Whats the name and artist of the song that plays in the beginning of "Mission Impossible II"?

The composer's name is Lalo Schifrin and the song title is "Light that fuse, baby." I like this one too.

I just saw Mission Impossible II. Why was it so bad -- John Woo's directing or the pitiful script?

Pitiful script... it wasnt an action movie... it was a chick flick... i dint want to see a LOVE STORY... i wanted to see some action!

What is the black guys name that plays in Mission Impossible II, Ving?

Ving Rhames

The song that plays in Mission impossible II?

Iko-Iko - Zap Mama

In the movie Mission Impossible II...What is this song?

"Iko Iko (Suca Mama)" by Zap Mama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN8tC2XlCSk

What's your favorite: Mission Impossible I, II or III?

I liked one the best.I am still going to give you a star for the question.Thanks for asking.

Can the rubber masks seen in Mission Impossible II and III possible to make?


Greek Allusions found in Mission Impossible II?

interesting.....the story does toy around greek allusions. the whole thing about chimera,bellerophone being analogies for the virus and the anti virus respectively in MI2.in Greek myth, Bellerophone {grandfather to dionessius a character in the illiad} is the hero that kills chimera[a creature with a lion's head,torso of a goat,and a serpent for a tail.] sorry i cant help about the time tho!

Mission Impossible II - why is he climbing the cliff?

He's on vacation. It shows the character's likeness for the extreme. That he can't take it easy, even on holiday. Gymnasts and rock climbers use chalk to prevent sweat from making the gripping slippery. Simple. The real reason was to give Tommy boy a chance to show off his body and to put people into the seats. On a side note: They almost didn't get to film that stunt. They wanted to film in Utah's 9 mile canyon, but Utah's film commission didn't want them to do any filming. Something about helicopter and film crews destroying a natural landmark yadda yadda.

what happened to the african american girl in mission: impossible II? why isnt she in the next movie?

The writers of the 3rd Mission film wants a whole new different direction for Ethan Hunt and a new love interest. Thandie Newton's character from the 2nd film has been given a new life/identity as promised by the C.I.A. for her help in the 2nd film, so they promised her they won't harass her any more.