What was the importance of the Japanese taking the outer most Aleutian Islands and MIdway?

Japanese occupation of the Aleutian islands of Attu and Kiska, as continental U.S. possessions, represented a psychological victory. Midway was to have been used as a Japanese forward base for launching attacks on the western United States. Of course, the Japanese failed in their attempts to take Midway. They did, however, occupy Attu and Kiska during the "forgotten war" before being anihilated by U.S. forces. Every Japanese soldier who set foot on Attu or Kiska died there. No Japanese surrendered, and all died there, some by suicide. American forces suffered significant casualties, somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000 American KIA's if memory serves me. Many of the fallen American soldiers are buried in one of two military cemeteries on Attu.

What is the best way (cheapest way) to get to Downtown Chicago from Midway Airport late at night?

go to the rta website, it can tell you what time the last train on the orange line runs from the airport. if you need to get to downtown from midway, your other choice is the bus, you need to get to archer ave from the airport and take the 62 archer bus toward downtown, once you get on the bus, you can ask the driver for directions.

How much work would be required to move a +0.66 µC test charge from a point midway between them to a point 9 c?

There are a couple of different ways to figure the answer, one requiring calculus and one that does not. The method that does not require calculus is a computation of the electric potential energy of the three particles, both before and after the test charge is moved. In general, for a system of n charges, the total electric potential energy of the system is equal to the sum of the quantities kq₁q₂/r₁₂, with r₁₂ being the distance between q₁ and q₂, for each pair of charges q₁ and q₂. For a three particle system, there are a total of three pairs: the two fixed charges, one fixed charge and the test charge, and the other fixed charge and the test charge. The energy between the two fixed charges won't change when we move the test charge, so we'll ignore that pair. The starting PE of the test charge is 2k(0.66 µC)(30 µC)/(30 cm) = 1.19 J. The multiplier 2 comes from the fact that both fixed charges contribute equally to the PE of the test charge. If you move the test charge 9 cm closer to one fixed charge, the final PE is computed to be k(0.66 µC)(30 µC)/(21 cm) + k(0.66 µC)(30 µC)/(39 cm) = 0.847 J + 0.456 J = 1.30 J. Hence, the work needed to move the charge is 1.30 J - 1.19 J = 0.11 J. The second method, using calculus, is to use Coulomb's law to determine the force on the particle and then integrate to get the total work. Suppose one fixed charge is at x = 0 and the other charge is at x = 60 cm. At any point x, 0 < x < 30 cm, on the x-axis, the total force on the test charge is k(0.66 µC)(30 µC)/x² due to the origin charge, and k(0.66 µC)(30 µC)/(60 cm - x)² due to the charge at x = 60 cm. Integrating the first expression from x = 30 cm to x = 21 cm will give k(0.66 µC)(30 µC)(1/(30 cm) - 1/(21 cm)) = -0.254 J. The negative sign indicates that 0.254 J of work must be done AGAINST the first electric force. Integrating the second expression from x = 30 cm to x = 21 cm will give k(0.66 µC)(30 µC)(1/(60 cm - cm) - 1/(60 cm - 21 cm)) = k(0.66 µC)(30 µC)(1/(30 cm) - 1/(39 cm)) = 0.137 J, which is the work done by the second force. So the total amount of external work required is the 0.254 J needed to move closer to the first charge, minus the 0.137 J of work done by the second electric force in moving further away, which is 0.11 J, just as before.

What are some good first hand accounts from the Battle of Midway?

An account of Midway in 300-700 words. Are you crazy. It was a huge expansive battle and was pivotal in the war in the Pacific.

What might cause numbness starting midway down the right thigh on the outside to a quarter above the knee,?

It could of been just inflammation like doc said. let that go down then do small leg exercises walking a little bit just move your legs too get everything in working motion again

How was the Battle of Midway critical to the outcome of the war?

Midway was one of the last steps until the japs could freely attack hawii and the us coast. When we took midway we could begin the island hopping campain which basicly won the war.(sorry about spelling =[) hope i helpd

How do I get from Ogilvie Station to Midway Airport?

Take a taxi. it will take about 20 minutes from there to midway airport. Dont worry..its not a big deal. And taxis?..U 'll find a lot in front of the station. Take care. have fun

What are the magnitude and direction of the electric field midway between two point charges, -13 C and 11 C, w?

