Will the Milwaukee Bucks going to be a explosive team next Season?

Yes i do think that they need to trade bogut though. To be honest villanueva is way better than him. I think that ramon sessions will have a breakout season next year.

Why does Scott Skiles the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks have the no headband policy?

Imagine if Lebron was on the Bucks

Why isn't Penny Hardaway currently not on the Milwaukee Bucks roster?

What do the Milwaukee Bucks have to do to at least make it to 8th spot in the playoffs?

As a Nets fan i'm not a favorite to the Bucks but they got a good shot. The Bucks need Brandon Jennings to try and do even better than right now. Redd is a great outside guy and he can shoot the ball so they need him back quick. The most important thing is Bogut hitting a great stroke. He was a 1st pick and he needs to step up, get at least around 15 points and 6/7 boards. That should give them a spot and maybe even farther. In the off season, I haven't heard the Bucks having a lot of money for the 2010 FA, but a veteran player like Dirk for a year or two can do the team some good.

Am I the only Milwaukee Bucks fan in the basketball section?

The only real Bucks fan; possibly. So, if the Bucks start doing real well at some point, I'll do my best to keep in mind that you were always a Bucks supporter and not a Bucks bandwagon fan. BQ1: The East is often quite unpredictable. If their core players can stay healthy; you never know, they can grad the 8th spot in the playoffs. It all depends on their competition though. I won't count them out completely though. BQ2: PG: Sessions SG: Redd SF: Bowen (verteran presence purposes) PF: Alexander C: Bogut I was not too sure with the forwards. Hope I helped a little bit.

Do you think the Milwaukee Bucks should totally overhaul their current roster?

*except* for Jennings

Why do you the Milwaukee Bucks are suddenly winning games?

i think the trade has a little bit to do with it but there a good team and i think there coming totghter now as a team

Places to go after a Milwaukee Bucks game?

a bar called game time- located very close to the bradley center where the bucks play. 1118 n 4th street milwaukee wi 53203. or you can head to water st which is also downtown milwaukee about 5 min from bradley center and and you can walk door to door to bars many bars on that street . the bars start at the intersection of water st/ mckinley: rosies, bar louie, brothers, mcguillycuddys, water street brewery, dukes on water... many more on that street as well.

Is there a section for Boston Celtics fans to sit when playing the Bucks in Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center?

1000000000000% agree with It .... Jake's answer = Best Answer.!!!! --------------------------------------

What good players could the milwaukee bucks get for some of the players they have now.?

There is no question they could get gordon for redd, but Michael Redd is a much better player than Ben Gordon so it wouldn't make any sense to do so. The Bucks need to try and make a splash with a big free agent pick up, maybe Antawn Jamison or someone like that. They will get a high draft pick too, and should try and find someone who can help Bogut in the paint.

How far will the Milwaukee Bucks go this season?

Eliminated by Orlando Magic in First Round in 6 games. Yes. If Andrew Bogut stays healthy, he has a good shot to be the backup behind Dwight Howard. I don't think Brandon Jennings will make the team though, unless he gets up to at least the level of Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose because they're the favorites to make the Eastern All-Star team. .

How good is the Milwaukee Bucks defense?

John Salmons and Andrew Bogut are two stars known for their excellent defense. And, Luc Richard Mbah-a-Moute is a feared defensive specialist off the bench. Ersan Ilyasova is also an above average defensive power forward, and Brandon Jennings is at least quick and athletic, although very easy to post up. The Bucks' bench isn't a defensive weakness. They are an excellent defensive team.

What profits can the Milwaukee Bucks get off trading these players?

0$. Who would pick up Mike Redd's 20 million dollar salary?

What do the Milwaukee Bucks need to do in order to better their record?

i completely agree with lucky about the draft picks and getting rid of huge salaries. In my opinion, michael redd and mo williams are not going to ever lead the bucks to the championship, let alone the playoffs. get rid of them, charlie villenaueva and all of those other overpaid shooters. rebuild for now around yi jianlian and andrew bogut, along with some good first round draft picks, and in 3 years the bucks will be a serious contender.

What should the Milwaukee Bucks do this season?

What do the Milwaukee Bucks need to do to become a threat in the Eastern Conference? ?

