what is the song playing in the background of the bar scene in movie eagle eye with michelle monaghan?

"Shattered (Turn the Car Around)" by O.A.R.

What actress looks like Justine Bateman (Not Michelle Monaghan)?

I saw her photo the other day... I'm not sure if I have the name right, or the last name right, but it's Meredith Selanger...

In the movie Made of Honor, Michelle Monaghan's character wears a necklace at several times in the film. What?

Here you go: http://www.isawitin.com/pd-made-of-honor-michelle-monaghan-circle-necklace.cfm

Does anyone else think that Michelle Monaghan in "Eagle Eye" resembles Michael Jackson?

Yes, she does a little... I think it's her hair mostly though.

Anyone else think Michelle Monaghan is hideous?

anybody know what song played in made of honor when tom and michelle monaghan's friends arrived in ireland?

Is michelle monaghan the girl that plays mallory pn family ties?

No, that actress was Justine Bateman, sister of Jason Bateman.

Where can I find the blue sparkle dress Michelle Monaghan wore on the cover of Women's Health Magazine? ?

Try ebay.

What baseball cap does Michelle Monaghan wear in the movie Eagle Eye?

A boston redsox hat.

How do I get my hair to look like Michelle Monaghan?

just be yourself and be happy!!