Do you agree?

Yao isn't the slowest. It is either Shaq or Dikembe Mutumbo.

some not-so-well publicized draft busts since 2000?

you just called horford role player? he nearly averaged a double double in his rookie season

all unemployed team who are still young enough to play?

Haha thats a big bench. My Starting 5: PG- Tyronn Lue - He is only 31, and can still keep up with guys at the NBA level. SG- Rashad McCants- He is 25 and averaging double digits in his career, he really needs to work out his attitude problems. SF- Desmond Mason- Recently cut by the Kings, I think he still has the skills to contribute as a bench scorer. He is only 32. PF- Antoine Walker- He is 33, probably could score a few points, and we all know he needs the money, haha. C- Zydrunas Ilgauskas- Wont be unemployed for long, but he is a solid center.

What does your team need?

The bulls needs are plenty. First they need to lose a couple of guards. We need to get Elton Brand back. Combine him with Heinrick and Gordan and we will make the playoffs next year.

how will this 2 teams fare?

these teams would be terrible. your talking about taking a bunch of players that would be role players on normal nba teams and making them into a teams primary option. and would they be able to take the wear and tear of an 82 game season? their age i dont think that their bodies are built fo nba seasons.

who should the Suns sign?

I'm with the suns on releasing Thomas, he wasn't that great in Phoenix. He was alright, but nothing that the suns were able to benefit off of. Off that list, id say the suns should draft Pj Brown, or Chris Webber, leaning more towards Webber. Even though hes aging now, he would be a nice fit for the suns. The only question is, whether he can keep with their fast pace style of game. I'd go with Webber, still has it in him.

If you could re-do the 2003 NBA Draft lottery or first Ten picks


big name unsigned: cheap owners?

There are several factors behind this, not just the owners being "cheap", although that is certainly a factor. Let's just start with a general decline in the economy in general. The superstars will still get the biggest contracts, but many mid-level FAs will suffer in a down economy - it has happended before and is happening now. Also, keep in mind that the CBA expires soon - too many big money contracts to mid-level players will give the idea to the union that the owners have money to burn. So, the owners don't want to play their hand before hard negotiations even start. Finally, look at some of the names you listed and how good they are NOW, or how much of an attitude that player has. Do you really want a Marbury or McCants in your locker room? Please. As for some of the others, yeah, maybe Bobby Jackson has something left - but when would he get any playing time? For the guys who do "dirty work" like Malik Rose - c'mon he couldn't get minutes for a bad Knicks team to do "dirty work" - where else could he go? Some of these guys just have to realize they have to move on.

What NBA Team has the best roster since 2000?

I'd say spurs

Which NBA/NCAA Team Would Reign Supreme (What will their records be?)?

Where is the Team High School?

If you had the 2nd pick in the 2003 draft. Who would you take?

Chris Bosh. Considering the Pistons situation at the time. They had a back-court written "Billups & Rip" in stone(still do). They could have turned Chris Bosh into a center coming off the bench for Ben Wallace. Then when they traded Big Ben, Bosh could have moved into the starting job, and they could now have a lineup of: C - Bosh PF - Sheed SF - Prince SG - Rip PG - Billups With McDyess coming off the bench. Melo wouldn't have been a bad choice, but Wade wouldn't have fit into the Pistons offense at all, and would start off his career with the dreaded chemisry-killer label. But honestly, was Darko that bad a choice from the Pistons standpoint? They won the championship the following year, and are currently second in the east and still NBA title contenders. So maybe by drafting a scrub (Darko), they were simply not messing up what they already had.

Thank you Chicago Bulls?

always a pleasure trading with the Knicks lol. the Eddy Curry trade was my favorite though lmao jk. Duhon does fit the Knicks system and is a defensive PG that they need with the poor defense that they play. The Thabo Sfveolsa trade wasn't bad after recieving John Salmons and Miller for Nocioni and Gooden. Salmons is already a good scoring G/F which made Thabo expendable and the Bulls got a 1st Round pick for Thabo which I dont think he is worth. All these trades and we never had to trade a 1st Round Draft pick so I like this. Infact we gained an extra 1st Round Draft pick this year from all the wheeling & dealing. We're just giving back in return for the Draft picks we got in those Eddy Curry and Jamaal Crawford trades lol. The 1st Round picks have done us good just as Duhon in the system will do you guys well

Who get the most championships from the class of 2003 by the end of their careers?

