What is a good song to sing for an audition for The Music Man?

This is a pretty good list that I found, master one of these and you're certain to get the role you want. http://blog.musicnotes.com/2010/01/15/40-songs-for-stage-auditions/

Need some good man-hating music and maybe conversation pointers?

I like to listen to Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood, or if you're into the angry metal, Black Heart by Slipknot.

Whatever happened to the wagon wheels and music man kraft dinner?

Aww yah sad! I miss those!

whats the music video? Man in green leotard rapping with computer images overlayed on the suit?

Elephantman?..I think it may be someone else,but I can't think of it. O_e

I am auditioning for the music man and I need an audition piece.?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j02k9t4rP50 Do your own rendition of "Puttin' on the Ritz". :D Make it faster? Sing different lyrics? Don't do tap dancing obviously... orrrr.... Do any piece from the movie "Singing in the Rain" :D!

Dance preparation for Zaneeta in the Music Man?

That would greatly depend on the director and how much dance and what type of dance he/she wants to use. I performed in the Music Man several years ago and most of the dancing I did was a variant of dances that were popular at different times in history (charelston, waltz, etc.) Unless we're talking a professional company, I don't think you need to worry to much as long as you can move and learn quickly. Maybe try a class that teaches multiple types of dance? I think the main key to Zaneeta is the annoying laugh.

Why is it whenever i open mozilla firefox PAC MAN music starts?

That is really annoying. I tried the cool preview thing too, but it didn't work. IE for me, at least until Mozilla fixes the pacman feature.

Zanneta or Gracie Shinn for the Music Man?

If you are a teenager and tall, Zaneeta would be the obvious choice, but you shouldn't limit yourself at the audition. Have two songs prepared, and when you go to the audition ask the director what they would like to hear. Zaneeta is probably a larger role as well. When you are auditioning for a musical, it is best that you sing a song in the style of the show, from another musical that is similar. The show is "standard-legit" like Rodgers and Hammerstein. I suggest something the von Trapp children sing in "The Sound of Music"--or perhaps even "I Have Confidence" from the film! Break a leg!

Who could I try out to be in the Music Man?

If you are a sing (soprano) you could try for the part of Marian (the leading lady of the show). Marian is a widow who was left all the books in the library, she is a librarian, and a piano teacher. If you dance and do not sing you should try for the Mayor's oldest daughter Zaneeta. She likes Tommy the trouble-maker and her father does not aprove. Gracie Shinn is the Mayors younger daughter, but she is not in very much. Amaryllis is a young girl who takes lessons from Marian. She sings a little bit, but not too much and is still a good part. You can also try for a pick-a-little lady. These are the friends of the mayor's wife. They sing, but they sing together and are a rather amusing group. They are older. Lastly you can try for Ethel Toffelmier. She is the piano player and the girlfriend of Marcellus. She is an older part and a small part. Here are some songs... Feed the Birds - Mary Poppins I'll Know - Guys and Dolls Hello Young Lovers - The King and I I Have Dreamed- The King and I Much More - The Fantasticks Belle (reprise) - Beauty and the Beast I Got Sun in the Morning - Anne Get Your Gun Reflection - Mulan Hope this helps and good luck!

What to sing for my Music Man audition?

The beauty would be nice, but here are some more options: On my own - les mis Adealide's lament - guys and dolls Better - little woman Honey honey - mamma MIA I'm a brass band - sweet charity Please post what you picked and good luck!

What is the song Amaryllis plays before the piano lesson song in the music man?

Phew, this was a hard one to find! It's one of my favorite musicals but I never knew what that piece was called, I know the one you mean, kind of a sing-song sound to it. Here's the answer! http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_song_that_amaryllis_is_playing_in_the_music_lesson_ion_The_Music_Man&src=ansTT

who are the main girl leads in the musical "the music man"?

