What do the New York Rangers need to improve most?

We need a defense corps that can effectively move the puck to the forwards. Forecheck heavily, and we are pinned in our zone. We can't do anything, we get scored upon. That's what we need the most... and I'm hoping we get someone that will help us... EDIT: I'm not really sure. Rolston would be a good pickup, since he is solid defensively and would help on our PP. Campbell would be nice, but I don't want to overpay for him, and whoever gets him will definitely overpay. Redden would also be alright, though I think he has some holes in his game. Kalinin would be good. We should keep Roszival, too.

What do I need to know about the New York Rangers to be considered "a fan" of them?

Your friends are idiots. If you watch the games, know the players (or most of them) on the roster by number, know a little bit of the history, hate the New Jersey Devils (grin), and like the team, you're a fan. As someone else pointed out, you just need time to get to know the team. I have read that Philly sports fans can be pretty brutal and more than a little douchey. There's one story of a Phillies fan deliberately puking on an 11-year-old girl. I think Eagles fans are the ones who were throwing snowballs in which there were batteries onto the field--for an interconference game. And of all the away games it would be feasible for me to attend as a Caps fan, I would never, ever want to go to Wells Fargo Center. But if someone gives you grief you can tell them that at least you aren't a Pens fan!

How do other hockey fans view the New York Rangers?

Now, I'm a huge Rangers fan too, but I feel a need to comment on this anyway. Most non-NYer Americans LOVE to hate new york. New York has everything, the people from there are loud, obnoxious, and full of themselves. (I am proud to say I fit those qualities heh). There is a quote, "The true New Yorker secretly believes that anyone living anywhere else has to be, in some sense, kidding." (I wish I remembered who it was by...). Plus, if you're abroad and tell someone you're from Ohio or Missouri, they'll look at you and smile unknowingly. But when I was in Prague and told someone I was from NY, they said "can i shake your hand??" (no joke). There's just a stigma about NYC. So people are jealous, love to hate NYC. Understandably so. Add that to the added media coverage and the past "purchasing" of talent, and many many people resent the Rangers. They have one of (if not THE) largest fanbase(s) in the US, and have fans throughout north america. Loud, obnoxious, egotistical fans. So people resent that. It's not just the Rangers though, it's all NY teams... which is why the super bowl this year was so rare... it was the first time I can recall that a NY team has been "America's Team." That's just my take on it... EDIT: that being said, even I don't respect our current management/owner. Though I still love the organization.

Why are the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, and Detroit Red Wings so annoying?

your going to criticize 3 of the best teams in the league, one of which will win the cup more than likely and when they do we will see who the assclown is

Who has the longest contract with the New York Rangers?

Richards. A fine player, one of my favorites since he came into the league in 2001 but get the Callahan sweater. Callahan's the captain and will be here for a long time.

In a nutshell, who are the New York Rangers?

G'day mate! lol. The Rangers are a team with a boatload of money. They used to use that money to buy all the good players, and they sucked every year. Now this season they used that money to land two top free agents in Chris Drury and Scott Gomez. They are still greatly underachieving though. They're in 8th place in the Eastern conference, so they are barely in the playoffs as of right now. Their star players include Jaromir Jagr, Brendan Shanahan, Chris Drury, and Scott Gomez. Each of those players aren't playing up to expectations right now. The best player on the team is the goalie; Henrik Lundqvist. He's the biggest star right now, and he's pretty much the only thing keeping them from losing every game.

Why do people hate the New York Rangers?

I think it's more a Long Island, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia thing.

Where can I buy the New York Rangers 85th anniversary jersey?

Well... what you are looking for is the Ranger's new third jersey. They are calling this their Heritage jersey. You can purchase the jersey on www.NHL.com. Here is the link to the jersey page. http://shop.nhl.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=3176615&fbc=1&f=PAD/Product+Type/Jerseys&pg=3&fbn=Product+Type|Jerseys Note it doesn't come with the 85th anniversary patch. This website: http://www.sportsk.com/rangers-85anniversary-patch.html Has the patch for sale. Perhaps you could buy both and take them a store where they customize jerseys and have them sew the patch on.

How do you dress to a New York Rangers game?

