What wii version do i need to have to play the new super mario bros game?

4.1 so that means you are able to use it =]

Which of these games should i buy these holidays super mario galaxy 2 or new super mario bros wii?

Easy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a 2010 release in Spring so only one is coming this holidays.

My Action Replay DS freezes everytime I highlight New Super Mario Bros in the cheats menu. How do I fix this?

well from personal AR experience i would say that ur AR is defective and without the cord u can't do anything else, u could check the website codejunkies for recomendation or take it to a gamestom tell'em about it if they can't fix it then try to trade it for another AR and pay the difference.....it could also be a code that u put in the AR that caused this.i also use the AR for pokemon d/p and i watch out for codes that could harm my game like hatching an egg in pk that has the ultimate pokemon,so their is a possivility that it could have been a code that u put so i hope this helped somewhat u know.

What does Mario and Luigi say when entering a level in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game?

they say "let's a' go!" yes, it's kinda annoying, but you get used to it ;)

What are those cloud guys in the new super mario bros ds game called?

Lakitus they are basically younger koopas.

What should I get Super Mario Galaxy or New Super Mario bros?

Get super mario bros 3 its a great game multiplayer or solo. I played this game eight hours straight with some of my family good times but I still play it to remind me of the old games.

what game should I get new super mario bros wii or super mario galaxy 2?

Super Mario Galaxy 2. IGN, infamous for giving many games bad reviews, gave SMG2 it's first 10/10 since Metal Gear Solid 4 in early 2008. It also recieved perfect scores from Edge, GameSpot, and GamesRadar, along with very good scores from 1up.com, Metacritic, GamePro, and Official Nintendo Magazine (all at least, 4/5 stars, over 95%, etc.).

what are the differences between new super mario bros for the wii and mario galaxy for the wii?

Simple Version: New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a 2D platformer. Super Mario Galaxy is a 3D platformer. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is also fun! Try watching a video to help you decide!

How to play new super mario bros wii iso?

That patch only works on PAL iso. You could re-download the PAL iso and patch it hours later, or burn the NTSC iso w/o any patch. Of course, you can buy the original game disc off the shelf. :)

What is the font used in the logos for Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros, and New Super Mario Bros Wii?

I don't believe it has its own font. I think it was originally hand written and was then computerised, that's also how the Guitar Hero logo was written.