Q1=-13 C, Q2=11 C, ε₀=8.854e-12 F/m d=2r=0.07 m, r=0.035 m E=E1+E2 |E|=|E1|+|E2|, since between the two given charges the vectors E1 and E2 have the same direction (from Q2 to Q1). |E1|=|Q1|/(4πε₀r²), |E2|=Q2/(4πε₀r²) ==> |E|=(|Q1|+Q2)/(4πε₀r²)= (13+11)/(4π*8.854e-12*0.035²)=1.76e14 N/C or V/m 1) Magnitude: 1.76e14 N/C or V/m 2) Direction: from Q2 to Q1

Places in the hinesville, midway Georgia area that would be great for outdoor photos?

We lived in the area for sometime while stationed at Hunter. I would suggest going to Tybee the pier is nice as well as the beach which has nice wooden bench type swings.

Is there any effect on ferrofluids if left for overnite midway between preparation?

It would really depend upon where in the process you had to stop. Kind of like turning the fire off under your fried chicken, then coming back to really greasy bird. Obviously, procedures have changed and improved since the AVCO tech bulletin I still have about them from 1963. Assess your experiment and see if you should do it over. Or continue the process from your current stopping point, taking care to document everything you did, in case the result turn out to have improved properties in some way. That works, whether you are formulating or cooking. Good luck!

What happens if you start diane 35 midway through cycle.?

I think your girlfriend should follow her doctor's instructions on starting this new BC. I don't know anything special about this particular Pill, but I think generally you are supposed to start taking it after you finish a period. Usually the first Sunday after. Also, don't forget, the Pill generally takes at least a month to start working so use protection for awhile. Maybe longer than a month just to be safe. My sis got pregnant a few months after having her first baby because she "didn't know" that the Pill takes awhile to actually start working. Thirteen months after she had her first she had her second. Just a thought to chew on.

What are some good areas of Chicago to live in near Midway?

You could check areas 5-7 miles south of Midway Airport. The Chicago neighborhoods of Beverly and Mt. Greenwood. The nearby close-in suburbs of Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park and Merrionette Park. Suburbs a little further to the southwest, including Palos Heights, Palos Hills, Palos Park and Hickory Hills. Go online for more informatiom. Also check here: http://www.city-data.com/

What time to arrive at Midway Airport tomorrow?

The official guideline is an hour or more before departure time. The plane will not wait for you, so I always get to the airport plenty early. The flight might be over booked and those who checked in first are least likely to be bumped off.

How do u get the Midway Monster achievement for madden 09 it says create a legendary player from the past who?

Type in Bones Jackson. I have the game and already have gotten the achievement

How do I get from Midway to Notre Dame?

You can take a cab, but it will be about $300. It would be cheaper just to stay in a hotel or at a friend's house who lives in Chicago and return the next day. Or hitch a ride with someone who is driving from Chicago or ask someone to pick you up (maybe an RA). Good luck. In the future, just fly into South Bend. There is this myth that taking the bus from Chicago saves money, but it doesn't save that much money and it's worth it not to stress.

Do the monsters of the midway have superbowl potential?

Mental toughness has seemed to be the recipe for success in the playoffs. With that said, Cutler just isn't built in a way that exudes confidence that he won't have a mental breakdown. The defense does have a chance to keep them in the games.

How do you get to the South Shore from Midway Airport?

You can't get the South Shore Train from Midway Airport. You have to go into downtown Chicago, to Randolph Street, to get the South Shore train to go into Indiana. Your best option may be to take the Coach USA bus from Midway Airport to either Highland, IN, or Portage, IN. Here is a link to Coach USA: http://www.coachusa.com

How do you play the games in Playstation Home Midway?

If you purchased the ticket then you should be able to play the games !

. A rocket ascends vertically after being launched from a location that is midway between two ground?

10 km you draw a horizontal base line across the middle of a page to represent the ground then draw a vertical line up from around the centre to represent the trajectory of the rocket (mark this line 12 km) then mark roughly where the tracking stations might be - either side of the rocket (don't worry about accuracy). join up the top of the trajectory line with these two points. mark each one 13 km you now have two right angled triangles now use pythagoras's thereom (h^2 = a^2 + b^2, where h stands for the hypotenuse - the side opposite the right angle, and a and b stand for the other two sides, so; h^2 =a^2 + b^2 13^2 = 12^2 + b^2 169 = 144 + b^2 169 - 144 = b^2 b^2 = 25 b = the square root of 25 = 5 so it's 5 km from the rocket launch site to each station, therefore the stations are 10 km apart

How much for a taxi from Midway Airport to the Loop area, Chicago?

