Joke : Actual church bloopers..can I have some stars ?

As soon as I stop laughing I'm giving you a star. I love those things. I actually saw a sign advertising literacy courses once, it read "Are you unable to read and write?"

Its all in the way its told wouldn't you agree?

My faves - He and she "...were married ... in the church. So ends a friendship that began in their school days....." "...a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Don't forget your husbands." Too true!!! XD

What do you think of the first chapter of my book?

i like the images i'm getting, but it has no flow. your sentences are too short when most of them can be combined to make it better. too much start/stop

Are You American?

i am sad to say and kinda proud I AM AN AMERICAN!!!!!!

They Said THIS In the Church Bulletin?

BAHAHHAHAAA!~ I laughed so hard I cried!~ I LOVE you,man!

(Easy 10 points!) Please correct any errors on a short essay of mine!?

I thought you said it's a short essay... 1 - "from Brielle in the Netherlands..." The comma separates them unnecessarily 2 - "influence on them, so was hoping to contrast..." Your sentence is long, so you have to separate it into readable parts 3 - "differences - what distinguishes their cultural..." 4 - "Dutch" It's a language, so it has to be capitalized 5 - "speaks English fluently (and that it's not uncommon to find English speakers in the Netherlands), whereas in my interview with Audrey her primary language is English, yet the Irish have their own language based on Gaelic known as Gaelige." 6 - "understand the people, so they coerced them into speaking English, which likely started..." 7 - "learning Irish anymore, though it's taught..." 8 - "The next question that I asked..." 9 - "was what kind of foods they eat there." 10 - "Remarkably enough, the foods..." 11 - "love" not "lowe" 12 - "(and even prided...)" It's not a new sentence, so it can't be capitalized 13 - "Dutch" Nationalities must be capitalized 14 - "They also have toppings for them such as bacon, cheese, mussels, and even garlic sauce!" 15 - "in Ireland she, instead, has meals..." 16 - "hamburgers - though she also mentioned..." 17 - "Tripe, literally, is an..." 18 - " In Ireland, a whole cuisine..." 19 - "because the large production of meat gathered for the British Empire Cork had developed..." 20 - "animal leftovers" 21 - "(though more commonly referred to now as pudding)" 22 - "Next, I inquired about what kind..." 23 - "told me that religion is very diverse in the Netherlands, though most..." 24 - "Christian" "Catholic" Religions must be capitalized 25 - "In Ireland, however, mostly everyone is Catholic..." 26 - "is very devout..." 27 - "Next, I asked..." 28 - "One they celebrate that appeals..." 29 - "holiday on May 5th, their Liberation Day." Like other holidays like Christmas, the holiday must be capitalized. 30 - "Easter, but they also..." 31 - " bishop who used to live in Turkey and was raised by a rich family." 32 - "Eventually, he is supposed..." 33 - "He is supposed..." not "He I supposed..." 34 - "(black men in...)" 35 - "delivers presents to children..." 36 - "been bad, however, would have..." 37 - "(a load of twigs bound together)." 38 - "6th, but instead of receiving gifts, he distributes..." 39 - "town, and that hundreds of years ago its peopel defeated..." 40 - "Audrey told me that, in addition to Christmas, one of their main holidays is the same as one we celebrate here - St. Patricks Day."

What Does The Average NYC person think about Jet Fuel & Demo explosives were used on 9/11?

We have all seen the photos & videos, heard the conspiracy theories, and likely arrived at the same conclusion you did: That know one will ever know the truth.

spiritually baking..........?

those both sound good but i think i will do some whit chocolate chip macadamia cookies to go with it

Should people with colds etc. be prohibited from public contact where they work.?

Dude I hope you didn't finish your meal when you saw the waitress sneeze like that. But yeah, people who has to handle and serve food should not work if they have a cold. Otherwise in other public areas, the worker should at least wear gloves and mask. ewww.

Help me with this Physical Science please?

what is it with pancakes today??

National fundraising advents?

Need a wee bit more information: what grade/age of students? in USA or another country? parochial school or public? just students or parent involvement? I mean you can have a cultural day, like a Cinco De Mayo Day, where students show country pride. (done this one) You could have a wear Red and decorate your school for Red Ribbon week, for an anti-drug theme. (done this one) You could have a jog-a-thon to raise money for something or someone. (dont this one) You could suggest families bring in their gently used age appropriate books and do a book exchange on campus. For every book a student brings in, they get to pick one (not their own) back from the piles of books. (dont this one) Good luck.

funny holidays?

