Y!A Mock Draft - With the 6th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Redskins select...?

Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama Washington will most likely trade up and get griffinlll but hes been drafted so i figured the two guys the would most likely go is Kirkpatrick or Richardson but I think Highhower is good at RB but i think the need a new corner as they'res arn't the strongest in my opinion

Y!A Mock Draft - With the 7th Pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select...?

Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina Now it is true Gabbert needs protecting but there's no point protecting him if he has no one to pass to, and Jacksonville's Wide Recievers are just bad they need someone new to help there receiving game and even though Alshon Jeffery mite not be a top 7 caliber pick they need him

What team will draft Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft?

Luck, the best QB prospect in the past few decades, will probably end up on the team with the top overall pick, assuming that team needs a QB. However, say, for example, Carolina ends up with the #1 overall pick, they obviously won't take Andrew Luck because they invested a top pick in Cam Newton last year. In that event, I think Luck will slide down to pick #2.

Will The Indianapolis Colts Get 1st round 2012 NFL Draft And Take Andrew Luck?

Hmmm the way I understand it, they have to pay Peyton a $28 million bonus if he is on the roster on a certain date at the beginning of the 2012 season. So would you draft Luck AND pay Manning 28 mil? Hell no, then you have either thrown away 28 million, or wasted a #1 draft pick. I think they trade down for multiple picks, gamble 28 mil that Manning has a couple or few years left and keep him, and look for a teachable QB further down the board or even next year. I think the gamble pays off with an infusion of fresh legs across the depth chart, and the team responds w a deep playoff run in the 2012 season.

With the 24th pick in the 2012 NFL draft who will the Steelers pick and why?

The best offensive lineman available, regardless of position At LB, you can get rookie contributers going into rounds 2 and 3, NT you really only need a huge guy to clog up space, no one special

Who will get the #1 selection in the 2012 NFL Draft? Miami? Indianapolis? If your're Indianapolis,?

Good question. I would say either Luck or a star defensive player because the defense definitely needs help and I think the defense is getting worse and worse each year. They're looking now as if they can't stop ANYTHING. If you want to start re-building the team, Colts may want to look beyond Luck a bit considering if they get him, he may or may not start a game till 3 years or so later when Manning retires. Defense need to start re-building next year, in my opinion. So that's a tough choice for Bill Polian & Jim Isray....

What will the Redskins do in the 2012 NFL draft?

I think they should trade up in the draft to no. 2. So they can get Robert Griffin III (RG3). Peyton Manning can't be the answer, they need a young franchise QB.

NFL lockout and the 2012 NFL draft.?

i would think that the next draft will have the order this year is supposed to have

Robert Griffin III NFL Draft 2012?

I think he'll go out in the middle 1st round with the Redskins or Buccaneers.

Do you think the Colts will draft a Quarterback with the FIRST PICK of the 2012 NFL Draft?

They're winning the Suck for Luck Sweepstakes right now, so drafting a quarterback like Luck and grooming him behind manning for a couple years isn't out of the possibility. This would be great for the Colts and suck for everyone else.

Who are the top 5 wide receivers in nfl 2012 draft?

In my opinion: 1. Justin Blackmon 2. Alshon Jeffrey 3. Michael Floyd 4. Dwight Jones 5. Ryan Broyles (The injury could affect his stock a bit)

If there's no NFL season this year how is the 2012 NFL Draft order determined?

That would be something that would be determined during the labor negotiations, or between the owners if there's no players union. I imagine it would be based on the last full year of games, but there will be some argument from the teams at the bottom of the draft about teams like the Cowboys getting high picks two years in a row.

How is the NFL Draft order determined in 2012 if there is no 2011-12 season?

No one really knows what would happen to the 2012 draft if there is not a 2011-12 season. The owners would have to agree on some process. I've seen nothing from the NFL about the issue, since they're more concerned about getting a CBA done, but various scenarios have been proposed by sports media and talking heads. One was to average the teams won/loss records for the past 3 years and use that to order the draft. Another was to have a lottery system, similar to the NBA, with the weaker teams having better "fudge factors." Hopefully, the 2011 season will happen and the 2012 draft order will be determined as usual.

If you were Matt Barkley, would you put your name in the 2012 NFL draft or return for your Senior season?

