How do I block a number from calling on my motorola?

u cant stop one number, but u can withdraw it as exdirectoty anonymous call baring function from motorolas, option :- press together fg button. and key send

How can I transfer shortened mp3's to my Motorola Krzr and make them my ringtones? is completely free. It's not one of those $9.99/month type of scams. You just upload the song, edit which parts you want in the ringtone, then it sends to your phone as an MMS message (pix message or multimedia message). Then you download it to your phone and set as your ringtone!

What is the cheapest Motorola cell phone with camera and 2 way talk?


How do you put usb drivers on your computer for motorola phone tools?

Go to Search for accessories, find your phone model and look for software, they usually have the software to dowmnload . Below is the link that shows you what you need. You need the cable to connect you cell with the computer and the drivers. in the link below you'll find the whole package.

How do I get my motorola phone to recognize my new memory card?

The v1100 only recognizes cards up to 2GB. The card you have is too big for your phone. Sorry about that.

what are the major differences between a Motorola droid and blackberry tour?

well, the phones are very different, both hardware and software. I think your better bet is going to verizon store and check them out before making the right decision.

How rugged is the Motorola TLKR T5 walkie talkie two way mobile radio?

A dunk in the drink is a heck of a lot more than a splash. I would count on them on not being waterproof to the degree you want.

If i report my motorola cliq lost, what will my options be as a replacement phone?

My guess is a motorola cliq 2. Similar phones would be the LG Optimus T and the Samsung Gravity Smart. I would go with the Samsung.

How do I find the password for my accidentally locked motorola slvr?

try the last 4 digits of your number.. thats wat its usually set as :)

Can I get a motorola phone with sprint service?

No. As others have said, the PEBL is for GSM networks like T-Mobile. Sprint is expected (per the recent investors report) to get some part of the RZR line (not the RZR--- most likely the SLVR). Eventually Sprint might offer at least one popular Motorola phone, but that's a good ways from now most likely. Has she seen the Katana phones-- in white, pastel pink, black, or blue? Or, the E900's?

what is the cheapest motorola camera phone from att right now?

verizon has a ten $ one my lil brother said.

How can I take picures using the camera on my motorola phone?

dont know

How to unlock a Motorola V3xx from the philippines locked to Globe?

Go to and search there for a solution. If you don't feel like signing up, then google them for the answer. ie: unlock V3xx from the google search box. Good Luck. STs!

How to Root a Motorola Electrify with a MAC?

How do you use bluetooth on a motorola L6? Can you send things off of a motorola L6 to other mobile phones?

1st on the bluetooth.i dont know whare it is in phone.but may b u'll get it in settings. than go to any file that u want to send.options than copy than blutooth........ have fun

How do I change the face plate of a motorola pebl?

I was wondering the same thing because I was thinking about buying new housing for my pebl. I came across this site. Hope it helps:

How much a motorola sidekick slide phone costs in the philippines!?

you should be able to get it from the motorola service store and i believe it consts about $200 (us) but i'm not sure about the price!

I am considering getting the Samsung Impression, any others suggestions, like the Motorola Q?

LG Xenon :)

What is the best bluetooth out there for a Motorola Razar V3m?

Bluetooth is a connection type, such as iR, infrared. I think your asking for a earpiece. That depends on you price range. All the new models are small and comftreble, and the sound is very clear, but the price tags start at $50 and up. If you are on a budged go for an older model. All bluetooth enabled earpieces will work on you Razor V3.

Sim Card work from motorola v195s to motorola razr?

That will work as long as the new phone is an unlocked GSM phone, Hope that helps.

Can I flash a Motorola Droid to Metro PCS with full web browsing and picture messaging?

it is possible but not in the moment. the droid is like a iphone iphone took about 3 months to unlock and another 2 months for the internet to work on tmobile. the droid took 2 months to find a flash to metropcs (which has been found). the code for the internet and mms for flashed metropcs droid has not yet been found or solve. but i know it will be coming up soon

How do i tranfer music from my computer to my Motorola krzr ?

It is software that you can purchase. On the motorola site, look under accessories or just search the links. It is a media kit with a cd and transfer cable. Or the best way to find it is to go to the details of the Krzr on the Motorola site. It will give you links to anything you can buy for your phone. It should be in that list.

How can you make something you recorded on your Motorola Razr to be your ringtone?

YESS YOU CAN!! go to create message, then new mutimedia message, insert, voice recording, follow the instructions, then just send it to a house phone number or something you know it wont send to then go to your outbox, view the message, hit the menu key and select store and it will be in your sounds!!

What's the difference between Motorola L7 and Motorola L7c?

pretty much same phone bud different carrier. I worked for att for about 2 1/2 years and v3 is the razor, but for verizon its the v3c, same thing with L7 and L7C, dont know about V3a but same concept.

How to turn on the keypad lights on a motorola razor?

try hitting the up or down arrow. mine does the same thing too

What is the best bluetooth made by motorola?

you can go to wallmart and get moto 816I bluetooth i guss that's the best or online you can get it from

How can I make my motorola V3x fon video goes smoothly? Is it in a software update?

How do you recieve actual ringtones on a motorola evoke?

your phone coild be blocked. some carriers disable bluetoothing of ringtones so you buy the ringtones form them. Try making the ringtones from an online free website. I like Ventones. its free and trusthworthy. i use it for my $600 Nokia N97. www. VENTONES .com

Whats the difference between the motorola rokr and the motorola rizr?

i have the rizr and i think the rokr is just a bit smaller and has a different layout....

Does the Motorola Droid use data from the Verizon network while connected to a wifi connection?

You only use your MB when you're on the 3G network, so your Wifi connection isn't eating up your megabytes. Really, the 25 MB for a Droid is next to nothing because of all the background data. If your phone jumps off Wifi at all, it will start counting 'em up. If you do have to get off the Wifi and want to avoid the auto-updates from the apps and running widgets, go to settings, accounts & sync settings, and turn off background data. This should help you out. You may also want to turn off auto-sync, which is directly underneath background data's setting.

How to record a personal greeting on a Motorola C118 mobile phone?

Don't know about New Zealand but in USA the phone does not do this, the phone company does. These days your answering machine lives in the phone company basement. Provider will know how to do it.

How to obtain a security key to a Motorola router box?

If you have never set a password, then it is usually "admin" without the quotes. Resetting Motorola router

How to send microsoft word files from a motorola razr?

I dont think thats possible but you try and go ask a radioshack or tmobile or verizon if ur phone is either one of those

How do you put a signature on a Motorola i886?

How do I preserve the battery on my motorola razor?

You can turn the back light off & switch to lowest contrast.Go to settings-->display-->look for the options in there

On my Motorola W156, how do I switch to English from Chinese?

try translatin it buy google translate

How can i get my motorola phone tools to recognise my motorola L2?

You need to update your motorola phone tools. it is aparently an older version. just go into the update and it will download the new files. then it will find the new l2 files

How do I connect Belkin Nwireless router to motorola modem with cable internet?

That depends. If your router can do both wireless and wired connections you just have to activate the Wifi part of the router and connect the adapter to a laptop. If it cannot, you will need a wireless adapter connected to the PC, set to ad-hoc network, and another adapter on each laptop.

How to install games or softwares in motorola L6 mobile phone?

Try going to on your phone's browser. You should be able to download games direct to your phone. The website automatically detects your phone model/type and will send you the correct version for your phone. I hope it works for you!

How to get my computer to recognize motorola krave?

Connect the phone and go to Settings & Tools->Tools->USB Mass Storage. Now the memory card will pop up as a removable drive and you can transfer back and forth

My Motorola Q phone has been locked and i forgot the password . How to unlock it ?

Well, if you forget the password of a Windows Mobile device, the way to remove the password is to do a hard reset. The main drawback of this is that it erases everything and puts the phone back to factory settings. All installed apps and personal data will be gone. If you can stand to lose everything do this: 1. Be sure to have full charge on your battery 2. Hopefully you have backed up all data on your PC. 3. Power off the Motorola Q 4. Power on the Motorola Q while pressing and holding center button and power button. 5. Keep holding until you get a "Master Reset?" screen. 6. Click the left softkey for "Yes" and the phone will wipe and reload the OS from ROM BE SURE NOT TO REMOVE THE BATTERY WHEN YOU DO THIS or you may brick your phone.

What is the website to download motorola phone tools?

How to play music from my motorola milestone x2 to thru my car stereo?

Then you should get a different CD player. theres nothing wrong with the phone

How do i download mp3 ringtones to my motorola v197? you can make your own ringtones for FREE

How can I make my Motorola phone read arabic?

You should download the software , you can do that by going to your Motorola Dealer in your country, and ask him to download for you the recommended Software.. Best Of Luck

How do you unlock a Motorola Phone if you forget password?

You can get the Master reset code from service provider and Reset it from Master Lock.

How do I connect my motorola modem to my linksys router?

connect a phone line from the phone jeck into the modem. connect the ethernet line from the modem to the linksys ethernet port. (The linksys wire lesss router has 5 ports 4 are beside each other other and one is little fit further away it is called internet. connect in this) you will see the internet line in you router turn on. Than if you have a desktop you can connect the blue ethernet wire that you got when you purchase the linksys to one of the 4 ethernt ports in your router and than to the ethernet port on your desktop to set up wireless for laptop, you need more than router. you need an adapter for laptop. you need to install this to your laptop and than you will be able to connect wirelessly for more infor and help you can contact linksys online free chat support. i will provide you with the steps below here is where you can get help from got to Than scroll your mouse to where it says support. when you place your mouse on support it would display two options 1 techincal support 2 custermer support click on techincal support you will be taken to another page. on left had side with blue shade there would be list of ways you can contact linksys click on live chat this will take you to another window where fill out few thing prior to chatting. you would be asked to fill your first and last name, email and phone number, (the reason they ask for phone number is because, if you get disconnected they will call you and help you via phone) than you have to choose which product you want support off. in your case it would be first one. that is wireless routers and gateways after you picked that one you would be asked to provide your model number you can find this number on the back of you router after that you will be asked to provide the version number you can find it beside the model number it would ver. than younumber than simply click on submit request. you might have to wait for some time but at least you would get the proble solved. o also make sure you use a wired computer. that the comuter that is wired to your router if you don't have desktop just connect the blue ethenet wire to the ethernet port in you laptop

How/where can you download old motorola ring tones like Windchimes and Bubbles?

You may be able to find them at you will need to go to it from your cell phones browser. They have a bunch from nokia and motorola.

How to use Motorola Widgets on different phones?

Possibly, if you can find a motorola based rom for the phone you have, if not then no. But there maybe look alikes on the market

motorola ?

1. Yes 2. I think the phone can except songs through bluetooth 3. Yes, can do MMS 4. Here are some reviews: