Why doenst the GOP start the Primary Caucus with Florida so we know who is going to win nationally?

it should I like the idea of a super Tuesday and let all get it over with at once then start the unification to remove 0bama from office movement

Voter registration in Nevada?

To change your political affiliation, you must complete a new voter registration form. To be eligible to vote in the Nevada Caucus on January 19th as a member of the other political party, your registration form would have had to have been turned in by December 20th. So, unfortunately, you will not be able to vote in the other party's caucus. But you can always re-register as a member of the other party for the General Election in November; just make sure you turn in your registration form before the deadline!

Who can not wait until MSNBC's Coverage of the Nevada Caucuses and South Carolina Republican Primary to start?

he does rock, especially when he bashes fox news. go ron paul, go!!! 2nd place is good, right?

nevada vote hillary 08 in caucus today!?

She is my only hope also,funny how so many people dislike her, means she must be doing things right. And not only its her, Bill will be there also......I'd rather have her and Bill and all those other ones thrown together!

Does Hillary have the Nevada caucuses in the bag?

Disturbing. Hillary can go in and bust up a Union by encouraging them to vote for her instead of Obama and not a single Democrat said a word. Hillary can make racially insensitive and/or incendiary comments and Democrats want to sweep it under the rug "for the good of the party" but Imus, the golf channel lady, or ANYBODY else says anything- they should be fired? Disturbing, indeed.

Has the RNC given Nevada their delegates back?

NO... Nevada never lost their delegates.... The GOP doesnt further deny people of their civil liberties like having your vote count... but the Dems do... look at michigan and Florida.... Dems are Communist Control Freaks!!!

will Ron Paul finish 1st or 2nd in Nevada in this Saturday caucus?in 2008 he finished 2nd!?

Do you think what happened yesterday at the Nevada County Dem Conventions is preview of what is to come?

yes, more and more people are seeing or being reminded of the moral turpitude that is Hillary Clinton

Which primary or caucus will you be attending in the month of January? Supporting whom?

Richardson is from New Mexico I plan to vote for Thompson but I am OK with Romney

Obama┬┤s wife speech in Nevada seems to call for a revolution not a caucus!?

Heaven help us if she becomes first lady.

Ron Paul is getting the 2nd place in Nevada, but he was 6th in the phone polls?

You cannot trust polls. Polls are a tool used to manipulate you. Its a fancy way of saying everyone else is thinking this so you should too. Trust your own judgment and NOTHING else.

Why do they make a big deal out of the Democrat caucuses in Nevada, but not the Republican?

You know, I've seen conflicting news reports about this. Some say that Nevada still has its delegates, but others say they've been taken away and may not be given back. Either way, symbolically, South Carolina is seen as more important. Ever since Ronald Reagan, every Republican who has won South Carolina has won the nomination. If someone other than the winner there gets the nom this year, then that's just another piece of conventional election wisdom that will fail. Also, there are four candidates right now who have something to prove: John McCain needs to prove that he has support among the "conservative Republican base"; Mike Huckabee needs to prove that he can win in another state, after coming in distant thirds in both New Hampshire and Michigan; Fred Thompson needs to win, period; and Mitt Romney needs to show that he can woo evangelicals. Romney has pretty much ceded the race in SC, focusing instead on Nevada, but none of the others can afford to at this point.

Does anybody know when the California caucus will take place? Will i be able to make my vote??

California does not have caucuses, it has a primary election, which will be on February 5, 2008. You can vote in the primary election if you are 18 as of February 5, 2008, but you must register by January 22, 2008.

How will Sick Willy try to disenfranchise low wage earners in Nevada now that he was defeated in court?

Typical Hillary Sleaze. Ol Willy will figure out something like in the past. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080116/ap_on_el_pr/democratic_rdp;_ylt=AscbxlellM.z9n3IwB.gXReM5QcF http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080117/ap_on_el_pr/nevada_caucus;_ylt=Ankrcm34SJM.R0xVS1UyY8Rh24cA http://www.washingtontimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071215/NATION/112150049 http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,310316,00.html http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22181497/ http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,314002,00.html

Complaints in Nevada about the Clintons camp, now in Texas about Obama? Is Clinton a liar or what?

Looks like some Clinton supporters have taken to the "anything to win" mentality. Seems weird that the caucuses that are nearly impossible to rig always go to Obama by a large margin, yet the races are always very close in the primaries. Curious. edit- to Uncle Ruckus: What articles? I've seen reports of wild accusations against Obama supporters in Texas, but nothing with specifics like this. Care to cite a source?

Does it really surprise anyone that Mitt Romney won the Nevada caucuses?