Marian Paroo, Librarian - sings 'The Piano Lesson' whom professor Harold Hill falls for Mrs. Paroo, Marian's Irish mother Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn — the mayor's wife Amaryllis — Marian's young piano student Pickalittle Ladies — Eulalie's four friends, Alma Hix, Mrs. Squires, Ethel Toffelmier and Maud Dunlop Zaneeta Shinn — the mayor's oldest daughter; secretly seeing Tommy Gracie Shinn — the mayor's youngest daughter I think that's it and I hope that helps. :)

What role's in The Music Man are good for me?

If it's a community theater show and not a youth show, where all the roles are cast age appropriately, then your best bet is Zaneeta the Mayor's daughter, or Amneris. Unfortunately, you may be a tiny bit too old for Amneris and a bit too young for Zaneeta. Also, both of those roles are a bit high, but you should be able to sing them. If it is a youth production where all the roles are going to teens, then try for the Mayor's wife or Mrs Peroo. Those are the best alto roles. Also, even being in the chorus in the Music Man is super fun. There are some excellent dancing songs, which are really fun.

What do the River City Kids do in The Music Man?

They appear in the scenes with townspeople and they sing. "River City Kids" is an expression your theatre group came up with to designate the kids in the chorus. It will probably read that way in the program, but there are no parts listed that way in the script.

What guitar is this, Luke Music Man Earnie ball.?

It's Steve Lukather's signature model, which is made by Music Man. You answered your own question IN the question title.

What does the conductor in the Music Man?

you are the train conductor! and you do have some crucial lines. sing yes---dance maybe,.... A great way to learn about your part would be to rent the dvd,... and yes it is traditionally a male role but you are doing a school production so your director probably felt you were the best actor for that part. In opera that is referred to as a "pants" role---when a female actor plays a male part.

Double locking floyd rose tremolo ok on Olp ernie ball music man?

If your guitar is already set up for a locking "licensed" Floyd Tremolo, then you should be able to put any other Floyd licensed or Original Floyd rose bridge in that spot. Floyd Rose (original) and Schaller make excellent tremolo systems. You can find either one at most guitar stores, guitar sites, or luthier site. I included one below (parts place) but you can also get them at guitar center, sam ash, allparts, warmoth, Ebay, etc.

Hairspray and the music man audition question?

For Hairspray: Be Confident! Even if you are 14, you could get the part! Sing something similar to Corny's song "Hairspray". Maybe "All I Care About is Love" or "Razzle Dazzle" both from Chicago. For The Music Man: DO NOT SING FROM THE SHOW. That is the number one rule when auditioning for a musical. Sing something upbeat and catchy. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins or "Guys and Dolls" from Guys and Dolls". Just remember to be confident in your auditions!!!

Ernie Ball John Petrucci music man thicker string gauge set up help?

I'm not sure about the bridge type on that one ( i should look at that G3 video i have, LOL!). Anytime you change string gauges you should re-intonate. If your pickups are up too high , they might be pulling the strings closer to frets to make them buzz when played , but they'd have to be real high to do that. I think i'd raise the overall action just a hair to give you more room and maybe take some buzz out. When you say "Top" of the neck - do you mean at the body , or at the headstock? Either way , there's a possibility of a neck / truss rod issue, meaning you may need a truss rod adjustment - If you are new to that, you should have someone else do it. Maybe a local shop can do a quick setup for cheap anyway , check that option out.

Tips on auditioning for Marion in the Music Man?

First, just so you know, the character is Marian - not Marion. The role requires a strong soprano (she sings to a high G) with strong acting skills. Vocally, her style is legit Broadway, with no pop or rock edge, so you'll want to be as straightforward as possible with the music when you audition. Avoid riffing or ornamenting when you sing. Marian is a smart, determined woman in an era when smart, determined women weren't necessarily admired, but she is also a romantic who dreams of meeting a good and kind man. Your statement that you want to "channel her but still be myself" is a little worrying. A good actress always wants to disappear inside her character - not stand outside of it. The best way to land the part is to show the director that you understand what makes Marian tick, and you'll be able to show that if you can leave yourself outside the door and walk into the audition room as Marian. Good luck.

