What kind of shoes does Miranda Cosgrove wear in the music video Raining Sunshine?


Why does Miranda cosgrove look so uncomfortable?

I agree, she isn't that pretty, but she isn't ugly either. As for her acting, she honestly kind of reminds me of Kristen Stewart, they're both just so.. awkward.

Miranda cosgrove?

She's 15 years old, and yeah, she is totally cool. I like her unique look too. She's definately one of a kind!

How many calories does miranda cosgrove eat a day?

Probably not a lot!

What are some style tips for someone who looks like Miranda Cosgrove?

i have a blog with her exact clothing here! :D http://mirandastylesource.wordpress.com

What is the name of the song that miranda cosgrove sings in icarly in iwedding?

It's "Shakespeare". I liked this song very much too... But the episode's name isn't "iWedding", it's "iDo".

How does Miranda Cosgrove get amazing hair? And all of the other famous Nick girls?

its TV. they probably have their own personal stylists. and tons of airbrushing.

What is the best way to contact Miranda Cosgrove?

The best way is to probably win a contest that would allow you to meet her or write her a fan mail begging her to invite u over. idk follow ur heart :) hope i helped and good luck

miranda cosgrove?

well ok. i live in L.A. so set it up and I will go for you

Miranda Cosgrove ?

i bet hes hardcore