Do you know how many episodes are in the latest season of NCIS and when that last episode will air?

There will be 24 episodes in all in the current season, and the last one will air on May 25th. Don't know about NCIS seasons and iTunes.

What do you think is goin to happen in season 7 of NCIS?

Obviously most of us have seen the Season 7 preview of Truth and Consequences. Clearly it seems some type of rescue mission takes place in order to get Ziva back from whomever it is that has captured her, and Tony is a major part of that mission. I am going to guess that Tony volunteers for the assignment or goes without proper authorization in order to show his care and devotion to Ziva after clearly being rattled when he had no choice but to shoot Rifkin. Other than that, assuming Ziva is rescued and returns to NCIS, I'd expect there to be an awkward moment or two between her and Tony as the season goes on when it reflect back to Rifkin. Gibbs and Vance continue to develop their relationship and trust issues with one another. And hopefully, we get loads and loads of great scenes, with Abby, Ducky, Palmer as well as the rest of the team and another great 25 episodes!

What do you think is going to happen next on NCIS?

None of them is the p2p killer. In swan song you ll see. Mike Franks dies... :'(

What happened on NCIS starting from Season 9?

1st episode: Tony is in a hospital and can not remember what happened to him. Gibbs and the team show him an NCIS badge with blood on it and he can not remember. They bring in Kate Todd's sister who is trying to help him remember and they go over things. Trying to jog his memory, you see scenes that happened where the team found out EJ took some sort of chip from her dead agent's arm. She then has the chip and is trying to pass it on. The tall guy on EJs team(sorry his name escapes me) dies, he is shot in a set up in an ally. 2nd: Pretty much a real case episode, while the team is solving the case of a Marine who comes home from serving and walks into his welcome home party bleeding to death by multiple stab wounds, Tony is focused on trying to apologize to an old school mate who he hung on the schools flag pole and left him hanging by his underwear. Tony (for most of the episode) feels really bad now remembering it, and wishes to meet the guy to apologize even though it is against Gibbs' rules. So he asks McGee to track him down and Tony writes up a letter saying sorry and gives it to the guy and apologizes, when the man says "I don't know why you are the one apologizing" And later when Tony and Gibbs are in the car, Tony says that he was wrong and he didnt need to apologize because HE was the one hanging from his underwear. And somewhere along the way he switched it around in his mind. Then his final thoughts after Gibbs says "you don't have to tell Mcgee and Ziva" are "yeah...but they deserve to know" and it ends there. 3rd: McGee discovers a lot he never knew about his Grandmother. It is a Tim-centric episode focused mainly on the relationship between Tim and his Grandmother Penny and Timm and his father. Tim at the end of the episode allows his Grandmother to convince him that his father (who is a very strict/Gibbs like man, who was in the navy) does love him and would love to hear from or see tim again. And the episode ends with Tim calling his father. 4th: Abby wants to donate her Kidney so she goes to the hospital to talk about the possibility of being a donor and finds that there was another match (which is nearly impossible unless you are family) So she does a bunch of tests and after tryiong to call relatives, her brother, search, run tests, everything Tim manages to get the mans name and it is Kyle (something sorry again). Abby does one more test where she tests her DNA and her mothers DNA and finds that it is not a match. Discovering she is adopted. Abby want to visit the man and goes down to a pet store he works at where he helps dogs get adopted. She simply talks to the man and does not say that they are siblings. She then ends up at Gibbs's house seeking comfort and saying she feels lost and not Abby. He comforts her and says Abby, you are still your wonderful self and always will be, and even though you are adopted your parents are still your parents, your bro is still your bro, and we are still your family too. Because a family is anyone who you can trust and love and who is there for you, and basically says the team is a great family and are there for her always. My summaries I tried to stick to the tea details rather than cases because there hasnt been any case that you need to know, just basic cases. (Still great though!) (and also the fact it was too long for the box to load my original answer) And the team details you will most likely need to remember for future episodes to understand. Sorry if this didn't help. P.S. You should try watching the videos on hulu, the cbs website or even on On Demand on your TV. Or record it! That way you will be up to date :) Sorry the answer was too long for one I couldnt include this

What is everything I have to do to become a Special Agent for NCIS?

their not hiring and you cant get in for another 7 years join the military, and do well in school

who do I complain to about defective NCIS dvds?

