fall to the 4th round he's an a mid 2nd round at worst. xavier rhodes would be a good pick for them though, another good pick would be barrett jones because of his verstility, he can play any o-line position. margus would be good for them IF he's still there i doubt it though. idk who logan ryan is but they definitely need a corner so that's probably a good pick.

What time does the 2nd round of the NFL draft start?

The 2nd round of the NFL Draft started on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 6:30 pm ET/5:30 pm CT/4:30 pm MT/3:30 pm PT. BQ: The NFL Draft resumed on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at 12:00 noon ET/11:00 am CT/10:00 am MT/9:00 am PT.

NFL Draft 2010! 2 Questions about Mock Drafts?

1. People have very mixed feelings on Clausen. Some guys think he is destined for stardom some think he wont. For example, Mel Kiper Jr thinks Clausen is the best QB in the draft while Tod McShay thinks Clausen is a 2nd round type player. Very divided feelings. There are comments like, played in a pro style system for 3 years, coached by Weiss, strong arm, clutch, but is the mental toughness there? the intangibles? maturity? Might be too big of a risk for Pete Carrolls liking especially since this is his first year in Seattle, he MUST have a great draft. Too much risk with Clausen to be taken with the #6 pick. Maybe if he slid to 14, the hawks might take a chance. But I doubt he gets passed Cleveland, Oakland, or Buffalo, or even San Francisco. 2. Teams are switching to 2 back systems to prolong their careers. Spiller is so much more dynamic than Matthews, much more explosive, much better moves. Spiller is a homerun threat every time he touches the ball, Matthews isnt. Spiller can be used on special teams, Matthews cant. Teams are looking for big play guys, Matthews is not that. Spiller is a better receiver than Matthews. Special teams is such a huge factor in the game, field position and everything. Spiller is so versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Plus Spiller played against better competition than Matthews. This isnt to say Matthews isnt good, rather Spiller is just better. Matthews could still realistically go to Houston or San Diego in the 1st. but Spiller will definitely be taken before him.

when is the nfl draft?

The NFL draft will be held April 25th - April 27th.. 1st round will be on the 25th, 2nd and 3rd rounds will be on the 26th, and rounds 4-7 will be on the 27th..... The NFL Network and ESPN will both televise the draft......

My NFL Mock Draft (Round 2)?

and the question is??? guess you could have said, "Do you like . . . ?" or even "Is this My NFL Mock Draft (Round 2)?"

NFL Draft, Round 1 poll...?

1. I dont have a favorite pro team i only root for certain players. Which always come from my Favorite College team 2. 4 Oklahoma. Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy, Trent Williams and Jermaine Gresham. 3. Ad in Russell Okung and Dez Bryant and the State of Oklahoma diminated with 6 players in the 1st round this year. With 9 picks in the 1st round and 5 of the 1st 6 picks the Big 12 dominated this years 1st round. For all you looking for the next great RB. In 3-6 years there will be a guy by the name of Barry Sanders Jr. Entering the draft. He is in high school in Oklahoma you can youtube him.

NFL draft 1st round starts in about 2 hours. Who's excited?!!?

Im excited...Ordering Pizza got the TV going and then I'm going to sit and wait four hours to the 27th pick in which it will be announce that "New England has traded the 27th pick to ________ for a 2nd and 3rd round pick" Then I will wait another forty minutes to see the same thing with the 31st pick. After all that I will go to bed and wonder why do I evr wait to watch New England draft in the 1st round.

nfl draft dhfjshfjshdfjhsdjfhjs?

Let's analyze what they need first. Biggest Needs Summary: OT, DE, S, WR, RB, TE, C, OLB, ILB Total picks in draft as of this writing: 9 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 3rd Round – From Seattle 4th Round 5th Round 5th Round – From New Orleans 6th Round – From Indianapolis TBD – From New York Jets in Lito Sheppard trade Lost 6th Round – Own pick sent to Buffalo in Jason Peters trade Lost 7th Round – Own pick sent to New England in Greg Lewis trade Needs: OT & C - Jason Peters may only be an ORT or quality backup OLT, because DeMarcus Ware schooled him last season. Picking up a tackle in the second round may be a priority. One of the 4th or 5th round picks should be for a versatile C/OG to help with line depth. WR & TE - I expect that at least two of the three backup WRs will be traded or released (Curtis, Avant, Brown) due to salary and performance issues. Getting a middle pick or two for one of these guys should help the Eagles with draft depth (especially late). Expect them to take a burner WR or Westbrook wannabee receiving RB with the first pick. It would help if one drafted WR was a return specialist. The TE needs to be a true blocker first. RB - After LeSean McCoy and Leonard Weaver, this team needs a quality RB to get up to 30% of carries. As explained in WR, this back could also be a big-play third-down specialist. DE - Trent Cole Needs Help. Philly likes the 4-3 so a quality speed third-round DE is a major priority. OLB - Is Chris Gocong an every-down starter? A prospect should challenge him. ILB - Your starter is coming off major knee rehab and your backup is a codger who can't cover any more. Drafting a quality ILB who can contribute on special teams right away would be huge. S - Quinton Mikell needs help too.

ok..so how many rounds r in the nfl draft?

7 rounds But there are 2 draft days There has also been some changes in the draft that will start in 2008: Day one: April 26 1-2 rounds Day two: April 27 3-7 rounds 1st round: 15 minutes down to 10 minutes per pick 2nd round: 10 minutes down to 7 minutes per pick Rounds 3-7: Remain at 5 minutes a pick Also, they're changing the start time of the draft from noon eastern time to something like 3:00 eastern time. They're also only going to hold only round 1 & 2 on day one now. Rounds 3 through 7 will be held on day two. So, for what's it worth, when one now talks about a "day one pick" guess it means he'll be drafted in round 1 or 2, instead of rounds 1, 2, or 3. There are usually 32 picks in each round, unless teams have forfeited draft picks for various reasons (violations of rules, using picks in the supplemental draft, etc.) Patriots 31st pick is forfieted There are also compensatory picks for teams starting in round 3 and running through round 7.

