Does Mike the Situation still have a thing for Sammi the "Sweetheart"?

Looks like we got a situation!

Does anybody know the situation with mike bell?

I'm pretty sure he's earned himself some time with his play. His injury is probably about healed now. All that means is every back in that system is now in danger of sucking due to massive timeshare. And Bush will not be exactly #2. He's used differently than the other two.

how does mike the situation get all those girls on jersey shore?

because he is a d-bag and girls love d-bags. add that he is rich and famous (thanks to the show) and wham bam thank you maam.

What is the name of the song on Jersey Shore when Mike The Situation and Snooki are making out in the hot tub?

You just proved the link that only idiots watch other idiots be idiots. Good job.

why everybody be haten on mike the situation?

Cuz 1. your ugle 2. you are a self absorbed hair crazed stupid guy. So suck it and go have sex with some diseased girl.

what kind of haircut does mike the situation have in this picture? what do i tell my barber?

Just bring in the picture. That's what I always do and it works like a charm. ;D

Where do you get the Rosary Bead Necklace Like Pauly D or Mike The Situation Wear on Jersey Shore?

EEEEW. Jersey shore...

Does anybody know what kind of hair gel mike the situation off of jersey shore uses?

It's an asian brand. I think it's called cumm-ov-sum-yung-man.

Didn't that girl Mike Situation hook up with on MTV's Jersey Shore look like Angelina?

wtf kinda name is Mike Situation

What hoodie was mike(the situation) wearing on the jersey shore reunion show?

That shit was ugly.

Is Mike the Situation the most humble man in the world?

Probably haha he;s awesome

where can i buy Devotion Vodka in uk, mike the situation's drink?

I do not live in the UK mate but according to a little google research the following sells in or two the UK

How old is mike the situation off of jersey shore?

What does Jersey Shore have to do with hockey

Girls would you date Mike the Situation Sorrentino off Jersey Shore?

Hell No!

What happened with Mike the Situation?

it is referring to the comedy central roast of Donald trump. basically, a bunch of people make fun of each other and Donald trump, all i good fun. usually, the roasters are comedians or people the guest of honor worked with/know. the "situation" was invited, i dont know why, and his comedy act was just horrible. im sure its on youtube.

What is mike the situation's hair style called no bs answers either?

I don't know what it's called but if you're trying to get your hair cut the same way you'd be best off bringing in a photo so they know exactly what to do.

Whats worse, the Fred movie or Mike the Situation makin 5 million for Jersey Shore?

Fred is getting a movie? That little retarded guy? Please please say that your joking.

Where can I get Mike The Situation's workout video?

At the moment, you have to preorder it because it won't be released until November 23, 2010. I hope that isn't after your sister's birthday.

Do you like Mike the situation from The Jersey Shore?

I hate Jersey Shore. They haven't earned the right to be famous , They are all douche's.

Why does everyone think mike the situation is ripped?

he has an ugly six pack. not well defined

What do women think of mike the situation from the jersey shore show?

He is pretty ugly face-wise but he has great abs. He's funny and can be sincere to people he actually cares about but it doesnt seem like he cares at all about the girls he randomly brings home.

Am I the only one who watched mike the situation bomb on the roast of trump?

I was shocked, thats the worst reaction ive ever seen on a roast. Even Jeffrey Ross came into save him.

What episode of Jersey Shore does Jwoww punch Mike The Situation?

It's when they all go to Atlantic City in Season 1.

What brand were the purple and yellow shirts Mike the Situation wore in jersey shore season 2? Read details?

does anyone know where i can see a video of the ashley cole mike riley situation?

What kind of Haircut does mike the situation have?

Why the hell is Mike the Situation on Jersey Shore?

What I am wanting to know is why Jersey S(w)hore is on MTV!

Is Mike the Situation blind and retarded?

Hahaha, I agree! I don't even see why any man would want Snooki, she is a joke now. But so is he, so I guess they fit well together.

Does anyone actually like Mike the Situation?

nope nothing but a waste of time in my book. but then again somebody has too work in this country.

What really happen to mike the situation did he win or get knocked out?

Mike knocked himself out when he was trying to get hyped up. If you see on the last episode he was slapping the wall trying to get pumped. He ends up slapping his head super hard on the wall, and falling down for a few seconds.

I have started the p90x and its a great program, i found that Mike "Situation" has an exercise dvd too?

ha 'the situation' doesnt even compare with p90x.. its not even a full program. all he has his a dvd..