Do not rent a car in Chicago! Here are a bunch of reasons: 1. You pay for parking everywhere! Hotel parking averages $40 per night. Parking at a museum, restaurant or shop averages about $12. 2. Public transportation is cheap! You can take the Orange Line from Midway for $2.25 per person to downtown Chicago. Trains & buses can get you anywhere in the city. Invest in a 1, 3 or 7 day pass: http://www.transitchicago.com/travel_information/fares/unlimitedridecards.aspx at the Midway Station. 3. Cabs are cheaper than parking! If you're going to a fancy restaurant and don't want to take a bus, a cab is still much cheaper than renting & parking your car. If you figure: Car Rental $70 +Hotel Parking $40 + Restaurant Parking $10 = $120 or $25 max for a cab to and from a nice neighborhood restaurant. So yeah, having a car is a bad idea. Either way, a cab from Midway to downtown shouldn't be more than $35 w/tip included. The hotel staff should be able to help you get around the city on the CTA.

What is arguable about battle of midway?

There are several (many) books about the war in the Pacific and the various naval battles including Midway. I suggest you actually learn something about history and check one out from the library or buy one and read it. There is a lot to learn about WW2 and you shouldn't ask for help on Yahoo. There are too many names involved and too much to learn. Go to work.

what is the quickest way to midway airport from the metro train from joliet?

On the following site enter Joliet Union station as your starting point and the pull down menue has Midway Airport CTA. Enter your time and date. There are 3 possible routes...fares are different too. See below: http://tripsweb.rtachicago.com/cgi-bin/itin.pl

What train station in chicago is close to Midway Airport?

If I understand your statement correctly you are looking to get from Midway to South Bend. I ask because it firsts sounds like yo're going from Chicago to Midway then flying to South Bend but then you say midway to south bend, so assuming the latter: Take the Orange Line CTA train to the loop - the station is on the far east end of Midway. Take it to the Randolph Street Stop. $2.25. Walk east 1 block to Michigan Avenue to the Millennium Park Metra Station which the South Shore Chicago and South Bend Railway also uses. The last stop is Michiana Regional Airport on the NW side of South Bend. $10.25 one way.

What is gravitaional field midway between them?

The gravitational field at the mid point is zero. A 'test mass' (eg ..1 kg) placed at the mid point experiences no net force as each star exerts the same gravitational force but in opposite directions .. the field strength is 0 N/kg

What's the best way to get from Midway Airport to Soldier Field?

Take the CTA orange line from Midway to the Roosevelt stop At Roosevelt, catch the 146 bus towards Museum campus. It;ll drop you off at Soldier Field. To get back, do the same thing in reverse. :)

What is the best way to get from Chicago Midway airport to the Crowne Plaza on W. Madison?

the hotel shuttle is your best bet.

Chicago: How do I get to Union Station from Midway airport?

Take the orange line train to Quincy/Wells. Then, walk about .3 miles (just a few blocks) West to Union Station. This will cost you $2

how far is Midway airport in chicago from the United Center?

south west comes into Midway only (I'm pretty sure) I suggest you take are public transportation system to the united center. http://tripsweb.rtachicago.com/ ( go by the land mark thing) take the Orange line in it's $2 if you fly into O' Hare you can take on train it will just add time

How long of a train ride is it from the loop in Chicago to Midway airport?

it will take about 30-35 min

What are the magnitude and direction of the electric field at a point midway between a point?

5.5cm/2 * (1m/100cm) = .0275 m -8uC = -8e-6 C Etotal = Echarge1 + Echarge2 E = (1/[4piEnaught])*(Q/r^2)*unit vector Echarge1 = (9e9)(-8.0e-6)/(.0275^2) in x direction Echarge2 = (9e9)(4.0e-6)/(.0275^2) in NEGATIVE x direction so E total you add them both up, (they will both be negative since Echarge2 is in negative direction and Q is negative in Echarge1). Therefore the direction will be -x. Etotal = -[(9e9)(8.0e-6)/(.0275^2) + (9e9)(4.0e-6)/(.0275^2)]

What is the best way to travel between O'hare airport and Midway airport in Chicago?

Years ago their used to be a helicopter shuttle between the two airports. There is still a shuttle service called Coach USA / Wisconsin. This web link should give you some information. http://www.flychicago.com/ohare/groundtransohare/TransportationBetweenAirports.shtm There are also some limo services that will go between the two airports, obviously a bit more expensive. There is also public bus transportation, but I would not suggest it - especially since you have a small child with you. Good luck

What is the best way to get from downtown Chicago to Chicago Midway Airport?

