D Rose is getting traded to Minnesota Timberwolves for 4th round draft pick?

none because their is no 4th round pick

Who in this years NBA draft will give the Minnesota Timberwolves?

I think the Heat will take Beasley but then the Timberwolves will take Derrick Rose. I think they will need to make a draft trade because Brewer didn't help them improve last year! So get Iverson or Anthony or maybe Vince Carter. By the way Aaron S his name is Shawn Marion and no the Heat will not win the championship. A rookie can't take the worst team in the league into a championship caliber team.

Who will be the best fit for the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2008 NBA Draft?

Roy Hibbert Proven and mature... Plus you can not teach 7'2"...Takes up the middle. Everyone will either go with Love or Beasley. However, the West is being dominated by the center position. They can sign a free agent power forward in the off season, how many free agent 7 and over centers are there. Plus he is in a conference that loves to play in the paint.

If your the Minnesota Timberwolves do you take Derrick Williams who is a Beasley 2.0?

I want Kanter to go to Utah! He's ours!!! Please? No way man, I want Jimmer the most. We are so taking him at #12. We need that pick. Sorry bro. Good luck to your T-Wolves though, never had anything against them.

Can you already count the minnesota timberwolves out?

they are already counted out since the season started.

Will the Minnesota Timberwolves surprise everyone this season?

I say yes. Last year they had 15 wins, and I can see them making the playoffs and being above 0.500. That's huge. I've watched them against the Lakers and the Knicks, and they looked ready to compete. A clear no to Beasley though, from what I've seen he's still a toy doing acts instead of focussing on the game.

would Andrew Bynum be as popular and well liked if he played for Minnesota Timberwolves?

I live in Los Angeles. Andrew Bynum is neither popular nor well liked. Right now, every Lakers fan wants him to be packaged and traded for Dwight Howard. A few years ago, everyone wanted him to be sent to New Jersey in the Jason Kidd trade that the Nets had on the table. Scottie Pippen might have had better stats without Michael Jordan, but he would not have six championship rings.

Poll: Do You Think the Minnesota Timberwolves Have a Chance to the playoffs next season?

Are the Minnesota Timberwolves stupid or what?

With all the shots Mayo wouldve missed for the Wolves, they would need a Kevin Love along with A Jefferson to get his rebounds. Love is a very versatile bigman and has a promising future. Not many centers can get the boards and hit the 3. Mayo has a lot potential and could be a solid player one day, but he misses too many shots and turns the ball over a little too much. Roy certainly is looking good, but Foye is just a step below him. Remember, Foye is coming off and injury and played well when he returned last season. He hasnt had much of an opportunity to display what he's got, but he's going to be a good one.

Do the Minnesota Timberwolves have a chance at all in the next couple years to get to the Playoffs?

look, im starting to be a twolves supporter myself and ill tell you why. this team has talent, a lot of talent. they beat the suns twice, the beat my warriors, and they beat the hornets. the reason why they lose is because theyre a young team still learning how to play and adjust to real game scenarios (ie, the boston game they should have won). they will learn what to do and what not to do and they will learn how to make adjustments during the game. this twolves team will be good in a few years, trust me. they made out alright in the KG deal, it was a fair deal for both sides. the wolves got al jefferson, who is putting up 20/12. he is the best player nobody knows about. he is essentially putting up tim duncan numbers. ryan gomes is a stud. if he plays more consistently he will be a star. hes got a ton of talent. gerald green also has talent but im not sure why he never gets playing time. but he is super athletic and has skills, but they need some devloping. telfair is a quick PG who is a above average passer, what he needs to do is learn to hit a midrange jumper. see what monta ellis did over the summer. last year he couldnt even shoot anything that wasnt a layup. now he hits from right below the 3 pt line. thats what telfair needs to do. foyes got a world of talent. thats why he was drafted so high. just needs to stay injury free. brewer is alright, i doubt he becomes anything special but hes got long arms and can be a tayshaun prince type of player. mccants is a good scorer/shooter. he just needs to be more consistent at it. the twolves will have a top 5 pick and some of bostons picks i forget which. but can you imagine the wolves adding a top talent like michael beasley or deandre jordan to the team? once this team learns how to play and learns how to win, they will be good again.

Should I wait until after the 2011 NBA Draft to get a Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey?

kemba walker is the 7th pick so look up and see where wolves stand in it.

Who do you think wins New Jersey Nets at Minnesota Timberwolves and prediction?

N-E-T-S They're looking good. Brook is a beast, he is making his jumpers and his rebounding is great. Jarvis Hayes in injured though, he is a huge source or our offense though. Devin has picked up early fouls, so we are lacking some offense now so somebody has to pick it up. I notice they are running many less half-court sets because of the loss of Vince Carter. Nets take it 93-84.

What if the Kansas Jayhawks played against the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Kansas is a very good college basketball team and are great in almost every catagory. But what we need to think about is the Wolves are professionals for a reason. Wolves>Jayhawks. 24/25 times wolves would win :D

What website can I buy tickets for the Minnesota Timberwolves vs Toronto Raptors in Sioux Falls?

try to check on http://www.ticketmaster.com/ there you find it

Do you think Ricky Rubio will ever be in a Minnesota Timberwolves jersey?

