Is it possible that Natasha Richardson could have been saved if she had sought medical treatment?

I actually got scared when I heard about her death and what happened to her because I am a survivor of Epidural hematoma and it's scary to know someone died from something I had. Growing up I should have researched about it but I didnt. I was 3 years old when it happened, I looked completely fine but my mom said I complained of not feeling well and I lasted 2-3 hours before I passed out. I live about 7 to 10 minutes away from the hospital and my mom told me that the doctor said if I lived farther away, I would have died. I'm saying my mom told me because I dont remember any of it and after it all happened I had to learn how to go to the bathroom again, it took me 2 years to learn again. So...with that I think the doctors would have been able to if she had gotten there in time because I passed out and my mom said I wouldnt wake up and then thats when she called 911 and HEY! im still walking and talking. I have a dent in my head and a 13 inch long scar that wraps from my hair line around and then to my ear but its all good. Oh and Im 16 now. I think she didnt make it because of how far away she was from a hospital. Im not a specialist or a doctor but I actually lived through it and I know what happen to her is like what happen to me because I read the reports and they match exactly to what happened to me.

Is it true that Natasha Richardson was on drugz and that is why she is brainded now?

she was in a skiing accident in Canada, and they haven't confirmed if she is brain dead

What do you think about the paparazzi concerning Natasha Richardson's death?

Generally speaking I think they're despicable. Lower than low. I wish there was a hell for them to burn in when they die. IMO, TMZ is one of the worst. Those people are just mean and nasty. I know celebs can be buttheads but really they don't need to be so mean about it. And for the record I'm not a hypocrite. I don't watch TMZ or use their site. I don't buy the rags. I don't read them at all. Sure I love my celeb gossip but I really have better things to do than obsess. The kind of news that E! and others like them do is more than enough for me.

Are Camilla and Rebecca Rosso related to Natasha Richardson?

You are definitley NOT the only one! The whole time my sister and I were watching Legally Blondes I was like, "They look just like the mom from the Parent Trap!" I don't know if they are related or not. Sorry. They're all 3 British, correct? Hmm, I wish I could help.

Why is Natasha Richardson also called Natascha McElhone?

Natasha Richardson and Natasha McElhone are two different actresses. The latter was born in the 70's while the former was born in the 60's.

Natasha Richardson :(?

I'm sad..I'm actually teary eyed right now because as I type, they are talking about her on the news. Stuff like that gets to me..I thought she was a great actress.

Duuuuuuude! Like, what famous person would you rather have seen die rather than Natasha Richardson?

that big loud lardass Rush Limbaug after my man Charles Barkley punches him out!

What exactly happened to Natasha Richardson?

...bumped her head during a skiing training class, at her hotel complained of headaches, went to the hospital for observation, slipped into a coma, and died...

Who wants to give condolences to Natasha Richardson & her family?

How incredibly tragic. I am so deeply sorry and saddened by this news. It reinforces how easily a person's life can change in an instant. I had a friend who suffered a brain hemmorage as well and the condition and outcome was much the same. Never do you feel so much helplessness.

How can boxers usually survive massive force to their heads, but Natasha RIchardson dies from a fall?

It is not a matter of the force, so much as it is about what was affected by the force. Boxer getting hit, or anyone falling down 5 feet, it depends on what happens in the head. A slight force in the wrong area, that bursts one of the blood vessels on the outer surface of the brain,(like they showed on the news), can cause the bleeding. OR, since a huge percentage of the world is walking around with aneurysms, and don't even know it, she could have had one, (an aneurysm is a bulging, ballooned part of any blood vessel, vein, artery, whatever), and if just the right force made it burst, this would also cause subdural bleeding. The whole deal is, that until your head hurts, you don't know anything is wrong, and even after it does, if you don't go to the ER right away, your friends and family might not even realize that anything is wrong with you, because you seem lucid to them. Believe me, I have researched this for years, ever since I had a brain aneurysm that burst. If I had not realized that the headache was "weird", and called the ambulance, I would have died. I called my family to meet me at the ER, and that's the last thing I remember for 3 days. However, my sis said that I talked clearly for hours, and I wouldn't even let a nurse take me to the bathroom......and I guess they hadn't done the Cat Scan yet, because they let me walk around by myself, that was how normal I seemed to the world. After the Cat Scan showed the blood pooling in my brain, they transported me to another hospital with better neurosurgeons. From what I gather, it was a miracle that I made it there in time for the surgery. Afterwards, the doctor said I had had a 10 percent chance of living through the surgery,,,,,,,but I did,,,,,,many others never have time for all the moving from hospital to hospital, thank goodness I called the ER right away, and also my bleed must have been slow. Anyway, researching all this jazz for the next year, trying to understand how they fixed my aneurysm with a "coil", a platinum wire, threaded up my leg artery, all the way to my brain, since it wasn't reachable from the skull, (thankfully someone invented this about 12 years ago)---I was amazed to find out that something like 30 percent of the world has aneurysms waiting to burst,,,,,,OK, I can't remember the exact percentage, but I just remembered it was freaky. Basically, I'm just so saddened by Natasha's death. I have followed her grandfather's, mother's, aunt's, sister's,husband's, and her careers, all my life. I feel so sorry for her sons. God Bless them all.