Where can i find pictures of the fox 12 news reporters?

Just write to the station, c/o the station manager. Tell him that you are a big fan of the news, and would like an autographed picture of the news team. They will be glad to send it right out to you. Good Luck!

Why was Anna Townsend from Local 12 cincinatti news Fired?

She hasn't commented on why she got fired and neither has that station,All that is known is that she's been replaced by Liz Bonis.

About how many people watch Pet Talk on news 12 CT?

Don't be nervous! No matter how many people watch it I am sure you'll do awesome!

Today's news 12,500 year old cave painting has been found in Wales. How can the earth be under 10000 years old?

It is HIGHLY unlikely that carbon dating was the method of date determination. From experience, most historical dating is done by the theory of the society in question, not carbon 14 (which is only datable on things that have consumed carbon) *** A review of the article confirms my suspicion.

What is the name of the Guy that does animals on News 12 long island on saturdays?

His name is Mark. He works at Parrot's of the World in Rockville Center.

what is the website for news 12 new jersey?


Does anyone know that song they use on that News 12 commercial?

Anonymous That song is for a local station they had made just for them and is not on line. You would have to e-mail the station to get that info. ~ Don ~

How do I find myself on News 12?

Don't they have a website? Go there and look for headlines about whatever topic they interviewed you about.

how do you get the link on news 12 to build a website?

well, first of all, there are probably a few dozen "News 12"'s around the country. so you might have to be more specific. Could you provide a URL. Next, you shouldn't need that link to build your own website. Buy a domain name and hosting. Then open up notepad and start coding. Good luck.

How to get NEWS 12 to come to your school?

call them on the phone? send them an e-mail? also, it can't hurt if you or any or your classmates know someone who works there--ask around.