come come when a todler cyys for you mto stay for them you cant help but fall into it and say.?

It is human nature to be nurturing to a child in need, even if they are just crying to hear themselves vocalize, or attention seek! Teach them to love and they will have a wonderful life, and teach their own children love.

what can i feed my red eared slider beside pet shop food i want hi mto grow big and healthy?

Well, there is a lot you can feed him. Veggies, which shuld be most of the diet include water plants and vegetables. Here is a list that I use: Water plants: Anacharis Water Lily Duckweed Water Hyacinth Hornwort Vegtables: Squash Broad leafy lettuce (romaine) Beans Mustard leaves Turnip leaves Carrots (very good source of vitamins) (there is alot more) proteins can be about 1/4 of your turtles diet. you can give it live food such as: water snails crickets earthworms guppies rosey reds provide him with a cuttlebone to munch on for a calcium supplement. A good website is Read the website and you can ask questions at the forum

What does this sentence in Portugese, mean in English: "Mae ta mto gata nessa foto, ne?"?

I would translate it like that: "Mom, you are very beautiful/pretty in this picture, don't you?" or "Mom, you look very beautiful/pretty in this picture, don't you?".

when you are filling out a drivers theory test what is an MTO(driver number) ?

The serial number on your driving license permit...

can you use playstation network card for konami MTO DLC?

only items listed in the playstation store can be purchased using a psn card anything from another site ( like konami ) needs a credit card

I am going mto go to the bar for about an hour. What is a good drink I can order?

Here are some good ideas you might want to try. Mojito Kamikazi Bay Breeze I hope this helps!

I subscribe to basic cable only, yet sometimes when I am flipping mto the upper channels, how is it I am able?

They put a filter in-line that is supposed to remove them, they don't always work. If you look on your bill in the small print it mentions they occasionally test homes to make sure you only get what you are paying for and correct any extra channels. ( I have Cox and the same thing happens )

Eminence - i have mto display a charicter. What ways can i do this?

What is a charicter? Never heard of it.

Why is it taking so long for my payment to get processed on the mto site?

What levels of my pokemon have to be in order mto beat the elite four?

i beat them with two level 70 pokemon. the other 4 pokemon was for when the other two died.