I have a question for people who have been in the production The Music Man?

Do you dance well? You could audition for Zaneeta. It's a cute role and dances quite a bit but no solos. The mayor's wife (Eulalie) also has no solos but her or any of the pick-a-little ladies are fun. Not necessarily large roles but definitely bigger than ensemble. If you are young and on the small side, there's Amaryllis. She would likely sing one small harmony line in Goodnight My Someone with Marian but that's it as far as solos. It's another cameo role as are the others but it's cuter as well. Not as much dancing as Zaneeta but that always depends on the director so you never know. It's good that you want to know more about the character's in the show you are auditioning for. I hope you take the time to read the script, watch a film version or two and really get to know the music as well. And btw, I noticed your avatar name is "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" in case it's a consideration, please don't sing that song. Most directors don't want to hear it! I beg you to watch the movie "Camp" for the cameo appearance of a cartoon drawing of what many director's think of the song as an audition piece :-) http://www.musicaltheatreaudition.com/shows/musicman.html http://stageagent.com/Shows/View/712 good luck, Marianne

What song should I sing for my audition for "The Music Man"? It needs to be in the style of the show.?

These are great MALE SOLOS for Auditions A FELLOW NEEDS A GIRL.. Allegro A MAN OF HIGH DEGREE... Strike up the Band AFTER SHOCKS... Next to Normal AIN'T LIFE FINE.. Adventures of Tom Sawyer ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE... Seusical the Musical ALWAYS A WOMAN... 9 to 5 ANATIEVKA.. Fiddler on the Roof ANOTHER CURTAIN GOES UP.. Fame becomes Me ANTHEM... Chess in Concert APPLAUSE... Applause ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS.. Tenderloin BE MY BRIDE.. Celebration BEING ALIVE... Company BRING HIM HOME.. Les Miserables\ BLUE MOON.. Words and Music BOB'S SONG... Shine CALIFORNIA SUN.. Enron CAMELOT... Camelot CAN'T TAKE MY EYES IFF YOU.. Jersey Boys CHARLIE MY BOY... Big Deal CLAP YO' HANDS... Oh Kay CONSIDER YOURSELF.. Oliver DENTIST (THE)... Little Shop of Horrors DIXIE'S LAND... Little house on the prairie musical DOCTOR JAZZ.. Jelly's Last Stand DON'T WALK AWAY... Xanadu DOWN TO THE WATER SIDE.. Kristina EASE ON DOWN THE ROAD... The Wiz ELECTRICITY... Billy Elliot EVERYTHING SCATTER... Race FALLIN'.... They're playing our song FREEDOM .... Shenandoah FIFTY MILLION FRENCHMEN..You don't know Paree FEELING GOOD.. The Roar of the Greasepaint FOR NOW.. Avenue Q FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE.. Aida FREAK... Taboo GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY.. George M GOD, THAT'S GOOD.. Sweeney Todd GOLDEN RAINBOW.. Golden Rainbow GOOD BYE OLD GIRL.. Damn Yankees GOOD OLD RELIABLE JAKE.. Evil Dead GOV'MENT... Big River I BELIEVE.. The Book of Mormon I CAN'T RECALL... Tale of tow Cities I COULD WRITE A BOOK... Pal Joey I MISS THE MUSIC... Curtains I MUST GET ON THAT SHIP.. Titanic I WANT TO GO HOME... Big I WON'T SEND ROSES.. Mack and Mabe; IF I KNEW... The Unsinkable Molly Brown I'LL SHOW YOU GUYS.. The Cradle will Rock INTO THE FIRE... Scarlette Pimpernel IT DON'T MEAN A THING... Swing IT JUST AIN'T ME.. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer IT TAKES TWO... Hairspray I'VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING.. Come Fly Away I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER... Little Me JUST TRUE... Yank KNOW YOUR ENEMY.. American Idiot LET IT SING... Violet LET'S GO FLY A KITE... Mary Popping LITTLE JAZZ BAND... Lady be Good LIVE, IN LIVING COLOR... Catch me if you can LOST.. Honk LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING... Aspects of Love LUCKIEST MAN IN THE WORLD.. Pardon my English LUCKY TO BE ME.. On the Town MACK THE KNIFE.. The three penny opera MARATHON Jacque Brel is alive and well MARRE ME A LITTLE... Putting it Togetehr MARTA.. Kiss of the Spider Woman MIDNIGHT RADIO.. Hedwich and the angry Inch MINE ALONE.. Acorn Antiques MOVIN' OUT... Movin' Out' MY FAVORITE VALENTINE... Babes in Arms NEST TIME... Closer than Ever NO STRINGS... No Strings NOSE SONG... Cyrano ON THE CORNER OF RUE CAMBON... Coco ONCE IN LOVE WITH AMY.. Where's Charlie ONCE UPON A TIME.. All American ONE SONG GLORY.. Rent PARIS BY NIGHT... Victor Victoria PART OF IT ALL... Title of Show PINBALL WIZARD... Pinball Wizard PUT ON YOUR SUNDAY CLOTHERS.. Hello Dolly QUASIMODO.. When Pigs Fly RAZZLE DAZZLE.. Chicago REQUIEM/WHAT A CIRCUS... Evita SCRAP... The Full Monty SCRATCH MY ITCH.. Memphis SHOES UNDER THE TABLE.. Blood Brothers SILLY LOVE SONG... Moulin Rouge SIXTEEN TONS... Forever Plaid SMOKE GET'S IN YOUR EYES... Robertta SOME GIRLS... Once upon this Island SOME GIRLS CAN BAKE A PIE.. Of thee I Sing SPOOKY MORMON HALL DREAM... Book of Mormon SPANISH HARLEM.. Smokey Joe's Cafe SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER.. Ther Producers STAN' UP AND FIGHT.. Carmen Jones STEPPIN' OUT WITH MY BABY.. Easter Parade STRIKE UP THE BAND... My One and Only SWEET TRANSVESTITE.. Rocky Horror Picture Show TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE.. Cabin in the Sky THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS.. Gigi THE BRAIN.. The Young Frankenstein THE CALLING... Altar Boyz THE COLORS OF MY LIFE.. Barnum THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.. Man of La Mancha THE MOON AND ME.. The Addams Family MUsical THE OLD RED HILLS OF HOME... Parade THE SONG THAT GOES LIKE THIS. Spamalot THE YANKEE DOODLE BOY... Yankee Doodle Dandy THIRTEEN/BECOMING A MAN 13 the Musical THIS IS THE MOMENT.. Jekyll and Hyde T-R-O-U-B-L-E... Urban cowboy WHY GOD WHY... Miss Saigon YOU COULD DRIVE A PERSON CRAZY.. Pippin YOUR FEETS TOO BIG.. Ain't Misbehavin WARN ME WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS.. Green Day WELCOME HOME... Fanny WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I?.. Stop the world

What does Gracie Shinn do in The Music Man?

It's a rather small part. She's the mayor's youngest daughter. You sing in all of the group songs, like Shipoopi,or Iowa Stubborn. Basically, all you do is rat your older sister out for dating tommy Djilas. Break a leg! I'm playing Maud Dunlop, one of the pick a little ladies, in my performance.

Is Mayor Shinn in the Music Man a big part?

There are no small parts, only small actors. Mayor Shinn is a large part. With your demonstrated egotism, you would be perfect for the role.

Where can I get a full "karaoke cd" of "The Music Man" to use in a performance?

Try amazon. iTunes sometimes also have orchestral arrangements that you can download.

What do you think about the Music Man?

