Is John Lauranitus basically another version of Mike Adamle?

I wouldn't say so. Johnny hasn't had any notable botches since he's been a character in WWE and he is the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations

Do you think Mike Tyson would have regained World Heavyweight Title had he challenged John Ruiz in 2002?

Mike thought he could knock everybody out.But after saying he would eat Lennox' children...that was the straw that broke the camels back.Lennox was gonna knock his azzzz out for sure.

Mike takes off in a rocket ship to the star Lobo. His twin, John, stas behind on earth. What do they both agre?

C. The only thing they agree on is the relative velocity between them. The times are different for both of them.

Would you choose Mike Huckabee to be John McCain's vice president?

YES .... We need him....Someone who will lead our country upon the principles upon the rock of God.

Who rules the US in numbers : Mike, John, James, Richard, Robert or else ? Approx. number ?


which band are these members from James Labrie, Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, John Myung?

Dream Theater. John Petrucci is my fave member of course, what an amazing/unbelievable/talented guitarist. I love the song These Walls, thats one of my faves.

What about Mike m.the off. coordinator,John kitna, I agree the players have to play but man there not?

mike martz will end up staying with the lions because everybody thinks that he is an offensive genius. they need to trade jon kitna. kitna is not the right fit to be running a mike martz offense. the lions would be better off if they were able to get kurt warner from the cardinals for kitna. look at how wonderful kurt warner was with mike martz. mike martz knows offense it just needs for the lions to find the right pieces for mike martz to be able to run the offense the way that he wants to. the way that it should be ran. the lions can not afford to start over. they have some good players like calvin johnson and jason hanson i would get rid of all 3 quarterbacks myself that the lions have because not one of them can run a mike martz offense.

Whose opinion would you refer to first for questions about football: John Madden or Mike Golic?

mike golic but john madden is very knowledgeable himself as well so it would be a tough choice

How could John Besh lose to mike?

I am extremely disappointed that John Besh is not going to be the next Iron Chef and am not sure why The Food Network has started to have personalities on that fall under the sort of "bad guy, rock/punk/alternative scene" - whatever it is called these days. Like - for example - the staff from Ace of Cakes - and the 2 guys catering (who look really dirty). Chef Symon is likeable - but definitely attracts that same crowd. Maybe the Food Network's management thinks that's where the $ is? Besh Rules!

john is 2 years older than mike. in 6 years the sum of their ages will be 34. how old are they now?

John is 12. Mike is 10. In 6 years the sum of their ages will be 34. I hope this helped with your homework.

Does Mike Knox supposed to be the new Big John Studd?

Hopefully not, as Mike Knox is nowhere near the caliber of Big John Studd.Knox is a limited power wrestler with a limited moveset whose matches aren't particularly entertaining or impressive.

Does anybody get the feeling that John McCain and Mike Huckabee can't stand Mitt Romney?

He has a whole lot of money. They don't.

Who would you be more scared to fight: MIke Tyson today or John Cena?

Tyson...his punch is a lethal weapon

Mike&john & two friends arrive.whats probability of John arriving 1st and mike 2nd?

They were on different planes. One got there before the other? IDK what your really asking?

John is 2 years older than mike. in 6 years the sum of their ages will be 34. how old are they now?

mike's age now= x john's age now= x+2 mike's age after 6 years = x +6 john's age after 6 years = x+8 x+6 + x+8=34 2x = 34 - 8 - 6 2x = 20 x=10 = mike's age now john's age now = 12

Is John McCain afraid of Mike Huckabee?

He's doing the right thing - not getting mired down, and burnishing his armour.... Remember, Huckabee is the proxy for the Evangelical Conservative voter, so any attack on Huckabee is an attack on them, the very voters that McCain is trying to bring into the fold!

Who should win coach of the year: Mike McCarthy, Jim Harbaugh, John Fox, Romeo Crennel or Gary Kubiak?

That is exactly what's wrong with Crennel. It is coach "of the year" award, so he doesn't qualify unfortunately. I guess Jim Harbaugh deserves it depending on how he finishes out the year.

