Is the New World Order really a good vision?

its been going on since the end of ww1 nato, un, wb, wto etc all the same people behind them.... new world order is to be ushered in on the back of this financial chaos. Its about consumerism, debt ism and power. You would think these families, royalty and rockefeller have enough as it is.

I heard some new vision correction method is comin out thats gonna replace lasik. what is it?

There are always new things coming out. Which one are you trying to refer to?

What neighborhoods does Cable Vision service in New York City?

I know they service Brooklyn the bronx , and long island, Dunno about queens, and Manhattan its time warner, call em up and see if they service the area your in or whatever area you're searching for to see if they have service there.

i got a new xbox live vision camera what games can it be used for?

How did the Cold War’s concept of freedom affect the New Deal’s vision of freedom? examples.?

The New Deal was in the 1930s;the Cold War began around the end of WW2,in 1945. Thus the Cold War can not have had any influence or effect on the New Deal.

My Creative Zen Vision:M (brand new) keeps locking up/freezing in docked mode. Is there a simple fix?

When it is syncing it shld be locked up my Zen MicroPhoto also does this, if the player still locks up after you disconnect it you shld bring it bck to whr u bought it and get it fixed or bring it to Creative

Will 0bama's new Vision For The Future work as good as his last one?

Not really this next vision has the Obama Speak Smell to it. Steaming pile of you know what.

i want to browse through the list of pensioners published in the new vision this year.?

We're not answering this question becuase we're not sure what you're asking. I'm not familiar with a list of pensioners. And we don't usually use the word 'pensioners'. So I'm wondering if you meant 'version' not vision, and if ti's something in another country.

What education are you adopting to form a new world vision?

Oh yes. My son is a teacher already and my daughter is a nurse. (We have had quite alot of teachings in the Bible while growing up plus great scholars and Apologists' teachings as well with the likes of, Ravi Zacharias, D. James Kennedy, Franklin Graham, Charles Stanley, Tony Evans, Erwin Lutzer and so forth.) <')))><

Where can I find repair parts for a 1999 New Vision Ultra Fifth Wheel RV. I need both holding tanks.?

Try Camping World.

How do I get my vision to adjust to my new contact lenses?

you may have the wrong prescription or maybe just in the wrong eyes. I had mine in the wrong eyes once and just could not focus. Make sure you have them in the right eye and if still a problem please see the doc this is not something to mess with. They might have order you the wrong strength.

Blurry vision with new contacts?

Sometimes your eyes have to adjust to new contacts if the doctor changed something. You might want to get some re wetting drops to help if they feel dry. The best thing is to have the doctor look at them again and see if they are settling in right. The doctor will fit you with the lens that is best for your eye shape, size, and the type of correction needed. Leave it to the doctor to decide what lenses to use. Not everyone's eyes are the same, and only your doctor knows what is best for you specifically. Call the office tomorrow and see if you should be re checked!

Will my vision meet the standard requirements for the New Jersey State Police?

NJ No, visual acuity for NJ must be correctable to 20/30 in both eyes.

How can I get a new battery cover to CoD Night Vision goggle?

I could not determine who actually manufactures thes goggles, but I hope you can some help from the following links, including one to eBay which sells the whole item:

Is the camera you get with "in the movies" the same as the new x-box live vision camera?

Yes, it is the same camera! I have three of them!!!

vision and new diabetic, vision is getting better what about glasses?

This is very common. Many people with diabetes get glasses just before diagnosis, only to find that their vision problems were due to high blood sugar! I would wait until your blood sugars are in better control and make sure they are STABLE at the time of testing for your glasses. If you have had Type 2 diabetes for a very long time and not known it, your prescription may be much weaker than what you have been using. You may not even need glasses! You can see your optomitrist now if you need glasses to drive etc., but yes, you will most likely you will need to get a new pair again shortly. I would suggest you avoid doing any activity that requires perfect vision for a short while, and work with your doctor to get your blood glucose under control sooner. 1 month is quite a bit of time. Don't expect perfection, but your numbers should be much improved once treatment, diet, and exercise is started. I assume you have Type 2 diabetes. If you have Type 1, then you need to work at keeping your BG's stable leading up to your appointment. Fluctuations will affect your vision. If you only need glasses to read, buy cheap pairs from the local drugstore in different strengths.