Unfortunately if you don't know where they're from, and do not have a proof of purchase then you cannot return them. What you can do is check if they're really defective. Some DVD players will not play discs that were made for another region. Put it into your drive in your computer, and check if you can access the files on the disc. If the computer manages to read the disc, this suggests that the only reason the DVD is not being played by your DVD player is due to incorrect copyright settings or the DVD was encoded for anoter region. This can be remedied by watching it on the Computer, with 3rd party software such as VLC media player (free edition). Since DVDs are usually preloaded onto DVD-ROM discs, it's really rare for a DVD to be defective. If 5 out of 6 discs are showing the same symptoms, it suggests they're either pirated versions which have become corrupted (or the disc is fake) or there's a problem reading it but the discs are fine.

How many nicknames does Tim McGee from NCIS have?

McNicknames: *** Daniel McBoone - Hide and Seek - S6 *** Major McTom - Hide and Seek - S6 *** McBarfbag - Chimera - S5 *** McBartlett - Enemies Foreign - S8 *** McBitter - Guilty Pleasure - S7 *** McCheat - About Face - S5 *** McChittyChat - Legend: Part 1 - S6 *** McContrary - Legend: Part 1 - S6 *** McCool - ????? *** McCranky - Caged/South By Southwest - S6/S6 *** McCready - Truth or Consequences - S7 *** McDetail - Deliverance - S6 *** McDid - Nine Lives - S6 *** McDigit - Endgame - S7 *** McDoing - Nine Lives - S6 *** McEgghead - Broken Bird - S6 *** McFlabby - Witch Hunt - S4 *** McFlower Power - Bloodbath - S4 *** McFlubber *** McFreaky - Stakeout - S5 *** McFraidy - Deception - S8 *** McG - Mind Games/Guilty Pleasure - S3 (by Abby)/S7 *** McGarnagle - Broken Bird - S6 *** McGee-ma-nator - Kill Screen - S8 *** McGeek - Many many many - S1-S7... *** McGeekle - Untouchable - S3 *** McGeeko - Requiem - S5 *** McGenius - Legend: Part 2 - S6 *** McGiggle - Corporal Punishment - S5 *** McGnome - Collateral Damage - S6 *** McGoblin - Witch Hunt - S4 *** McGoo - Multiple Episodes - S1-S7 *** McGoogle - Requiem - S5 *** McGoon - Dagger - S6 *** McGPS - Dagger - S6 *** McGruff - Dog Tags - S5 *** McGullible - Dagger - S6 *** McKilljoy - Collateral Damage - S6 *** McLawyer - Smoked - S4 *** McLonelyHearts - Endgame - S7 *** McLoverboy - Designated Target - S5 *** McLovin - Deliverance - S6 *** McMotherboard - Deliverance - S6 *** McMountie - Spider and the Fly - S8 *** McMuse - Dog Tags - S5 *** McNerd - Corporal Punishment - S5 *** McNopoly - Code of Conduct - S7 *** McNosey - Mother's Day - S7 *** McOz - Judgment Day: Part 1 - S5 *** McPanic - Masquerade - S7 *** McPinkerton - Road Kill - S6 *** McPower - ????? *** McProbie - Dog Tags - S5 *** McProbius - Stakeout/Legend: Part 1 *** McProof - Reunion - S7 *** McQueen - The Inside Man - S7 *** McRanger Rick - Hide and Seek - S6 *** McRomeo - Reunion - S7 *** McScout - Dagger - S6 *** McScrooge - Faith - S7 *** McShipmate - Last Man Standing - S6 *** McSidekick - Reunion - S7 *** McSmarty Pants - Child's Play/Kill Screen - S7/S8 *** McSnapper - Legend: Part 1 - S6 *** McSneaky - Hide and Seek - S6 *** McSniper - The Inside Man - S7 *** McSoftie - Caged - S5 *** McStarsky - ????? *** McStud - Endgame - S7 *** McTaco - Borderland - S7 *** McTattle - Jurisdiction - S7 *** McTardy - Dead Reckoning - S6 *** McThirdWheel - Royals and Loyals - S8 *** McTim - Requiem/Child's Play *** McTimex - Twisted Sister - S4 *** McToma - Power Down - S7 *** McTracker - Hide and Seek - S6 *** McVideo - Reunion - S7 *** McTween - Cracked - S8 *** McWriter - Twisted Sister - S4 *** McZero - Internal Affairs - S5 *************** McNicknames for verbs. ***McDoing - Nine Lives - S6 ***McDid - Nine Lives - S6 *************** McNicknames for "Deep Six" ***The McNovel - ????????? *************** Non-McNicknames for McGee and the other characters. *** Aqua Smurf - Dead Man Walking - S4 *** Bus Boy - Hometown Hero - S2 *** Captain Hook - ????? *** Charlie Brown - Witch Hunt - S4 *** Chilly Willy - Faith - S7 *** Chucklehead - Head Case - S3 *** Commander Cody - Ignition - S7 *** Dead Agent Walking - Twisted Sister - S4 *** Dr. Phil - Cracked - S8 *** Elf Lord - Love and War/Dead Reckoning/Ignition- S6/S6/S7 *** Gore Vidal - Smoked - S4 *** Green Acres - Switch - S3 *** Hemingway - Smoked - S4 *** Hopkins - Toxic - S6 *** Inspector Gadget - Family - S5 *** Iron Fist - Corporal Punishment - S5 *** King of Dorkland - Moonlighting - S7 *** Knucklehead - Toxic - S5 *** Michael Jackson - Sub Rosa - S1 *** Mini-Gee - Worst Nightmare - S8 (for Intern Conrad) *** Mr. Biomedical Degree - Toxic - S5 *** Mr. Johns Hopkins - Toxic - S5 *** Mr. Mildly-Neurotic Introvert with a Highly Sensitive Ego - Angel of Death - S4 *** Neander-Boy - Doppelganger - S2 *** Pickle-head - Head Case - S3 *** Plucky - Light Sleeper - S3 *** Prince of Darkness - Knockout - S6 *** Probie - Multiple Episodes - S1-S7... *** Probie Pan - Tribes - S5 *** Probie-San - Leap of Faith - S5 *** Probie-Wan Kenobi - About Face - S5 *** Probalicious - Endgame - S7 *** Scout Boy - Hide and Seek - S6 *** Self-Helpless - Endgame - S7 *** Sleeping Beauty - Jack-Knife - S7 *** Special Agent Good-wrench - Lt. Jane Doe - S2 *** Sponge Bob - Black Water - S2 ***The Great McOzz - Judgment Day - S5 *** Tiny Tim - Silent Night/Faith - S5/S6 *** Wee Willie Webelos - Patriot Down - S7