Save yourself all of the needless Mickey Mousing and just take a cab The entire ride is against the flow of traffic and at 7:00 AM it's a 15-18 minute trip

How far is Chicago Midway Airport from anything?

Sure you should be able to do it in four hours. Just don't wonder around in the neighborhoods to the east and south of the airport, they aren't the safest neighborhoods but if you get on the orange line and take it back to the loop it only takes maybe 25 minutes at the most to reach the loop and 25 minutes back to Midway so you'll be on the train for about 50 minutes and once you are in the loop you have several options to eat. Try to stay near where the L train is though and you will find eating options. When you are returning to Midway make sure that you are on an orange line train, the orange line runs on the inner track of the loop clockwise. The train heading back to Midway will say Midway on it and be orange, don't get on another train there is no other train that takes you to Midway. Other trains using the loop will be the pink line (54th/Cermak), the brown line (Kimball), the green line runs through the loop on the east and north sides of it and runs to Harlem and Ashland/63rd and Cottage Grove, the purple line runs to Evanston.

Why was the Battle of Midway so important to the United Stastes winning World War II?

For three reasons: 1) It was the first serious success the US Navy had against the Japanese Fleet... we sank all four of the Japanese carriers in the invasion fleet. The Battle of the Coral Sea the month before had been a draw. It was a major boost to American morale. 2) Japan WAS planning to invade Midway... HAD they secured the island, they would have eliminated the refueling ability for US aircraft and submarines; reducing our effectiveness in the Pacific. 3) Japan's loss of four out of her six fleet carriers, as well as a large number of highly trained aircrew, ended Japanese expansion in the Pacific. Only Shōkaku and Zuikaku were left for offensive actions. Japan's other carriers, Ryūjō, Junyo, and Hiyo, were second-rate ships of comparatively limited effectiveness. EDIT: while Gaylene B gives a good answer, she is wrong on ONE point... the Battle of the Coral Sea was the first battle entirely fought by carrier-borne aircraft. It was also the first naval battle in history in which neither side's ships sighted or fired directly upon the other. (Taranto wouldn't count because the Italian fleet was at anchor)

What are the magnitude and direction of the electric field midway between two point charges, −13 µC and +15 µC?

The direction is toward the -13µC charge E = k*q1/r^2 + k*q2/r^2 = 9.0x10^9*(13x10^-6/(0.044m)^2 + 15x10^-6/(0.044m)^2) = 1.30x10^8N/C

How much is it for a flight from Chicagos midway Airport to Chicagos Ohare?

They don't fly between the two, considering they're in the same city....

What pace bus goes to Chicago ridge mall from midway station?

www.transitchicago.com/ everything you need to know about the CTA is there

How far is it from Midway Airport to Ogilvie Metra Station?

Total Time: 17 minutesTotal Distance: 10.38 miles A: Metra-ogilvie Transportation Center: W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60661 1: Start out going WEST on W MADISON ST toward N CLINTON ST. 0.3 mi 2: Merge onto I-90 E/I-94 E via the ramp on the LEFT. 1.7 mi 3: Merge onto I-55 S/STEVENSON EXPY S via EXIT 53 toward ST LOUIS. 6.0 mi 4: Take the CICERO AVE/IL-50 exit, EXIT 286, toward CHICAGO MIDWAY AIRPORT. 0.3 mi 5: Turn LEFT onto IL-50 S/S CICERO AVE. 2.1 mi 6: End at 5700 S Cicero Ave Chicago, IL 60638 B: Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW): 5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638 Total Time: 17 minutesTotal Distance: 10.38 miles Total Time: 20 minutesTotal Distance: 11.06 miles A: Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW): 5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638, (773) 838-0600 1: Start out going SOUTH on S CICERO AVE/IL-50 S toward W 59TH ST. 0.2 mi 2: Make a U-TURN at W 59TH ST onto IL-50 N/S CICERO AVE. 2.3 mi 3: Merge onto I-55 N/STEVENSON EXPY N. 4.8 mi 4: Merge onto I-90 W/I-94 W/DAN RYAN EXPY W via EXIT 292A. 2.2 mi 5: Take the I-290 W/EISENHOWER EXPY exit, EXIT 51H, toward WEST SUBURBS. 0.5 mi 6: Merge onto I-290 E/EISENHOWER EXPY E toward CONGRESS PKWY/CHICAGO LOOP. 0.3 mi 7: Take the exit toward CANAL ST. 0.2 mi 8: Turn LEFT onto W HARRISON ST. 0.0 mi 9: Turn LEFT onto S CANAL ST. 0.5 mi 10: Turn LEFT onto W MADISON ST. 0.0 mi 11: End at W Madison St Chicago, IL 60661 B: Metra-ogilvie Transportation Center: W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60661, (312) 496-4777 Total Time: 20 minutesTotal Distance: 11.06 miles

