Why is my Facebook randomly inviting people to be my friend if they have the same first name as my mom?

The patriots stitched myra krafts name on their jerseys?

For this year they will have that patch on their uniforms. I think its great that they are paying tribute to her. It reminds me of when Red Auerbach died and the Celtics had a black clover on their jerseys for that year.

what should the title be for my short story?

could be... 1 myra 2 ill miss you 3 my best friend 4 any combination of those three

Which name is better in western country(US UK Aus etc.)? Mia or Myra?

They are both pretty names, but I like Mia better. As for associating it with Missing In Action, or MIA, as long as it isn't spelled with all capital letters, I don't think most people will associate Mia with MIA. Besides, there have been famous actresses named Mia, such as Mia Farrow and Mia Kirshner.

If they work together, how long will it take them to type the essay?

ANSWER: 4 1/2 hours Why?? Willie works together with Myra by keeping her Hot Chocolate mug full while she types. :-) lol

What can help my 8 month old with constipation? He's only had breast milk,juice,and baby food.?

Give him either the glycerine suppositories (baby-size ones, usually 1 gram, so you don't have to cut them in half) or the Fleet Pedialax capsules recommended by Brittany. Both are safer than Miralax, and more suitable for long-term use if need be - and even if the baby fusses over the insertion, remember that either one will make him do a smelly in under 20 minutes.

Why do we seem more forgiving and lienant towards national leaders than other professions in America?

Fifth cousin is hardly any relation at all. And I think the girl in the Lewis case was still a teenager. Either way, it's not against the law, so I don't know why people would have problems with it.

Can a 16 years old take skin supplements?

What song should I use for my Sweet 16 escort dance?

i think if it's for your Sweet 16, it should be a song that touches your heart, or one that never gets old. Because, your Sweet 16 only comes once, and you'd probably hate to make the mistake and have a song, that alright. Make it a song, that's unlike any other song out there. Have a great time!

What should I name my female sugar glider?

Which of these is your favorite name, and what middle name would it fit with?

I'll rate them on a scale of 1-10 (1=hate,10=love). Fletcher ~ 10 (Great last name! It's simple for a story yet not overused like Johnson or Smith which you tend to see in stories quite frequently.) Mia ~ 7 (Not my top pick from your list, but still good choice. Mia Fletcher sounds good.) Zara ~ 8 (That's neat. Very unique. How about the spelling Zarah? Zara Fletcher sounds good.) Zoe ~ 5 (Its ok good name, but it sounds more "little girl" to me. If this charatcer is going to be over 8, I don't think it's the best choice.) Enya ~ 9 (Nice name. Unique-I love it! Enya Fletcher sounds great.) Myra ~ 10 (My favorite choice from your list! Myra is cute and girly and definitely NOT over used. Myra Fletcher sounds amazing. Myra could be used and sound good for a charcter of any age...from a little girl to a grandma.) Very nice names. You can't go wrong. Good luck and happy writing! :o)

who is the youngest Author in Pakistan now?

I think the youngest author in Pakistan is Wasi Shaah. I'm not sure how old he is, though.

What do you think of the name Myra Jade?

i like myra. it's really cute. not so keen on jade though

How to upgrade my cymbals on budget?

Buy cymbals that sound good. There's no rule that says you have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to get the cymbals you like. Also, you should check out the used market. sometimes you can find fantastic deals on awesome sounding used cymbals. have fun discovering you sound!

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

You should probably be interviewing John's parents. Sounds like much more of an interracial relationship to me.

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

Ummmmm There both human --- hence are the same race.......

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

This is not an interracial relationship. Don't EVEN think about considering it an interracial relationship. Try harder to find a REAL interracial relationship.

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

Yes they are in an interracial relationship.

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

There are 4 main races: Hispanic, Asian, Black, and White. John is a mix of races so if he gets into a relationship and if the girl is fully one certain race, then it is considered interracial. ~grimmy~

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

They are not a mixed racial couple. Racially they would both be considered as white. Ethnically, John has a lot of different groups in his heritage. Perhaps they can help you find another couple who is mixed racially and you can proceed from there. If you just want to know more about the effects of coming from mixed ethnic backgrounds, talk to John. He has enough in there to really be able to talk for a long time. Race is different from ethnicity.

How to Get Ready for Middle School Cheerleading Tryouts?

You'll do fine! :) Tips: -Keep stretching! Cheer focuses a lot on core strength. Try sitting on the ground in a straddle/your splits if you have them and lifting one leg at a time and holding it or moving it in a circular motion while keeping your back and waist straight, using no hands. -If you don't have your splits/toe touch, go up against the wall with your legs up and spread them open as far as you can, then have someone hold them like that and move them further down every ten seconds -Practice your approach for jumps. Counting helps. Remember, after your jump, land with your knees bent, arms straight, and flip yo hair gurrl! Haha(: -Do push ups and planks! You'll thank me in the end! -Do you have your handstand down? Practice it! Keep your legs straight and hold it, and try to land back down in a lunge. -Point your toes! This is super important. -Feet together! Alwayyys! -Smile :) -BE SHARP. I cannot stress this enough. You need to have attitude lmao, and be confident! Don't be nervous, tryouts are far away! Good luck

What would be good rug to go in this room?