Nevada has a large population of Mormons, just like some of the other western states do, so no, it does not surprise me. That is not to say I do not think he could not win on his own merit, he is a very solid candidate and a good business man.

who will win Nevada Saturday caucus? Ron Paul or Mitt Romney?

In the Nevada caucuses, why does Hillary get 12 delegates to Obama's 13 when she won in that state?

Its in the way the rural votes are counted and Obama carried more of the rural vote.

Does the order of Caucus important?

Not really. Its all just for show.

Who agrees that these Nevada caucus crimes are typical Clinton and Clinton tactics?

that's typical of the clintons. and i believe it happened just like this too. and she and bill have the audacity to complain that obama should not have gotten that extra delegate over her? they're being too devious to win the white house. and don't think for one minute that their dirty politics will stop should they get back there. it's really disgusting.

Among the early Primaries and Caucuses, why are Nevada and Wyoming being overlooked?

Iowa and New Hampshire have always been at the front and therefore considered important because they are more about momentum than actual numbers, however it isn't just about getting a thumbs up or thumbs down from a state, there are a specific number of delegates from each state and they are divided up amongst the winner, second place, etc. Some states have a lot more delegates and they are therefore more importance, because the one to get to a predetermined number of delegates supporting them is the nominee. Nevada is at the lower end of the amt of delegates (22), but is near the beggining so you will see a little more focus, but not as much as in Florida, California, etc (because they have a lot of delegates). Hope this was clear enough.

Is it Racist of the Clinton's to Sue Over "Improper Votes" in the Nevada Caucus While Hindering Efforts to ...

It is very close to being racist. However, it is much closer to being power grabbing. It was the Clinton's themselves who pushed for these new irregular rules. But now that the powerful unions are not backing the Clinton's, they complain about the very same uneven rules they pushed.

Why is Nevada teacher's union backed by Clinton & Clinton suing to stop elements of the caucus?

once again, the clintons are using every tactic under the sun to stop obama. in march 2007, the democrats in the state of Nevada approved of allowing those workers on the Nevada strip to caucus on their jobs. in august 2007, the democratic national committee ratified what the local democrats approved. most of those workers belong to the culinary workers union. so when this union endorsed obama, clinton and her supporters decided here in 2008 that the new rules to allow the culinary workers to vote at their job sites were unfair. ain't that a trip? hillary was just mad that she didn't get the union's backing. but we all know that had she gotten the backing, no lawsuit ever would have been filed. with all her devious tricks, who would want a president like her?

Mitt Romney wins Nevada Caucus?

Something that Mitt Romney has done, that no other candidate has done, is compete in every single state. I'm annoyed, personally, that Nevada and South Carolina held their GOP nominating contests on the same day, but it did favor Romney in this case. The other Republicans just don't want to leave SC. John McCain needs a big win among evangelicals to show he can tap the Republican base. Mike Huckabee needs another win after disappointing thirds in New Hampshire and Michigan. Fred Thompson simply needs a win. Romney, on the other hand, has vowed to compete in every state. He was competitive in both Iowa and NH, which is something that neither McCain nor Huckabee can say. He won Michigan by over 80,000 votes. He was in Wyoming when practically no one else was, and he's been in Nevada, dividing his time between Nevada and SC. Like he said after Iowa, this is a fifty-state contest. "One down, forty-nine to go" were his words. Now it's six down, counting SC and Nevada, and forty-four to go. Mitt Romney's ready to go the distance. [edit] And by the way, the Mormon population in Nevada is less than 10%. And the reason it's been called already is because the Republican Caucus was four hours long: 8 am to 12 pm.

Why would voting the in the Nevada caucuses via schools make your vote count five times more?

I saw that interview and heard Bill Clinton say that and I've been trying to figure that out all day. I'm hoping the news has an explanation tonight.

What's with the teachers union and the Nevada Caucus?

First the Culinery Union got a measure past to open Voting down on the Vegas strip, so that their members could vote there, as many are unable to get home in-time to vote, Later the Culinery Union gave backing to O'Bama The Education union who supports Hillary then filed a suit to prevent the Voting down on the strip for those who can't get back home in time to vote. Hillary played dumb like she knew nothing about it, until later as in yesterday when she came out in favor of the law suit. Another fine example of another candidate who is in favor of preventing people from voting if they think it will help there campaign.

Anybody Heard How Ron Paul Is Doing In Nevada?

I haven't come across any polls for my state to see how he's doing here in Nevada, but he would be a good president.

is 2pac dead or alive? and who won the caucus on nevada saturday?

Tupac Amaru Shakur is dead.

