Nba playoffs?

last years playoffs were pretty much the most exciting in history so obviously this year wouldn't be as good

NBA PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!?

Lol- weird question to be honest. Dwayne Wade and Kevin Durant will be the high scorers as they are basically on one-man teams. Lebron might if Mo Williams disappears again but Jamison provides some offensive relief. Kobe Bryant won't be shooting as much until the Lakers reach the conference finals. Look for his assists to increase for the first few series. Howard will rebound like a madman and will easily record a double-double. Nash will lead in assists. Anthony could be an offensive threat early on but will fade a bit after. Lebron will not average a triple-double in the playoffs, although he might in the NBA Finals

How do they put the NBA Playoffs logo on the court?

All NBA courts are carried in in pieces and placed down piece by piece. They just have those pieces painted with the NBA Playoff logo on them and place them down like they normally would.

What is the difference between an NBA playoffs and a regular season?

In the regular season the Knicks are on my tv. In the playoffs NBA teams are on my tv.

What movies have the NBA Playoffs integrated in their commercials on TNT?

Iron Man Transformers Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3

What site has the nba playoffs live and does not have porno on it?

NBA Playoffs!? just scroll to the bottom

Nba Playoffs?

Umm, i think TNT, ABC and espn will probably host mos tof the games

NBA playoffs?

Lakers will win it.

nba playoffs?

yes it should be the 2 best teams