call me crazy but lebron james will regret the day he spit in cleveland's face plz tell me wat u think?

Yeah, I think one day LeBron James will regret leaving Cleveland. He's not like Chris Bosh. Toronto Raptors weren't willing to put good players around Bosh, but Cleveland did everything they could for LeBron James. Instead, he leaves to join Miami Heat in hope of a better chance for a championship. if he stuck with Cleveland theres a very good chance they would win this year. The Big 3 in Miami would probably split in 3 years, and LeBron will become a T-Mac.

NBA 2012-2013 draft question?

I think the players must play another year in college. I am guessing.

When is the NBA 2012 draft lottery?

In May

As a Hornets fan, does this mean I should hope the T-wolves do poorly?

how about you hope the hornets play good instead

What do you think about this NBA TRADE?

Not bad. But pistons will want more, maybe CJ Miles Gordon Hayward or someine like that too

Future draft picks for the Warriors (please answer if you're a NBA or GSW buff)?

New Jersey receives 2011 Golden State first round pick (lottery protected in 2011, top 11 protected in 2012, top 10 protected in 2013. If they don't get a player by 2013 draft, the Nets get second-round picks in 2013 and 2015) Basically its because they need to give the Nets a draft pick eventually. I hope they get Favors or Cousins they need someone with strength down low, and either of these two would be an improvement.

call me crazy but lebron james will regret the day he spit in cleveland's face plz tell me wat u think?

Blazer fans I am watching the lottery pick for 2012 and a new fan to the NBA they said we have the 11th pick.?

The Trail Blazers received the #6 pick from the Nets to complete the Gerald Wallace trade

NBA Champions that had same year's #1 overall DRAFT pick?

You mean picked first or won the lottery despite the odds? TIm Duncan, Magic Johnson.

What is a protected draft pick in the NBA?

A protected pick simply means that if the pick happens to fall in a certain range, then it remains with the original team. Usually the traded pick then falls to the following draft, where it is sometimes protected again. In the Rockets case, the pick is "protected top 5 2012-2015, else 2015 and 2016 second round picks." That means if the pick is in the top five this year, then the Knicks get to keep it, and the Rockets instead get the Knicks first round pick in 2013. If the 2013 pick is in the top 5 then the Knicks once again get to keep it, and it falls to 2014, and so on through 2015. If the 2015 pick is also top 5, then the Rockets get the Knicks second round picks in 2015 and 2016 instead.

If the NBA season is canceled, how will the draft order be determined for the 2012 draft?

What will happen in the 2012 NBA draft?

This issue has not yet been addressed to the NBA yet, and I am thinking that it won't be answered until the season is officially dismissed. I don't believe that they will run a draft with a similar order to last year (Cleveland could get 4 star rookies, UNFAIR.) Also, this year is just a plus one to everyone's age. Meaning that many older teams (Lakers, Mavericks, Boston) despite having good seasons last year, could be stuck with old players and those who retire. It would be unfair to leave these teams with no one. That's where my next idea comes into play. I rather think that they will randomize the WHOLE DRAFT ORDER. And then run the draft in a snake form (First pick of round 1 gets last pick of round 2, Last pick of round 1 gets first pick of round 2, etc.) This would give every team involved a somewhat fair opportunity to draft well. Also, the National Hockey League (NHL) did this same thing during their lock out in the early 2000's. Hopefully the NBA won't need to resolve to a funny-lookin' draft like so, but if the lockout is not resolved, it may just be what we will get.

Who will be in the 2012 NBA draft?

Do you think Austin Rivers will enter the 2012 NBA Draft?

i agree. only enter if doc's celtics dont get in the playofs

How will NBA draft look next season 2012? If there is a work stoppage resulting in no games being played?

when the NHlL lockout, the following draft was done something like this. the draft order was determined by lottery on July 22, 2005. Teams were assigned 1 to 3 balls based on their playoff appearances and first overall draft picks from the past three years. According to the draft order, the selection worked its way up to 30 as usual; then instead of repeating the order as in past years, the draft "snaked" back down to the team with the first pick. Therefore the team with the first pick overall would not pick again until the 60th pick. The team with the 30th pick would also get the 31st pick. The draft was only seven rounds in length, compared to nine rounds in years past. The labor dispute caused the shortened draft. i dont think its fair if the Heat had the same chance at the No.1 pick as the Wolves. especially when this draft is supposed to be deep. they shud do something like this^^^

How will the 2012 NBA Draft work?