Ducks SUCK!!!!!!!! At a rangers game just wear a jersey and bring a poster to try to get on TV.

What the name of the song they play after the New York Rangers win at home?

15 Years by Guns N' Roses. That is usually how long between wins.

Where can I buy New York Rangers Individual tickets online?

I believe they come out sometime in september for season tickets Go on to their website ant nyrangers.com

Where do you think the New York Rangers will finish this season in the NHL?

Again on the bubble of making the playoffs. There are clearly six teams in the East that are better, and about four that are worse. Everything in between is a crap-shoot and it will come down to who is healthiest, and who gets a couple of extra breaks. Every team tries to make moves to improve. The Rangers have only done what other average teams have done in order to improve, and there will be some improvement from within as young players get better. Whether its enough, we'll see.

what are your thoughts on the new york knicks and new york rangers today?

rangers will win and so will the knicks (:

What is your take on the New York Rangers?

@tomjc43, the rangers are 9-1 against the atlantic division, the best in the eastern conference. They're 3-0 vs. philly, 2-0 vs. pittsburgh(one of those games with a healthy penguins team), 1-0 vs. new jersey and 3-1 vs. the isles. They usually end up taking down boston so there is no worry IMO. They deserve where they have been ranked. As for the question, am I surprised? Yes. I thought they'd be 5th or 4th place in the conference coming in. Are they cup contenders? Yes, but they will not win it this year. And I did believe Lundqvist would be this good. But the rest of them? No. Especially the offense, I was very surprised.

How do you get on the list for season tickets to the New York Rangers?

i am a season ticket holder and luckily i inherited my dads season tickets which he has kept renewing since 1990. I hate to break it to you, but yes, the waiting list is supposed to be years, even if people are selling theirs, the list is not getting any shorter, new york is the second largest market, and a lot of corporate sponsers own season tickets. My suggestion is if you want to wait years, is to apply for the wait list, which you can get to from msg.com or rangers.nhl.com, or if you dont want to wait try and find someone who might be selling their package, im warning you though, they are extremely expensive and the price for me went up again this past year. good luck.

What are the possible dates for the New York Rangers playoff home games?

They will open on the road Wednesday (13th) or Thursday (14th).......so road game #2 will be the Friday or Saturday (14th or 15th)..........so they would have their first home game on Sunday (16th) or Monday (17th).......then home game #2 on Tuesday or Wednesday (18th or 19th) and back on the road for the 20th or 21st and back home on the 22nd and 23rd.

Henrik Lundqvist said that his good friends Henrik and Daniel Sedin will come to the New York Rangers?

Too much money wrapped up in high paying contracts for the Rangers in order to land both Sedin's.

What time do the New York Rangers arrive at MSG?


What do you think is Wrong With the New York Rangers?

too relaxed

Who will win today's NHL game the New York Islanders or the New York Rangers? What will be the score ?

Gotta support my team. Islanders 4-2, including an empty net goal. Edit-DP not in net (death in family) and won't rejoin team until tomorrow. Dubie will smoke the Rangers, then smoke something funny afterwards. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... off by one.

Will the New York Rangers make it far in the playoffs?

First, we have to make the playoffs, and I say we cause I'm a Rangers fan. The Rangers had a bad February. If they can get hot in March, there's no reason why they can't do well in the playoffs. Hockey has always been the team that goes into the playoffs on a roll. We're gonna hopefully get Avery tomorrow, and Tortorella will push up the D, to increase goal scoring which he's willing to do cause Lundqvist is a great goalie, especially with a 2 to 3 goal lead. The trade deadline is coming up Wednesday, so there's still time for a big pickup. Don't write off the Rangers just yet.

When do you think Micheal Del Zotto of the New York Rangers will return?

Once he starts becoming more responsible in his own end and stops all those stupid home run passes that get picked off. was not producing offensively either. I'm sure he will be back before the season ends especially with all the players going down with injuries. Don't forget, he is only 20 years old playing a very tough position in a very tough city. A little time in the minors won't hurt. Gilroy was sent down last year and now he is playing much better in the Dzone. Let's Go Rangers!!!!

