Which is a better university? Mississippi State or The University of Southern Mississippi?

Compare them at U.S. News & World Reports Best Colleges: Mississippi State http://search.usnews.com/search?access=p&entqr=0&sort=date%3AD%3AS%3Ad1&output=xml_no_dtd&ie=UTF-8&btnG=Go&btnG.y=0&client=default_frontend&q=Mississippi+State+&filter=0&btnG.x=0&ud=1&oe=UTF-8&proxystylesheet=default_frontend&ip= University of Southern Mississippi http://search.usnews.com/search?q=University+of+Southern+Mississippi&output=xml_no_dtd&client=default_frontend&proxystylesheet=default_frontend&filter=0&btnG.x=0&btnG.y=0&btnG=Go&sort=date:D:S:d1

Will the Mississippi state board of Cosmetology accept my alabama cosmetology license?

Why don't you ask the Mississippi state board instead of wasting your time here? Or you could ask the state of Alabama if your license will transfer.

What will happen if i get caught using smokeless tobacco at public school in the state of mississippi?

Hell, it's Mississippi. The teacher will probably want to share.

what do you think of mississippi state hiring cohen? what about Polk's reaction?

Cohen seems lke he will be a great coach and has experience. Cohen, 41, earned a Southeastern Conference championship and league coach of the year in 2006, feats he achieved twice in the Southland Conference at Northwestern State. He's known for his abilities to put runs on the scoreboard and tutor hitters. After two years of boosting Florida's offensive output on the way to an SEC title, he took over at last-place Kentucky and posted a pair of school-record 44-win seasons on the way to a 175-113-1 mark in five seasons (321-197-1 overall in nine seasons. I think Polw is mad cause of Cohens contract offer that he signed. Cohen agreed to a four-year contract worth $250,000 a year in state funds. He'll also receive an undisclosed amount in private money that will push his total salary past Polk's nearly $300,000. He turned down a 10-year contract with Kentucky that would have included a significant raise to his $400,000 annual salary. Polk needs to calm down and hopefully he will turn around and support Cohen and the baseball team.

Who do you think Mississippi State will hire to replace Croom?

If they are smart Turner Gill. Or a great choice would be Phil Fulmer. Tennessee is retarded for letting him go.

What are the conditions in the state of Mississippi ?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mississippi http://www.mississippi.gov/

Is Jackson the fastest growing city in the state of Mississippi?

I do not know for sure which one is the fastest growing city, but it is not Jackson . Jackson is having so many problems at night that hey actually ( at least last year ) had a curfew for people to be off the street , more shootings , more robbery , more violence than I ever have seen in Mississippi . I would say that with the introduction of gamblin into the state that the northern areas or the costal areas would be the fastest growing .

Should Vanderbilt and Mississippi State just give up on football?

Give em a break. There have to be haves & have nots in every sport. It makes it that much more sweet for their fans when they play well. And at least Vandy graduates all their players.

What section do the visitors sit in at Mississippi State football games?

Most visitors will sit in the upper deck. A small number of visiting fans are put on the very edge of the stands near the end zone with the field house behind it. By the way, if you want snacks, get them early. There is absolutely no room to maneuver inside their stadium and it becomes nearly impossible once the crowd gets big in there.

What are the first things that come to mind when you think of the state of Mississippi?

Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain - Mi SSI SSI PPI - one huge river

I live in the state of Mississippi and I have a license to carry a hand gun but I am driving up to?

don't know how you are going but it looks like you are going to have to cross either Kentucky or Missouri as well. best bet is to go on line and go to each state's web site and search handgun and weapon laws - if you carry a pocket knife you need to check laws as well. You are probably ok in TN, IN and AR - I think reciprocity exists between those four (Tenn, Ark, IN & Miss). Forget Illinois. Usually you are good in any state if you are simply passing through and only stopping for gas or food and have your weapon separate from your ammo and both are in locked cases inaccessible to any person. But Illinois is home to Chicago and they only allow 2" blades on a knife and would like to bury you under the jail if you even think about having a gun. You could write to state attorney general and ask what the laws are but I would not trust them. Several years ago a guy did that to be safe carrying a hunting rifle to up state New York. One state, New Jersey I think but I'm not sure, responded and he did everything by the book. He had given them his schedule so they met him at state line and arrested him. Many thousands of dollars in legal fees before he got out. Look at state web site, print the laws, carry one copy with you and keep one safe at home for documentation if they nail you. http://www.usacarry.com/mississippi_concealed_carry_permit_information.html

What are the dental assisting laws in the state of Mississippi?

I won't do your assignment for you, but go to this link and look up laws and codes. http://www.msbde.state.ms.us/msbde/msbde.nsf

Are there any recent cases of environmental racism in the state of Mississippi ?