How long it takes to get to Midway Airport in Chicago taking the El?

like an hour

How far are they from the Midway international Airport?

hi there,here are the distances for you,Wheeling is approx 38 miles,downtown Chicago 12 miles there is public transport for both journeys,posted a link so you can work the times out... http://www.transitchicago.com/ http://www.transitchicago.com/riding_cta/systemguide/ Both the Stevenson Expressway and Chicago Transit Authority's "L" Train Orange Line provide passengers access to downtown Chicago. regards pops..

How long does it take to get bags at Midway and O'Hare Airport?

You have to fly across town and back? Or is it different airlines you are using? If you booked this through a travel agency or the airline itself then they should transfer the luggage for you. You can not depend on having your luggage arrive when you do. Planes are being rerouted and cancelled so that they can get fuller flights as the day goes on. Airlines are now charging $15 to $25 for each checked bag. Why don't you just take a rolling carry on.......and then you won't have to worry about your luggage. My other half flies weekly...........with his rolling carry on and a brief case with his laptop.

How do you get from Chicago Midway to the Mag Mile area?

Take the Orange Line. It stops at Midway, and goes straight to the Loop in about 30 minutes for $2.00. Simply go to Roosevelt on the Orange Line, transfer to the Red Line, and go north to the Chicago stop, then walk east two blocks, you'll be in the heart of the Magnificent Mile. Or, if you feel like a pleasant strolll, you can decide not to transfer to the Red Line - just take the Orange Line around the Loop to Adams and Wabash, then walk east to Michigan Avenue and then north - then you'll go by the Art Institute of Chicago, Millenium Park, across the Chicago River, and right into the Magnificent Mile area near the Tribune Tower.

How do you get to the Midway Carnival on Playstation home?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rrtq3Xj-fao http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UuDHvhbpqo&feature=related DOES THIS HELP

What is the electric potential midway between them?

The potential V = Σk*q/r = 9.0x10^9N-m^2/C^2* ( 3.10x10^6-6C/0.80m - 7.20x10^-6C/0.80m) = -4.61x10^4V

What is the best way to travel between Midway and OHare airports?

With airfare being so expensive just take the Orange line from Midway downtwon and catch a blue line to O'hare. It is very simple and cheap.

What is the best way to travel from the north side to Midway Airport during rush hour?

go before rush hour which starts at 3:30

What would happen if you threw a rock midway between two planets?

Your last sentence has the crux of the problem in it. Planets or other celestial bodies don't just sit stationary waiting for physics experimeters to come along. They are either orbiting a star or each other, and either way, they don't maintain any fixed distance apart. To predict the movement of your rock you would have to know a lot of info about the relative movement of the bodies and the star, if any, they circle.

Do you ever start reading a book, stop midway through and start reading another?

Hello Brandon s, I do this a lot, actually. I always make sure to finish the book I stopped reading for the other, but it happens. The reason why? Because sometimes I want a change of pace. It usually isn't me being bored with the other book, it's probably just because I need to change the genre and writing style for a bit before I get back into it. If you are sure you won't need to reread 127 Hours after moving onto this next book, then I say go for it if you want to. Reading is for your own personal enjoyment, it isn't a commitment. Happy reading! :)

How did midway effect not only the Pacific theater, but the entire war?

The only universal impact I can think of was the fact that the victory: 1. Showed again the dominance of air power over naval surface power, thus helping to convince those in charge of the War of the Atlantic to build escort carriers to win against roving wolf packs of German U-boats. 2. Ended any real offensive threat on the part of the Japanese Empire, thus allowing the release of more men and materiel to the European Theater than might otherwise have been the case. 3. Increased US morale in general.

How do I get to the midway airport to marriott courtyard in waukegan?

Take the Orange Line from Midway to downtown. Get off at the Madison and state stop. 6 blks west to the Olgilvie trans center. Then train to Waukeegan.