Frontgate and Grandinroad offer indoor/outdoor rugs that look and feel like quality rugs but are easy to care for as they are able to be hosed down. They come in both traditional and contemporary looks and are great for high traffic areas and kids and pets. I have several of them inside my home and no one knows they aren't a higher quality rug. The Pottery Barn shot tells me you are looking at something more comtemporary so something with some great color choices to perk up the room would be great. These rugs are really inexpensive and great look so check them out. They come in all sizes and shapes. Grandinroad is slightly less expensive than Frontgate but look at both.

Should I go to the store and buy a color to cover my terrible highlights?

You should go back to the salon here you had the high lights done in the first place. Ask to speak to the salon manager or a color technician and explain what happened. You paid for a service and you should receive what you paid for. Please do not buy a boxed color and try to fix this yourself. Because your hair is bleached out and probably somewhat damaged, you could end up with disastrous results.

Which actor or actress is really rude in public?

ive met aston kutcher he is a JERK! ive met jamie lee curtis she is so sweet and johnny depp he is gorgeous and he was soo nice he let me interupt his lunch to take a picture with him <33

Where can I get an age appropriate Lady Gaga costumes for a 13year old?

Most Lady GaGa costumes are slightly 'risky' and low cut so not right for a 13yr old however this site has a Zebra one that looks ok, http://www.ladygagafancydress.org.uk/ its not low cut or open at the sides like most of her mad creations. Other ideas are you could jst get a black sparkly dress and add a big belt to it and a long blonde wig?

What are your favorite names of all time?

Scarlett Rose and David Alexander..

Can famous people affect the naming of your child?

I'm going to star you on this question as I totally get where your coming from if theirs a bad Association with a name like say Myra i guess it would be unfair on the kid to grow up with everyone saying ehh like Myra Hindley the child killer but i think they child wouldn't personally get the association until they are about 12 anyway. Personally i think the parents might get feed up with everyone Referring to that particular person when they hear the child's name. I like the boys name Jenson but people always say ohh like Jenson Button the F1 driver but that isn't a bad Association I'm sure people who called there kids Jimmy didn't know about the whole Jimmy Savile business i guess sometime you just have to go for it and make your own history about the name :) xx

Why are abortionists not put on the list of child murderers/ serial child killers?

Yeah i agree. they must have no morals at all.

How to get money back on item that manager steals from me?

"Small claims court costs about $80" That's a lie. Your post is an obvious hoax.

How would you spell a named pronounced MEER ah?

Mera, like Lera.

What would you name a female dog combined with Boston sports?

'Patty' for the Patriots 'Cubby' for the Bruins 'Lassie' for the Celtics 'Blaze' for the Blazers (Indoor Lacrosse) 'Boom-Boom' for the Cannons (Outdoor Lacrosse) Papaw

What natural products can I use to clean an electric curling iron?

Just get a damp cloth and wipe it

Do You want a small black female chihuahua Mixed?

maybe im interested. but this isnt the place to advertise.

My guinea pig is scared to go up the ramp in her cage. How do I make her go up the ramp?

Don't try to make her. Is she young? She might be scared about whether she can get down or whether she will fall. If she doesn't want to do it, don't try to make her. Maybe the ramp is too steep or it is slippery. If she doesn't want to go up, it will be for a reason. Just make sure she has everything she needs where she can reach it. Good name for a piggy, very unusual.

Does anyone have the lines to these poems?

You are very young are you not? It appears that the author Myra C. Livingston writes poems and books for young people. And they are used in school, this is why you are having difficultly in coming up with any written poems on the net, she is not tha twell know outside of school teaching. I looked now for 30 minutes in all fashion I could and I am sorry I cannot find one of her poems in Sea Song published for review. I wished you had brought home your work. And above all, I hope you find a resolve to this situation. Good luck sweetie. And good nite, I have work in the morning.

Myra claims that a Nebraska state statute infringes on her "procedural due process" rights. This claim focuses?

a. Procedural due process protects citizens from the government taking life, liberty, or property without due process of law. And this includes notice and opportunity to be heard. The type of notice and hearing are decided by the Mathews balancing test:(1) the importance of the interest at stake; (2) the risk of an erroneous deprivation of the interest because of the procedures used, and the probable value of additional procedural safeguards; and (3) the government's interest. Content of a statute would be "Substantive Due Process." Similarity of similarly situated people would matter for an "Equal Protection claim." And steps to be taken to protect Myra's privacy would also be a substantive due process matter because "the right to privacy" from unreasonable government intrusions, is a fundamental right.