Question about peripheral vision with new eyeglasses?

Single or bifocals does not affect peripheral vision. I've never experienced that with bifocals or tri. Peripheral vision sucks anyway with glasses. You will learn to turn your head eyes slightly. Blurriness may be just temporary. It may just appear blurry at first with the edge of the glasses or the frames.

When New Aion Vision Trailer Comes Out?

They have given no hard time for it yet, but end of 2010 is not entirely impossible. I am sure that the new year will bring more information on this, but for now it is just that little trailer and blurb. Can't wait though. :)

What is your vision for the new health care system? Who benefits most from this new system?

My vision is repeal the useless piece of socialist bullshit ! Hah-Hah!… Sorry WaPost… Sorry NY Slimes… CBO NOW SAYS Repealing Obama care Will Save USA $540 Billion Sorry Crackpots…This morning the far left was ranting on about how repealing Obama care would actually cost taxpayers billions of dollars. What nonsense. Rep. Anthony Weiner was spreading the lie last night on Hannity. The Washington Post published the lie this morning and again later today. The New York Times wrote that Republicans are ignoring the CBO results. Hah-Hah. What rubbish. Today, the CBO (given the right data points) released new results that show that repealing Obama care will save US taxpayers at least $540 billion. The American Spectator reported: The Congressional Budget Office, in an email to Capitol Hill staffers obtained by the Spectator, has said that repealing the national health care law would ""reduce net spending by $540 billion in the ten year period from 2012 through 2021"". That number represents the cost of the new provisions, minus Medicare cuts.""Repealing the bill would also eliminate $770 billion in taxes"". It’s the tax hikes in the health care law (along with the Medicare cuts) which accounts for the $230 billion in deficit reduction. Of course, anyone who believes that covering 30 million more people with health insurance would save taxpayers money is a complete nutcase in the first place. What fools !

I wear glasses and am getting an eye exam today. What percentage of vision loss requires a new prescription?

You get new glasses so you can see better (or you want a new style, or yours are broken), not because anyone requires you to. You have to see 20/40 or better to pass the vision test at the DMV, but other than that, no one requires you to get new glasses. Ask your doctor to show you what your new prescription would look like so you can decide if you can squeak by for a little while longer. And please still get your eyes checked, the exam is not only for vision, but for the overall health of your eyes, if you can't get new glasses, still get your eyes examined!

Why do new glasses worsen my vision?

Have you ever tryed contacts to see if this problem is only associated with glasses? Have you told your eye Dr. of this situation?????????

How much is a brand new coleco vision system worth?

Put it on Ebay with a REALLY high reserve and find out what it gets bidded up to.

Is it possible to put new film in a Polaroid Vision?

What are good places to go on a vision quest in new jersey during the winter? Also of general help: "The Masters and Their Retreats," Mark Prophet, "Looking into the Invisible" and "Man, Master of His Destiny," Omraam Aivanhov. Reviews at

Does the new Health care law say any thing about Dental and Vision insurance?

Dental services are not typically considered medical care, that is why they are always riders (add ons ) to the usual medical policy. Dental insurance can be actually very inexpensive as a stand alone policy. Vision is similar in that medical eye problems (glaucoma, etc) treated by an ophthalmologist are usually billed under medical services; glasses (& optometry visits for this) are usually stand alone. Poor vision is not considered health care historically. Glasses are a relative new invention in the scheme of things and were considered a luxury not a necessity. Many aspects of the health care bill do not start for 4 or more years anyway. Explore dental & vision plans on your own-some are really cheap. Cost co and other places do vision; dental schools provide cheap dental services if you need that.

Just got new glasses, but my vision is a bit strange in them, advice please!?

Give it another day; if it carries on I recommend meeting your optician again to discuss if the lens is correct. Doesn't sound right, but as I say give it a few days as everybody's different. When I get new glasses they're fine instantly. Know I haven't been much help on top of your own knowledge, but good luck :)

Will the kinect camera be the new better xbox 360 vision camera?

