Does the Minnesota Twins still wear their regular home jerseys with the current logo?

They are doing this as a tribute to Harmon Killebrew. Since Killebrew's death, the Twins have worn their 1960s throwback jerseys at every home game, and they will continue to do so all year. EDIT: Yes, it is only for home games for this season. They have not made any changes to their road uniforms (they have two of those; one is gray and the other is dark blue). And the plan is to return to the regular jerseys next year for home games, though they'll probably still wear the throwbacks from time to time. @Jigokusa: yes, they did go all out. Minnesotans don't do anything half-assed! They have the patch, too. Everyone on the Twins has #3 on his sleeve this year.

how did the minnesota twins win by 1 and how did the vikings win by 3?

Training camp hasn't started for the Wild yet and ditto the Gophers, does that answer your question?

Can anyone tell me two of the days the minnesota twins had home games?

August 2010 home games for the Twins: Aug.1 beat the Mariners 4 - 0 Aug.13 beat the Athletics 4 - 3 Aug.14 beat the Athletics 2 - 0 Aug.15 beat the Athletics 4 - 2 Aug.17 beat the White Sox 7 - 6 Aug.18 beat the White Sox 7 - 6 Aug.19 lost to the White Sox 11 - 0 Aug.20 beat the Angels 7 - 2 Aug.21 lost to the Angels 9 - 3 Aug.22 beat the Angels 4 - 0 Aug.31 beat the Tigers 4 - 3 September 2010 home games for the Twins: Sep.1 beat the Tigers 2 - 1 Sep.2 lost to the Tigers 10 - 9 Sep.3 beat the Rangers 12 - 4 Sep.4 beat the Rangers 6 - 5 Sep.5 beat the Royals 5 - 4 Sep.6 beat the Royals 10 - 3 Sep.7 beat the Royals 4 - 3 Sep.17 lost to the Athletics 3 - 1 Sep.18 beat the Athletics 4 - 2 Sep.19 lost to the Athletics 6 - 2 Sep.20 beat the Indians 9 - 3 Sep.21 beat the Indians 6 - 4 Sep.22 beat the Indians 5 - 1 Sep.30 lost to the Blue Jays 13 - 2 October 2010 home games for the Twins: Oct.1 lost to the Blue Jays 6 - 3 Oct.2 beat the Blue Jays 5 - 4 Oct.3 lost to the Blue Jays 2 - 1 October 2010 home (PLAYOFF) games for the Twins: Oct.6 lost to the Yankees 6 - 4 Oct.7 lost to the Yankees 5 - 2

what is the better choice Purdue vs Minnesota twins city in undergraduate chemical engineering major? contest.... (To be honest, I'm sure Minnesota's a fine choice, I just happen to be a bit biased. You should really visit both schools and see which one fits you better. Both will have a lot of the advantages big schools can provide, and I'm sure overall you'd be happy with either choice. And while the previous poster is correct, the winters here probably aren't as harsh as in Minnesota, that doesn't mean we don't have our share of 10+ inches of snow days...)

Would you say the Minnesota Twins had a great season?

I would say they did for sure! Excellent season, can't wait for next year to come now!

What is the email address for Minnesota Twins radio?

Why did the Minnesota Twins ever leave their old ball park?

It was named the Metropolitan Stadium (and is where the Mall of America is today (a home plate plaque is in the amusement park section of the mall)). As for why.... it just wasn't large enough for the Vikings who also played there, and since it wasn't viable at the time for the city to have a stadium just for football, the Twins moved too (in 1981). That said though, the Twins will be getting a new park just for themselves in the near future.

Where will the Minnesota Twins fans be able to tailgate at the new stadium?

On their tailgates I would think.

minnesota twins?

Twin Cities Meaning St. Paul and Minneapolis That is why they are called the Twins, because of these two cities.

Minnesota Twins?

The current batting leader is Joe Mauer with a .333 average On May 14, the Twins have a home game against the Toronto Blue Jays. The mascot is the T.C. Bear. The head coach is Ron Gardenhire The Twins are in the Central Division in the American League.