Any good outdoor clothing sites? Or brands?

how to wash monkey phur?

I wash it in the machine by itself and then air dry it on the line. If you really need to put it in a machine to dryu it put it on the lowest setting for a long time. I`ve had my monkey fleece for a few years now and it isnt matted. a friend of mine has had his for longer and its beginning to look matted, it`ll happen eventually. Doesnt mean it stops working as a fleece though

Is Columbia a good brand for an 18 yr. old girl?

What is a warm lightweight jacket for cold winter? 25-32F?

the north face has really excellent winter jackets that are perfect for everything from light winter use to intense skiing

Trekking gear - cheaper in Taiwan or Japan?

What do you think? you don'y need to be a genius to figure out that it will be much cheaper in Taiwan than Japan (assuming you buy from the unofficial dealers). They will probably be some slight differences if buying from official stores for example

Which is your favorite outdoor recreation clothing brand? POLL?

North Face...always comfy always warm

Would you say that these shoes and this jacket match?

no i wouuldnt do that much blue wiith a darkk browwn .

What brand are fuzzy zip up hoodies? HELLLLP please!?

You could always try E bay, there's everything there........

Where can I get a white snow beanie online like this one?

I recommend It has absolutely everything for a reasonable price. You should check it out

Will someone make me an outfit please?

I did alot of blue. But I don't know why. I hope you like it.

Can I buy snowboard gear for skiing?

There really isnt a lot of difference. I think snowboarding apparel could be used for skiing because in both sports, your basically keeping the snow out of your clothes and prevent yourself from catching a cold. I dont think there is much of a performance difference because snowboarding apparel and skiing apparel are pretty much the same thing.

Any new styles for college students?

Advice on buying a fleece jacket?

The North Face is the best fleece out there. It's also considered trendier than those other brands. It's expensive, but it will def keep you warm. Good luck!!

What ultra light tent 3 season would you chose for backpacking.?

Tents are a very personal choice and some people prefer some features over others. One question I would ask is if you are going alone or will be sharing the tent with somebody. Keep in mind that when manufacturers say '2 person tent' they generally assume that each person is about 5 feet tall and weights 90 pounds. If you are sharing with somebody, than it better be somebody you know really well. :) All of the tents above are respected models from respected manufacturers. One thing to consider if you will be camping on sand, is that the REI Qtr Dome is the only one of the tents above that is completely free-standing - all the others must be staked down to stand up. Free-standing tents are a big plus where the ground is likely to be really loose (sand) or really hard (slickrock). After a few less than ideal experiences with other tents, I always buy free standing ones now. Another thing to consider if you have lots of gear to protect or it will likely be rainy is the size of the vestibule (the area outside the tent that is still covered by the rainfly) - small ones (like on the Flashlight) are next to worthless, especially if there are two of you. I have an REI Half-Dome (a slightly larger version of the Qtr Dome) and it is an excellent tent - well designed, well ventilated and roomy. The Qtr Dome has the same attributes, but with a little less space (and weight). If there will be two of you, I would strongly suggest looking at the Half-Dome otherwise if it is just yourself (and you want the extra space), I would recommend the Qtr Dome. Although it is not on your list, you may also want to consider the Black Diamond HiLight which just got rave reviews in Backpacker Magazines gear guide. It is a freestanding 2 person tent with a large vestibule that weighs in at 3 pounds.

What trad pack would you recommend?

The biggest thing is fit and how you pack it. If the pack is too narrow it can restrict your arm movements, if it is too wide then it will slide around while you move. Also, weight distribution of the items you put in the pack will also have an impact on how it fits. My suggestion, get the stuff you think you would typically put in your pack, head to the local gear store for an afternoon and work with a sales person to help you find a pack that fits you well, is light, and will carry what you want in a way that has the least negative impact on your climbing. People here can toss out a bunch of suggestions and reviews, but in the end it will boil down to individual body shape. I would suggest, however, taking a look at Osprey as well. Their warranty on their packs are amazing. Climb On!

searching for a new light weight tent?