The poor buccaneers! Who else out there loves John Gruden & Mike Alcott?? I wish they would WIN A GAME!!!?

This is one RAIDERS fan that loves CHUCKIE. He was the real MVP in San Diego, at the Superbowl. P.S. What's a running game ?

Who would win in a real life fight: Mike Tyson (now) or John Cena?

MIKE TYSON even if he had his big right tied behind his back and was on his knees

Who thought Mike Gravel would outlast John Edwards?

You said it. Surprise surprise, Gravel is still around

If a professor named John got into a fist fight with a funeral director named Mike, who would win?


How do I change my name from John (first name) to Mike, name that I go by?

Go here;_ylt=ArSdEYvYTdHt.Trb7Ae575UC.Bd.;_ylv=3 in the Nickname section you can change your name to Mike. Be sure to go to the bottom of the page when finished and click Preview then OK.

Where were all the anti-death penalty advocates (like Mike Ferrell) when John Allen Muhammad was put to death?

"A small group of death penalty opponents gathered on a grassy area near the prison and had a sign reading, "We remember the victims, but not with more killing."" taken from this story they were right there

Does anyone think that John McCain would be smart to pick Mike Huckabee as his VP candidate?

I don't think there are any good answers for McCain. He has unpopular positions on many of the issues. He is at odds with the ultraconservatives and he needs their votes and money. If he picks Huckabee, he will be at odds with the independents and will have a hard time getting elected. He should probably pick someone slightly right of him and someone who could very capably handle the presidency should old John die in office. This does not describe Huckabee.

do you agree with rush limbaugh that john mccain or mike huckabee will "destroy the republican party"

I could only hope.

Did you see the humor in John Cena's account of how he beat everyone in the ring including Mike Tyson?

Yeah it was funny,John Cena is great with the mic...but honestly he talks a big game...and people are actually booing him!.He wants to be champion again..but geez is time for a different superstar to get a shot at the title.If it wasn't for the fans reaction when he walks out of that curtain he wouldn't be the face of Raw that's why is important for him to keep his fan base! he can be wwe champion again don't get me wrong he's great and talented but not the best!.

should i start mike nugent of john carney week 16?

Defintely man Nugent is getting more Attempts and Carney is slowing down because of the Saints good Red Zone Offense

What was your overall reaction to listening to John Boehner and Mike Pence speak last night on Meet The Press?

They lie. Boehner is worse than Pence, but Pence was full of fear-mongering GOP talking points.

Do you think Senator John McCain will consider Mike Huckabee for Vice President?

we will see when November comes

Peter is taller than John. Mike is taller than Peter. Therefore John is the shortest Boy. True or False?

False! There will be some boys other than Mike and Peter that may be shorter than John!!!.

John Mc Cain just called Mike huckabee a flip flopper on Fox news?

No. And Obama just called Hillary a "flip flopper" on sex. (AC-DC stuff.) It won't help him any. The Little Muslim is Going Down.

What's better Jimmy John's or Jersey Mike's Subs?

Jimmy Johns is the best!

Who else wants The Rock to screw John Cena out of the title like Mike Tyson did to Shawn Michaels?

Alright IF and that's a big IF Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the special guest referee at Wrestlemania 27 for the Miz and John Cena Wwe Championship in the main event I think he would be a FAIR referee. However, I read a Jim Ross blog that doesn't mean that Rock can no get involved "physically" in the match lets say for instance the match is "No Disqualification" and the Miz gets in his face well the Rock can deliver a Rock Bottom finisher to the Miz and the same goes for John Cena more so with John Cena because the Rock has got a issue with John Cena if John Cena gets in his face he can give hit the Rock Bottom on John Cena. You see where I'm getting at? The Rock's a man of honor and dignity and respect he won't sc*ew John Cena out of the win if he has The Miz pinned.

I was just watching the Straight Talk Express and Mike Huckabee and John McCain were looking pretty?

I'd be ok with that... even in the last debate they were both in the compliments were flying. Although, they were with Giuliani, too, when he was still running. I could vote for a McCain/Huckabee ticket. McCain/Romney would work for me, too.

what song is on the start of wwe survivor series 2008 when mike adamle is talking about john cenas injury?