He should go. He'll get great money and be put in a better situation then he would if he stays at USC. You forgot to mention a couple of things in the cons. -It's possible he could have a sub-par year and fall in the draft. Just look at Jake Locker, he was supposed to be a top five pick last year but fell to 8th. -He could suffer a terrible injury (knock on wood). Tomorrow is never promised. I say he comes out this year and goes to either Seahawks or Colts. You know Pete Carrol wants him in Seattle. And if the Colts don't get the first pick I think they will take Barkley and let him play behind Manning. Kinda like what the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers and Bret Favre a few years ago.

Who should the Minnesota Vikings Draft in the 2012 NFL Draft?

O-Line QB WR Basically, we're f**ked for the next 2-3 years =) I feel bad for AD being stuck on such a awful team. However, I don't feel we are a 0-4 team, still have alot of talent, but no passing game is killing us.

Is the 2011 NFL Draft for the 2012 season?

The draft is completely unrelated to whether or not they hold the 2011 season. A more important indicator is the judge's ruling this afternoon that ends the lockout. But that likely will not be the final word.

I need help understanding the 2012 NFL Draft!?

The NFL draft is held every year it is when Pro football teams select college players to be on their team. The draft order is determined by the last season. The team with the worst win lose record gets the first pick and it continues in order until the last team picks (the Super Bowl winner). It is held over a 2 day period and teams are given a certain amount of time to make their pick or it is forfited.

Who should the buffalo bills pick in the NFL draft 2012? wit hBQ?

Left Tackle, Riley Reiff or Jonathan Martin. Demetrius Bell is ok, but just one more good O-linemen, along with all the injured back will make Buffalo's line elite.

can the rams end up with michael floyd in the 2012 nfl draft?

ya i agree. they should pick up a WR in the later rounds if Julio Jones doesnt drop to them. the rams have a lot of needs and upgrading defensive line would be a good move. as far as 2012, its all speculation at this point but mike floyd is a stud and so is justin blackmon. maybe one of them will fall into the rams lap next year but we'll have to wait and see.

What is the song in the 2012 NFL combine/Draft Commercials?

"Me and You" by Nero

What do you think of the Cleveland Browns pick for this Mock 2012 NFL Draft?

Bad mock. The Skins line is pretty good, they don't need Jon Martin. Bears really only need one good offensive tackle and their line will be set, so I doubt that they'll take Richardson unless he lasts until the second round. And the Browns won't take Lamar Miller, I think that Hillis will stay. He's made a point that he wants to stay in Cleveland, and his play since he's gotten back from his injury makes it seem like it. They'll take a guy like Cordy Glenn and get some beef up front at left guard so they'll have Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, Alex Mack, and Cordy Glenn in that order to form a great interior and left side of the line which will let them grab a guy in free agency at RT and make it truly great.

At the end of the season.Who will have the 1st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft?

I think the Colts will they have a less chance of winning than the Dolphons theyre horrible without 18! he didnt even play on the defense and they even suck now lol

With the 1st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the ________ select Andrew Luck?

I'd say either the Chiefs or hopefully the Seahawks. I doubt the Colts would select a QB in the first round since they already have a great one in Peyton Manninng.

What is the song playing during the 2012 nfl combine/draft commercials?

Perhaps the person trolling questions on the internet should take a good hard look at their own life.

Who will receive the 1st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft? Which player will be drafted?

Washington Redskins will draft Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck.

What player do you want your favorite team to draft in the 2012 Nfl Draft?

Justin Blackmon.

Who is the best college running back entering the 2012 NFL draft ?

Trent Richardson hands down, no questions asked! Reminds me of a faster Emmit Smith

Is next year's NFL draft (2012) going to be loaded with talent at the QB position?

Yes it is. The only problem with projecting draft picks is we don't know the teams drafting order. A lot of teams have new undeveloped quarterbacks, and they aren't likely to waste a first round pick on Landry Jones when Quinton Coples or Alshon Jeffery is still on the board. But, I can almost guarantee Luck will go first. He is a beast!!!! Roll Tide! and Go Jags!

What qbs do you think will be picked in the 2012 NFL draft?

There are 5 quarterbacks that will definitely be taken in this year's draft. - Andrew Luck, Stanford - Matt Barkley, USC - Robert Griffin III, Baylor - Landry Jones, Oklahoma - Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M There are also others that may be drafted in the later rounds - Nick Foles, Arizona - Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State - Russell Wilson, Wisconsin - Kirk Cousins, Michigan State - Case Keenum, Houston - Kellen Moore, Boise State - Ryan Lindley, San Diego State Here is a full list of eligible quarterbacks in this years draft - http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/prospectrankings/TSX/2012_QB

What player will the rams draft in the 2012 nfl draft?