How did the New York Rangers get this high up in the rankings?

Good defense and good goaltending, and just enough offense. If they run into a hot goaltender with a good offense they're gonna be in trouble come playoff time.

What are your expectations for the soon to be champion New York Rangers this year?

I expect the Rangers to possibly earn the 5th seed in the east and waltz there way though to the conference finals only to lose to Montreal, Sorry.

Will the New York Rangers have a future?

They would have to get rid of someone or some people. Some that come to mind: 1)Chris Drury- turning 33, is a -11 on the year. Problem is he is a valuable part of their power play. 2)Markus Naslund- I haed this signing from the very beginning. Turning 36, is a -12 and has been a huge disappointment. 3)Wade Redden- turning 32, has been flat out horrible.

What date are the New York Rangers retiring Brian Leetch's Jersey/Number?

No announcement has been made on the ceremony date yet.

Does anyone know when tickets for the New York Rangers go on sale?

On the Ticketmaster site: All NYR Tickets go on sale 9/20/08 at 12 PM EST http://www.ticketmaster.com/New-York-Rangers-tickets/artist/805991?calendar_view=1&calendar_year=2008&calendar_month=10

What do you think the chances are that the New York Rangers get Brad Richards?

He's the crown jewel of this year's free-agent class and there's probably not a team in the League that doesn't covet him. There's talk he could return to the Lightning for a discount. There are rumors he could go to the Leafs, who are expected to be very active. But the team that seems to match up best with Richards is the Rangers. They have money to spend and a need for a center and power-play quarterback. Richards has worked well with John Tortorella in the past and probably craves the easier travel the Eastern Conference provides

Anyone know the song the New York Rangers play when they are defeated?

Lyrics sample please. The harmonica indicates it may be something by Bob Dylan The Dallas Stars use "In the End" by Linkin Park

Why do the New York Knicks always get more media coverage than the New York Rangers?

It bothers me that there isn't enough hockey coverage, but on the other hand I like our little somewhat underground society of crazed hockey fans. We don't need everyone following hockey because they'd probably ruin it anyway. People who understand hockey like us, are far and few between. Also some people like constant scoring, When you turn on the hockey game, how many goals can we expect, but turn on the basketball game, we will see scoring left and right. I actually get kind of annoyed when someone is watching hockey(our sport) and has no idea what they are watching. In that case leave hockey to us and they can have the mainstream NBA, NFL, etc

How far do u think the New York Rangers will go in the 2008/2009 NHL Playoffs?

I think the New York Rangers will go to the finals against Detroit Red Wings and the Rangers will be the Stanley Cup Champions!!!! LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come the New York Rangers made the playoffs over the Florida Panthers?

You mean the Montreal Canadiens. It's because of the second tie breaker, the season series... Oct 20 -- Montreal 3 Florida 1 Dec 29 -- Montreal 5 Florida 2 Jan 4 -- Montreal 6 Florida 5 (SO) Jan 29 -- Florida 5 Montreal 1 * Montreal wins tie break by earning 6 points to 3 points in season series

Does Sean Avery from the New York Rangers, always talks trash?

He does all the time....he's an idiot. During one game against the Islanders, he tried to start something with DiPietro, and Ricky came out of the net and punched Avery square in the face.it was beautiful (you don't mess with Ricky)...

Wearing a Yankees Jersey At A New York Rangers Game?

I'm sure if you wore a Red Sox uniform to a Rangers game, you might get some hecklers. I know here in Buffalo, people wear Bills jerseys to Sabres games, and vice versa. I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as you're rooting for the hometown teams.

where can I find cheap new york rangers hockey tickets?

stubhub or craig's list .. nothing is cheap in new york

Do you think Marion Gaborik of the New York Rangers is over rated?

he is worth the money if he can stay healthy but he is injury plagued, one of the reasons he was rated by THN as the second worst contract (i think it was second) signed this off season (marian hossa was first) so it is definately not worth it only one good season you say? he has averaged about a point a game his whole career!!!! but he did have an amazing start to this season, but a lackluster finish p.s he is a horrible leader in the dressing room for what i have heard

Does anybody know if the New York Rangers will make any drastic changes to their jerseys this season?

