I had a really strange dream about One Direction?

It doesnt mean anything. You could of been thinking of One Direction right before you fell asleep, causing you to dream about them.

I had a really strange dream about One Direction?

How do you prepare and care for a permanent perm?

here is the guide of how to do so... http://www.ehow.com/how_6624957_prepare-hair-perm.html Good luck!

Writing for fun...What do you think of this so far...?

It's really funny! And good. I liked how you made it about One Direction- LOVE THAT BAND! Keep on writing!

Have you read the Sermon of Bibi Zainab in Yazid's court?

This is really powerful stuff. She was a strong independent woman. She rips through him with such ferocious arguments. Her style and speech is similar that of her father. Anybody who opposes her and her mother, in a court shall die of ignominy.

How to get rid of frizzy hair ?

i want to end this story as if it was all a dream, can anyone help me?

let me give you some advice- please don't end your story with - then he woke up and it was all a dream. endings where the stories are just dreams are extremely cringy! you have a good story and your writing is good so please don't ruin it by adding a bad, cliche ending. however, if you really want to end your story this way then it's your choice hope this helps :)

Teens: When was the last time you were scared?

My scariest moment was..... I was boxing a shark and won after that Satan came and congratulated me and gave me demonic powers :D.....AVE SATANAS..... \m/

I had a dream about One Direction? Please help!!?

It means you're a die hard fan of 1D or obessesd.

I had a really strange dream about One Direction?

Haha that sounds like a great dream, but honestly, most dreams don't have meanings. Do you know how sometimes your mind just wanders and creates random scenarios? Your brain does the same thing while you're sleeping, hence dreams. I had a dream last night, and i know all of the boys were involved, but i only remember Niall's section. I was hugging Niall around the waist and i adjusted my arm and wrapped one arm around his neck, the other around his back and i nuzzled my face into his neck and he smelled amazing. There was SO much more to the dream but it was last night so i forgot so much of it :(

guys: what does he mean?

He might like you but is probably shy. Talk to him more, without as many compliments.


okay well thanks for answering mine and from what i understand in your story he seems to like you because the whole catching each others eyes thing is quuite ormal when people like each other. and when he says i dont know what to say he probably is shy to compliment you. either that or he feels acward about it (but i dont think so since you said he smiled when you said he was cute) so yh he probably likes you but do not force the issue try to make him feel comfortable. take it slow

One Direction tumblr fanfic?

ummm i think you got the wrong category try music

Teens: What was the last thing you bought?

The last thing I bought was a cookie and coffee at starbucks :) BQ: Nopee :(