is anyone else having problems with yahoo news nascar news module?

Yes dosen't always return to main home page

What did Fox News say to make NASCAR fans mad?

They made the comment that ...people need inoculations before they go to a NASCAR race...

Has anyone seen anymore news on former NASCAR tracks banding together to start a new racing series?

That would leave out Fontana Darlinton Daytona Homestead Kansas Martinsville Pheonix Talledega Watkins Glen, the France Family controls them. So I guess that would mean Sonoma and Pocono are going to rise up in solidarity knowing full well Bruton Smith is aching to buy a track so he can move a date to Kentucky.

Why doesn't Yahoo NASCAR news work anymore?

Yes maybe it is your computer because I just checked it and it's working.

How can i get hold of a USA magazine (the sporting news, nascar 2007 preview) in the UK?

that is not good ...if you have a friend over here maybe he can send you one///

What has been the biggest global scandal to date that has hit NASCAR news?

Well, I heard somewhere that Danica Patrick used to be named Patrick Danica and is really male.

Do you watch the pre-race show for current NASCAR news and trivia?

Yes...... Why does Colon do anything he does?

Is Jayski a poor source for NASCAR news?

No it isn't a poor source. Rumors are just that. They aren't responsible for starting them. They just report them.

Is there a site where I can read NASCAR news? is the best i think

How to get Nascar news sent to my cell phone?

Have your Uncle call your cell with the Nascar news!