What happened to the new episode of NCIS?

They stretch the season out by doing this, skipping a week or two at times. The next new episode will air 12/13/2011and is titled "Newborn King" >>After a Navy Captain is murdered in his hotel room, the NCIS team has to find his pregnant companion and protect her from unknown assailants. Meanwhile, Jimmy brings his future father-in-law to work.<<

Where can i see the newest ncis commercial?

you can watch it here:

What are some good ideas to dress like a ncis character ready to go out and investigate...?

Well I love NCIS, to death and have seen every NCIS episode ever. People might find it a little random if you were to walk around dressed up like a federal agent, however that is a really good idea for Halloween considering it is next month some ideas: - NCIS agent > like long pants, t-shirt, NCIS cap (CBS website store), plastic police badge and a black vest with NCIS written on it. - Abby / forensics > Wear like a black wig or black hair spray, and tie your hair in high pigtales, then wear like a short black skirt or tartan skirt, long black and red socks, black shoes and a skull t-shirt with like a dog / spike collar. - Ducky / medical examiner > maby just wear a blue scrubs outfit with a facemask and little hair / hat thingy, or have a black jacket and write NCIS medical examiner on it, and wear a checked shirt, with a bow tie, long pants and a cute little hat. Like ducky. hope I gave you some ideas. cheers. help me:;_ylt=AmHCg980T0VhMcHOUriREmLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090916015320AAMo8pk

Where can I find the NCIS theme song sheet music?

look for it on youtube, type "ncis theme song" and then when you see the videos check if they have the music sheets and ask them to email them to you

When and how did Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo meet Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS?

We have never been given specifics on how exactly Tony and Gibbs met. He told Kate during 1.02 'Hung Out To Dry' "I smiled." when she inquired about how he became an NCIS agent. We know his last police department before NCIS was Baltimore and many have speculated that a case that crossed NCIS with the Baltimore PD is how they met but alas no canon references are to be found in the series. And honestly, I think that might just be for the best - we don't need to know every detail to enjoy the characters and it makes for great fodder among fans and fanwriters to speculate on how it all happened.

