What is MLK day?

Martin Luther King Jr Day http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luth...
Civil rights leader that got our country to become more tolerant

What do you think of MLK day?

When will there be MLK day sales? Stores USE our veterans' days (Memorial and Veterans' Days) as EXCUSES to have sales. They use presidents, valentines, Christmas, Easter, and on and on. Why not MLK? Just curious.
He'd have a fit if he saw how blacks are acting. So much for his 'dream'. Segregation still exists, but not governmental....and I think you know what I mean.
What I don't understand is that he was a great proponent of education, yet schools are closed. hmmmmm Here in S.E. Va a couple of years ago, schools were OPEN on Veterans' Day!

What's the point in celebrating MLK Day?

"An excuse for a day off,". Uhh no. Shut it.
Doctor king was a great man. He stood up for what he believed in, and made his dream happen. He gave up so much for what he almost accomplished in his lifetime. To answer your question, we get the day off to celebrate what this amazing, smart, talents man did for our COUNTRY.
He was assassinatd, just for sharing his view point. Many people back then were very dense, and didn't believe in racial equality. This dream that doctor king had, was excellent. He strived and strived to achieve it, and even with all of the obsticals, he overcame and got himself out there to the public.
I reqlly hope you werent being offensive when u asked that question.
But i hope you realize that back then, what he did could have got him killed right away. I mean he did get assassinated, but in his lifespan he accomplished so much for the africian american race

Why did Mccain vote agiast MLK day?

Don't get me wrong. I'm black and I'm also voting for Obama. McCain is a racist jerk for voting against MLK day, but unlike many other black people, I'm not voting for Obama because he's black.
I said it before and I'll say it again: "If Obama was white and McCain was black, I'd STILL vote for Obama.
By the way, Dodgerblue. McCain only apologized for voting against MLK day because it wound up becoming a holiday anyway. So, he doesn't want to look like a bad guy, so that's why he claims to regret doing that. If MLK didn't become a holiday, McCain wouldn't be the least bit sorry.

How many of you REALLY care about MLK day?

Let us get this out in the open.
MLk I feel was good man. I think he tried to get America to recognize a group in society that has contributed greatly to society and was obviously being slighted.
However, I do not feel that a holiday in his honor is fulfilling his dream. When his people are living beneath American standards, unemployment is not good for many, some of the boys and men walk with their pants hanging below their buttocks, his dram is not being realized.
They need to stop asking for reparations, which does not exist, and ask for things that will get adult men and women out of poverty, better schools, better health care.
The purpose of the day is to realize his dream. It is now become a place guilt on the white person day so that the "black elite" can get a bit more extortion money out of the government.
It is time to stop and get serious about race relations. White people cannot be the race scapegoat for all that has happened since the Europeans arrived on these shores. Nor can any of us deny that racial disparages still exist in some form or another.
It is time to really progress, LIBERALS. Not hate America.
God bless us all in America.

Why not lump MLK day into Happy Holidays?

mlk day is not really a day which promotes the same ideas as the festive holidays of the winter season. it's not about family and home and spirtuality and relfection on our lives. mlk day is a day to remember the message of nonviolence as a tool for affecting change; to remember the struggles that the people (all people) of this nation have dealt with in order to bring about equality in the eyes of the law and the work that mlk and others involved in the civil rights movement did to try and overcome intolerance, racism, white supremacy, segregation, marginalization, etc. and remind us to take a look at ourselves and whether or not we contribute or detract from the progress towards a peaceful society.

How many think, that MLK day is blown out of proportion.?

MLK Day is one twisted with irony: He bemoaned black children were being denied quality education in America---and today, all public schools are CLOSED. He bellowed in protest how black Americans were not given fair rights to finance their dreams of decent home ownership--and again: banks across America are CLOSED.
Oh....and do note: streets named after MLK feature depressingly down trodden houses and neighborhoods, rife with drug dealing, prostitution, armed robberies---and murder, all done pretty much as common occurrences as black on black crime. MLK would look at THAT and sigh heavy with disappointment.
MLK indeed would be pleased and amazed to see Obama ascend in history to become a U.S. President.....but at the same time, he'd be dismayed deeply to see Obama's ineptness not only harming America---but irreparably damage future chances for blacks to make any POSITIVE effects on society.
MLK Day should have been a day for all churches to hold ceremonies remembering the man; everyday life elsewhere should stay open---not close out as an extra day off.