I was hoping that he would play for Minnesota as soon as possible but I highly doubt it cause after he was drafted by the Wolves on this years NBA draft, he did also signed to a six-year contract with FC Barcelona. In that case Minnesota has the right for Ricky Rubio but could only play for them after his contract expires with FC Barcelona and that is on 2015. G0t it? Go0d!!!!

Will Minnesota Timberwolves has the worst nba record in history?

no they wont the stupid knicks will i will bet u

which free agent do you think would be best for the minnesota timberwolves?

Do you like the chicago bulls better or minnesota timberwolves?

I like the Bulls better than the Timberwolves because I think thay have done moreto improve their chances of winning than Minnesota. I feel sorry for Kevin Garnett because he is a good player but needs a little more support.

do the clippers have the minnesota timberwolves first round pick this year?

If the T-Wolves end up with a pick less than top 10, they get the pick. If they end up outside the top 10, which is very unlikley the Clippers get that draft pick.

What are some realistic trade ideas for the Minnesota Timberwolves?

3-team deal knicks get: luke ridnour t'wolves get: oj mayo & anthony randolph grizzlies get: 1st rd pick from t'wolves & cash

I'm wondering, How many draft picks will Minnesota Timberwolves get?

they got 2 from the celtics kg trade i don't remeber if they got any from the heat or from the szcerbiak trade but if they did then they would have 5 first round picks 2nd round i don't know

What are the potential draft pics for the Minnesota Timberwolves with all the trading they do?

If they;re number one they should pick OJ. Mayo

Do the Minnesota Timberwolves have an outside shot at the 8-seed in the Western Conference?

Love and Barea are going to do their thing but I believe the key to whether the Timberwolves qualifying for the playoffs would be the level of production they can get from Michael Beasley and Wesley Johnson, and whether Rubio and Derrick Williams can have a breakout rookie season. Having a veteran like Barea running point can definitely help those guys raise their game. The Timberwolves are an unquestionably talented young team and if they can find the right chemistry in time, there is no reason why they cannot have a shot at it.

is it possible to buy single game tickets for the minnesota timberwolves?

Hey, I'm from Minny too! Wolves tickets aren't hard to come by unless you want some crazy seats. We aren't playing on Christmas though.

Why do the Minnesota Timberwolves suck so bad?

1. They are very young 2. Coach 3. Play in the west 4.Talent wow do not listen to wicker.... Up there Al jefferson is great, look up his stats, he is a all star just not on a team to make it lol Need a Center, half the teams in the NBA would beg to have jefferson for there starting Center.lol Mark Gasol is a solid player not al jefferson good lol

Are the Minnesota Timberwolves really turning it around now?, Will they be a contender in the West next year?

Contender in the West? T-Wolves? There are about 10 teams in the West that can KILL T-Wolves. T-Wolves wont get a taste of the playoffs in a LONG while.

Will the Minnesota Timberwolves make the playoffs in the 2010/2011 nba season?

No way.They'll win 15-20 games next year.They probably won't make the playoffs for another 10 seasons.

What should the Minnesota Timberwolves do this offseason?

I wouldn't get so hasty dismissing KG. Remember what the Wolves were like before him? Even though Marbury is pretty darn worthless now (whatever on the court benefits he still brings he takes away by being a locker room cancer) Minnesota has never found consistent PG play since he left. In 2004 they made the Western Conference finals under Cassell's leadership but he's not the same player anymore either. I'm not so sure Foye and McCants are the answer. Obviously James has to go he's the basketball equivalent of a one hit wonder. If I'm the Wolves I look into acquiring Mike Bibby. I'd be willing to part with McCants, Ricky Davis, or Foye to make it happen. Depending on Scouting I might try and take one of those players and the Minnesota first round pick to move up in the draft if I didn't like the players who were likely to fall to me. And oddly enough Minnesota missing the playoffs might be in their best interest, unless its the final straw that breaks the camel's back and has KG demanding a trade. I'm not sure who the top Free Agents are this year, but I think the T-Wolves need to address the PG position. They also need a defensive rebounding Center in the Tyson Chandler mold, a SG like Ricky Davis (only with consistency) and they need to add a scoring threat off the bench along with more depth.

How many winning seasons have Minnesota Timberwolves had?

The Wolves have played 22 seasons in the NBA. They have had 1 season (1998-99) with a .500 record They have had 14 seasons below .500 They have had 7 seasons above .500 with their best record being 58-24 (.707) in 2003-04.

What year did the Minnesota Timberwolves win their division and lose to LA Lakers in the Playoffs?

2003-04 season, they lost the 2004 Western Conference Finals to the Lakers

Who will the Minnesota Timberwolves draft with the 3rd pick?

o j mayo

What do the Minnesota Timberwolves need to do to turn their season around?

get KG some help

When are the Minnesota Timberwolves going to be a playoff contender?

Not anytime soon.

What could the Minnesota Timberwolves get for Ricky Rubio?

Not much. He wants to play in Spain for at least 3 more years. Why would any team trade good players for a player who may help them 3 years from now.

