Will 3D glasses from My Bloody Valentine work with the 3D superbowl commercial?

No. They are based on fundamentally different methods of producing 3D. "My Bloody Valentine 3D" uses Real-D technology, which is based on polarization. The Superbowl and Chuck glasses use Intel's Intru 3D technology which is based on color filters.

Is the movie My Bloody Valentine going to come on out in 2D?

how cares, it's reallllly stupid!

Does the 3D glasses from "my bloody valentine 3d" work if you download the movie?

What is up with that post from has. Anyway no you can not use polarized glasses from the theater to use with your television. In a 3d movie there are double images of everything with one image for the right eye and one for the left. In polarized 3d for theaters they use a special projector so the one image has one polarized light wave and the other image a different one. The lenses then block the one light wave so it can't get to your eye but the other one can. Now televisions were not made so all the pixels can put out 2 different light waves. They just put out one. I don't even know if they can make tv's put out double light waves because I have only seen shutter glasses used for them that looks just like polarized 3d. 3d dvd's use red and blue glasses because that 3d uses color to block and unblock images, so you just need a color tv.

Where can i see My Bloody Valentine in 3D around phoenix, arizona?


Did anyone like the trailers for Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine?

I didn't know they were making another My Bloody Valentine. That was a great flick and apparently no I haven't seen the trailer. I hope it's good. Saw V sucked? Aw man, we were going to see it tomorrow.

Are you going to see My Bloody Valentine 3D?

ABSOLUTELY :-D I got my presale yesterday for Friday night/Saturday Morning at 12:10AM....I'm excited!

Where can i download My Bloody valentine 2009 movie in good clarity? Many said the movie is good?

My Bloody valentine http://www.freemoviedownloadz.com

How do you get my bloody valentine 3D into 2D?

I bought it on blu ray, and was given the option to select 2d or 3d. did not have to open any special menus or anything it was just there.maybe try it one more time, and then just return it for a new copy, as it may be defective. EDIT 5/26 I just put my disc back in, and if it helps you, here goes when you get the part where you have 4 boxes at the bottom of your screen from left to right play movie,setup,scene selection,and special features, hit enter on play movie, you should instantly have a screen that says play 2d or 3d. unless the dvd is different than bluray (which I am using) this should work for you.

How to get into My Bloody Valentine, me and my friend aren't 17?

While people are exiting the theaters, I'm sure more than half of them will be throwing away the glasses, so either ask one of them nicely for a pair or check for them in the trash (Obviously don't go digging through the trash, but some people miss the trash when throwing the 3D glasses away, so they may be littered across the floor). Then buy the tickets for another movie and sneak into the 3D horror film. Or ask someone older to buy it for you. An adult preferably, but I know as a 15 year old it's a bit nerve-racking to go up to strangers to ask for something like that, so look for college students. They know what it's like in your shoes, there were doing it not too long ago! In my city, out of the three theaters I normally head to, I know one of them is much more lenient than the others, to the point where they've never asked for ID and they don't care if you sneak into other movies, so I'm sure there's at least one theater like that in your area, go there :) Good luck.

What type of 3D glasses do I need for My Bloody Valentine?

go to blockbuster and ask them for a pair