How can I restore a missing file which has been deleted by an antivirus program?

Hmmm, this sounds like you may need a data recovery program. With the right software you can restore files that were lost or permanently deleted. It’s actually pretty cool. You can download my personal favorite at:

How do I replace a missing button in my car?

i own a shop and try at any good junk yard they may have an old radio for one of those that doesn't work ,and they will probably give you a radio button for it,they usually will on the small stuff,but that shouldn't be too hard to find one for ,good luck with it hope this helps.

How do you buy one missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle?

Yes you cam. Checkout These guys will make a puzzle piece to replace the missing piece in your puzzles. Never used them but thought this was a pretty unique service.

How can I find a missing persons list for texas dating back to 1973?

For details about the massacre you can go to and search there, they have the information others don't have, as per the list of missing people, that is something that the newspaper keep in microfilm but not release to the public, I will suggest you contact a Texas newspaper for that information..☺

How do I repair a missing corner cinder block on by garage wall?

you will need to replace the blocks. you will need a 3 lb maul and a masonary chisel. you will be what they call "toothing in" basicly you remove serval blocks to create a " tooth " looking pattern. only remove those that appear damaged. you will then need to set new blocks in mortar and complete the wall. replacement blocks are resonably cheap and after the mortar is set (about 24 hours) you could try a waterproofing product, for that consult your local big box store ie home depot menards

Are missing lateral incisors probably a result of inbreeding?

nope. its sometimes genetic though. im missing my lateral incisors

How do you deal with missing your children?

Depends on how long you are away from your children. If it for a weekend, then I would suggest getting together with friends. If it is for a summer, then I would suggest taking some college courses (nothing wrong with bettering yourself!). If you are deployed and are away from your children for a year, I would suggest taking up reading.

My straightneck summer squash is missing leaves, thanks to my cat. Will they grow back and can I transplant?

If all you have is the little green stem left on a seedling--I'm afraid your plant's a goner!

Is it possible to be missing one of your six pack muscles?

You neglected to mention your age.

What happens when all a puppy teeth are missing?

The puppy likely swallowed his teeth ( which will not hurt him) and they will grow in very quickly,so don't worry.

How do I find my missing turtle at home?

It does not NEED to live in water- water just offers them security and helps them eat, mate, etc. Try this. Get down on the floor on your belly and look for little dark hiding spaces- under furniture, in piles of newspapers or clothes, etc. Start close to the tank and work your way out slowly. Every time you check a place, try to clean it up- move piles (and check them carefully- REALLY carefully- first), block up ways to get under furniture, etc. It probably has not gone far- but it will also usually hide in the smallest space it can fit into so be very careful and check everything! It CAN sense water- but big chunks of water like rivers or lakes, not small bowls or puddles. Also- most food baits won't work well- air does not carry the smell of the food well to the turtle. (FYI: baby and young Red-ear and related turtles DO NOT eat veggies anyway!) For more good care info or good forums, try or

How to avoid missing parents who passed away?

I don't think you really want to forget them completely right? I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time, but as one who has gone through this same process, I am here to tell you that it DOES get better. This is not something that you can just flip a switch and turn off the memories. Sometimes they come bubbling up for no reason at all, and sometimes something hear, see, say, or do causes a memory to surface. My father died when I was 14 years old. I was 22 before I finally felt like I was over the worst of the grief. Memories pop up in my mind still to this day (I am 51 now). Sometimes it has no emotional effect, sometimes it does. You never fully get away from it because of your love for him. Hang in there....

How to get missing pieces from a ladder bookshelf?

Go to the website of the manufacturer. Find the page where they sell parts. If they don't have a page to sell parts, send them an email with the model number of the bookcase and a description of the missing parts and ask what the price will be. If you tell us which pieces are missing, we might have better ideas. If the missing pieces are shelves, the best solution is to make new ones out of plywood and paint them. If you paint them a contracting color or complimentary color, they will look like they are part of the design and you don't need to worry about finding a perfect match for the paint. Mayan

What is the best way to recieve a missing credit to graduate highschool?

Take a college class and see if your school would be willing to accept it. See if there is a community college in your area.

How Do I find a missing song without looking through each song on itunes and my ipod?

mm, Well click on your library of music on Itunes ( I know you said you didn't want to but...) Then click on the search button and type in the name of the song, It should be there. I'm not sure, If I could help. But yeah. Hopefully I did. :)

How come it is called Missing Persons Department opposed to Missing People Department?