The kinect will basicly be a MUCH better Eye-toy that can track upto 6 people at once and recognises voice commands. It looks very advanced and much more powerful than the Eye-Toy. And according to this, it should have the same features as the Vision camera aswell. Among the applications for Kinect is Video Kinect, which uses Kinect for conducting voice chat or video chat with Windows Live Messenger users or other Xbox 360 users. The application can use Kinect's tracking functionality and the Kinect sensor's motorized pivot to adjust the camera so that the user is kept in frame even when moving. Other applications promoted with Kinect include ESPN on Xbox 360, and Zune on Xbox Live.[40]

what is the address for new vision photography in washington dc?

680 Rhode Island Ave NE # 10 Washington, DC 20002-1271 (202) 269-6723

New to contacts, the vision seems kinda wierD?

When I first got contacts, I noticed that reading up close (like a paper on a desk) was a lot blurrier compared to wearing my glasses. It will change to normal over the course of this week, so don't worry.

Weakened vision with near objects with new glasses?

IF you have myopia then you can bring things nearer to your eye and read them than can people with normal vision. Putting glasses on means you can't actually read as close to the eye. It seems to me that if your perscription has got stronger then that means you may not be able to read something as close to your eye. The question is how close is that distance? If it is the distance a normal person can see that size of print there isnt' an issue. If it isn't then there are 2 possibilities 1. Your perscription is too strong 2. You have reached the age when you need bifocals/varifocals. Your optiican should have checked taht you can see things near to with your new perscription. If this was not done then you need to go back to the optician. This is nto something which is part of adjusting to a new perscription.

My mom recently was diagnosed with diabetes and is on new meds. Now has blurred vision. Should she be worried?

Blurry vision is common with type 2 diabetes. Make sure your mom is also exercising and dieting the way she should be. Sometimes diet and exercise alone are enough to reverse the disease if it is in its early stages. But you know how doctors love to prescribe medicine for everything no matter what. Read this website to help your mom.

How long should I charege my new Creative Vision M before using it?

It absolutely doesn't matter with a lithium ion battery. MORE IMPORTANT = do not let the battery run dry then restart the device to suck out the last bit of juice. draining them past a certain point will cause irreversable harm. Over charging can cause the same problem. You shouldn't let it set on the charger for a week and assume it is just "topping off" I suggest just charging it for a few hours or until it reads "full" - whichever comes first. visit this wiki article for info on guidelines for prolonging Li-ion battery life:

My new Prescription glasses vision are different then my current pair (with same Prescription) Is this normal?

The same Rx does not merely mean the same optics in 2 pairs of glasses, there is much more to it. As far as the frame goes, the PD, vertex distance, and both pantoscopic and faceform tilt can have an effect on the optics; also the lens material, thickness, and base curve along with other factors all contribute to the quality of the image. All these factors would especially be more pronounced if you have a higher Rx or other conditions such astigmatism and/or convergence/divergence complications. In many cases though the difference in the quality is only perceived because you have adapted to your old pair, and you would adapt to the new pair the same way. Did they take your visual acuity through the new pair and it was the same as with the old one? If it was and if you are not having symptoms such as eye strain, headaches, etc during visual activities then you'll probably adapt, but it wouldnt hurt to go to them and have them check the fitting of the frame on your face also. Best of Luck! Navid Reza Khoshooee - Optometry Student

Is my vision good enough to get into a police academy in New Jersey?

After getting new eyeglasses, do you vision improve?

First of all, I read through some of the other answers before deciding to answer it myself, you cannot hurt yourself by using glasses whether the prescription is right or wrong. All glasses do is bend light. You may get irritated or even a headache, but it will not damage your eyes. Second, just take the glasses back where you got them and simply (and nicely) explain that they don't seem to be quite right. The people that are there are there to help you and fix problems. It could be that your glasses need adjustment on your face, especially if you have astigmatism, and a lot of it. If they cannot figure it out, you may need to double check with the doctor. The practice I work for has a 90-day guarantee...if the doctor changes your prescription within 90 days, they will make new ones free of charge. I'm sure where you got your glasses has something similar. Bottom line, don't be afraid to ask the people who helped you order them(opticians), they are there to help you.