Would you thank Nevada courts for throwing the pro Clinton caucus challenge out of court?

Zinger, we don't "bash" the Clintons, we point out facts. Verifiable facts. Actually it was a federal judge. It wouldn't have been so bad for Bill if he hadn't flipped out again during an interview that got too uncomfortable for him earlier in the day, concerning the same subject.

Is Nevada redistricting going to hurt the caucus this Saturday?

How is Clinton & Clinton able to get away with stopping part of the Nevada caucus election culinary union?

Clinton would not be complaining if SHE were winning.

What would the Nevada Caucus be like?

To be honest, no one knows, but its going to be a close race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This is the first time there has been a presidential caucus of importance in Nevada. The Republicans will likely ignore it becuase it is on the same day as the Reublican Primary for South Carolina. My prediction is Hillary wins NV by a slim margin, though I hope Barack wins Nevada.

Is Nevada redistricting going to be hurting the caucus this Saturday?

Participating in the Iowa or Nevada Caucus.?

Residents of Iowa can register to vote in Iowa. Here's how it works. http://www.sos.state.ia.us/elections/voterreg/reg_to_vote.html If you're anxious to be an Iowa voter, you might consider actually moving there and becoming a resident.

will Ron Paul get his 1st win this Saturday Fed 4 Nevada caucus? if so will this start a chain reaction?

Who do you predict will win in the Nevada Caucus?

I'm thinking Obama and McCain

In the Nevada Caucus, is it going to be mainly Ron paul vs. Mitt Romney?

No. With the momentum Romney's got going for him now, he will probably win Nevada again.

Did the Clintons rig the Nevada Caucus?

I get the feeling that you are being sarcastic. If not my apology. It is a proven fact that THE CLINTON HISPANIC WORKERS, not the Clinton's directly. Just like Nixon. (wink wink, nod nod) turn the back and handle it. The Obama camp concentrated on just the backing of the Culinary Workers. They thought everything else would fall in line. This is not the case. Like a virus in your computer. They went in and started their destruction, slowly but surely. I suggest that the Clinton's check this before their campaign is wrecked. If they do read this site everyday. I hope it's not one of their Hispanic workers though. I suggest that they do repair damage in a hurry. Sign A Concern American Citizen

Can I attend the GOP Nevada Caucus even if I've only recently registered as a Republican (1 week)?

not sure -go to a caucas and ask if there isnt one too far away the worse that happens is you go home and see a little bit on television

Should the results of the Nevada caucus count if Ron Paul is number one in that caucus?

You have asked some strange questions before, but this one really is. What do you mean? Not that it will happen, just curious as to what his people have sent you to post.

Why is there going to be a special caucus in Nevada after the polls close?

What democrat won the Nevada caucus?

"Pathetic" pathological liar herself.

Why does Romney have more votes than all the Democrats combined in the Nevada Caucus?

Cause he is the BEST he should win the whole thing probley and he is the favorite in the state and there are more republicans in that state then demarcates

It's one day before the Nevada caucus. What smear tricks will the Clinton show do before then?


Should I vote for Romney or Santorum in the Feb 4 Nevada caucus?

What time is the Nevada caucus tomorrow?

It starts at 11AM and the caucus goes for about 2 hours.

Where can I see live updates of Nevada caucus results?

Since the Nevada Caucus can be held in Casinos where their Union is Pro One Candidate?

from the interviews i've seen, they don't feel obligated to vote one way or the other. but that was one of the arguments put forward.

Nevada caucus?

well there are normally a lot of stations set up for you to go and vote. They are relitvely close (i live in CA and there is gonna be a station in a church) and should be easy to get to. sometimes your candidate will provided transportation..... Try looking online or call a local news radio station

Nevada Caucus?

You can vote in the Caucus's (sort of.) Here's the deal, however: A "caucus" is a party meeting. You can't go to the Republican Party meeting, nor can you go to the Democratic Party meeting. You can go to the Green Party meeting (yes, they may choose to hold a caucus too.) Most States don't have you "register" as a member of a party. You just show up at the proper door. Sometimes the Republicans and Democrats will meet in the very same building--but you can only be in one meeting (not all of them) since they all hold their meetings at the same time (as in Iowa.) Now, the Green party is so small in Nevada that they are not holding a Caucus this year. They do encourage you to hold one of your own however. I've included a link to their site that asks you to "get organized." Getting organized is what the Republicans and Democrats call, "holding a caucus." The second link shows you how the Republicans are doing the same thing (so you can see the contrast.) Finally, you can switch parties up to 30-days before a caucus is held in Nevada. That date passed on the 19th of December though.