Who would win in a fight between Gibbs from NCIS and Hotch from Criminal minds?

Hotch can be deadly when he needs to, but I would say Gibbs because he's meaner and tougher. j0e

What College should I go to to be an NCIS Special Agent?

That interesting I was just looking that up myself today. Well as far as I can tell most any college or program that you consider will be accepted so long as your grades are good. However, having chosen a college that is known for its legal department as in political science and justice, or pre-law major might help. Also type in NCIS into google just that and you should get the naval NCIS website, not the tv shows. There is a non-paid internship that they have for undergrads and grad's, consider getting on board with that, although I think it might be about 10 months long so just think about it before you jump in. Hope that helps, and good luck to you.

What was the song at the end of the season premiere of NCIS?

The dramatic music for NCIS was Requiem For A Dream

Why does the show NCIS always use West Virginia as a location?

Proximity, and military participation. West Virginia is handy when you need a setting that is out of the way, in the mountains, and full of stereotypical Appalachian small towns. Since the show is based around northern Virginia, many parts of West Virginia are just a few hours drive away. This also provides opportunities for scenes of Gibbs driving on unpaved roads. West Virginia also happens to contribute heavily to armed forces enrollment. Many young West Virginians see military service as a way to escape following the generations before them into the coal mines.

Were can I watch all the NCIS episode, and what are some episodes I should watch from previous seasons?

In my humble opinion, these are the key episodes that should be seen. Of course, these will probably have spoilers. I've also included a few of my favourite episodes that I really enjoyed but are not necessarily a key episode. 1 x 1 Yankee White - The first episode! 1 x 16 Bette Noire - Introduces the Ari arc. 2 x 1 See No Evil - First episode of the second season. Here we start seeing Gibbs' issues regarding cases involving children. It's a bit of hinting to his past. A favourite of mine. 2 x 7 Call of Silence - A great episode featuring guest star Charles Durning. One of my personal faves. 2 x 23 Twilight - Ari's back with devestating consequences. 3 x 1 and 2 Kill Ari (Parts 1 & 2) - The conclusion of the Ari storyline. Intro of Ziva David. 3 x 8 Under Covers - Tony & Ziva go under cover as married assassins. Great banter and chemistry. 3 x 9 Frame Up - Tony is accused of murder. Another fave. 3 x 18 Bait - A kid takes a classroom hostage. Again, not a pivitol episode, just another fave. Gibbs gets to sign. 3 x 23 and 24 Hiatus (Parts 1 & 2) - We learn about Gibbs' past. Gibbs decides to retire. 4 x 1 Shalom - Gibbs returns. 4 x 19 Grace Period - Death of supporting character, Agent Paula Cassidy. 5 x 1 Bury Your Dead - It's the reveal of Tony's undercover assignment regarding arms dealer known as the Frog. 5 x 3 Ex-File - This one just has a funny moment of Gibbs in the same room with his current girlfriend, an ex-girlfriend and an ex-wife! 5 x 7 Requiem - I believe this is the 100th episode. 5 x 18 & 19 Judgment Day (Parts 1 & 2) - End of Jenny Shepard; begins Leon Vance's run as director. 6 x 4 Heartland - Here, we meet Gibbs' father. And we see Gibbs in his tricked out yellow Challenger! 6 x 8 Cloak - The first part to the resolution of the mole hunt. 6 x 9 Dagger - The conclusion of the mole hunt. 6 x 25 Aliyah - Angst heavy season finale with the emphasis on Ziva. 7 x 1 Truth Or Consequences - A great 'flashback' recap of the NCIS characters with Tony detailing them under truth serum. 7 x 8 Power Down - The power goes out and the team must solve the case without the aid of computers and electronics. A good episode with some really funny scenes. 7 x 11 Ignition - Two words... Jet packs! 7 x 12 Flesh and Blood - We meet Tony's dad as played by Robert Wagner. 7 x 24 Rule Fifty-One - Gibbs' secret is revealed in this season finale. I won't get into the current season as it isn't finished yet. If you can find it, the two episodes of Jag that introduces Gibbs, Tony and Ducky and is basically a back door pilot for NCIS would be interesting to watch if just to see what was changed between then and the first episode. I've not seen it myself yet. If it's possible, I would highy reccommend watching the entire run. From what I understand, there is always a NCIS marathon or long run on the USA network. Enjoy!

