Questions about Questions about JYP/SM/YG/etc. auditions?

In my own point of view.. of course, for you to be accepted, 1. you need to sing and dance as great as those Korean idol groups nowadays.. 2. you must also have nice looks and most important, good attitude and perseverance. 3. of course, you're entering Korean pop industry..and you must be good in speaking Korean..much better if you know other language like especially English, Chinese, Japanese. For example, Xander of U-KISS doesnt speak Korean very well because he grew up in other countries, but he knows SEVEN Languages, that is a plus factor for him.. Knowing lots of language. 4. Well anyway being linguistic doesnt matter the most. As long as you have the talent..go for it! 5. And oh, one more thing you need to enter Kpop industry is the CHARISMA. Kpop idols are very much known for their great appeal and charisma! so you must have that :) Just watch performances and audition clips of famous kpop stars now in youtube,, they have lots. and see how they were accepted. Anyway it would be better if you audition any from these three great kpop managing? companies - SM Ent, JYP Ent, YG Ent :))) Here are some of KPOP audition clips i found :) Wonder Girls SUN YE :)… SHINee Taemin!! soo cute ;)… SHINee KEY! :))… Waa they were so great..and Still ARE! :DDD hahaha try searching for others ;) I hope you'll succeed next time! Looking forward in seeing you in kpop someday!! AJA AJA HWAITING!! <333


Nuke started in the Summer, around the time of Jade's shenanigans so I think you're close. Is Maddie in town yet? I only watched ATWT occasionally, so I can't be sure of the details, but it sound like they're playing Spring 2007. According to IMDB, Noah's first episode is #13,028 -- June.

Sm audition/Trainee questions?

1) for the second round for the audition, Do I have to fly to korea? My visa isnt in the condition of flying to anywhere out of USA.. ill have to wait until august or something.. and I will be auditioning for 2012 audition.. -its actually the third round that you fly to korea but the different rounds are very close to each other so i would try to do something with that vise quickly! 2) How is the trainee life? Like schedules.. (Example: Go to school, comeback, practice..) -they train you very hard, but in my opinion it is worht it and i also believe that the trainees made the decision so its not SM's fault! the schedule is somethin like wakeup-train-school-train-homework-sleep 3) I sent my application to is that the right email address? -yes, if you havent already in a couple of days or like a week you will get an email saying that they got your application and it is okay for you to audition 4)Will Sm pay for all my "tuition" while training? -they will pay for all of your needs, so i think they will pay for your college tuition but im not sure sorry 5)What is Sm's expectations? -they expect hard, diligent trainees. people who dont complain, and are very greatful. someone who improves week by week. someone who follows the rules. a good person obviously-doesnt cause trouble. basically some thats good to work with -Good Luck:D

My boyfriend is getting married (being forced) to someone else?

i am sorry about this i truly am i know the guilt that families in india place on their children is HORRIBLE and DISGUSTING you, personally, can't fight against that the only way things will change in india - and in other places where families blackmail their family members - is if people stand up to their family and say, hey, it is my life, i deserve to be happy, and i want to marry who i want to marry otherwise, things will not change if he is not strong enough to stand up to his family ? he is not good husband material just repeat that to yourself life a mantra don't make excuses for him no one is holding a gun to his head - just emotional blackmail he can support his family if he came to the usa and went to school and got jobs here guilt is a disgusting thing to give to your kids to live through i wish you peace

Relationship anxiety?(Online relationship)?

India to America for a High School student..? Need help.?

dude, your an Indian, ya'll are smart as hell ;) in 11th grade you'll be a junior and then you'll be a senior and done with high school. In 11th grade, you will have to take the ACT, score high to get into a good university. this is the North Carolina- State Board of Education: This link is about the high school sample test, take the test and see how you do, it's the PDF file Hope I helped

is this a good political move?

Sorry buddy, people who murder their own countrymen belong on the side of the political spectrum that gets to claim Mao, Stalin and Castro.

One Direction Tickets?? Please HELP!?

Cheapest One Direction tickets are on Check there ;)

is it normal or ok for an 11 grade girl to go trick or treating?

I think if you use the word teen in your age you are too old. ut that's just me it seems.

Can i use my I-20 to come back in from my country to the usa for studies?

You can use your current I-20 but it needs to be endorsed by your Designated School Official stating that your student status is current and that you are a good progress with your studies..

Request for Olympic 2012, Slam dunk + 3pts contest?

I agree too.It would be exciting to see it in the 2012 london olympics

Spring intake for 4-year colleges in USA still possible?

Which will be the future of USA without George ''The Great One'' Bush????

Is there any way we can keep Bush and Cheney? I would hate to see a dem ending the Iraq War.

what else will obama cheat at?

I started to write something and then I said to myself: why waste your time? So thanks.

Do u think social conservatives will be able to effectively harness opposition to Obama for their own benefit?

I would kind of like our segment of conservatism to harness it. Did you see what YAL was up to on Constitution Day?

Please help me with my sponsorship proposal letter!!!! Editing?

The beginning is really good. You could leave out the money part, it sounds a little like your desperate. You can also make your budget on a separate paper and say, attached is my proposed budget with all of the things I will need to compete and make the letter something like this (Im copying and pasting yours with edits) ... Dear Potential Sponsor, I believe that anything is achievable as long as you set your mind to it. Life is full of various challenges and I have taken on a very exciting challenge! I have been selected as a contestant for the MISS MI USA ® Pageant. This pageant leads to the actual Miss USA pageant hosting on NBC. The pageant will be held September 28-29, 2012 in Port Huron, MI and I am very excited to be competing with young women from all areas of Michigan. Miss MI USA will provide many great opportunities to gain scholarships, help the community, and more. I am a hard working student at Oakland University and work part-time during school and full-time in the summer. I also volunteered as a tutor for students and for military members who needed help passing ASVAB and AFQT testing, Red Cross, and the Special Olympics. I am currently help from sponsors so that I may compete in this pageant, including my entry fee, travel, cosmetics, coaching, and wardrobe expenses. I am truly delighted and grateful for this opportunity and don’t want miss out, but I need your help. Please review the enclosed materials including my budget and advertising I am offering your business, and contact me with any questions you may have about sponsoring me to participate in this incredible event. Thank you very much for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,

how to slay a kony 2012 supporter?

Can I sponsor my Parents to come to USA ?

SM Entertainment Global Audition 2012?

Ok, firstly you should probably apply by Youtube: or by email. You *have* to apply to get an audition. So you probably shouldn't be making any plans to go to the city yet until you are chosen. Secondly, the locations haven't been announced yet. You can check it out on their website:

SM Global Audition 2012 in LA & San Francisco?

4322 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90010

watch Marquez vs Fedchenko Live stream online BOX 14 Apr 2012?

i watch the first one you wrote and after that.......yawn........zzzzZzzZZzzz...

Who will be the Republican Party nominee to fight Obama in the 2012 election?

Can't help. My crystal ball in in the shop for repairs but I'm betting it will be someone who is still in the background.

What other qualifications will the Republican nominee in 2012 need?

A heartbeat.....

What skills and qualifications will the 2012 Republican nominee need?

He or she will have to be born a US citizen and 35 years of age. Obama's record will guarantee he or she wins.

USA president Obama failed his promise to cut deficit. Why is it even higher than 2011 budget?

Because of Senate inaction there has not been a budget for more than 1000 days.

3 weeks in USA in August 2012 for young couple.... what to do and what order?

As far as the general itinerary goes, the only thing I might suggest would be to go NY->Fla->Vegas and then fly out of LA instead of NY->Vegas (and San Diego)->Orlando. There are a couple of reasons: The first is that a transcontinental domestic flight is effectively going to burn a whole day, and you've got two in your itinerary. Flying from Buffalo to Orlando will save you half a day's travel (more if you fly JetBlue--it's less than a three hour flight, because they go non-stop from Buffalo to Orlando). If you fly out of LAX (a couple of hours north of San Diego), you can generally find non-stop flights to Heathrow, and depending on when you fly, it may actually be cheaper to fly from LAX. And it's only an hour or so longer flight than the non-stops out of Miami. And you probably know this, but I'll mention it just to be safe, but it's going to be really hot in both Vegas and South Florida. South Florida is also very humid. If you're interested, the Kennedy Space Center is just an hour or so east of Orlando. I started to say that, to me at least, six nights is longer than I'd want to give Las Vegas, but if you want to see a couple of shows and see the Grand Canyon, it might not be. BTW, plan on the Grand Canyon basically taking a whole day. Not only is it spectacular (just a quick look won't be enough), but it's actually about a five-hour drive to get there. Hoover Dam is also kind of an interesting side-trip, and it's not very far from Vegas. If you're going from one hotel/casino on the Strip to another one, it's often faster to walk than it is to drive. Picture the M25 on a Monday morning--that's about the best you can expect the traffic to be. Miami is a great city for night-life, as long as you stick to the "popular" areas. However, you should know there are parts of town where you really don't want to go. If you start seeing buildings that look like they need repair, turn around, because it's only going to get worse.