Is it worth to visit this place during the holiday season?

I'd go for Sweden or Norway.

Would my friends relationship be consider interracial?

youve been working on this "report" for weeks now. latino/hispanic is not a race. cuban and mexican are still nationalities. russian, italian, greek,and spanish are still white so john is still white unless you are leaving something out when you call him cuban. if myra is still "brown" then she is still mestizo. thats why they are still an interracial couple.

How do feminists keep getting away with calling women in our past slaves and second class citizens?

Because we live in a very patriarchal society. Studies have been shown that males out-earn females who hold the same education and experience. Also in a lot of households the male is considered the "bread-winner" and the wife is either the "trophy" or "homemaker". From a historical standpoint, the bible reiterates or commands this hierarchy. And historically women were viewed as property and lower class citizens. While society now is not so harsh the stigma is still there. I encourage you to educate yourself on some of these issues not just the laws that are on the books for them but more of the studies conducted independently and then peer reviewed. The same studies have been done on ethnicity. Just because a law is on the books, doesn't mean that there wont be prejudice. That's an integrity issue not a legal one.

what is the biography of myra muriel go?

I'm sure she is but not a very known one because there's not much about her on the net. What you should do is get her book at the library and they will have information about the author in there.

What can I expect when I become a father for the first time?

First of all, i can just tell your going to be a great dad! Your child is going to be lucky for having such great parents like you guys! And having a kid is a big change! Trust me, but im the end everything is worth it! When you see them smile it brings such joy to your heart, knowing no matter what they are yours, and you have someone else you can share your heart with. You will do everything you can to protect them, and make them happy, they are your whole world! Also, its is so ok to be nervous, every gets nervous especially with there first kid! It is scary at first, especially when they are little. Having to get in the middle of the night, making sure they are safe and are allways is the best place, but when you get older and look at you girlfriend and relise what a good job you did, its like no other feeling! All the hard work becomes worth it! Anyways congratulations and i wish you guys the very best!

Is it safe to take Dietary Supplement if your planning to get Pregnant?

Not exactly. If you are planning to get pregnant, you NEED to take prenatal vitamins. Those prenatal vitamins will have all of the vitamin E you need. So quit taking the Myra-E and get the prenatal vitamins, which are specifically made for women trying to get pregnant.

Should Myra Hindley have ever confessed to her crimes as she did?

Yes she should have confessed because she was a cold stone ruthless child murderer. She admitted that her parole pleas were a pack of lies. She died in 2002 at the age of sixty, in prison, and rightfully so. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myra_Hindley#Hindley

what is good to take Myra 400 IU or Myra 300 IU?

Your best and safest bet is to ask your doctor as there are a lot of factors that are involved in dosage levels for any given purpose. I found a listing on Drugs.com that says Myra is a Vitamin E product in the Phillipines (alpha tocopherol) so it may help to ask him that way if he's not familiar with it (not sure where you are)... 3-400 IU is not an unusual dose, but it again depends on what your body needs and how much you already have in your diet as to which is better for you. Good luck and I hope I helped!

myra walks at the rate of1/16 per minute. How long in hours would it take her to walk in 3 miles?

60* 16=960 960 minutes for one hour 960*3=2880 2880 minutes for 3 miles 2880/60=48 48 hours for 3 miles

cases similar to that of the painter, Marcus Harvey and his image of Myra Hindley?

"Piss Christ" a 1987 photograph by photographer Andres Serrano. "The piece caused a scandal when it was exhibited in 1989, with detractors, including United States Senators Al D'Amato and Jesse Helms, outraged that Serrano received $15,000 for the work, part of it from the taxpayer-funded National Endowment for the Arts. Supporters argued the Piss Christ is an issue of artistic freedom and freedom of speech. Others alleged that the government funding of Piss Christ violated separation of church and state." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piss_Christ http://www.artsandopinion.com/2004_v3_n3/pisschrist.htm Edouard Manet's Olympia 1865. "When Edouard Manet's painting Olympia is hung in the Salon of Paris in 1865, it is met with jeers, laughter, criticism, and disdain. It is attacked by the public, the critics, the newspapers. Guards have to be stationed next to it to protect it, until it is moved to a spot high above a doorway, out of reach." http://pbs.org/wgbh/.../flashpoints/visualarts/olympia_a.html http://www.unc.edu/~sfox/olympia.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympia_(Manet)

Are Airwalk Myra tall boots will be okay for Canadian weather?

Canada is a HUGE country - only Russia is bigger. So, the weather varies a great deal depending on where you are. Where I am (Yukon Territory), they might be okay for Fall and Spring, but totally useless in winter. In Vancouver, they would be too warm, and not waterproof. Also, it depends on when you will wear them. For a few minutes going from a house to a car, or then to a shop - probably. Standing for an hour at a Winnipeg bus stop - not a chance. Short answer: they would be okay for parts of Canada, for only short times out of doors. For true winter, or extended periods, no.