Please don't bring these up, or the government will make them a national holiday and pay all federal employees with a day off.

What was the last food you were absolutely craving?

Chicken and leek pasta covered in cheese ... drool.

I have the state-wide test on my birthday, can I still skip to...?

yup. you have the mentality for being a state prosecutor all right.... STUDY!!!! treat yourself the weekend of your bdayOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

is there free pancakes at IHOP 2-24-09?

Yup! Sure are. 7am-10pm. Enjoy!

Who got free pancakes at ihop today? (02/24/09)?

no :( i wanted to but i was in skool

what are some funny random holidays?

My new favorite holiday: September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I am not making this up.

Where do i get a calendar with all the silly days?

You can try: or

Are the pancakes at ihop halal?

Of course not.....But it's up to you won't know until you try

where can i find a list of all the goofy holidays? has a cool calendar. Sometimes I think they are made up, but still alot of fun. J2L SAT

How do you plan to celebrate Fed 12th?

Ihop sound like the place to be and they will have plenty for me. so let us go there to be with each other. and then we can go back to the place that we want to be

What are some good national/international days?

♥banana bread day ♥ (i like banana bread) februaty 23rd is national banana bread day in the us

National Free Pancakes Day? Is it just once?


Did you forget today is International Pancake Day?

Do we even need an excuse to eat pancakes?

special days for every day of the year calendar?


How long is ihop doing the free pancake thing?

i believe it ended yesterday..and you're supposed to give a donation for a charity

How did YOU celebrate National Pancakes day..?

There's a National Pancake day?!

National ________day?

National Fart Day

is national pancake ihop day only for states, or Canada as well?

"National pancake ihop day"??? I reckon I shouldn't sleep so late.

Since it's National Pancake Day today, what's your pleasure?

When It comes to pancakes I like my pretty basic. Regular pancakes with maple syrup. What would your pleasure be Leroy?? And I'm speaking of pancakes. lol

NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY- are you going to ihop?

No I will make my own home made at home!

I'm in search of a calendar that has all of the fun holidays on it like "national pancake day" Help!

This site has what you are looking for ( by the way, it's a cute idea you have )

National Pancake Day for Ihop?

I am a server at the Bradley, Illinois IHOP. You are allowed one free short stack (3 of our famous buttermilk pancakes) for dine in only. We just ask that you make a donation (preferably the amount you would have paid for the pancakes) to our charity: the Children's Miracle Network. The money donated goes to your local hospital. For the Chicago area, that would be the Chicago Children's Miracle Network hospital. We have a goal of raising $5,000,000 in five years. You can check out our website at for more information.

Who is going to ihop National Pancake Day!?

Why drive 60 miles for something that I make better?

Anyone celebrating National Pancake Day today?

POLL: Did you know tomorrow is National Pancake Day?

Aha. I didn't :) We have pancakes regular in my house, so everyday is pancake day!

Do you celebrate IHOP National Pancake Day?


Should National Pancake Day (USA) also be a religious holiday?

Questions About National Pancake Day?

Did you know that IHOP restaurants are offering free pancakes on National Pancake Day on 28 Feb?

I invite you to IHOP on 28th february I pay ok?

So it's National Pancake Day, International Women's Day, and Marti Gra all at the same time?

I got me some beads and pancakes over the tatas so I think that about sums up the holiday oh yea and packing in some meat it is fat Tuesday after all!

How did YOU celebrate national pancake day?

by not acknowledging it...haha

Is the wait long at ihop on national pancake day 2/28/12?

Is tomorrow national pancake day?

This may be a bit late in answering your question but today (Tuesday Feb. 5th) is more or less an internationally recognized pancake day seeing as how it is the day before Ash Wed. as mentioned by many members previously. Many restaurants celebrate this. IHOP has offered a special deal for the day but due to today in the U.S. being Super Tuesday where they vote IHOP is giving a free short stack to customers next Tuesday (Feb. 12th). So celebrate Pancake day/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday/and so on today as I have and get a free short stack next tuesday!

Has anyone ever heard of National Pancake Day?

Yes, it was actually a publicity stunt by the "ihop" fast-food services, they are specialized in pancakes! This takes place on 23, February. Where you can get free Pancakes from them. (As far as i know there is no limit!)

Can anybody tell me if their actually is a National Pancake Day , and why it would exist?

I have never heard of that but I would like to have such a day.. 1.) because they taste delicious 2.) you can never have too much days to celebrate something,even it´s a small thing..(-; Enjoy life..

Are you going to support national pancake day?


How Many Pancakes are Given During IHop's National Pancake Day?

3 !