"Environmental racism," excuse me? Brown drinking water? Too much chlorine? All of that is BS and totally untrue.

What was the first city to be established in the state if Mississippi?

Depends on how you want to define this. Ocean City began as the French Fort Maurepas in 1699.

what are the names who the Indian tribe that lived in the Mississippi state?

The best thing to do would be to trace your aunt's genealogy. Do you have the date of her death? An obituary? Those would be good places to start. If you live in MS, go to the county seat of the county where Casey Mountain is located. Go to the library and ask if there is a local genealogical or historical society. They can tell you what tribe lived in the area, and may be able to tell you if your aunt was a member of that tribe. If you don't live nearby, go to www.usgenweb.net/ms and click on the county name where Casey Mountain is located. You'll go to a genealogical website that should give you general information plus links to researchers and historians. There should also be a link to a query page where you can ask your question there. Good luck!

Is it illegal in the state of Mississippi for a convicted felon to own a crossbow?

Whether or not it's legal, I'm not quite sure what good could possibly come from the combination.

How is progress in the state of Mississippi ?

I haven't read anything even close to what you're talking about regarding the State of Mississippi and I live in a neighboring state. I think this is just a poor attempt at imposing a stereotype of the "racial South" and for people who don't live in the South...they might believe it. However, for those of us that do... We know the truth.

Which is a better university? Mississippi State or The University of Soutjern Mississippi?

Stevie (Open your mind to me!), The easiest method to find out info is to find a student. You can start looking for contact information for Arkansas universities here. http://www.collegereviewed.com/Arkansas-Colleges-Universities.html Students always seem to know what's going on better than outsiders since they get to experience the classes and the lifestyle.

Why the state of Mississippi has worst conditions among the states ?

Like what? they are fine with me.

Why did the state of Mississippi wants to remove the teaching of fractions from its curriculum?

That cannot be. Without fractions, a cooking recipe would be impossible. Sounds more spoof to me like The Onion.

The company I work for is based in Georgia but I live in Mississippi, what state do I file for unemployment in?

It would be the state that your employer paid unemployment taxes. Check with your employer.

In the state of Mississippi, what is the law regarding fraud and verbal agreements?

Get it in writing!

Is mississippi state or LSU better for architechture and band?

your heart knows best:)

i want to know about mississippi state football stengths and weaknesses?

With 4 turnovers...i wouldn't call them an O team....not being able to put the game away with 4 shots at the goal line speaks for itself. Defensively...they played a pretty good game...LSU's offense sucks though...you guys let one slip away....but the future with Mullen looks bright.

What is the best dorm to stay in at Mississippi State?

I went to Ole Miss but I remember my friends living in Cresswell, McKee, Hathorn, and Sessums.

Where can I buy a Mississippi State University cowbell?

Even though the SEC banned them, they are still used very frequently at State's games. The best place to get one new would be in Hattiesburg (there is a little shop right on campus that sells them). However, if you want to buy online bc you cant drive to Mississippi, try ebay. Good luck.

Which one would you go to for college: Mississippi State University or Ole Miss?

Out of those two. Ole Miss !.

How many wins does Sylvester Croom need at Mississippi State this year to keep his job?

Circle that first game vs LSU.. reporters around Miss St say that if Croom can't put up points versus that defense he'll get canned.. that is a tall requirement.. as for wins.. i don't know really because of the balance in the SEC I'd say 5 wins and being competitive in the losses keeps his job.. but if they get blown out a couple of times then Croom outta be checking the real estate market

Who is the Mississippi state representative and who is the Mississippi state senator?

You need to be specific, there are 2 U.S. Senators, 4 members of the U.S. House and 52 state senators and 122 members of the state house.

How come Democrats have never lost control of the State Legislature in Mississippi?

kathy059 got it right.

Florida vs Mississippi State Live stream Game Football Video Online On PC where can i watch?

Watch NCAA Football: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs Florida Gators LIVE 7:30 PM Saturday, October 24 2009! http://sportstopvideos.com/NCAA/?n=Mississippi_State_vs_Florida LIVE!!!

where can i get a custom mississippi state jersey?

The Official Miss State Store http://www.mstatestore.com/COLLEGE_Mississippi_State_Bulldogs_Jerseys

What school is better and why: Mississippi State or University of Mississippi?

I say decide based on your major. Both schools have excellent programs in different fields. MSU has excellent landscaping, architecture, veterinarian, political science, and more programs. Ole Miss has great pharmacy, political science, and more programs. I suggest choosing a college based on your major, tuition & fees & housing, and maybe how far away from home. GOOD LUCK

Does Mississippi State offer an online Meteorology Degree?


Can Mississippi State make the NCAA tourney this year?

