As President would Mike Huckabee pardon criminals at the same rate he did as governor?

He'd stop once Sharron Angle gets some political clout. The Scientologists need a full pen so they can make some big bread giving inmates massages.

How do other candidates view Mike Huckabee?

they probably like him but would still rater be elected instead of him.

What is Mike HUCKABEE Hiding by Destroying Computer hard drives ?

What ever he is hiding would ruin him politically. Seems they should press charges against him. I hope they persue it, maybe someone will come out with the truth. What a bunch of slimy candidates. Obama with his mob connections, huckabee hiding who knows what.

Why did Mike Huckabee pardon the Nigerian airplane bomber?

Is Mike Huckabee the mayor of Detroit or the governor of Michigan or the Attorney General Of The United States? The answer is No. Oh by the way, it was our current Attorney General that dropped the charges against the Black Panthers that walked around in a threatening manner at a polling place in 2008. So if anyone pardons anyone, it will be the namby pamby criminal loving liberal Obama Administration.

Does Mike Huckabee no longer have a chance at the presidency?

Even tho Mike Huckabee was my choice he didn't receive enough votes to get the nomination for Republican candidate. I felt he was an honest person, which is what our country needs. I don't think McCain is a bad choice, but everyone has their own opinion. That's what makes America so great! We are not forced into a dictatorship, it is the vote of the majority. Some times your guy wins and sometimes he doesn't. You do need to learn more about politics, because if you are old enough to vote, you should make an informed decision and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Do you think Mike Huckabee will be the republican nominee after all the caucuses.?

He's in the running, because he won Iowa. But, Iowa isn't the end-all, as presidents have been inaugurated without having won Iowa in the past. New Hampshire is probably the most deciding factor, and so far McCain is leading there. However, if Huckabee wins Iowa, McCain wins NH, Romney wins SC, and Guliani wins Florida as predicted it's going to be an interesting super Tuesday.

Mike Huckabee is gaining more attention in Iowa. Would you say he is turning into a viable candidate?

I would NEVER vote for him! He has some good ideas on tax reform, but is way too old school to lead this country. The man doesn't believe in any kind of evolution (most people will at least except basic evolution such as mimicry), and based on his voting record, he doesn't believe in much separation between church and state. He also supports invading Iran, which is the last thing this country needs right now.

Will Mike Huckabee be able to fix all the damage done to America?

No. He would probably return to the very same policies implemented under Bush that caused the economic crash to begin with. Lax oversight, support of deregulation, laissez-faire, bad fiscal policies, etc. were policies practiced that allowed the mortgage industry and Wall Street to run amok, resulting in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Serious problems affecting the nation were ignored throughout the Bush administration. Huckabee's proposals don't adequately address those issues.

mike huckabee?

It's too bad he's not running anymore...if Chuck Norris endorses somebody, he's got to be good

Mike Huckabee?

Please define "Global Warming". Most credible (ie...non-media-payed-off) scientists don't support what has been pushed on us by the media and Al Gore. On volcanic erruption (which happen many times every year...and are not the result of human ANYTHING) 'causes' more global warming than humans have in the past 300 years of industrial growth. The candidate who will do the best for the nation is one who will repeal all the tree-hugger bans that undermine farmers whose animals and crops suffer from over-population of endangered species, and which protect the lizards in oil-rich areas. If we killed a couple hundered lizards, we could pump our own oil for 1/5th of the price!!