I like Music Man, my kids have done it a couple of times. I highly doubt anyone thinks Iowans are really like that. The play is so old fashioned... I think it's all in good fun. I don't think anyone walks out of the show thinking that Iowans or anyone else for that matter are like that. I hope you're having a great time doing the show! Yee Gods!

Whats a good song for a soprano to sing for an audition of "The Music Man"?

I don't agree with your old acting teacher. If I were you I would sing "Goodnight, My Someone." If you choose not to sing from The Music Man, I would recommend trying "Bali Ha'i" from South Pacific. Good luck to you.

What should i go for in the music man?

In The Music Man there are not alot of vocal solos for women other than Marian. I think that a good role for you would probubly be Eulalie McKechnie Shinn, the mayor's wife she is an older woman with I believe two kids and reminds me a bit of a peacock, she does have a few solos and a good amount of speaking compared to the other womens roles. If her role doesn't suit you than I am sure you would do fine as one of the pick-a-little talk-a-little women.

Is there a way to get the Music Man script for free?

Sure... you can do it the same way I had to do for years.. I would watch the show or listen to the audio tape and take the monologues down with SHORT HAND. It would still work today, especially with the advent of DVD's and CD's.. but IT TAKES EFFORT ON YOUR PART.

What would you say the form is for Meredith Willson's song "Till There Was You" from the Music Man?

AABAB'A'. It starts with a short intro, then it has a verse, verse, bridge, verse, instrumental bridge, last verse with both characters singing, and a short coda at the end. Edit: Just to be clear, this is a form analysis of the version in the original cast recording from 1958.

Whats a good Audition Song for Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn from Music Man?

Go for Nina Gordon - Tonight and the rest of my life. - JJ

are emg passive j bass pickups good for a music man type sound?

Coldplay uses those so yes

What is the name of the song in the train scene of the movie "The Music Man'?

I've heard it referred to as "Rock Island" but I'm not sure if that's an official name. here's the youtube link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ9U4Cbb4wg

What is a good audition song for the play The Music Man?

Well music man is set in 1912 so I don't know if modern is what you should be looking for. You always want to audition with a song similar to the show you are auditioning for. Here are some musical songs that are similar to the style of the show. If I Were a Bell (Guys and Dolls) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P32pSaKsetY Many a New Day (Oklahoma!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHtLvFbWqoQ Out of My Dreams (Oklahoma!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGyQssxVMbQ I Got Lost in His Arms (Annie Get Your Gun) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmDwsejE_7I Break a leg!

I need a good audition song for The Music Man?

In my auditions, I've sung songs from the musical I was auditioning for and just about every other kind of song. For Harold Hill, I would pick a song with a little comedy in it but one that also highlights your voice.

Does anyone have any advice for playing Mrs. Paroo in The Music Man?

Mandy, the archetype of the Irish born mother is a kind, but tough-strong woman with a cagey sense of humor (usually very subtle sarcasm). I know several of these type of women in the real world who fit the description. Maybe someone in the cast can introduce you to a middle aged Irish Mom. Mrs. Paroo is a super secondary character from The Music Man (a show I've done a few times anyway). I don't think her accent is as important as her presence. She has a way of holding back...in the center of the stage. Do you understand? The emotions she conveys at different points are rich and important to the story. Her lines should be delivered so that she is heard and completely understood (I've heard actresses flub up lines for the sake of the brogue...) I love the way she flirts with the Professor and her forceful advice to Marion about finding a man. Hope this helps. Break a leg!

In the play, Music Man, what are characteristics of Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn?

I googled the character cause it's been a while since I've done anything with the music man, and this question was actually asked on yahoo answers a few years ago. Here's the link, and the answers about it: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071124090626AAlwfKw

What is a good audition song for the Music Man?

Hi Nicky its me Loren ur sister lol :)

How much of The Music Man was filmed in Iowa?

"Filming locations for The Music Man (1962) More at IMDbPro » Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA Filming locations for The Music Man (2003) (TV) More at IMDbPro » Millbrook, Ontario, Canada Milton, Ontario, Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada" Apparently, none

What gauge of string for electric guitar silo 30 by music man is needed?