The Bucks need a point guard who can keep the plethora of scorers involved in the offense, they also need a defensive minded big man because they can't really defend the paint, they score in the paint nicely but they have a hard time getting stops with teams attacking the interior.......I like Milwaukee's lineup they feature a very versatile and athletic unit...(Jefferson, Villenueva, Redd, Bogut)....you add in a true point guard (i.e. Earl Watson, Mike Conley, Raymond Felton these guys would help greatly) and a strong defensive interior presence they can be quite lethal (Tyson Chandler, Samuel Dalembert, Marcus Camby)...

Who can the Milwaukee Bucks get for Redd, or Mo Williams?

michael redd is a great scorer so many teams would be willing to deal for him. Im thinking sixers (iguadala and dalemebert) for redd. Or maybe travis outlaw, alrdrige, and jack for mo williams and redd. -Just my opinions

what are the names of the milwaukee bucks commentators?

The play by play announcer (bald guy with glasses) is Bill Paschke The Color guy is a former player from the championship team named Jon McGlocklin

What do you think about a trade of the milwaukee bucks' guard Michael Redd?

If they trade him they wont get what his worth because most teams are stacked at shooting guard who are in playoff contention, I also think Redd will stay because so far this year the bucks are in playoff contention.

What do you think about the Milwaukee Bucks?

They are really underachieving right now. I expected a strong, surprising start from them reeling off of their first unexpected playoff appearance in years then for them to slow down but to make the playoffs with a good seed, but Jennings has been VERY inconsistent, their Ridnour replacements in Boykins and Dooling have been disappointing, Maggette hasn't made the impact he's supposed to at all on offense, Bogut is still having a little bit of health problems, Salmons has been very very disappointing, and the role players/bench have been horrible. They can easily rise from this complete team slump, but hopefully its soon because mid season is approaching.

Do the Milwaukee Bucks have a chance to make the Playoffs?

of course they can as soon as Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut are back the better Bogut has been putting up some decent numbers lately which is good to see GO BUCKS

Who do you think is going to win the playoffs series between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks?

I see the Hawks winning this series in 5. The loss of Bogut is really going to hurt the Bucks & any kind of chance they have at winning the series. I just don't see them stopping Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, & Josh Smith. Aside from Gadzuric the size isn't there for the Bucks. It's going to be tough for them.

Any Milwaukee Bucks fans in the Detroit area?

There aren't many Bucks fans in Milwaukee!! Damn Detroit!!

should the milwaukee bucks trade michael redd for a better all star player?

Theres no way the Bucks could achieve that monumental trade..........I know it happened with Oscar Robertson, but nope. Now for the Redd part I think what the Bucks are obviously missing is an inside present.Andrew Bogut sure is having a decent season and is the only player on that team shooting above .500% but to me he should be a 4th option at best. Surprisingly there going to keep Yi for financial reason's (Yao-Yi connection equals a billion of viewers and lots of profit from that) I think they depended too much on Redd and Yi for there new plate-form of whoever they had planned with Redd. Redd to me is the a little Ray Allen learning his way around the game basically the same only Ray Allen is better. The number 1 move I thought they made was not signing Earl Boykins for another season, something to at least spark the bench the (energy player type of theme) Boykins is not Allen Iverson but dose give u something like I said. I think the Bucks are going to have to make some big moves around and switch the starting unit. either trade Desmond Mason or Bogut and get another player that can shoot besides Redd, Mo Williams, and Yi.

What do you think of the Milwaukee Bucks?

To be honest I actually really like the Bucks. They might look like they lack talent on paper but they got a great coach and all the players play hard TEAM BASKETBALL. Last season I honestly thought they would be a lottery team because of the players they lost but the Bucks shut me up lol.....and in the playoffs to take the Hawks to 7 games was just plain great, it woulda been awsome if they won cause the hawks got torn up by orlando and some of the players gave up....while Bucks players dont give up. Do I think they will make the playoffs?......Sure why not. I know the east got tougher but there arent gonna be many new teams that didnt make the playoffs this year that will likely make the playoffs next year (NYK..lol...) Also I think if this team can get the hang of their coach's offense in 1 year then they will be pros the next year. The addition of Corey will also help.

creative sign for the milwaukee bucks playing the orlando magic?

van gundy is a spaz

How well will the Milwaukee Bucks do this season?

