Does Michael Sarver from American Idol resemble a combination of Mike Golic and Brook Lopez?

Haha, I see what you mean about Mike Golic. Not so sure about Brook Lopez, but I found the Mike Golic resemblance quite funny. I'm glad he got through.

Chad Ochocinco wats to fight Mike Golic?

yes, Defiantly Chad will win for your reasons... Boxing classes and golic is so not in shape

What is Mike Golic's favorite team?

I agree. As soon as I hear about the Jets I turn it because I'm so sick of it. It's making the show unlistenable/unwatchable. I know Golic's favorite college team is Notre Dame. He played for a handful of pro teams.

How much was mike golic paid in his nfl career?

Miami: MIKE GOLIC to two one-year contracts at a reported $1.5 million
that was his last year so I would have to say he probaly made the most money around the end of his career because of the average salary but it looks to me as if he walked away with around 10-15M over 9 years..

Who was Mike Golic's first partner on the ESPN morning show before Mike Greenburg?

He had to have been better than Greeny, I can't stand him. The looks like he's never gotten off a computer let alone play any sports. I like the Jets, not my favorite but this idiot just goes on and on. The sad truth is the guy thinks he's funny. He's always trying to point things out that Golic says that sound gay, moron first class.(or gay)

How come Mike Golic and Mike Greeneberg DON'T HAVE A COMBAT SPORT AS ONE OF THE 5 EVENTS?

The events in the Mike and Mike pentathlon had to be approved by both Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. There's no way 'Greeny' would have agreed to any combat event with Golic, since Golic is at least twice his size, and he knows that Golic would destroy him.
Personally, I was hoping for wiffle ball home run derby. That would have been an entertaining event, and neither of them would have a distinct advantage.

Who is better mike greenburg or golic?

Golic is much better at NFL analysis, simply because he provides you with the point-of-view of a former player. He is able to draw on his experience in the trenches and give the listener a side of the story that Greenie cannot. Greenburg is very knowledgable and does provide insight but it's not the same as hearing from a former player with the frankness and attitude of Golic.
There are other former players who are analysts but none with the style of Golic. It's what sets him apart.

Where is Mike Golic? Has not been on MIke & Mike lately.?

Golic is probally taking a long summer vacation as we are in a slow part of the sports season. I'm sure from the 1st week of September when college football kicks off to the 1st Sunday in Febuary 2,008 (Super Bowl) not a time when you can take off if you want to work in sports.
I almost forgot Golic and Greeneberg are going to be teaming up in the booth for the Monday September 10 game between Arizona at San Fransico.

Did Mike Golic take steroids?

Mike admitted it on his morning talk radio show. He said he did for about 5 weeks as he was coming off an injury. He admitted that it was against the rules, but there was no testing, etc for it. I honestly appreciate his honesty. Maybe more athletes should fess up.

Actors that look like Mike Golic?

His brother bob golic played a big role on Saved by the bell: the college years. I don't know if he would be considered an actual actor because he played in the NFL for a while then started acting.