Does anyone know about the feather butterflies from Neiman Marcus hanging by the escalators?

I love those!!! A few years ago I tried to remake the look with fishing line and white feathers, but it ended up looking horrible ;)! You can buy feather butterflies at craft stores such as Michaels or A.C. Moore, or your can visit this site for some really pretty ones : Hope this helps!

Could I wear a Wal Mart shirt into a Neiman Marcus store? Will I get harrassed about it?

first its illegal for them to kick you out because of the clothes you are wearing and if they was to try tell them you are from corporate headquarters doing research on customer service and would like their name and clock number so you can put it in your report. or tell them you are a secret shopper and need their name and clock number.

Where is this information about Neiman Marcus and Publix available?

How do I view the 1997 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog. I am looking for the 90 year Christmas Plate.?

Where can I find the flat black Chanel sandals in the Neiman Marcus ad in the January issue of Vogue?

try this site

What is the price difference at Neiman Marcus Last Call?

I go to a NM Last Call near me, and they usualy give 40% discounts on most of the clothes I see. I see 70% sometimes, and bags are like half off regular price.

Would you like the recipe for cookies from neiman-marcus ?

great way to pass along an urban myth. did you know if you stand in front of a mirror in the dark and say, "i believe in bloody mary" 3 times she appears?

Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue or the designer boutiques directly?

Designer Boutiques - 1 Saks Fifth - 2 Neiman Marcus - 3 Edit: Yes..thats what I said, isn't it?

I am currently employed by Neiman Marcus,what is next for my career path?

about it you can get information from here

How much is my Neiman Marcus smoking jacket worth?

Whenever I wonder how much my clothing is worth if I were to resell it I always check for a similar item on You can see who's bidding on what and if they're selling well and how high of a price they're going for.