I also have a quictent pop up tent and loved it. Held up to wind and rain very well, but a little on the heavy side. My new tent that i got for this year is the lightheart gear duo. So far i really like it, but i have only had it out 2 nights. Had it out two weeks ago up around Roan Mt TN. and got caught in a hail store where the ground turned white and stayed dry as a bone. It pitches with trekking poles and weights in at 32oz for a two person tent. Can't beat that! Check them out at

What is the Best Soft Shell Jacket on the Market?

Mountain Hardwear Alchemy...It is their flagship Soft Shell... It is made for Climbers...It looks great and will keep you extremly warm...Sometimes too warm...They don't have air vents to release the body heat...But they are bar-none the best out there...

Need a decision on backpacking tents for 2?

Mountain hardware tents run small for size if your looking for a 2 man tent get the next size up. They are pretty good for the price they compare to the Colman with weather protection guarantees but look more like the REI half dome 2 in price and style. The LL bean Microlight Tent, Two-Person. is somewhat of a misnomer, I have never liked their quality and when faced with tough weather situations I am not a risk taker so i would not give that one a try. Back Packer magazine did however and you can read their review here.

I need a light weight or midweight jacket. What kind should i get? it comes in difernt colors

Hardwear or Northface?

northface :)

Where can I get an inexpensive softshell jacket?

you can get it from over here The North Face Men's Nimble Jacket, Sienna Orange Standard fit TNF Apex Aerobic fabric wind permeability rated at 10 CFM Bicep pocket Two hand pockets Elastic bound cuffs Also check out at ebay there are many good reatilers selling this product at good price ***

What kind of light weight jacket should i get?

Rapha Softshell Jacket

What are good ski jacket brands, or recommended ski jackets?

Dont go with a burton cause us skiiers make fun of boarders lol :) go with a northface or if you want to really look like a skiier get a spyder :) Karbon is good too

What is the right temperature to wear a fleece jacket?

id bring a fleece for anything 65 and lower.

Mountain Hardwear Pinole vs. Alps Mountaineering Clearwater Sleeping Bags?

I think Alps may have better reviews. Have you looked at Chinook Brands? They are an "under-ground" name-brand, but they are high in quality. Look at some of these sleeping bags--look for the Denali and Everest-They may be your best bet for what you are looking for especially if you are wanting to use it when the weather gets a bit colder.

Is this jacket mountain hardwear or north face and where can i find it? Like a link please (:?

Which one?

North face or Mountain Hardwear?

North face used to have a really good reputation now a lot of their stuff is made in China just like Kelty, Eureka and Coleman is. Mountain Hardware is now doing the same thing so quality will start to fall I am sure. Mountain hardware tents are more known for their high price then comparable quality. Read the reviews for the products you want to buy and compare prices. Buy from a dealer with a good return policy should the stuff you do decide to buy does not meet your needs.

Which color Mountain Hardwear jacket do you like best?

espresso or cinnaberry

I have see some people with jackets from Mountain Hardwear! I want one but idk what store to go to to get one?

you can order them online, i can't seem to find any retailers on their webpage though

Shell: North Face vs Mountain Hardwear?

Keep in mind this is only my opinion, but Mountain Hardware is crap. I've had no luck with them. I had a zipper problem on one of my North Face pants, sent them to them, and they sent me a new pair. Mountain Hardware told me over the phone that their stitching coming apart was from abuse. Please...

Mountain hardwear coupon?

Go to, and start with a search term "Mountain hardwear coupon". Here is a direct link to the search result: You also can search "north face jacket", the link is i believe you can find some coupons or great deals. wp

Does anyone have the Mountain Hardwear monkey man jacket?

MHMN jacket will mat and clump from the washing machine. I suppose if used a front loading machine it might be okay but if your washer is a regular size top load then don't use it to wash the jacket in. Take it to the laundry mat and use a big machine or better yet take it to the cleaners.

Which color Mountain Hardwear jacket should I get?

get cinnaberry :D

North Face vs Mountain Hardwear?