Dose UPS deliver on Sunday or MLK day?

UPS 2006 Holiday Schedule
In the United States, UPS observes the following holidays:
New Year's Eve - December 31, 2005*
New Year´s Day - January 1, 2006**
Memorial Day - May 29, 2006***
Independence Day - July 4, 2006***
Labor Day - September 4, 2006***
Thanksgiving Day - November 23, 2006***
Day after Thanksgiving - November 24, 2006****
Christmas Day - December 25, 2006***
New Year´s Eve - December 31, 2006***
New Year's Day - January 1, 2007***
In addition, the following holidays are recognized, but not observed:
Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 16, 2006
Lincoln's Birthday - February 12, 2006
Valentine's Day - February 14, 2006
President's Day - February 20, 2006
Washington's Birthday - February 22, 2006
Ash Wednesday - March 1, 2006
St. Patrick's Day - March 17, 2006
Passover - April 13, 2006
Good Friday - April 14, 2006
Flag Day - June 14, 2006
Rosh Hashanah - September 23, 2006
Yom Kippur - October 2, 2006
Columbus Day - October 9, 2006
Veteran's Day - November 11, 2006
Hanukkah - December 16, 2006
Christmas Eve - December 24, 2006
Saturday+ and Sunday are rest days.
* Delivery of Saturday Air Packages only, no pickup service available
** Observed on Monday, January 2, 2006
*** UPS SonicAir® available 365 days each year
**** Delivery and pickup of air and international packages only
+ Saturday Delivery and Pickup is available in certain regions.
the 2006 schedule, I doubt it changes much, besides the actual dates.

What is your opinion of MLK Day?

A day to remember a great man who fought against state sponsored segregation and racial hatred. If you lived in the South as I did as a boy, you know what it was all about - separate schools, waiting rooms, drinking fountains, Black Americans intimidated, kept from voting, Dr. King worked to rid America of a stigma that was as evil as it was long lasting.
And credit to the Southern States as well. From 1964, with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill (and the help of most of the Republican Party) things changed dramatically. Schools were integrated, voting rights restored, Black Americans became part of the structure, not those purposely left outside. In my town, Raleigh, NC, in the early 1970's we had both a Black mayor and a Black sheriff. Ten years before this would have been impossible.
So, thanks, Dr. King. You changed us for the better. And here's your day of remembrance.

Why did McCain oppose MLK day?

I think he opposed the MLK holiday because at the time he was ignorant to the great contributions and ultimate sacrifice Dr. King made for Blacks to have a fair and equal opportunity in America.
I can't speak for McCain but either he now understands why people in America (black, white and all races) thought that Dr. King deserved to be observed at least once a year or he just was trying to fake like he gave a crap because he felt that was the politically correct thing to do to get some Black votes..
I personally think it was the latter.
Updated: I can not believe how ignorant some of these comments are. If we know anything about American history it is that people like Columbus who caused Native Americans so much death and heartache is honored with a holiday. Conquerors who decided to kill and take whatever they wanted in the name of God and country.
We have honored people like Lincoln and Franklin by placing them on money. And in other ways. Memorials and such. I would much rather Dr. King be on money than a holiday. So those of you complaining about other great American not having a holiday need to look at the money you spend.
Veterans Day will always be a day we remember the sacrifices our military make to protect this country. I would be insulted if anyone would try and compare the two. It is like comparing apples and oranges.
People talking about having days like German, Italian, Chinese, etc. Dr. King was not representing only the African American people, he was for equal rights for ALL people Human rights period.. Dr. King day is not some kind of African American Day. It is a day that represents all races, and the rights we all deserve. Not as a certain ethnicity, but as a human being. Dr. King holiday is a day of service, if you do get that day off, please use it to help others.
Please read more about Dr. King and his legacy.