How the hell does Nick Fairley get compared to Ndamukong Suh?

He's nowhere near the prospect that Suh was, but he's the consensus #1 defensive tackle in this draft class and arguably the top defensive prospect overall. The bottom line is that it's inevitable for comparisons to be drawn between him and Suh. Period. I agree that it's not much of a comparison, but I'm hardly shocked that it's been brought up.

How much does Albert Haynesworth and Ndamukong Suh bench press?

Suh can bench press two Texas linemen (who are both holding) and still pick up Colt McCoy and toss him like a rag doll. Suh will be the Next mean Joe Greene. I would be suprized if he is not a pro bowler for years and years.

What NFl Quarterback do you want to see Ndamukong Suh destroy?

I'd love to see him destroy Peyton Manning, but I would be afraid that Manning would cry to the NFL rules committee again and get another rule changed.

Peyton Hillis vs Ndamukong Suh? What would happen if these two went head to head?

Head to head? Suh would stop him for a 2 yard loss. Last thing any running back wants is to hit a nose tackle head on.

Has Ndamukong Suh vowed revenge on the one team that passed on him?

The hammer doesn't understand your sense of humor. Ndamukong Suh should vow revenge against detroit for picking him.

What Quarterback other than Farve would you like to see Ndamukong Suh destroy?

Tim Tebow. He'd probably have to hurt Orton, who I like, but I'd be worth the sacrifice.

Will Ndamukong Suh be a good NFL player?

With a name like Ndamukong Suh how can you not be GREAT?

Do you think Roger Goodell will replace James Harrison with Ndamukong Suh this season?

Get 'em both Roger, hell suspend all the squealers on general principles.

What happen to Ndamukong Suh projections of his lions going 16-0 or 16-1 oh well so long for that?

That's what happens when players "guarantee" something to their fans. Isn't that right Lebron and Rex Ryan? A-Rod, you're next on this list

Ndamukong Suh????????????????????????????????????????????????

A face mask is a 15 yard penalty, not a suspension.