They would probably go off last year's results. Everyone would have the same odds unless they traded it. Like the Cavs would only have 1 pick.

Draft order for the 2012 NBA draft, if there is no season next year?

David Stern answered that question as "We will address that if the time comes". My guess is they would do another lottery with the same odds. Hopefully it would go by record, so our Cavs could get an automatic #1 pick!

NBA lottery draft explanation?

It means if the Kings are in the lottery, in 2012 the Cavs cannot use the pick and have to get the next years pick. Same thing for top 13 picks in 2012.... etc.

NBA draft 2012 question!?

There will still be a draft in 2012. The problem is, there will be lots of rookies (2011 and 2012 rookies) playing in the 2012-13 season. G0t it? Go0d!!!! Please answer this:;_ylt=AnY1F04p2W5i.FJo8bxwrXbsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110623183934AAnOfUW

How will the 2012 NBA Draft work if there's a lockout?

the NHL, for the draft following their 88th season (2004-05) which was cancelled due to lockout, held a lottery. each team was given 1 to 3 balls based on their playoffs and 1st overall picks from the last 3 years. then the draft was serpentine (1st picked again at 60 and 30 picked again at 31). hard to say if the nba would do the same thing but this is how the precedent has been set.

Your thoughts on the NBA draft lottery for 2012?

Which Team Do you See Winning the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery?

When is the 2012 NBA Draft LOTTERY?

may, torwards the end

Who's next Kobe bryant? Which team will win the lottery 2012 NBA draft? Where dwight will end up? ?

I think the future of the shooting guard position is James Harden, Paul George, Iman Shumpert, Gary Neal, Nicolas Batum, Klay Thompson, and Marcus Thornton (relatively new players). Harden always had the skill and athleticism; he just lacked consistency which led to him being benched for the past two to three years. However, he's really broken out this year, and is a great candidate for the Sixth Man award plus Most Improved Player. He's worthy of a starting spot now, and would definitely rank in the top ten starting SGs, but the Thunder like him as the leader of the 2nd unit and as the scorer off the bench right now. Paul George is raw, but he's got amazing size and athleticism for the SG position, plus he's got an incredible talent for getting steals. He's also got a nice 3pt touch and could stand to learn a lot by studying how KD exploits his size advantage. Shumpert is incredibly raw, but also incredibly athletic and an outstanding defender to boot. Gary Neal has shown insane production for an undrafted player, and is poised to take over the SG position when Ginobili retires. Batum has always had potential, but this year he's started show off that shooting touch. Klay Thompson has size for the SG position, plays good defense, and is a pure jump shooter that draws comparisons to Ray Allen and Reggie Miller. Marcus Thornton is a great pure scorer. Just some ideas for the next generation of SGs after Kobe, Wade, Ginobili, Johnson, and Allen retire. The Hornets will probably nab the first overall pick. They got the pick from the Clippers (who got it from the Timberwolves), and due to the abysmal performance of the Timberwolves last season, they stand an excellent chance of getting the #1 pick. As for Dwight Howard, nobody really knows. While NJ looks bleak (due to their losing and D-Will being fed up in NJ, plus their original trade package falling apart), Lakerland looks even darker, since the Lakers don't need Howard, plus Howard realized he would never be top dog in LA. He said "he wanted to be Kobe, not second to Kobe". I think there's a great chance he walks off in free agency, unless the Golden State Warriors (who are rumored to gamble everything for Howard) make a move.

Who you think will win the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery?

When is the NBA draft lottery 2012?

some time during the semi finals May 17th was one of the many MOCK drafts the draw always has been around game 4 or 5 of the the semi finals i am thinking arouind the June 7th