An individual is a "missing person." You call to report a "missing person." That person is then sought as an individual. "People" is a collective noun. No one calls to report a group of missing people. It's about missing individuals, hence the name of the department, which is correct.

How do I find the missing length of a special right triangle?

You don't appear to have given any lengths ! What you need to know is that for these special right triangles, the ratios of the lengths of the sides is always the same. For a 30-60-90 right triangle, the side opposite the 30º angle is always one-half the length of the hypotenuse. The side opposite the 60º angle is always √3 times greater than the shorter leg. You do know which side is the hypotenuse, right ? For a 45-45-90 right triangle, you know that both legs are congruent. (It is also called an isosceles right triangle.) The hypotenuse is always √2 times greater than either leg. You should show a diagram of your problem, because your description is sorely lacking... Read your text book. Ask questions in class. Practice. QED

What would be the ramifications of a missing lymph node?

Typically lymphedema occurs when a whole group of lymph nodes are removed. I don’t know how anyone can tell if you have a missing lymph node as there is not a set number in any particular location and there is no way to count them without removing the entire area and plucking them out of the tissue. People have them removed for biopsy all the time with no problems. I hope they find what is causing yours.

How is a biological profile and a missing persons report used together?

A biological ?? profile will say what the person's normal habits are - goes to gym every day at 7 pm , walks the dog everyday at 7 a.m etc. has no car .... If the above person was missing and the Police got a report that was seen in a far off city, knowing she had no car that would not match. Still they would know that she may be with someone else or took the Greyhound. They would check Greyhound passengers lists for the week she went missing.

What are some tips for dealing with missing your significant other in a long distance relationship?

You're honestly so lucky! I've been with my boyfriend almost 6 months and he lives in another country for 2 more months. Maybe do things like calling him, emailing him, IMing him ummm.. Write him letters etc. Tell him how much you miss him in them. Write poetry, think of the good times you's have had together while he's away and think of how many more you will have! When you desperately need to hear his voice, text him and tell him. Maybe go out shopping to keep your mind off it. Hang out with some friends. Volunteer for something :) just things that will pass the time by. I know it's hard, but you CAN do this. Good luck :D

What organ systems are missing from the squid but are found in the rat and the human body?

hahaha, :p is completely wrong, a squid has three hearts, it definitely has a stomach and with a heart a pair of lungs. What a squid does not have is an immune system and a excretory system (getting rid of wastes), and maybe an endocrine system (considering on how you view the ink sac). Hope this helps, : -)

How to replace a missing fret piece on an epiphone emperor? A very informative website, kindly stay a minute in website and check

Why is one foot of socks always missing when you do the laundry?

I think that the magic sock fairy comes and steals one to use as a sleeping bag.. I have no idea, but it is really ticking me off to have to go buy new socks every month or so. >( OK, I just read the answer above mine, and would love to know who has time to actually "pin" socks together??? Not ME~ I have a fiance and 2 kids!

How can i replace missing registry files for my windows 7 computer?

all u have t do is put in ur installation CD & do a repair, put the cd in & shutdown, then restart & it will sak u what u want t do, choose run repair program, from now on back-up ur reg. each week, just replace last weeks each time, & when something happens, just right click ur reg. back-up file & select Merge & ur back, U can can type How to back-up reg. in win 7 in Google & it will take u t MS & it will do it with u so u will know how>:) Voila

What are the possibilities of luggage going missing on a plane?

A little chance I think. It depends on how big your luggage are. The best thing you can do is to put each luggage a luggage tag. In case anything happen, you can locate it immediately.

How can I create missing chunks of clothing in Photoshop?

Sometimes possible to use the opposite feature (if the light is right). Duplicate the layer, flip it using the Transform option, create a layer mask and roughly select with the lasso tool the shoulder, select inverse and fill the mask with black, this will leave only the shoulder on that layer; position it over the shoulder that is missing, then using a soft brush draw around the shoulder to blend it in. However, if it isn't the right lighting conditions it will not blend properly, you can still use it to give you a good base to work from, the proper proportions and shape etc. In that case after you have done the above actions, duplicate the base layer again, create another layer mask based on the shape of the wrongly lit shoulder (you can copy the layer mask of the shoulder); then using the clone tool gradually fill up the shape from any convenient areas of the right colours and appearance, to help avoid an obvious clone change your source point frequently and some of the size of the brush. It can be time-consuming to do this but it is possible with patience, remember to regularly save the file (as a psd) and duplicate the layers frequently (and then hide the older one from view) so that you can go back to earlier versions without having to redo the whole job. There is the history palette but unless you set that to 50+ reverses you will find you run out of steps back.