I think WWE spoiling for a fight by ADDC or it might be the raw theme song To Be loved by Papa roach i am not that sure Hope i helped

How many people named Bob, Mike, or John do you know?

2 johns and 2 mikes i think

Should I start Mike Tolbert against Arizona on John Kuhn at home against the Lions. Fantasy Football help?

Tolbert vs ARI, going to get some good carries

What would happen if John McCain and Mike Huckabee tied for republican primary winner?

It is mathematically impossible for that to happen. McCain has to many delegates for Huckabee to catch up. Personally I'm going democrat all the way. John is a fossil.

Mike reaches an oral agreement to sell his land to John for $800. After John gives Mike the $800, he refuses t?

Contracts need to be in writing to be enforceable ! But if you gave the money already then Mike would have to vacate !. and John would win !

While everyone fawns over Cowher/Gruden, will the smart teams look for the next Mike Smith or John Harbaugh?

Cowher and Gruden are the two most overrated coaches in the history of the NFL. Cowher should have won at least two more Super Bowls. Gruden did nothing except do what Al Davis told him and win a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's team. Shanahan's problem is that he doesn't have enough people to stab in the back in Washington. Jake Plummer? LMAO!

If John is 48 and Mike is 48, can I say "John is as young as Mike"?

I agree with you, why not say as young as? Go for it! ("FYI - Always put the punctuation inside the quotes, okay?")

Who would win a real life fist fight: Mike Tyson today or John Cena?

John Cena is just a fake wrestler Mike Tyson knows how to actually fight Although, because Tyson is past his prime, Cena would win If they were both in their primes Tyson would win

Do you think the saddest part of Fox News John Stewart interview is Mike Wallace really believes he's right?

It was Chris Wallace, and I watched the interview and read the transcript. Stewart owned him. Wallace inadvertently admitted that Fox has a right-wing agenda: WALLACE: I don't think our viewers are the least bit disappointed with us. I think our viewers think, finally, they're getting somebody who tells the other side of the story. Exactly. Fox tells the "other side of the story". The right-wing side. Owned.

If the race was between John McCain and Mike Gravel, who would you pick?

John McCain.

Do you believe Mike Huckabee or John McCain is the best man for President?

1. Huckabee supports the Fair Tax which will jump start our economy 2. Huckabee is a solid conservative #3 McCain is a liberal moderate in conservative's clothing (for the moment) look back at McCain-Feingold and how he has taken away our freedom of speech for the benefit of the incumbent legislator - what else will he take away from us If McCain is the nominee - we will have the choice in November between two Democrats I may not even show up

Do you think John Cena can beat up a prime Mike Tyson in a real-life fight?

He can't beat up Tyson now. Cena would be on the ground after Tyson KO'ed him.

John and Mike are at opposite ends of a 4 meter 20 kg uniform horizontal board?

if F1 is the force applied by John and F2 is that applied by Mike, then for equiloibrium of the board we should have F1 + F2 = (50 +20) x 9.8 = 686 N ......(1) also, taking moments about John, we have F2 x 4 = 0 + 50x9.8 x 1 + 20x9.8 x2 so that, F2 = 220.5 N hence force applied by John F1 = 686 - 220.5 = 465.5 N

Did Mike Mansfield the Senate Majority Leader Offer Advice to Prez John Kennedy not to Send Troops to Vietnam?

As with any war, the Military Industrial Complex is the "biggest gainer" So the influence pedalling was in place and Kennedy had to make a hard choice, and unfortuntely it was the wrong one becausse it was a contrived war.

Is Guliani too liberal to win republican voters compared to john mccain and mike huckabee?

Actually Mccain is all for the same things Giulaini is. Huckabee is socially conservative but to religious and economically liberal. None of them are true conservatives, but all in all McCain is the most conservative of the 3.

Wrestling Section :Mike vs Mike Tyson vs John in a triple threat match?

And the match ended in No Contest and sadly all of them are still Life Less. God Bless their painful souls. WQ : John and his other Clones bores me to the death. All they know is Breaking News : "I am a Nerd".