Do you think Mike the situation from Jersey Shore is attractive?

Ugh. Yucky. Any time I see a Jersey Shore commercial I feel like I could catch an STD. Blehhh. So, no, just no.

What type of haircut does Mike The Situation Have?

I searched the internet and found hundreds of images. He is wearing a variety of short styles but usually some type of short pomp(pompadour) style a -an ivy league(long crew cut) or crew cut and a few faux hawks. Find a photo of the exact style he wears that you want and use it to describe the style to the barber. The general idea with guy's short/medium styles is to maximize and minimize the volume of hair in various areas of the head to create the illusion of the perfect oval face shape with a more blocky masculine than rounded feminine skull shape. So, consider if any potential styles can help achieve either of these goals. For instance, a ridge of hair down the center of the top of the head has a difficult time achieving either of the above goals for almost any combination of male face and skull shape. A good barber can design a short pomp style to fully suit almost any young guy's head shape, face and neck shape, frontal hairline and facial features. Start with a longer style and then decide if you want to try a shorter style. ivy league(long crew cut): Some barbers describe an ivy league as a crew cut just long enough to be parted and combed to the side, if so desired. An ivy league can also be worn with the hair brushed up off the forehead to form a short pomp front, or with the short bangs brushed down on the forehead like a forward brush cut. crew cut: flat top crew cut: short crew cut: short flat top crew cut: Essential barbering knowledge: Basic short cuts: Grooming any of the short pomp(pompadour) styles- crew cut, ivy league, flat top crew cut- is basically the same and takes about a minute or two. 1) Towel dry hair. 2) Barely dip fingertips in jar of wax. 3)Transfer wax to palms. 4) Smooth palms over hair. 5)Brush hair off forehead to form short pomp front. Whichever style you decide on, be sure to take a photo to help describe the desired haircut to the barber. If you need more photos of any of the styles discussed above let me know. Good Luck!

How to act like Mike the Situation? So that I can get more girls?

Girls are not that stupid they can see through "acts" and why would you want to be like a pimp. If you are a decent person, just be natural and find a decent girl.

Make a tree diagram for the following situation. Mike has several gym outfits to decide from.?

He can wear 12 out fits. multiply the numbers. Black and white Black and black Black and grey Black and striped Grey and white Grey and black Grey and grey Grey and striped Orange and white Orange and black Orange and grey Orange and striped.

Why did Mike the situation stop banging the twins in Italy?

maybe they finally realized what they were doing.. he only banged one of the twins, the brittany one. lets just hope she came to her senses. poor girl :(

What the heck was wrong with the Mike the situation last night?

Man I felt sorta bad for him. He was probably nervous, it was his first time doing comedy.

What is wrong psychologically with Mike the Situation?

I'd say Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

What does Mike the situation say in the beginning of Jersey Shore episodes?

During the opening song he says "all right we got a situation".

What king of sunglasses does mike the situation use in italy?

What haircut does Mike AKA Situation have?

They have a picture of him here I hope that helps, he is the man!

How come blond guys hate Mike The Situation?


Jersey shore mike the situation help me find a picture of him?

I think i might have found it!!

What shoes does Mike the situation wear in the episode "Situation Problems"?

He wears special suede silver plated moccassins designed by Vivviene Thomas in 1922 impossible to find today

Why is mike known as the situation on jersey shore?

he calls his abs "the situation" because he says that's what brings in the ladies and that's what they love

How Tall is Pauly D and Mike the Situation?

LOL you are waayyyy off, Mike "the situation?" is listed at 5'7 in many sites and pauly D is only like an inch taller then him, so he's about 5'8. ronnie is about 5'5 to 5'6 and about 200 pounds of muscle (he has the same build as my ex-boyfriend lol)

What did Regis mistakenly call Mike the Situation when referring to a photo of him with guest host Carrie Ann?

The arrangement

Does Mike Situation from MTV's Jersey Shore look like Popeye?

like both

Can you believe Angelina tried to turn Mike (Situation) against Pauly D?

i can not stand Angelina ! I can not believe she smacked Pauly D like that !

The girl Mike (Situation) hooked up with in the first 2 episodes. Is it the same one in last nights episode?

Mike (Situation) hooks up with the original blonde twin. So yes, it is the same girl. But, Vinny hooked up with her twin sister.