2007 nfl draft, first round wrs?

Calvin Johnson, Robert Meachem and even though Steve Smith is a excellent WR I don't think many scouting experts will put him in a position to be drafted in the 1st round. He will probably be drafted in the late 2nd or early 3rd.

NFL Mock Draft 1st Round?

That looks pretty good. The only things that I would debate would be Andre Smith going 7th, I honestly think he is better than Michael Oher, and will go #2 overall. The only other two things I see are Knowshon going behind Wells, I'm not too sure that will happen, IMHO Knowshon is a bigger threat than Wells. When I say threat I mean Knowshon has the ability and talent to break a big play every time he touches the ball, and is a good receiver and pass blocker out of the back-field. Wells isn't. And Harvin might go higher because of his athletic ability. But it will ultimately come down to who needs what and how much they are willing to deal. Finally, Grahm Harrell will not go in the first round because he is not a "pro-style" QB. For example, the reason Stafford is so highly sought after is because of the offense he was in at UGA. They run mostly out of the Ace or I Formations. This mean the QB is under center and makes drops (3,5,7 steps). Harrell comes out of a "gimmick" offense; for lack of a better term. About 70% of their plays (if not more) are shotgun formations, how many pro teams stay in the shotgun? 0.

NFL Draft?

1 probably Hardy will best receiver left here. Very talented, but has some off the field issues. 2 They should trade down, and pick Ali Highsmith. He fits there defense perfectly. Great sideline to sideline LB, and good in coverage. Undersized, but aggresive and physical. 3 Mcfadden and Dorsey are best available, but they need jake long more. 4 I wouldn't draft a QB in first 2 rounds, also Chris Johnson and Quentin Groves will be steal of the draft.

NFL Draft?

1.) Branch won't fall that far, but he will fall. Known as a player for taking plays off, teams are worried about giving him big DT money and getting nothing in return. I have him going to St. Louis at 13. 2.) Okoye will not fall past the Dolphins at 9. This kid is something special and most GMs covet him. The analysts are over-analyzing this one. 3.) There is no chance in my mind that no trades occur in RD #1. There are too many teams looking to trade up in this draft for there not to be. 4.) Revis is a great corner. He's ranked either 2 or 3 at the corner position on most teams big board. Will he go at 13? Probably not, but he will go in the top 20. 5.) I think the Bears are going to take the best LB available at the #31 pick. If Jon Beason of Miami is available, he will be the next great linebacker to play in Chicago. I'm kind of hoping they can get Jarrett in the 2nd round at pick #5.

How important is a 2nd round pick in the NFL Draft?

Well 2nd round picks are pretty important because some can be very good, for example, WR Alshon Jeffery was supposed to be a top 20 pick in the first round a year ago but because of QB problems at South Carolina Jeffery couldn't put up great numbers like he did before so he slid to the second round. He is 6'4, 214 and is an amazing prospect that could have easily gone in the first round. St. Louis could meet their WR needs by picking him up. There are also other players that are good that will be picked in the 2,3, and even 4th rounds. QB Tom Brady, RB Maurice Jones-Drew and WR Steve Smith all did not go in the first round. So that shows you the first round is not a teams only option.

How does the NFL draft work?

The NFL draft has 7 rounds. The draft order in each round is based on the records of the 32 teams for the previous season. Most people think the team with the fewest wins gets the first choice in each round, the team with the next fewest wins gets the second choice, etc. That is true for teams that don't make the playoffs. However, the teams that make the playoffs are assigned draft positions based on the round they are eliminated plus their season record. The teams that makes it to the Super Bowl always get the 31st and 32nd choices, regardless of their previous season record. The loser of the Super Bowl gets the 31st and the winner gets the 32nd. Obviously, there are often 2 or more teams that have the same previous season record. The league has a tie-breaking procedure to determine the draft order of those teams. The wikipedia.org link below has a very good detailed description of how the full 1 though 32 draft order is determined. Once the draft order is determined it is used for all 7 rounds. Starting in round 3 the league awards extra draft choices to teams that have lost players to free agency. These choices are called "Compensatory Picks". There are a total of 32 compensatory picks for the entire draft. The wikipedia.org page also describes that process. The teams are allowed to trade draft choices for others in the same draft or for future drafts. For example, a team that has the 28th pick position in the rounds might trade their first and second round choices to get the 10th first round choice so they can get a player that wouldn't still be available for their original 28th choice. Teams can also trade draft choices for players or a combination of players and draft choices. Because of all the trades, the order the teams pick in the later rounds of the draft often looks much different than the original 1 through 32 assigned pick positions. College players must declare for the draft. Usually, you see juniors and seniors drafted but the eligibility rule is 3 or more years removed from high school. So most players in the draft are 21 or older. However, players that don't attend college or drop out for some reason can also be eligible as long as they meet the 3 years removed from high school criteria. Now and then, you see a guy drafted that didn't finish high school. The 3 year rule still applies and is based on the year he would have graduated had he not dropped out of school. Once a player declares for the draft and hires an agent to negotiate contracts he loses any remaining college eligibility, regardless if he ends up being drafted or not. The NFL Draft generates a lot of fan interest and has evolved into a 3 day TV event that is carried live by ESPN and the NFL network. The first round is on a Thursday in prime time. The second and third rounds are on a Friday, also in prime time. And rounds 4 through 7 are held on Saturday, starting at 10 AM. The 2012 NFL draft is scheduled to be held April 26th - 28th.