These are two of the best mountaineering brands there are. The Mtn Hardware is usually a little better in terms of water proof and wind performance and usually lighter - but very expensive. Higher end TNF gear like the ones you are looking at are also very nice and good enough for resort use - I actually prefer the heavier fabrics they use to stand up to snowboarding. Good Luck

Does Tysons Corner in Washington DC have a store that sells Mountain Hardwear clothes?

The above answer is partially correct/incorrect bec TYSONS CORNER MALL <= one of the largest & nicest malls in Metro DC and Northern VA does have a "LL BEAN STORE" <= one with HQs in Maine that is very close to NORDSTROMS. In fact, that particular store is large and on two levels and sells canoes, bikes, tents. Besides REI, there is a sporting goods retail chain with clothing, tents and a lot of outdoor gear throughout the Metro DC area called D I C K' S SPORTING GOODS and in fact in the Fair Lakes area, that particular store has a mountain climbing wall... Hope the Above Info Helps!

Marmot Trestles 15 vs Mountain Hardwear Pinole 20 Sleeping Bags?

You are looking at a couple of cheap bags. Without knowing your tasks, I could not recommend either sleeping bag. If you are a car-camper, I would tell you that either would be acceptable. The Mountain Hardware seems to have advantages in spacious design if you need space inside a sleeping bag. Five and a half pounds is heavy if you are going backpacking and compressibility is a problem with any synthetic bag. Mountain Hardwear is a half-pound lighter and not as warm as the Marmot. Personally, I would never go back to synthetic sleeping bags. I like my two Marmot down bags: Sawtooth 15 and Never Summer 0. Of course, I spend my life in the back country, where my life depends on my sleeping bag, not a car for a quick getaway if my sleeping bag fails me. Test drive a few sleeping bags at a good outdoor gear shop. Pick the bag that suits your task and conforms to your body. Here is another 600 down option at an economical price point: Kelty Light Year Down 0, sale priced $200 at Gear for Adventure.

Mountain Hardwear Drifter 3 or the Sierra Designs Lightning HT 3 tent?

Out of those two, I would go wit the Sierra Designs, but, that is if all persons in the tent are under six foot tall. SD tend to make their tents on the shorter side. What I like about the SD over the MH tent is the vertical walls which will make a huge difference with the usable space and headroom. Don't worry about wind. Either tent needs to be staked down properly and are both able to handle high winds. If you experience very windy conditions, there are guy out points on both tents to gain more stability. Another great, very important feature that the SD tent has over the MH tent is the fly vents. I find this to be a very important feature in a tent, which will help reduce condensation and give you better air flow when you close the whole tent up (the vestibule) in the rain. It's not much of a vent but it's better than having none, and the MD doesn't have this feature (most MH tents don't these days which is a shame). I say SD, but either way you go, buy better stakes. The ones they come with are junk, and will bend with the littlest force. I recommend Kelty Nobendum's or MSR needle stakes. Both are excellent and can take a bounding when needed. Best prices:

Which Mountain Hardwear jacket color looks good?

You are right about the Sapphire color. When you zoom it does look purple. I would personally pick this one, it being my favorite color and all but it's not for me,lol. I think that the black one would be the best choice. It is very versatile and it goes with just about anything. Hope this helps!

Where can I find this Mountain Hardwear?

ummm i dont really know. is this a brand or what?? sorry im just confused. good luck though :)

which mountain hardwear jackets have zip-in capabilities?

I own a couple mountain hardwear jackets, and none of them have this capability. I looked at all the jackets on their site as well and none of them were listed as having this feature. I really doubt that Mountain Hardwear makes any zip-in compatible jackets. That is not really a feature that is common in specialized outdoors/mountaineering brand jackets like Mountain Hardwear's.... The North Face sells jackets that are made for skiing/snowboarding/fashion, etc. and some of them have the zip-in feature. But like I said, that isn't really the market Mountain Hardwear is in, so you are probably out of luck unfortunately.

My mountain hardwear's fur is not "fluffy" anymore. How do i make it soft again?

Call around to dry cleaner or ask your friends if they know a dry cleaner that does fur coats and see if they can help you.