Just use whatever feels comfortable - not everyone likes the same gauge strings.

What should I do to prepare for the role of Zaneeta in the Music Man?

I'd watch and version of the movie or the play that you can get your hands on. Just try to put yourself in a good mind frame for the auditon so you can show the directors all of your potential and talent. Good luck! :D

What is a good audition song from the music man?

Madam librarian would be a good one, but it is hard because it has really low notes. Another good one would be Seventy Six Trombones. there is a long part at the beginning that Harold sings.

What is the first song in the Music Man that the quartet sings?

Ice Cream - then Sincere. "How can there be any sin in sincere?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbBITrZa6Ok http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Music_Man

Where can I find an old fashioned costume for The Music Man?

Go to google, search "costume shop" and "name of your city/town". Then click the link that says, "Local results for costume shop near *name of your city, state*". This will bring up an interactive map and listing of costume shops on the left. If you want costume shops specifically in relation to how close they are to your house, type your home address in at the top where it says "your city, state". Good luck. Do you know what you're looking for, dress-wise? We did a production of the Music Man a couple years ago and I have pictures (I too was a pick-a-little lady). If you would like to see those pics, e-mail me.

What Song to Sing for Music Man Audition?

They are both good songs. I would think Goodnight My Someone would better show off your range. But Till There was You is 'sweeter', more lyrical and romantic. I'd say use whichever you think best shows off your particular talent. Good luck! Shirley Jones is a hard act to follow! 8^)

What monologue should i use to audition for The Music Man?

Try the links : Horton's Free Monologues - Actors - Students - Auditionslisten to this monologue FRANK: 30's-50's; seven 1-15 min monologues ... Men: PROPHET: 30's-60's. He comes to liberate the dispossessed American Farmer. ... www.stagepage.info/monologs/_monologs.html - 37k - Cached - Similar pages 60 Seconds to Shine: 101 Original One-minute Monologues at ...There are exciting and engaging monologues here for all types, ages, ... LEONARD (50's to 60's) dramatic, a man talks about realizing his mother has ... www.biggerbooks.com/book/9781575254319 - 71k - Cached - Similar pages

What song should I sing at my audition for The Music Man?

I do love the idea of "Wells Fargo Wagon" another answerer suggested. But it might be tough to pull off without knowing the scene; and not the easiest of tempos. I think, in your case, I'd sing "76 Trombones". I would imagine you know at least the refrain of the song. It's a song you can belt out, power over the high notes. And the best part of doing that piece is that you can MOVE around. And I mean strut, swing your arms, march around, gesticulate. Use eye contact. It might give you an edge. Well, break a leg!

What parts does Marian the Librarian sing in the Music Man?

She's the love interest of the main character! She gets all of the good girl songs! Like, My White Night, 'Til there was You, Goodnight, My Someone, and some more.

what is the difference between the music man and the music man Junior?

Its a little different. I have been in many Junior show before and it just means they take out some scenes and numbers. Also they will add extra parts and ensemble to songs that are sometimes sung by an individual.

Music Man??

"Professor" Harold Hill is a con man whose scam is to convince parents he can teach their musically-disinclined children to play musical instruments. Taking pre-paid orders for instruments and uniforms with the promise he will form a band, he skips town and moves on to the next one before he's exposed. Arriving in fictional 1912 River City, Iowa, Hill finds his modus operandi compromised when he becomes attracted to local librarian, Marian Paroo, who recognizes him for the fraud he is. Nevertheless, she falls in love with the smooth-talking charmer when he draws her self-conscious, lisping brother Winthrop from his shell. When Hill's scheme begins to unravel, he is faced with the choice of escaping yet again or staying with Marian and facing the consequences. He chooses to stay, and is rewarded with unanticipated redemption: uncritical parents marvel and cheer as Hill's newly organized Boy's Band performs.