Yes, you are correct. They have improved tremendously during the off-season. They've acquired Richard Jefferson, Joe Alexander, Francisco Elson, Luke Ridnour, Tyronn Lue, Malik Allen. etc. They are all very good players from college or from another team! These players have either played on very good teams, or played with very good players. Obviously, the leaders on this team are going to be Michael Redd, and Andrew Bogut. But, with the addition of Richard Jefferson, they are going to be really deadly inside and outside. Luke Ridnour and Tyronn Lue are really good Point Guards (from Seattly and Atlanta) and could be good players during the season. Joe Alexander is very good in college basketball player. He could be successful this year, with veterans Andrew Bogut, Charlie Villanueva, Malik Allen, and many more! Overall, the team is going to do very well! They could fight for 6,7 and 8 spot for the Playoffs, and could do well during the Playoffs. Mock Starting 5: PG - Luke Ridnour SG - Michael Redd SF - Richard Jefferson PF - Joe Alexander C - Andrew Bogut Bench: PG - Tyronn Lue SG - Charlie Bell SF - Adrian Griffin PF - Charlie Villanueva C - Francisco Elson Hope this helps!

Is the Milwaukee Bucks the very least team favorite by nba fans in the NBA?

Actually I really like the Bucks. Brandon Jennings is a great player... Andrew Bogut.... Imagine if they had kept Dirk.... they could be pretty good.

What happen to da overrated Milwaukee Bucks?

wait till jennings returns

What moves will or should the Milwaukee bucks make for the rest of the offseason?

all the bucks need to do is trade magloire and get maybe a qualiy small forward or point guard in return. they have a decent nucleus in redd, bogut and villanueva. as of the moment, they only have mo williams at the point and i think they cant have him in the starting5 if they want to compete with miami and detroit. they got david noel in the draft, a 6-6 225lbs. small forward. he's athletic and strong, i think he'll contribute off the bench. they got gadzuric who'll back up either bogut or villanueva. they got charlie bell backing up redd. maybe they can pursue free agents for their 3 spot and guys like rasaul butler, bonzi wells, deshawn stevenson and ronald murray could be candidates. i havent heard any rumor about any magloire takers since tha villanueva trade. but i think it'll happen sooner or later... the bottom line is magloire's gotta go man... peace...

Will Kwame Brown make the Milwaukee Bucks a championship contender?

Where can I see a video of Milwaukee Bucks?


What would be the best game for the Milwaukee bucks in the months of January and february 2011?

in febuary the best teams they play are bulls and suns so one of those

How well do you think the Milwaukee Bucks will do this Season?

It depends on the players, I know Scott Skiles Is a great coach. The problem is will Michael Redd play some defense and stop shooting the ball constantly and trust in his teammates rather than trust only himself. I'm tired of people saying Andrew Bogut is a pussy, Charlie Villanueva is a pussy the guy doesn't play a lick of defense and he is such a soft player his jump shot needs work and he isn't slashing much for a 6'11 240 pound Power Forward. Andrew is OK but he needs to be the number one scoring option he needs to stop trying to fit in and start to try and dominate and demand the ball like Dwight Howard. He as the center should be the ball hog and not Michael Redd, getting points in the paint is much more consistent than shooting from outside. They made the wrong move trading Mo and Desmond for Ridnour and Adrian Griffon/Damon Jones that's a tremendous downgrade and barley enough salary cap space. They should of sent desmond, Mo, and Charlie for a young quality defensive power forward or if they just wanted salary cap space trade them away to a team like memphis or seattle so you can get a high draft pick. If they play their cards right (the Milwaukee Bucks staff and management) then they can make the playoffs and in addition of the players on the bucks team (primarily charlie villanueva and michael redd) can either play more like a team or be more consistent then yes the bucks could be the uprising team to come off the eastern conference. The right moves are put ramon sessions as the starting point guard (the guys good but needs to work on turnovers), have Andrew Bogut be the number one scoring option, Richard Jefferson the second scoring option, and Michael should do his job as a shooting guard which is to catch and shoot and support the team rather than carry the team.... and not just take unnecessary shots. I mean he's good and he's sick but the guy honestly is a ball hog and is not very consistent. And lastly PLAY DEFENSE, if the bucks do what I just mentioned above there's no doubt in my mind that they will make it to the playoffs. The celtics did it, a team like Philly did it, and that's why the celtics beat the Lakers b/c of their defense. I don't care if Michael and Richard Jefferson is a good 1-2 punch it ain't shit if they don't play defense.

How far will the milwaukee bucks go this season?