How do you stop yourself from missing someone?

You can ALLOW yourself to miss him. It's natural. What you have to do is be realistic. Remember and be grateful foe the good in the relationship. Smile when you are remem bering. Take away the sadness and pain of it.

How to deal with missing work because of illness?

Ugh.....I am that way too! I feel so bad a lot of the time. I feel like everyone looks down at me, like I'm weak or something. (I have a bad immune system too) so yeah.....I can't really answer this question....but good luck.

How to people missing the lower half of their body use the bathroom, serious question?

A question almost exactly like this (referring to the same dude from Springer) showed up about 3 weeks ago. I'll give you the same answer I gave then: There is a very radical procedure called a hemicorporectomy in which amputation occurs above the hips. Generally, as much of the digestive tract as possible is retained, but usually the external genitalia are not. People who have undergone such radical procedures also have a colostomy and urostomy, in which the large intestine and ureter (respectively) are connected directly to the skin of the remaining lower abdomen. An external pouch is affixed to collect any waste. You can do a Wikipedia search on "colostomy" or "urostomy" for more information.

What bones are whole skeleton fossil exhibits usually missing?

If it's a "whole skeleton", then the meaning of the word 'whole' would literally mean nothing is missing. With reasonably complete skeletons, there's no generalization possible about which bones are likely to be missing, although the smaller ones from the extremities have the best chances of getting lost; toes, fingers, tail bones. Given their number, missing ribs would hardly be surprising. Other than that, anything could be missing for some reason or other.

How do I get itunes to automatically find missing songs ?

If you uploaded new software... then be sure it is compatiable w/ your itunes library.. I have glitches all the time.. good luck

What songs are missing from the mystic pizza soundtrack?

this could be it THESE ARE THE TIMES TO REMEMBER and it was performed by Jill Colucci. or maybe try here Mystic Pizza Movie - The 80s Movies Rewind Soundtrack: Find the 2 songs and 10 pieces of instrumental score music by David McHugh featured in Mystic Pizza. Trivia: See the 16 items of great trivia we ... - Similar Mystic Pizza Soundtrack and Movie Music - The 80s ... Mystic Pizza soundtrack songs and instrumental score music. Part of 8 pages of info for the 1988 movie from the award winning '80s Movies Rewind. - IMDb might be helpful also

What am I missing to get completely sleazy used car salesman look?

OMG! you forgot to buy socks and a big ugly ring!!!!!!! AND A HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A BRIEFCASE! and a WATCH!!!! A BIG UGLY WATCH!!!!! And a sign that says "i am a sleazy used car salesman.". and a big old cadillac that doesn't work. to sell.

I have a missing relationship sector in my newly rented home?

You can easily get products to cover any holes before you leave. Can you ask your landlord if it would okay to hang things if you fix the walls before you leave? Even offer to repaint the walls too. I did that once and the landlord was happy to let me do as I wanted. I gathered all my friends before leaving and we repainted in one day.

Why are some missing children cases so widely publicized while others seem to go unnoticed?

The same reason shootings, robberies, drug busts, etc go unnoticed. Only bizarre and shocking news gets reported.

What are ways to prevent missing the school bus in the afternoon?

try to really listen to the speaker and wake up earlier and maybe writing the buses down ur self

Money goes missing in a suspicious way at work. How do you deal with it?

You should only have one person handeling the money at a time and they should loginn when they do touch the money .If they are counting some ones till have another employee watch for they can be sure that no fishy stuff is going on.or team up people

How are missing teeth replaced in the Military?

Unfortunately, they do not usually replace teeth. They always remove them if they are a problem, but tend not to replace them. Many soldiers go overseas with a missing tooth (or a few!). They want as few potential dental problems as possible. After deployment, reserve and national guard soldiers receive a free course of dental work from the VA. During that time they can get an implant or bridge, as their dentist and oral surgeon see fit.

How many missing teeth can I have before it becomes hard to eat?

I'm pretty sure it won't effect your eating, as long as it's not your molars (your back teeth) which are used mainly for chewing you should be alright. I've got 4 teeth missing on one side and i just have one molar and I still manage to eat fine. On the other side i'm missing two teeth and once again I still find it easy to eat. Why are you having these teeth removed? The only problem which can occur due to a lack of teeth is an un even bite which puts pressure on your TMJ joint (the joint which allows you to open and close your mouth) as long as you have your dental work carried out as soon after as you can it should not cause any problems. Hope everything goes well for you :)

How long after your missing will they stop tracking your number?