What was the first episode of NCIS called?

Yankee White, but the JAG episodes that started NCIS are called Meltdown and Ice Queen. those 2 episodes are actually the pilots episodes.

What is Abby Sciuto character on NCIS drinking in her BIG cup?

i say a slushy too,i once heard gibbs say he had a big shot of slushy for her....

what happened to kate from NCIS and what is her final episode called?

Bamabrat is correct! And if you have the USA Network you might be able to catch part 1 and 2. They are constantly playing NCIS shows, that's how I saw both parts! It's on almost every day (I think Monday's they put House on). Usually starts around 4 or 5pm in CA.

I want to join NCIS, but I want to be a Medical Examiner or Forensic Anthropologist. How does one obtain that?

What Celebrities Should Be Guest Villains Or Heroes On NCIS?

Epinions Reviewer - Maybe bring in Keifer Sutherland (as a hero) with a cross-over from 24...that would be quite interesting...something to do with the President & terrorists (an ex-Navy commander that went to the other side/or being "bad" from the inside).

What are some NCIS episodes with a lot of psychology concepts?

Your best bets for finding psychology on NCIS are the episodes where the team gets to venture into the realm of profiler-style tactics. Here are a few examples: "The Good Wives Club" -- The team finds the mummified remains of a woman in some abandoned Marine housing. The investigation leads them to look at a similar recent case in Florida, and ultimately to an unlikely suspect. "SWAK" -- An envelope with bacteria is sent to NCIS headquarters. Kate and Tony are put into quarantine, leaving the rest of the team to find not only the sender but also the motive behind the envelope. "Mind Games" -- Gibbs interviews a serial killer about to be executed to get him to reveal the locations of his victims' bodies. The team gets more than they bargained for when they discover the killings have continued while the killer was incarcerated, and thus they have to find another killer. "Bait" -- A teenager with a bomb holds a classroom hostage. Gibbs offers himself as a hostage, leaving Tony in charge of the situation. (Lots of negotiation = lots of psych) "Bloodbath" -- The team investigates what looks like a murder scene but turns out to have been staged by a man against whom Abby has a restraining order for stalking. The stalker is taken into custody, but it turns out that he's not the only threat against Abby. "Smoked" -- The team investigates a dead man found in a chimney. When he's identified, it turns out that he's been missing for years and is a suspected serial killer sought by the FBI, who then join in on the case. The joint FBI/NCIS investigation takes a shocking turn when they find recently killed bodies and evidence indicating that the chimney man may be a victim, not the perpetrator. "Murder 2.0" -- The team investigates a series of killings where videos of the crimes (along with cryptic pictures) have been posted on the Internet. "Broken Bird" -- Ducky is attacked at a crime scene and the team investigates, delving heavily into Ducky's past. (Any episode focusing on Ducky is a good bet for psych themes.) "Reunion" -- Three bachelor party guests are found murdered, and the investigation leads them to a man who had been bullied by the dead guests when they were all in high school. (The murders are consistent with how the bullying victim was tormented.) It looks like a straightforward case of revenge, but there's more going on. "Code of Conduct" -- A Marine with a reputation as a prankster is found dead, and the case becomes a whodunnit with several twists along the way. In general, if your teacher is interested in crime shows with plenty of psychological concepts, Criminal Minds is a far surer bet. NCIS still rocks, though. Hope that helps! EDIT - Fixed a couple of typos.

What song was being played during the Sneek Peek for next weeks episode of NCIS Los Angles?

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What is the name of the song that played at the start of tonight's season premiere of NCIS Los Angeles?

After searching for 3 hours I Present you with requiem for a dream I FOUND IT YAY!

What NCIS episode is it with Ziva in a blue dress singing?

"Last Man Standing" it's the very first episode of season 6 Ziva is singing in a nightclub in french and a bomb goes off.

Is there an Ncis video game? If not how can you recommend a company to make one?

There isn't an NCIS game and no developer has any plans to make one. I am not sure how you can ask developers to make games, you might have to do some more research on that.

How does agent Gibs on NCIS get the boat out of his basement?

no one knows!!! haha and I have no idea! ;)

What is the difference between NCIS and FBI?

NCIS investigates crimes committed by, or against U.S. Navy or Marine personnel. FBI investigates crimes commited by or against U.S. Citizens of a non-military status. Each branch of the U.S. military has it's own investigational unit. Air Force has the Office of Special Investigations Army has the United States Army Criminal Investigative Command

How long will it take for me to become an NCIS Director or agent?

Are You Qualified to be an NCIS Special Agent? You must not have reached 37 years of age (exceptions are preference eligible veterans and those currently covered under the 6C Federal Law Enforcement retirement system). You must have an accredited baccalaureate degree. You must have vision correctable to 20/20 with normal color vision. You must be a U.S.-born or naturalized U.S. citizen. You must pass a background suitability screening. You must be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance. You must have a valid driver's license NCIS is not currently accepting applications for Special Agent Positions**

What schooling is needed to become an NCIS agent?

From the research I've done ... NCIS has several different fields to chose from besides being an agent ... schooling will depend on what field you want to pursue ... All you need is a bachelor's degree from an accredited school in that field (ex: If you want to be a Forensic Specialist ... then you'll go to school for a Forensic Science degree) I am a Junior in college working on a criminal justice degree ... I plan to pursue some type of law enforcement career upon graduation

How can I train to become an NCIS/FBI Agent?

TV and movies over-dramatize the action and underemphasize the amount of time spent writing reports and attending to administrative details. A Bachelor's degree is required for federal special agent positions (very few exceptions). Any major is acceptable, but Criminal Justice, Sociology, or Psychology may stand you in better stead. Those meeting the minimum requirements may not compare well to the best qualified applicants, and there are always more applicants than positions. The FBI likes lawyers and accountants, but they hire from various backgrounds, with at least 3 years of substantive employment ( Other federal agency job announcements should be available at I majored in criminal justice (CJ), got a masters in management (agency sponsored on govt time), and a PhD in CJ. I recommend that you major in psych and minor in cj. Any bachelors degree is acceptable for federal investigative agencies. GPA, testing, physical fitness, work experience, possibly a polygraph, ability to communicate orally and in writing, and graduate degrees are what determine who gets hired. And, I repeat, there are always more applicants than there are positions. There are numerous special agent positions (e.g., DEA, ICE, NCIS), in what was and I assume still is the 1811 job series (1810 are unarmed investigators without arrest authority). There are also law enforcement related positions in the Dept of Homeland Security and other agencies, such as inspector positions or Border Patrol agents, that could be open to those with 2 years of college or less. And, there are federal police officers within federal agencies (e.g., Dept of Veterans Affairs, Treasury, Federal Protective Service). Air Marshals work for the Dept of Homeland Sec, a very boring job (one who did the work likened it to the movie Groundhog Day). Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (bombing, arson, felons with weapons) is in the Dept of Justice. You might also consider the U.S. Marshals Service. They have two divisions, one is responsible for fugitive investigations, and has the same grade structure as other major federal agencies. Most federal agencies have Inspector General special agents with varying authorities. The State Dept also has special agents, as does IRS (they do tax evasion and money laundering, which is not as boring as it sounds). State Dept agents ride desks overseas, and do protective details (other than heads of state), visa and passport violations in the US. There are even Fish & Wildlife special agents. I attended Secret Service protective detail training and participated in a protection detail for the Commissioner of Customs. Protection details require meticulous planning and execution for events that almost never happen, and they are boring. USSS protection details require frequent travel, making for poor family life. The investigative jurisdiction of the USSS is not all the intriguing (counterfeiting, computer crimes, financial crimes).The FBI offers the opportunity to perform the widest variety of investigations, with the possibility of specializing in an area of interest, or working in an Embassy as a Legal Attaché. I was an acting Customs Attaché in Panama for about a month, and it is interesting if you like that sort of thing. My general advice is to apply at as many places as possible, and accept the first offer. Then, if that’s not where you want to be, keep applying. It is not unusual to find former agents from some other agency working at another agency, and it is easier to get a job if you have a job.

What is the NCIS episode where Tony and Ziva are in gym clothes?

Ravenous - Season 3, Episode 17

what are the physical requirements to become a NCIS agent or a CIA agent?

check the web sites, if you can't find them, consider a different career

How can I stream free legal episodes of NCIS on my iPhone?