I think the bucks will be vastly improved. People forget they still have Michael Redd and if he comes back and plays healthy they will be hard to beat. They also got corey maggette from the warriors to take some of the scoring load off jennings. I think they will the 4th seed in the west and lose in the semifinals. edit: the guy below me doesn't get that u cant go 48-32 since its a 82 game season... u can go 48-34 but not 48-32

will the milwaukee bucks become a threat in the eastern confernce in a couple of years?

Charlie V has to be on the block, he can bring in a couple good young prospects or draft picks. He is under utilized and the Chinesse government has held the managment hostage with starting Janilian.

Are the Milwaukee Bucks the most underachieving team in The NBA?

The Bucks are a good team. They once beat the Cavs this year with Michael Redd's buzzer beater! Maybe they can get in the playoffs in 2010, where Lebron and Wade are gonna be free agents! Vote 4 me. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ah6quiS_Pil9XC3tJTOk1Bbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090320164922AAJaIfR&show=7#profile-info-Yk2asf06aa

Can I watch Milwaukee Bucks vs Atlanta Hawks NBA playoffs live online?

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what should the Milwaukee Bucks do during the 2011 off season to get better?

Rebuild through the draft, make some little but key offseason signs.

Can anyone provide me a website of Milwaukee Bucks Fans' forum?

i think i got what you want.

Is it worth seeing a Milwaukee Bucks game?

The Nets or the Bulls are playing at about the same level as the Bucks, either should provide for a decent game even if none involved are exactly elite teams...

Do you think the Milwaukee Bucks will surprise everyone next year?

I was on the Milwaukee Bucks Energee! Dance Team in 1998. How do I go about locating them on a website?

google is amazing

Do the Milwaukee Bucks have what it takes to make the playoffs?

The East ,as a whole, looks weaker than it has in years past. Yes, Boston has emerged, but Chicago and Detroit dominate the conference a whole lot less than before. At the very least, the Bucks should be able to slide into the 5th or 6th seed. At the very LEAST.

where is the best place to get Milwaukee Bucks Meeks, Jodie autograph in orlando fl ?

Hm, idk. But, I love Meeks! He is a Kentucky guy :)

where do the Milwaukee bucks stay at when they play the orlando magic, in what hotel ?

The NBA has a contract with the Ritz-Carlton chain.

Milwaukee bucks?

I hope he gets traded, but i'm a cavs fan. Yes it would be stupid at first for your team but in the long run it may be for the better, because no offense....the bucks aren't the most competitive team in the league and maybe they want to rebuild. It takes time, but I think they may be looking towards the future. You would get a lot of players with expiring contracts which wouldn't be bad.

How dangerous will the Milwaukee Bucks be this year?

I want to let you know, I actually am a Bucks fan, but the Bucks will be lucky to even take the 8th spot in the playoffs. They have absolutely nobody, i mean NOBODY, that plays defense. Richard Jefferson and Andrew Bogut might be the closest things they have to a good defender. There starting lineup is depressing. They lost Mo Williams and Yi and got Richard Jefferson. The only way Jefferson scores is on transition baskets, and the Bucks defense never forces turnovers, which means he'll never score. And Jefferson is always running away from the basket on transition meaning there will only be a couple people rebounding. Michael Redd is to selfish to play defense and only wants to play offense. Luke Ridnour isn't even that good of a player. Charlie Villanueva couldn't shoot his way out of a paper bag. Joe Alexander won't be able to score because no one wil pass it to him. They have no depth off the bench. They also have no height, or any overpoweringly big bodies on the inside. Their biggest player is Bogut, and he doesn't get really physical inside. When he does, he racks up fouls and they have no inside presence when he's gone. I'll hope for the best but I'm ready to be disapointed.

How would you build around Brandon Jennings of the milwaukee bucks?

His team now is good. But if they don't get past rd 1 in the playoffs for the next 2 years he will join Amare and Melo in New York

Milwaukee Bucks?

They had a great team on paper at the start of the season... They need to make some serious changes to progress clearly though. Bogut has proved to be a bust, and they'd be smart to move him while they can still get something back for him. Yi is actually looking like a very good selection by the Bucks, if he hits the weight room like Yao did he could become very valuable... so I'm not sure why you dislike him so much... and Bell was a good player last year but is clearly un-motivated this season (The Bucks still matched a contract offer from the Miami Heat after Bell told the Bucks he wanted to leave the team preseason) So they shot themselves in the foot with their bench issues. Simmons is never healthy or productive, and much of the rest of the pine is inexperienced and ineffecitve under pressure. Hate to say it brother, but their going to have to split up some of those good players in order to replace the bad.