Why should a removed SIM and battery make anyone think the owner of the phone is missing?

What missing nutrient is responsible for me getting sick more often while vegan?

Are you eating balanced vegan meals? I've always been pretty healthy, but since going vegan I haven't been sick at all with the exception of a cold that lasted three days. You have to replace the animal products that you've given up with healthy foods. Make sure you're getting enough nutrients and calories by eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts. If you don't use fortified soy milk or cereal you will need to take a B12 supplement. You can get iron from things like dark green leafy vegetables, blackstrap molasses (I mix it in soy milk), fortified cereals, beans and dates.

What are people with als missing that causes the motor nuerons to shrink?

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,) is also known as Lou Gehrig disease. and Maladie de Charcot. ALS is often called motor neuron disease in reference to the cells that are lost in this disorder. The disorder causes muscle weakness and atrophy throughout the body as both the upper and lower motor neurons degenerate, ceasing to send messages to muscles. Unable to function, the muscles gradually weaken, develop fasciculations (twitches) because of denervation, and eventually atrophy because of that denervation. The patient may ultimately lose the ability to initiate and control all voluntary movement; bladder and bowel sphincters and the muscles responsible for eye movement are usually (but not always) spared. The cause of ALS is not known, and scientists do not yet know why ALS strikes some people and not others. An important step toward answering that question came in 1993 when scientists supported by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) discovered that mutations in the gene Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD1) enzyme which produces the SOD1 enzyme were associated in some cases of familial ALS. This enzyme is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from damage caused by free radicals. The toxic properties of the mutant SOD1 are a result of a gain in function rather than a loss of normal function. Aggregates (misfolded protein accumulations) of mutant SOD1 were found only in diseased tissues, and greater amounts were detected during motor neuron degeneration.

Is it normal to miss a period after missing a birth control pill on Loestrin 24?

Its irritating but normal! I got sick of missong the pill and having to guess and wonder so i started the Nuva-Ring...loved it!! I think the spotting is ur period just lighter since u threw ur cycle off, To be on the safe side use condoms for the next 5-6 days. Good luck!

Is missing one day of classes in college a big deal?

It shouldnt be a problem. Have someone get any notes for you. It might not be a bad idea to mention it to the professor. They are usually understanding. The only problem you could have if there was a test on that day. Most tests are announced in a syllabus at the beginning of the semester. You could have trouble making it up depending on the school's and professor's policies.

What is the common feature of most of the missing structures?

D.) Most of the missing structures are enclosed by a membrane. Prokaryotes lack membrane bound organelles.

Missing Adolescence? How does missing your teenage years affect you when you grow up?

Everything that you didn't do in your teenage years,(parties,friends, teachers, experiences that you get from being a teenager) appear in your adulthood. Everything that you missed, your mind and body want to fill that emptiness in your adult years and sometimes you can act like a child but that's not always necessary. You also feel the need to escape from the adult daily routine (work, problems ....) by having fun with your friends which is something that you didn't do while you were a teenager. The other thing is that this affects differently each person. Some people may regret about their wasted years but some others might don't care. It doesn't always affect you badly. It also may not affect you at all.

What are the missing premise or conclusion in the following enthymemes?

Given Premise: Boxing is dangerous. Missing Premise: All dangerous things should be banned. Conclusion: Boxing should be banned. ----- The second question could be expressed as two enthymemes, or just one. two enthymemes: Given Premise: Kevin graduated from Princeton, Missing Premise: All graduates of Princeton must be smart. Sub-Conclusion: Kevin must be smart. Missing Premise: All persons who must be smart should be able to solve this logic puzzle in the time allotted. Conclusion Therefore, Kevin should be able to solve this logic puzzle in the time allotted. one enthymeme: Given Premise: Kevin graduated from Princeton, so he must be smart. Missing Premise: All persons who must be smart should be able to solve this logic puzzle in the time allotted. Conclusion Therefore, Kevin should be able to solve this logic puzzle in the time allotted.


Lost & Found Dept. : We've found an individual that responds to the name "SUN". Please come by in person to claim at the following location: Los Angeles, California... All are welcome!!

Missing ......?

OMG. Thats so sad!! BUT FRIGGIN FUNNY YOU GET A STAR!!! The poor sister is pregnant!

missing .?

Actually there is a chance of pregnancy, whether he ejaculated or not. Did he use protection? Because precum can get you pregnant, if he didn't. Stress could be it, also, but why don't you go take a pregnancy test.