If they don't have intentions on re-signing Brandon Lloyd, then I'd expect them to take WR Justin Blackmon if they get a high enough pick. If they think they can re-sign Lloyd and don't want another WR, I expect them to take DE Quinton Couples.

what is the song played in the 2012 nfl draft commercial on nfl network during the combine earlier today?

Who is going to trade up to get the #2 pick in the 2012 NFL draft?

I think the Redskins if they feel som1 will take RGIII earlier. This would be a great pick for them and they need a QB. The Rams dont need this pick and r much better than the record suggested this season. I dont think they will but if htey do they would probably get the redskins 1st round second round pick this yr, and a 3rd or 4th round pick next year.

What you think the Best players bears should target in 2012 nfl draft?

O-linemen the first 20 rounds.

2012 NFL Draft: What team needs Trent Richardson the most?

Dolphins, Colts, and Bengals

What players is John Fox looking to get in the 2012 nfl draft?

He should and will remain head coach...as far as the draft my guess would be offensive line...or defensive secondary

Do you think the Seattle Seahawks will choose a quarterback in the 2012 NFL draft?

Hey man, they were pretty good towards the end of they season, keep your chin up. At 12th overall, they should go for a pass rusher, they could probably get zach brown or melvin ingram, two of the best on the board. Its too high to risk on a qb, who wouldnt be ready to start, and they need to build on that 7-9 and turn it into a 10-6, which probably will get them a wildcard spot. They may take a qb at 43rd overall, if Weeden, Tannehill or Nick Foles are still on the board, which is possible. This would be ideal giving them an instant pass rush, and also meaning they can start a project qb on the bench to allow him develop, learn the playbook and avoid rookie pressure. Remember the best 3 qb's in the league were drafted 24th, 32nd and 199th overall and benched for an average of 3 seasons. So a second round, project qb would be the most effective strategy. I hope the Seahawks do well this season.

How can I get tickets to the 2012 NFL Draft in April?

Try NFL.com. I think there are limited tickets available and you'll have to stand in line for ever.....

Who are the Top 5 quarterback prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft?

1. Andrew Luck, Stanford 2. Matt Barkley, USC 3. Landry Jones, Oklahoma 4. Kirk Cousins, MSU 5. Nick Foles, Arizona. It's subject to change alot during the season, so thinking about it is really kinda pointless.

What will happen to the 2012 NFL Draft if there's a lockout?

lets pray the panthers get the number 1 pick again haha but the lockout wont last that long. everyone will lose too much money, they wont let it happen. longest i can see it going is late october

Should the Dallas Cowboys draft Tyrann Mathieu in the first round in the 2012 NFL draft?

Yes, that would be a pretty good pick for the cowboys. But they are not hurting as bad at corner as they are at the Safety positions. The Cowboys need to draft the best possible safety and pick up another good veteran safety in free agency. Then also get another vet corner and young corner.

What do the Panthers do in the 2012 NFL Draft if they again finish with the worst record in the league?

Trade back and start accumulating picks until your at a pick you like taking a player you need.

what would happen in the 2012 nfl draft if there is a lockout in 2012?

I think you mean 2011. But nothing but some contract issues maybe. Go to nfl.com and you will see that the draft and combine are still on.

when does the 2012 NFL draft start?

7:30pm ET On Firday I'd say 6-6:30 range On Saturday I think 10am

How to get tickets for the 2012 NFL Draft?

Start waiting the day before the draft...There will be a lot of fans there....Everyone does not get a ticket...They have only so many seats available.....

Where can I get tickets for the 2012 NFL Draft?

Should the Broncos take a quarterback in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft?

they should get a running back and draft one in the second or third round

How would the 2012 NFL Draft order be like if there's a NFL lockout this yr?

The order wood b the same as this year

How can i get the 2012 NFL draft class onto madden 12 without using NCAA football 12?

Google around for draft classes. Next you'll need a flash drive and you'll need to import the file someone has created. I got draft classes for the next 3 years. It is definitely a pain compared to nba2k11, but flash drives are very cheap these days, ~$10.

What are Al Davis' plans for the Raiders in the 2012 NFL Draft?

Senile Al has lost touch with reality and he will will have one of the top two picks, it is very sad for the faider fans.

Where can I do a mock NFL 2012 draft online?

I would suggest trying in the fantasy section.. You may get more responses.....