You can't at the moment. Since iphone has no current support in their current OS you can't go on sites like or ABC, NBC CBS etc... to watch the free episodes. Try getting your hands on OS 3.0 Beta, it has flash support.

what are some requirements needed to be a NCIS special agent?

you have to be 37 or younger. I mean, you could draw your own conclusions but you probably shouldn't have any major health issues, you should be fit. I think you're more likely to become a special agent if you have credentials, like if you've done internships, know other languages, martial arts is good. You should most likely have a degree like Criminology or Psychology or Criminal Justice or something like that. The official website is: I'm 13, too, and I want to be a NCIS special agent as well, so I know it's a long way off, if that continues to be what you want to do, I suggest checking back over the years to make sure that nothing has changed! Good luck!

When do they start reciting NCIS Agents?

Check back with them. Check back regularly. They recruit when they have a budget that allows them to hire new people.

What are the requirements for becoming a NCIS special agent?

Are you versatile, driven, eager to travel the world and ready to work in challenging and complex situations? NCIS may have the career for you. NCIS special agents are among the most adept and resourceful law enforcement professionals anywhere. Never restricted to a narrow specialty, even relatively junior agents are expected to handle a wide variety of criminal, antiterrorism, and counterintelligence matters with equal skill. Special agents travel the globe and may even be stationed aboard ship. In-depth training, critical assignments, and excellent benefits attract the best. Learn more: Special Agent Careers. In addition to supporting special agents in criminal investigations, NCIS intelligence analysts play a vital role by collecting and distilling data critical to NCIS' counterterrorism and counterintelligence missions. Learn More: Intelligence Analyst Careers. A wide variety of other professional and support personnel assist special agents and perform other mission-critical functions. Careers may be available in chemistry, forensic science, electronics, computers, security, clearance adjudication, polygraph, intelligence, and administrative support. Learn where to find what positions are open and how to apply: Professional and Support Careers. I DEFINATLEY KNOW YOU SORTA SHOULD KNOW A SECOND LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH

When will they start showing NCIS Season 8 previews?

Season 8 will come in September 2010

When does the ninth season of NCIS start?

Either the 2nd or 3rd week of September.

Where can i find the official sheet music for the NCIS theme song? ----------------- for the two-handed version---------------------- --------------------for the one-handed version-------------------------------- For just written notes; First way: BGFsharp BGFsharp AGFsharp ECGFsharp EDEA DCBB BflatBBB BflatBCA BDAB DECA BDAB DE. Second way: CGsharpGC GsharpGBflatGsharp GFCsharpGsharp GFEflatF BflatEflatCsharpC.

When does Gibbs on NCIS start to backhand his team?

It began in the beginning. That was his signature 'wake-up call', for whenever one of his people did or said something stupid. The only exceptions to the list are: Ducky, Abby (though he has offered to hit her elsewhere), Kate and anyone who is not part of his Team. I don't know if this extended to Jennifer, but they did have a personal relationship so we can only speculate.... We learn in a flashback that he was taught this method of 'correction' by Mike Franks at about the time the NIS became NCIS.

What is the NCIS episode when Tony and Ziva are in gym clothes and Tony has his arm around Ziva?

Its 3x17 Ravenous when Tony takes Ziva to autopsy to show her the time when new agents watch an autopsy.

What episode of NCIS does the team find out Tony is undercover?

Season 5, Episode 1, called "Bury Your Dead"

What song was playing during the end of the NCIS episode Faith?

kangaroo cry by blue october loooove blue october

what is the NCIS episode involving Gibbs and a female internet using assassin?

Um, I'm almost positive that was CSI: NY. Yeah, because it was on Spike just a little while ago. The girl's online name was Venus, and she was murdered for her avatar. This was during the whole side-plot line about the 333 killer. It was season 4, episode 5: Down The Rabbit Hole

How long after NCIS: Los Angeles premieres on television will it be available to watch online?

Usually about an hour after the west coast has finished watching it on the television.


I FREAKING LOVE NCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the first season on dvd from amazon. it's on there for $42 now. also, the 2nd season is available for pre-order. do you recognize my avatar? :)


It's pretty much the same as a regular police officer, except they have different rules. It's a civilian agency that enforces the law on the military.


I think NCIS is awesome. Abby is my favourite character. She's cool as hell. (: