I'm looking for info on an artist (oils - birds seem to be a theme) whose signature says 'Monti" - f

Could be Francesco Monti [Italian Painter, 1685-1768]

Are you happy for italy and Mario Monti?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs4V7zLgw5A&feature=channel_video_title This man explains the truth behind the illuminati, 911 , and other conspiracies. Check him out, he'll answer your questions if you ask him and stuff. Subscribe to him as well and share to spread the word!

How large a screw for fixing met post to concrete?

3/4 " foundation bolts may be adequate. As a thumb rule in concrete 6 times the depth of anchoring is sufficient. That is depth to be drilled is 4.5 inches.

Who was the first person to recieve the Congressional Medal of Honor?

The first Army Medal of Honor was awarded to Private Jacob Parrott during the American Civil War for his role in the Andrews Raid. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Parrott "PARROTT, JACOB (1st to receive Medal of Honor) Rank and organization: Private, Company K, 33d Ohio Infantry. Place and date: Georgia, April 1862. Entered service at: Hardin County, Ohio. Birth: 17 July 1843, Fairfield County, Ohio. Date of issue: 25 March 1863. Citation: One of the 19 of 22 men (including 2 civilians) who, by direction of Gen. Mitchell (or Buell) penetrated nearly 200 miles south into enemy territory and captured a railroad train at Big Shanty, Ga., in an attempt to destroy the bridges and tracks between Chattanooga and Atlanta." http://www.history.army.mil/html/moh/civwarmz.html

What are some pieces similar to the Schindler's List theme and Czardas?

Bach's Chaconne: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DRdxT7XE1E

How do I stop bouncing my knees up and down when I canter?

Practice in 2 point at a canter and bring ur stirrups up a hole at a canter then once u feel confident at that bring them down again and do 2 point again make sure ur heels arnt going down to far or u won't go with ur horse very well. Do that at a canter once u feel great with that sit lightly back into the saddle keeping almost all of ur weight in the stirrups ur legs should feel good and solid if not go through it again. Eventually will train your legs hope if helps !

i am using samsung s5620 monti mobile is it possible voice video chat in gprs internet?

Short answer - NO. SIP/VOIP will require 128kbps, and Video will probably require twice that (depending on the quality). GPRS is doing about 20kbps. You will need at least 3G (provided the carrier will support the feature), or wifi.

Where can I read the words of the movie 'Hitler in England' from Monti Python?

Look on episode 12... Mr Hitler

Did Vittorio Monti's Czardas come from Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody no. 11?

I'm listening to the Liszt number right now. I agree that there are similarities. But I think those similarities are mostly due to the Gypsy style. Also, a Hungarian rhapsody usually consists of a slow section and a fast section.

Has anybody here been to Monti Di Procida, Italy !?!?

Monte di Procida is a small beatiful village on the coast close to Napoli.


I'm glad to see that he's been awarded the highest award. So few who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq have been recognized like this. I'm sure it was an honor to know him, you are quite fortunate.

what is expected of New Italian PM, Mario Monti?

new world order

Who is better Kevin Martin or Monti Ellis?

Monta is a better all-around player but Kev-Mart is a better outside shooter.

Quali sono le innovazioni fatte da Monti?

Search it online please.

is monti carlo from masterchef of puerto rican descent?

how do you put in a key switch in a 98 Monti Carlo ??

does that model have a little silver push button under steering wheel shroud ? If so insert key, turn to run position, get awl to push pin in, & gently tug key switch outwards. To insert have key in new ignition and insert via run position.

should i start monti ellis?

drop him he'll be out for the season as your replacement take a look at Anthony Randolph

Where can I find Baritone Sax. sheet music for Czardas V. Monti?

Here's an arrangement for Eb sax and piano - http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/Czardas/2220064

I'm looking for an Italian song, possibly by Laura Pausini, with the lyrics 'tra i monti e gli alberi' ?

While Laura Pausini did indeed record a song with the title "Parlami" in 2004, that's not the song you're looking for. That song came out earlier, in 2001. Its title is "Luce" and was sung by Elisa at the Sanremo Italian Song Festival, and has been one of her most popular tunes ever since. The first verse says: "Parlami come il vento tra gli alberi"...

My daughter lives in Monti Di Procida Italy. We would like to take a trip over there in March of 2007. What is

Hi, Here is a site showing links to several Italian airline companies: http://www.italyexposed.com/links.shtml Have a look and see if there are any useful info.

Is the "Enchanted Spellboard by Amy Zerner and Monti Farber safe to use?

science has never been able to demonstrate the existence of positive energies, spirit guides, or spirits in general, nor anything special about cleansing rituals that would actually have an effect greater than simple chemical reactions, which would likely destroy the board or make it smell funny. the only way in which this board works (its basically a fancy Ouija Board) is the ideomotor effect. basically you subconsciously move your hands to obtain a desired outcome, in this case a specific position on the board. watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cma5Zn7xrWU

Where can I get free sheet music for Monti's Czardas?

Check with your local library to see if they have or can find a copy for you to use. That will guarantee at least a complete copy, which will also be correctly scored.

What approximate grade in Royal Conservatory would Monti's Czardas be in (for a violin player)?

the higher for play it well.

95 monti carlo rear brakes do not seem to be working?

Have you adjusted the rear brakes lately. If they drum and don't set emergency brake the rear brakes get out of adjustment.

Is Mario Monti a conservative or a liberal?

He's a corporate fasicist crony.

I believe my 99 monti carlo 3.1 liter has a lifter tapping can it be tightened or does it need to be rebuilt?

hydraulic lifters are not adjustable, but can be replaced. just make sure this is the problem. Also check wt of oil you are using, maybe too thin so going to a slightly heavier oil may quiet the lifter.