Should I have blurred vision with new glasses?

I just got new glasses as well and the optometrist said that it will take several days for your eyes to adjust. Hope things work out good for ya!

If a company has a new vision and the CEO announces it, does it mean everyone is on board with it or?

Corporate "visions" almost always come from the top down, and employees are expected to get on board. It's very rare for a corporate vision or mission to be generated from the ranks. It probably would make more sense to ask your employees to set the direction of the company, since they'e doing all the work, but the CEOs get all the money so that's what they do to "earn" it.

What did Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Newton contribute to a new vision of the universe and...?

Can the concept of Creative Industries be transformed into a new vision?

Creative expressions are manifestations of tradition, and the imagination of social, cultural and civilisational memory. Creativity evolves it's own identity. All great civilisations demonstrate that the creative industries are embedded within their traditional environs and are nurtured by the grassroot communities.The Creative Industries have to enable the grassroots genius not to be mearly a source and beneficiary, but a partner in change.

How is the "new vision" of the church identical to the Gnosticism of Sophia and Zoe?

i haven't the faintest notion what you're referring to, here. What kind of "new vision" do you mean? You really have to provide some details relative to *your* meaning on this. What are you meaning by "the church"? Do the Baptists, the Roman Catholics, the Evangelicals, the Eastern Orthodox, the Nazarenes, the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the Seventh Day Adventists, the Mormons, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Lutherans have any actual "new vision" at *all*?! ("new vision" *did* come thru the Re:Imaging Conferences -- focussed on Sophia -- but most of these denominations recoiled in *horror* at it, much as the Pharisees responded to Yeshua -- branded it "heretical" & took disciplinary action vs. the perpetrators of that "new vision") -- or are they locked-in to their *dead* theologies & their old visions. Have any of these had *any* actual "new vision" beyond what's in the Christian Bible (excluding the Mormons, in this case)? As best i know, anything connected with Gnosticism, with Sophia & Zoe -- with *Goddess* Herself! -- is heretical to *all* of these denominations of "the church" (again, with the exception of Mormonism -- which some *have* considered to be rather "Gnostic" & which has not *utterly* excluded Our Divine Mother... it's back there in the Mormon tradition, tho, to my understanding, few Mormons *know* about it. However, Mormonism appears to be as *dreadfully* patriarchal as the Roman Catholic Church, among others -- for women do *not* have equal say in the highest councils of these denominations, any more than they do in the highest governing bodies of Islam or even Ba'hai, for that matter). Certainly there is whatever extent of "new vision" in a variety of "New Age" groups... & in Gnostic groups ("churches"-in-formation) like Tau Malachi's Ecclesia Pistis Sophia, Jordan Stratford's Ecclesia Gnostica in Nova Albion & Tau Rosamunde Miller's Ecclesia Gnostica Mysteriorum. There is a quality of "new vision" in the books by Ken Carey & in *A Course In Miracles*, for starters (& i'm sure at least hundreds of other volumes with which i'm unacquainted). We've certainly gotten some measure of "study groups" formation around the latter -- & i'm sure those 3 volumes could well be being studied in more liberal Christian denominations like Unity & Unitarian Universalism... & maybe even the New Thought Churches (a break-away from Christian Science more than a century ago) *may* be receptive to studying something like *A Course In Miracles* (i'm not broadly-enough informed to know what's going-on in *most* denominations; how can one *possibly* keep up with them all?!). However, tho *A Course In Miracles* was *inspired* by one of those with the Christ Consciousness (thru Sophia) its significant shortcoming (to my view) is in never *mentioning* Sophia -- or the Divine Feminine. Perhaps this was needful, for the sake of potentially spiritually advancing, to some degree, those too patriarchally biased to have ever accepted Her. i doubt that any "new vision" that is *actually* a NEW vision could be viewed as being "identical to the Gnosticism of Sophia and Zoe" -- if, by that, you mean the ancient Gnosticism -- which is "new" to most of *us* -- but hardly "new" in the sense that it was happening from approximately a few centuries B.C. to perhaps -- in scattered pockets -- to as late as about 6 centuries A.D. Certainly "Sophia" may have been called "Isis" (& other Names) & "Zoe" would have had other Namings in languages other than Greek. It would not be out-of-line to consider all the authentic *Wisdom* aspects of *all* the ancient Gnostics (& contemporary Gnostics) to have been *inspired* by the Spiritual Essence of Sophia & Zoe. Personally, to Sophia & Zoe, i would attribute *Gnosis* itself -- rather than the religions of Gnosticism. The religions of Gnosticism include the human founders' misperceptions/ misconceptions that come of their egos rather than of genuine *Gnosis* (just as Christianity contains all the errors of people like Peter, Paul & "John" incorporated into their scriptures). So -- inasmuch as any "new vision" (of any individual -- who may be a solitary, unaffiliated with *any* group -- or coming thru *any* spiritual path -- which could include Spiritual Masters like Sri Aurobindo or Osho) -- *is* pure Gnosis from Sophia &/or Zoe... it will certainly forward the spiritual *advancement* of those who are blessed with it & any who meaningfully learn from these individuals. ~~in Her, ~~wynn manners *** Prayer to Sophia Zoe: The Triple Goddess by Tau Malachi O Sophia Zoe, I pray to you, Stretch out your wings and fly over my soul, As upon the surface of the deep – Breathe in me and open my mouth, That I might speak the Living Logos, Saying with our Holy Mother, “Let there be light!” <...> Reveal yourself in all your forms, Empower me with Divine Gnosis, Understanding and Wisdom; As in the Divine Light of the eternal realm, Cleavi

Why is my vision blurry with my new contacts even though its the same prescription as last time?

many possibilities. did you switch your right & left maybe? past that you might have to talk to your optometrist

How much does a new pico and vision(dinghy boats) cost in '£' roughly?

Vision: Vision Just over £5,000. BUT for a Sailing School you will want a number and could arrange a discount. Pico: Just over £2,500

Should it take several weeks for your vision to adjust to new RGPs when you are a long-time RGP wearer?

How long had you removed your old RGP's prior to being re-fitted? Hopefully you have not wearing the same pair of RGP,s for 20 years. What happens is this. Any contact lens will cause some or allot of corneal oedema. This is fluid retention in the tissues and causes the cornea to swell. The cornea is a very powerful lens even v. small changes in its radii will cause significant changes to your RX. I strongly suspect that you old RGP's were Ist generation and not much better than the old PMMA or hard lenses.If I had been re-fitting you I would probably of insisted that you remove the old lenses for at least a week!. Your optician will almost certainly need to re-fit. Phil FBDO

Seeing double vision with new glasses until i move them up?

The prescription might not be correct for your astigmatism.

why is my vision goin bad with new glasses?


What is the name of the new vision corrective surgery?

no may you mean the phemtosecond-lasik / intra-lasik surgery which not require a cutter ( replacing the hand-held microkeratome blade) to cut the corneal surface as a circle to do a flap it use the laser to do the cut by doing air bubbles inside cornea

Is there are any new vision correction technology in the works?

read or surf about implantable contact lenses. or ICL. a very good, simple and mainly reversible method to correct near sightedness or minus number. It is a thin contact lens which is injected and placed in front of our natural lens inside the eye. unlike LASER surgeries; it is reversible.

What are all the classes at New Vision Charter School in Loveland, CO for 8th grade?


What did Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton contribute to a new vision of the universe?

A set of natural laws that were applicable in all places at all times. As for Ptolemy,he believed that the Earth was the centre of the universe.The scientists you list proved this idea false,their natural laws proving that the sun is the centre of our solar system.

What is the new vision test involving yellow and black squares called?

Sounds like a color blindness test to me. Back when I had my last medical I had to look at what appeared to be a baby book, you know they ones with thick ass card board pages. Like a 10 page booklet is 2 inches thick. Anyways they said 'what number do you see' and there were yellow dots with a slightly different colored dots making a number. Or green, blue red whatever. Anyways that was for color blindness. I still dont know amidoinitrite with those but I passed so I suppose something went ok. It sounds like a fancy, modern, color blindness test