They are currently 2nd in the SEC West so they have a chance if they don't fall to 3rd. They don't have any good wins over top 25 teams so it will be hard. Their best bet is to win the SEC tournament which is possible because there is no clear favorite. Maybe LSU is playing the best right now.

Can I get into a prestigious graduate school from Mississippi state uni?

I am majoring in civil engineering, should I go to Mississippi State Univ or the Univ of South Alabama?

Austin, the main question is where do you want to go? The school you go to doesn't make that much of a difference. What will distinguish you is your abilities, not your alma mater. Look at the settings of each school. While I have not been to the MSU campus, I lived in Mobile and my wife worked at USA. Starkville and Mobile are very different settings. Consider also the cost. Do you live in Mississippi or Alabama? Out of state tuition can be a killer. I have worked with engineers from both schools (currently work with a USA grad). I have found graduates from MSU to be better but again, that is strictly based on the individuals and not the school. If it came to a tossup for you, I would pick MSU. Why not Alabama? (I had to say that; I am a CE grad from UA)

Do you think that there will be evidence to suspend Newton for Mississippi State allegations?

No. I do not think that the Mississippi State allegations have merit.

was the third refree blind in Mississippi state and Florida game or is he just favoring florida?

There definitely seems to be a bias when Florida is playing. LSU got shafted by the blind officials when they played Florida. The only touchdown scored in that game should have been called back for offensive pass interference. I'm not saying that is the reason LSU lost but the score would have likely been closer. Yes, they should be punished and be required to have another eye exam.

Oregon or Mississippi State in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament?

Gotta root for Oregon because i'm a Pac-10 er but from an analysis standpoint- Mississippi St. looks strong! Nickster

If I live in Tennessee but work in Mississippi do I pay MS state income tax?

your tax home is where you work unless it is a short, temporary less than a year's duration

Is it true that Mississippi state law states you have to be married to get custody of your kids?

Depends, in which state u get married...

What is life like at Mississippi State University?

Well, in comparison to Ole Miss, Mississippi State is not a "party school." I have friends up there and am actually going to State in the fall. But, there still is a lot of partying according to my friends, but it'll be that way at pretty much any public university. My friend says that only he and one other person on his hall don't get drunk on the weekends. But from what he tells me he's not pressured into drinking. Everyone else goes about their own business. Mississippi State is an excellent school, though. I am going into the Broadcast Meteorology department. State is an excellent place for sports and outdoors. State has a brand new $20 million Sanderson Center complete with a gym, racketball courts, basketball courts, an OIympic style pool and much more. Plus State has great athletics. The baseball team made it to Omaha last year and the football team was in the Liberty Bowl where they defeated UCF. I really hope you come to State and I hope this was a help. GO DAWGS!

I need to do my mississippi state tax and the website that did my federal tax did not do mississippi state tax

You can always print out the forms, and mail it in. Most states are simple@

What ACT score do you have to have to get the instate tuition waive at Mississippi State?

Contact the school directly for information./

Should I get a meteorology degree from Mississippi State after already getting my Bachelor's in math?

What ever happened to Lawrence Roberts who used to play for Baylor and Mississippi State?

The last time I checked, he played for the Grizzlies, I haven't heard a lot from him so it could be that he's playing overseas or he may be a free agent. I loved watching him play against Kentucky. We played his old team today and lost as usual.

What did Eudora Welty study at the Mississippi State College for Women?

Search the name - there is a foundation. Search 'eudora welty mississippi state college' and read all about her. Welty went to Mississippi State College for Women (now MUW) in Columbus, Mississippi, from 1925 to 1927. According to one source, she left MUW, and "Encouraged by her parents, she transferred to the University of Wisconsin in 1927 where she became an English major

What is Mississippi State University and Mississippi like?

i will try to answer ...........

How can I become a resident of Mississippi? I am a student at Mississippi State University?

Do you currently live in MS? If not... then at most colleges, you must live in that state for 12 months prior in order to prove residency My boyfriend moved from IL to AL July 2010... in order to get in-state tuition, he had to live in AL for 12 months... so, he waited until this year to go to school. He is currently applying to start in August & because he has now met the 12 month residency requirement, he will be able to get in-state tuition. If he had started school before 12 months of living in AL, then he would have been paying the higher tuition until he was able to prove he had lived here for 1 year Proof can be shown in the form of an in-state driver's license with an in-state address... then, they use the date to determine. Otherwise, you can prove with utility bills for 12 months in your name at an in-state address Do you have anything that can prove you lived in the state of MS for 12 consecutive months? Or have you lived somewhere else? I don't see how your previous employment and tax records have anything to do with in-state tuition or not in-state tuition..... I can see how they would affect financial aid application (for example you would not qualify for Pell Grant)