How much would a minnesota timberwolves basketball signed by the team be worth?

$100-$150 Max

What picks should the Minnesota Timberwolves make in the first round of the 2009 NBA draft?

Draft Rubio, Thabeet, or Harden if they fall to #6 Arguably the best players who might be available are DeRozan, Evans, and Hill. I'm a Timberwolves fan and I'm a huge proponent of drafting Evans. He would be a perfect fit in Minnesota. Minnesota has three players who can play the point, and that is Telfair, Foye, and Brown (none of which should ever start at the point guard position). Evans brings versatility because he is a combo guard after all. #18 Teague he is a great shooter and Minnesota needs an outside threat to help Jefferson #28 Casspi because he is willing to stay an extra year overseas. That is valuable because Minnesota doesn't need 3-5 rookies playing this season, so they can stash him overseas.

Where can I find cheap Minnesota Timberwolves tickets?

stubhub.com ticketmaster.com

When will Ricky Rubio play and will it be for the Minnesota Timberwolves?

He will play for the Timberwolves because we own the rights to him that is the only way he can play in the NBA unless we trade him. David Kahn supposedly said Rubio will be in uniform next year but if not he will be in 2012 because that is when his contract overseas ends. As far as John Wall i highly doubt we could get him in a trade.

What moves do you think the Minnesota Timberwolves should make to contend for a 8th seed in the west?

I agree with you that they can make a lower playoff seed next season (hopefully there is one!). But I actually don't think they need to make any moves. With a very young roster, I think a free agent or two could help, but mainly I think it's just chemistry and experience that they can improve on and that takes a few seasons.

What's so good about Craig Smith of the Minnesota Timberwolves?

The thing about Craig Smith is that he doesn't give up. I live in MN and I've seen him play a little bit and the one thing about him that I love is that he's always hustling

Would the Minnesota Timberwolves trade the rights of Ricky Rubio ?

Ricky Rubio-another in a long line of TWolves drafting mistakes. It appears the only one they really have hit on to have an effect on them is Kevin Love going all the way back to Wally Sczerbiak in 1999. And Love was a draft day trade from the Grizzlies who selected him fifth overall. They got OJ Mayo with the 3rd pick and swapped with the Griz along with other players traded at the same time. At this point, it doesn't appear Rubio wants to play for the Wolves. And to think they could have had Eric Gordon or Brook Lopez. I put that drafting history on the GM.

Minnesota Timberwolves draft Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flyn?

this is probably one of the stupidest things i've ever seen. Rubio is 6'3 but is a passer more than a shooter. Flynn is 5'11 and cannot play Shooting guard Rubio's father is also talking about him remaining in spain for a few more years because he wants him on a big market team. The Knicks have been trying to make a deal with the T-wolves for Rubio. maybe jordan hill? idk. So it looks like the T-wolves are gonna stick with Flynn at PG and finish the 2009 offseason with the stupidest draft EVER. they coulda gotten 4 first rounders which they need cuz the team is terrible Will the Timberwolves ever be succesful the world may never know...

Will the Minnesota Timberwolves have chances to improve now that they got players that have good game?

with a very high chance yes!

Are the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Timberwolves both owned by the same group?

Jim Pohlad (born 1953)[1] is the owner of the Minnesota Twins of the American League. Upon the death of his father, Carl Pohlad, on January 5th, 2009, he inherited ownership of the Twins franchise. On March 23, 1995, Glen Taylor closed the deal that made him majority owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves So the answer is no. The reason they are both named after Target is because the World headquarters of the retail giant Target is only a few blocks from both stadiums.

Who should the minnesota timberwolves use their amnesty cut clause on?

Rubio would have no backup or mentor. As for amnesty, it would not make sense for MIN to use it. They do not have a high-salary player on the roster and are not going to use it just to use it (and foolishly release an asset), it doesn't work like that.

I can't get the minnesota timberwolves game on my tv?

usually games are shown on kstc for both Minneapolis and st pauls. Chanel 45. If no games are there than you need fox sports north. Those are the only 2 chanels that have contracts with the t wolves.

Minnesota Timberwolves?

Probably Ricky Davis because he was K.G.'s right hand man for the half season he played in Minnesota. Now that K.G.'s gone, the team is his unless he gets traded as part of the T'Wolves youth movement.

What can the Minnesota timberwolves do to turn around their season.?

Join the WNBA

minnesota timberwolves?

In my opinion, I believe the T'Wolves will do better. McHale was a great player and he has coached for the same team before with a 19-12 record. Nevertheless, he has a worser team, but that still doesn't diminish the fact that they have one of the best FC's in the game, Al Jefferson, and recently acquired Mike Miller is a great shooter and is great to have only if you have key players to dominate the floor. The team is right now full of young talent, but none of the elite players. In the future, expect them to be competitive, but the team isn't gonna get any better with a new coach; it needs the front office to do whatever it can to bring in veterans that can add to Al Jefferson's dominance on and off-court. -PastaBoy

Minnesota timberwolves?

Tickets aren't on sale yet, nor have season ticket holders been issued their allotments. So don't let someone scam you.