Not all teams are changing the piping on their uniforms. If I had to guess, I'd say the Rangers will probably have the Liberty logo on the shoulder while keeping the diagonal lettering and the same piping (striping) they've had. They might also use the Liberty logo on one jersey (most likely the home) and keep the current lettering on the other. I'd personally like to see them go back to the 'new york' on their blue uni's instead of the current 'rangers'. I'd also like to see the royal blue replaced by the navy blue of their 3rds.

Where can I now watch New York Rangers and Knicks programming?

This is ridiculous..I watched on Mike Francesa today,and the Time Warner PR guy was blaming MSG,and then the MSG Executive came on and said that Time Warner doesnt want to pay what everyone else is paying,they want it cheaper,So still no results and im in the same Boat w/you,they need to get this done So I can Enjoy my long awaited GOOD knicks.Thank God The Giants are on Big Program Providers...Need free online knicks Please Help

How difficult is it to get new york rangers tickets close to game day?

Chances are more than likely, but you may not be pleased with the seats unless your planning on getting them regardless........ But to be on the safe side always check on E-Bay... V....V

New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers are BIG rivals. Who are you rocking with in the Winter Classic!?

Huge Ranger fan over here. Gonna kick the Cryers' asses

when was the last time new york rangers beat the buffalo sabers at sabers home ice?

November 22, 2005 Rangers 3, Sabres 2 Rangers win shootout 3-2.

Where do the New York Rangers practice?

They used to practice at Rye Playland in Rye but for the past few years, along with the Knicks, they practice at the Madison Square Garden Training Center in Tarrytown. Almost all practices are closed. I think maybe one or two may be open to the public. If you wait outside most players will sign autographs as do most hockey players.

Looking for a certain New York Rangers hat?

I would check eBay. I just checked and and there are a couple that might be what you're looking for. Good Luck!

What celebrities favorite team is the new york rangers?

Well Vinny from the Jersey Shore was at game 4...But to call him a Celebrity would be a joke. He did get boo'ed which was hilarious....Liam Neeson been to a few games, he's kinda cool I guess...

How big of a fan-base do the New York Rangers have?

They have a pretty large base, maybe not as large as the Flyers but the Ranger base is pretty big. I've noticed the same thing about the Flyers, they seem to be national and one of the more popular American teams in Canada with Detroit being perhaps the most popular going on the fact they attract fans from across the border. The Rangers have a good portion of Connecticut, at least a good portion of North and Central Jersey and parts of the greater state of New York. So while mostly regional, the Ranger base is probably much larger than Boston and Chicago and a little larger or smaller than Detroit or at least they're on the same level. The Flyers, they're like the Yankees, Cowboys and Lakers. They have fans all over the map. Every league has one or two teams that are "America's" team and has fans everywhere. They generate so much income because they charge so much for their tickets and they're in New York. Every New York team (except the Islanders who aren't truely considered a NYC team) are among the richest sports franchises. One of the downfalls of rooting for NY teams is that attending home games is difficult because of expense and availability. Ironically, I've been able to get Flyer playoff tickets yet can't even get Ranger tickets for regular season games, even in the more horrid seasons of the late 90's early 2000's.

I will be attending the New York Rangers Casino Night, does anyone have any info?

Good for you. You must have money. Can you spare me $50?

What are funny sayings to put on a sign against the nhl team new york rangers?

NY Rangers: Stanley Cup Strangers!

New York Ranges. I need help trying to find a really nice New York Rangers hooded sweatshirt for my boyfriend?

You only have 3 days so ordering online is probably out. Where do you live? Cosby's outside of the Garden is a great place for any Ranger's gear. If you're not near there, I've seen Ranger's stuff in Sears and Modell's.

where can i find the new york rangers opening montage?

It's that McDonalds commercial... "We started the game with one goal...and that's how we finished the game--with one goal." Happens to the Rangers every night. Seriously though I'd try youtube. I've never actually seen it anywhere but the Garden.

Why are New Yorkers just as pathetic as their New York Rangers Hockey team?

Trust me coming from a Devil's fan, it's what they do. Pathetic to look at isn't it? Nice game tonight btw lol.