Part of the NBA schedule will be released on Tuesday, who do you think the Heat will face on opening day?

Boston Celtics 1. The Heat and Lebron lost to them in the playoffs 2. The Celtics are the defending eastern champs so they are most likely gonna play opening night 3. Big 3 vs Big 3

Why does the NBA schedule no games for the men's NCAA championship, but a full slate for the women's?

I think they realize more people will watch the men's game more than the womens and therefore they will have horrible ratings that night.

Man, who here is tired of waiting for the damn NBA schedule to come out already?

Man I cant wait and its only a damn schedule lmao. I definitately wanna see whats in store for us on Christmas and Opening day NBA definitately has alot of great games they can play on big nights. BQ: 8:00 Miami Heat @ Cleveland Cavaliers, 10:30 Boston Celtics @ LA Lakers BQ2:Magic @ Bulls and Phoenix @ Dallas

what time does the NBA schedule release today?

2 P.M Eastern Time.

What time will they release the 2010 NBA schedule?

LOL you should check it on 8/11 morning and not stress over the schedule lol~

If you saw the NBA schedule what games are you excited to see?

Lakers Vs Orlando Lakers Vs. Boston Lakers vs Cleveland Orlando vs Cleveland Boston vs Cleveland Orlando Vs Boston Dallas vs Lakers Dallas vs Cleveland

When does the 2009 nba schedule come out?

wow i never thought a girl would ask this question...

How does the NBA SCHEDULE work?

I'm not sure what you meant by that, but...each team plays 41 games at home and 41 games on the road.

nba schedule?

its not out yet.... because of the kg trade stien wanted to shuffle some of the nationally televised games so that the celtics get a lot of national media and television attention

NBA Schedule..?

Early August I really would like to know myself but I think its goin to be in August.