Did you know the most likely soon to be PM of Italy, Mario Monti, is a Goldman Sachs adviser?


What do you think about the italian premier Mario Monti?

Ex banker appointed by the Germans.

why is my temperture gauge all over the place in my 96 monti carlo with a 3.1 some say bad head gasket?

Most likely low on coolant from leaking intake gaskets.

the location of air bag relay on 98 chevy monti carlo?

Where can you download free sheet music sheets for Monti Csardas?

http://www.loveshareware.com loveshareware.com can download free sheet music

Does anyone know an artist who does oil paintings named Monti. He puts an extra dot under the i in his name.?

Send your question to allexperts.com Once you get into the site, look for Arts and Humanities. Find the artist who could most likely answer your question. They have different artist's for different types of art questions Also send them a photo of the piece of art you have along with your question. It may take a couple of days before they get back to you , but they will get back to you . I use them allot and they are very good at what they do and best of all they are free

2003 Monti Carlo deck and amp install questions?

mmmm bad bad bad lahore

Yes, i lied and i feel horrible but i still love Monti, and i want to forget about him so how can i asap?

The only way to forget him is to find another guy, and fall in love with him.

My wife has a 1998 chev monti carlo and the chang oil light and service engine light are on, How do I reset th?

Hmmm try turning the key to the start position with out car running. Press the gas pedal 3 complete times, turn off key and the start the car? To the guy who says unhook the battery for 2 hours. You could unhook the cable and press the brake pedal to rid the parasitic charge instead of waiting 2 hours!! LoL

What do you think new Italy governement and president Monti?

I liked the other guy better.

should i drop jason richardson and add monti ellis ?

pick up ellis. also if u need more point guards pick ur rodney stuckey and russel westbrook. if u can provide ur roster and the other players' rosters i can better assist you

Do Italians realize that Mario Monti will sell off their country to financiers like Yeltsin did to Russia?

I don't know - do people realise anything anymore? Greeks are the most politicized citizens of Europe, and look how that went. If they can't protect their country, I doubt any of us can. Monti is already saying he wants full powers until 2013, which, considered no one elected him, is pretty arrogant. However, people are in a panic now, and overjoyed by Berlusconi's departure, so hardly anyone is looking at the big picture. I honestly have no idea about how this will end - surely they can't allow half of Europe to fail, get off the euro, have 30% unemployment and flee to the countryside to live? I mean, even big guys with thei big money wouldn't have anyone left to buy their stuff, would they? But, for the moment, it's straight in the wall - Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain - they say france and the UK are next. Maybe we should take a leaf out of the Belgians' book and dispense from governments altogether. Good luck to Nancy, but I doubt that she can fix this mess.

where should i go to download monti's czardas for free!!!?

Try youtube.

What' the name of this old prison movie? It is not monti crisco, escape from Alcatraz, or the Shawshake Remdem?

Sorry, but that is the Count of Monte Cristo. There was one made in 1975 starring Richard Chamberlain. Maybe that is why you didn't recognize it. Or some low level film maker ripped off Monte Cristo

What do you think about new italian prime minister Mario Monti,?

i dont know about monti but berlusconi did great damaged with his personal life(scandals) let's hope the new guy will make sth valuable

How do I replace the hedlight dimmer switch on my 2002 Monti Carlo SS. The high beams will not stay on.?

I replaced my multi-function switch on my 2003 Impala and I am sure that they are quite similar. The plastic trim pieces around the steering wheel are the only things that are removed. The tricky part is the correct procedure for disconnecting the air bag connection under the dash above the brake/gas pedal area. I went to alldata.com and bought a one year subscription for my Impala.It was around $25. They give you step by step instructions on how to do it, plus you have access to a whole year for repairing your car. I spent $125 on ebay for the switch plus $25 for Alldata. $150 total and I did the work verses bringing it to a Chevy dealer like my co-worker who spent $700 to get it done!

A cartoon that featured Vittorio Monti's Czardasz as a background score? Can you provide a video url?

I'll try to find it if I can. What's the title?

What will happen to Italy after Monti is out of government?

Probably we will see a center/left goverment... the probabilty to have a government similar to the last berlusconi government are very feeble... PDL decreased to 15% (it was 38%) Lega Nord decreased to 3% (it was 15%) and i doubt that organized crime had connection with Berlusconi... in last years mafia (and similar organizations) almost got dismantled and most of their leaders arrested

Can Your internal amplifier cause a short and drain the battery in a 2001 Monti Carlo?

Count yourself lucky. The last one I towed was a complete loss, even the tires were burned off after the amp shorted and the vehicle caught fire.

How difficult is it to find replacement parts for a 1981 Chevy Monti Carlo?

not hard to find at all. ill give a site to look at.

How do you make La Torta Di Tre Monti?

I have searched google yahoo and ask.com and they all say the same thing about the cake that it layered wafers covered in chocolate. sorry i couldn't be of more help. hope you find the recipe.

Can a 98' monti carlo beat a mustang at a race and why?

the mustang gt would win its a v8 plus it has more hp and torque the monte carlo in 98 only came with a v6 even if its the z34 model the mustang gt would still win

Where can I get an original Francesco Monti painting authenticated and appraised in the Houston Texas area?

Here's a few sites about him and his work; http://www.answers.com/topic/francesco-monti-2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_Monti_(il_Brescianino) http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/monti_francesco.html Take your picture to the most reputable auctioneers in the Houston area and get their advice, any painting needs to be examined by someone with a degree of expertise and knowledge if it's to be properly appraised.

Is Monti cilo an island or is it part of france?

Monaco and Monte Carlo is very expensive to live, but I do not know how much you'd need. Check the links below. the old adage - "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" seems to work in most situations.