How much will a Mountain Hardwear Monkey Jacket shrink?

It shouldn't shrink at all. Mountain Hardware is good kit. If you want to try it but don't if it's a breathable jacket or if the stretchy bit has elastic instead of just a stretchy type of weave or it'll get ruined, put it into very hot water and then straight into very cold water, preferably with some ice cubes to get it as cold as possible. Then hot water again, then cold. For woolen or fleece stuff it can be fierce. Do the same, squeeze most of the water or gently spin it for a few seconds only and leave it to dry. It's how Army guys shrink their berets so they look neat instead of floppy and big and if you do it with a woolen jumper you can shrink it small enough to fit a child and the weave is so tight it's windproof. It's also a lot thicker of course and very warm. It's how our little girls got their first winter walking sweaters and for high level walks in the Alps walking from hut to hut on the trails.....fabulous, and a paradise for young eyes sitting warm and snug in the freezing early morning Alpine air having breakfast outside the hut and seeing the peaks lit up in pink and orange as the first rays of the Sun caught them in the morning. We were posted to Germany for several years and got to the Alps summer and winter. At home in Hanover it could get to minus fifteen many mornings and we swept the snow from the doorstep before 7am every morning....a legal requirement there. Those shrunken sweaters were really good for them on the walks and for playing out in the snow. To get one really snugly fitted, do the same and put it on wet. It'll shrink to fit you all over. You'll need to wear a thick neckband or wrap a towel round your neck if it's a rollneck pattern so the top doesn't shrink so much it's a devil to get the sweater off again.

Are mountain hardwear monkey jackets a good buy?

I got one for Christmas and love it. My friend bought one when they first came out and it still looks like new. I wear mine out when its really windy and cold because you dont feel a thing. I was worried about stuff getting caught in it and it pilling up but not at all, niether of us have had any problem. It`s definitely worth it. If I were you and was still worried about it i`d buy it at They have a no questions asked return policy and no dead line you can return it after a day or 50 years, doesnt matter. So if you do get something stuck in it or you get it to pill or fall apart just return it for your money back or exchange it. I dont think you`ll have a problem with it. I havent had it matt up yet and I`ve worn it on 5 trips so far and just to go outside in the cold.

A Mountain Hardwear Sprite 1 or the Marmot Eos?

Marmot Eos,.

I am looking to buy an item from Mountain Hardwear and am looking for the best souce?

The best site I've found for Mountain Hardwear gear is definitely They have a huge selection of gear from Mountain Hardwear. Check them out:

How to get Mountain Hardwear WIndstopper Tech jacket to fit?

i just got one too! but what you can do is pull the bottom to tighten it around your waist and other wise i think u just have to deal with it because i don't there there is another way... i like the puffyness!!!

How to fold Mountain Hardwear shell?

Don't fold it......just invert the pocket and stuff the shell into it. You'll be able to compress the shell better by stuffing rather than folding. Also you'll increase the life of the DWR (durable water repellent) finish of the shell by stuffing rather than folding. That's because each time you fold (or stuff for that matter) you crease the material. Do that time and time again along the same lines, such as when you fold it, and you'll wear out the DWR along those creases. Stuffing helps to spread those creases around more uniformally, so the DWR wears evenly. Don't worry when the DWR wears out you can restore it with special wash in and spray on products. Hope this was helpful to you.

Which one is a better sleeping bag: The North Face or Mountain Hardwear?

i love my TNF, but MH also makes quality gear. you've hit the bull's eyes on your comparison, but another thing to consider is the compressed size. generally, when temperature rating and price are constant, smaller compression size is the better buy. (nobody wants to carry an enormous sleeping bag) assuming all things constant, i would go with TNF based on my previous experience with the company.

My mountain hardwear jacket always has hair and lint all over it. how do i keep it clean?

a lint brush

How much does the upgrade for a mountain hardwear 1st dimension sleeping bag increase the temp rating?

They no longer make the upgrades, or at least I can't find them anywhere, except formerly at REI, but they did once and back then the upgrades added "20 -25 degrees" to a three season bag. Here's the archived MH website from 2001: