How should I mount mirrors on my bedroom ceiling?

I have seen a bedroom with a ceiling mounted mirror and it was one piece the size was the same as the bed , for this you will need a professional to mounted on the ceiling they will use appropriate lifts to old and stick the mirror to the ceiling this is a very thin mirror that you need .In regard of adding value to your house I don't think so , I really think that it all depends on whom buys the house and if they like to see themselves laying in bed , if you are doing this for yourself it's your taste only, if someone was to buy the house they probably would remove it , thinking that the owners were a bit naughty!

How do I remove mirrors from a wall that has double sided tape on them?

Get yourself some picture wire. Wrap the ends around your hands, put the wire between the wall and the mirror then use a sawing motion while pulling down on the wire. The wire will slice through the two faced tape and work it's way down and out the bottom. Just be sure to have a second person catch the mirror as it falls.

Does a Jeep have to have mirrors to be street legal in Oregon?

You need a mirror on the driver's side in all of the 50 states.

Why do I look different in mirrors?

EDITED: I know exactly what you mean. I see the same thing in the mirrors. not all mirrors are the same. there will be minor distortions. these distortions are unique to each mirror. they can cause a different reflection (uneven) from one side of the mirror to another in the same mirror. maybe manufactures defects or the uniqueness of the material of glass; being amorphous. Some say glass is actually a liquid. According to Wikipedia, the free on-line encyclopedia ........There is no clear answer to the question "Is glass solid or liquid?". In terms of molecular dynamics and thermodynamics it is possible to justify various different views that it is a highly viscous liquid, an amorphous solid, or simply that glass is another state of matter which is neither liquid nor solid. maybe both in combonation, manufactures defects & the nature of glass makes mirrors prone to these kinds of distortions. who really knows. but I do see it too. I believe a full length solid mirror that is a swivel mirror on a very slight slant to see all of you from head to toe would show best. but that is my personal preference to see all of me. you know, the old mirrors on hinges that can be rotated. here is picture off the web of a mirror like the one I described. mine actually had a mirror on the other side too; a magnifying mirror (full length). I wish now I never got rid of it.

Are the mirrors different between the lg shine black and silver?

Unless you see it in person, it's probably hard to tell. I bet they're pretty similar. The silver is probably a LITTLE more reflective because it's and silver is more reflective than black. But the mirrors look the same to me. Titanium Black: Silver:

I need to buy mirrors for my bathrooms at good prices, any ideas for websites or stores?

Why do I look different in some mirrors?

Look in a regular full length mirror from a little distance so that you can see all of you without much distortion.


Nope. Mirrors would just reflect back what the person outside the cloak is seeing. So, if a person looked at the person wearing the cloak, they would see themself, and know something was up.


It seems logical that the bad luck would only come if you broke the mirror by accident. If you did it "on purpose" that 's like the opposite of "luck" y'know? And if you take the thought out further, if you tried to get bad luck from breaking the mirror because you really needed bad luck for some reason, , the real bad luck would be getting the opposite of what you wanted. You might get good luck instead.


This is totally TRUE.......... to a degree...! Mirrors do NOT show the exact image. What they show is a reversed image. It is NOT the same as in real life. Left becomes right and right left. In some cases they may even flip top and bottom, like in a fun house, so NO, mirrors do NOT show the exact image. However, in the optical path of a SLR camera for example, by the use of a special made prism, a Pentaprism - a mirror CAN be fooled to give you, the viewer, the real world as it is seen by you and your camera lens... Film records the world upside down and backwards because the lens of ANY camera projects it this way, even digital cameras... on their electronic chip.. Take a picture of a friend, girl or guy and have them against a solid color back ground with no visible detail. Use any photo editing program and flip their image left to right, and then print it.... Most people will say - what is wrong here..? Something don't look right.. ! We all have imperfections in our physical make up and when we see ourselves or others presented in a way that is reversed, it is noticed.. But we are used to our image in a mirror.. And if YOU look into a mirror... it may crack, but not me or any of the people I hang with... ;-) Bob - Tucson