team usa basketball: 2012 olympic team?

p.g Rondo ..i think tony parker is french S.g . Dwade ( younger than kobe) S.f Lebron P.f Kevin Durant C. Dwight howard (if hes healthy) but if not Andrew Bynum Bench: Dwills, Kobe,Melo,Chris Bosh (he'll be back) tyson chandler, russle westbrook, james harden.

USA basketball: 2012 olympic team?

Derrick Rose Kobe Bryant Lebron James Kevin Durant Dwight Howard Chris Paul Dwyane Wade Carmelo Anthony Kevin Love Tyson Chandler Rajon Rondo Anthony Davis (why not?)

Team usa basketball: 2012 olympic team?

If everyone was healthy and willing to play... Starters: PG-Chris Paul SG-Kobe Bryant SF-Lebron James PF-Carmelo Anthony (Yes, playing out of position, but the foreign teams are usually undersized, he's a good rebounder, and there's not much depth available at the PF spot) C-Dwight Howard Off the bench: Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Tyson Chandler, Russell Westbrook, Andrew Bynum

2012 Goldwing Hit or Miss?

Definitely a miss. I have a 2001 Goldwing. Yes, for a big bike the saddle bags are small. So bigger saddle bags are much needed. Reshaping the fairing to improve comfort is very desirable. Most likely will still need the under the mirror shields and the side shields to control turbulence especially to the passenger. Instrument panel has been redone. Big deal. Nothing wrong with the panel on my '01. Claims the suspension has been tweaked. Most likely will still need suspension modification such as the ones offered by Traxxion Dynamics. I had the full package from Traxxion. The rear shock mods really improve comfort when riding two up and pulling a trailer. Forks are still too harsh. My bike has a terrible intercom system. Dealer was unwilling to do anything to control all the hissing and static. Don't know if this was ever fixed on the later models. Did they powder coat or clear coat the wheels? Most likely no. Pain in the @ss trying to keep the wheels clean. Powder coated the rear rim. At least that wheel only takes about 5 minutes to clean. In the auto industry, all the companies keep working toward perfection. Not true with the motorcycle industry. Too interested in making styling changes instead of improving the ride and reliability qualities. One of my biggest gripes with the motorcycle industry in general. One of the biggest changes that would really benefit the Goldwing, a six speed gear box. Always felt the engine was spinning over too fast at highway speeds. Now, instead of running a 60 series tire, I use a 70 series tire from the 1800 VTX. Highway cruising is more comfortable and knocks out the speedometer error. Didn't anyone at Honda try this?? If not, then why not?? Again, this is a miss. Just a few fluff improvements and missed on the needed major improvements that would make a very good bike into a truly great bike. At least they started the 1800 series with a great engine.

Where will you be when the 2012 "election" happens?

I will be watching msnbc and fox. I will celebrate with msnbc and laugh at fox's grumbling.

What should I charge for 2 Pageant photos?

Link to your work? Price depends on the quality of your images:) I'm an amateur photographer this is my daughter~ What I would charge is $50 if someone just wanted 2 images. I would print her up an 8x10 up of each photo, from a good photo lab ie Miller's Lab, MpixPro, Whcc, or even just Mpix. If she wanted the high resolution digital file I would charge $75 instead of $50 since she might go some where else for prints instead of going through me:) However I'm not a professional photographer and not making a living on my work. Hope this helped!

Is it true that Ronald Reagan actually faked his death, and is really training for the upcoming battle?

That's what I heard too. Looks like "Ronbo" is coming out of retirement to kick some butt!

who do you guys got on team usa 2012 olympic team?

PG Deron Williams,Chris Paul,Derrick Rose SG Kobe bryant,Dwayne Wade, Brandon Roy SF LeBron James Carmelo Anthony Kevin Durant PF/C Dwight Howard,Chris Bosh,Amare Stoudamire

When is X-Factor USA 2012 be on TV?

How are you preparing for the political battle coming in 2012?

When are One Direction doing signings in the USA April 2012?

i hate answering these type of questions, bc i give great answers and the asker always makes the question go to vote. I would tell you where to go to meet them, bc i do know. but i know that your just gonna let this question go to vote, so i wont waste my time for something you'll never even see

who do you think is going to win miss universe?

This girl

Competing for Miss Nevada USA or Miss California USA, what's involved?

Hi I am competing in a Miss USA state pageant this fall. The local titles are awarded on a first come first serve basis. You get a sash with your local title on it as soon as you can make the initial deposit for the pageant. This cost me over $300. I have until the pageant to raise in sponsorship money the rest of the fee. My total pageant costs aside from buying a gown, shoes, etc is $1300. You get $100 credit for every woman you invite who also decides to enter the pageant. Good luck!!!

sponsors for the 2012 miss california teen usa?

While you're fundraising and looking for sponsors, start drafting a budget so that you can better prepare yourself for the costs of the pageant! Check out this article on saving money for pageants and budgeting your sponsorships appropriately: (The Pageant Planet also has a ridiculous number of articles to help prep you for Miss California Teen USA...check it out! Good luck with your competition!)

Where can I sign up for Miss Guatemala USA 2012?

Ask Donald Trump.

Is Palin gearing up for 2012 Miss USA Pageant?

Sarah Palin, more like I want to be IMpalin dat hoe wit muh dong. Yeah yeah, you no she would like it prolly. Just tel her she is doing her country a favor, and she would do it. No kweshtunz asked.

Why are there two miss rhode island 2012?

What state will win Miss USA 2012?

Hopefully, North Carolina.

Poll: Are you going to be watching the 2012 Miss USA pageant tonight?

Who do you think will win Miss USA 2012?

what was the song that was played during the evening gown segment in 2012 Miss USA Pageant?

Where can I apply to enter Miss California USA 2012? or you can call 872-222-6477 * There are NO height restrictions; the girl who won last year’s contest was 7 inches shorter than the 1st runner up! * 95% of the new contestants have NEVER done a contest before! * It is the absolute BEST way to force yourself to get into amazing shape! * Last year almost 90% of the girls weren’t in bikini shape when they interviewed and yet look amazing on stage the big day. * There are over $200,000 in prizes and scholarships. Some prizes go to all the competitors and many go to the top 5. The winner get to do appearances that sometimes pay between $1000-$3000 per time! * This year the Miss USA contest is likely to be on Network Television where thousands will watch. Last year it was on the CW Network (America’s Top Model) regionally. * Although the teen contest isn’t on national TV it was watched by almost 100,000 viewers on last year! * Last year girls got lots of sponsor support for the event, something Miss USA assists and educated you how to obtain. * Many times the girl that wins raises enough sponsor money to not have to work all year. * This year girls will get the advantage of using a new website that will revolutionize the way contestants raise money and with ease because as you know…”beauty is expensive”! * We have many top celebrity judges and huge industry pros that you will recognize and admire. * In the last 5 years we have had many contestants go on to star in TV, become news reporters and anchors, and star in Films * You will meet the biggest and best agents, managers, photographers, makeup artists and other industry pros. * We make stars out of college girls, waitresses, teenagers working at jack in the box, secretaries, and many other professions. * Every year there are girls that have orthodontic braces on. * We had 2 plus sized models in last year’s competition. * Last year the girl that won raised enough sponsor money to not have to work all year. * Many times the prettiest girl doesn’t win but a girl that has the ability to speak well and think independently with great charisma, nice looks and a decent figure will always do well. * Many of the girls in the event will go on to be leaders among women in the next 10 years… women you need to know!

How do I apply for Miss USA 2012?

To apply for Miss California USA and Miss TEEN USA 2012 go to