Luke Walton...............

What Were the Worst Trades Your Team Made in the Past Decade?

Kwame for Butler and the other guy.

Does Isaiah Thomas get too much blame for the Knicks' demise?

The Ewing trade wasnt bad for that time, Ewing was already past his prime look at how he folded in Orlando, and at least Andreson was a decent player. And I really cant blame GM's either, they cant read the future, Artest and Butler were just ordinary college players, Amare maybe but still. Thomas deserves so much blame, for how he went about it, he built a team mainly out of guards, overhyped, showboating egos and bad characters, Marbury, Francis, Jalen, Crawford, and Hardaway and severely overpaying each. Payed Coach Brown I think nearly 50 million for a still rebuilding team, later still gets another headache player in Randolph. He only went after supposed big names, ignoring character and skill. Even once he left, he left the Knicks burdened with lack of skill and big contracts, its ridiculous. Edit: Isiah Thomas the player is still one of my favorite players of all time.

if you could re-do the 2003 NBA draft?

1. LeBron James - Cavs no brainer, He is from the Ohio area and has great potential. 2. Chris Bosh - Detroit coveted a big man, well this is a good candidate. 3. Dwyane Wade - Denver definitely needs a boost a Wade can offer. 4. Carmelo Anthony - I guess Toronto will settle with him. He would never fall down from the top 5. 5. Kirk Hinrich - Miami Heat, I think everybody is underrating Kirk but he has been good for my Bulls, I like him as a player and he defends well. 6. Chris Kaman - Clippers needed him that time, IN CASE Brand becomes absentee again. 7. TJ Ford - good point guards are rare and I think the Bulls will settle for him anytime. 8. David West - Next best option, Milwaukee have to take him. 9. Nick Collison - well he is a better big man than Sweetney as it turned out. 10. Luke Ridnour - could have been a great compliment to Agent Zero with Gilbert shifting to his natural SG position. 11. Josh Howard - Golden State 12. Leandro Barbosa - Seattle Supersonics 13. Boris Diaw - Memphis Grizzlies 14. Jarvis Hayes - Seattle Supersonics 15. Mickael Pietrus - Orlando Magic 16 . Kendrick Perkins - Boston Celtics 17. Darko Milicic - Phoenix Suns, Mike would have loved a center who could run the floor and has Euro blood in his offense. 18. Michael Sweetney - New Orleans Hornets 19. Sasha Pavlovic - Utah Jazz 20. Jason Kapono - Boston Celtics 21. Marcus Banks - Atlanta Hawks, who direly needed a PG. 22. Keith Bogans - New Jersey Nets 23. Travis Outlaw - Portland Trail Blazers 24. Carlos Delfino - Los Angeles Lakers 25. Zaza Pachulia - Detroit Pistons 26. Kyle Korver - Minnesota Timberwolves 27. Matt Bonner - Memphis Grizzlies 28. Steve Blake - San Antonio Spurs 29. Luke Walton - Dallas Mavericks Hope this helps.

are you related to,Live in the same town, Have phone number to any NBA/WNBA player current or former?

Where I live, it's all Redskins. At least a couple live in my neighborhood, but I don't know exactly where since it's not my business. Visa, you prob know the area where I live from my answer. The closest Wiz player to my house is prob DeShawn Stevenson, then Darius Songaila though he probably moved out now to Minneapolis, then a tie between Gilbert and Caron. Not sure about Mystics players who live in our area because they are often in Europe or Asia during the NBA season, but Marissa Coleman may live near you, and she is fine. Speaking about other team's WNBA players, Kara Lawson of the Monarchs is from the DC area since she was a star at West Springfield, but she probably lives in Connecticut for the off season because she's an ESPN reporter during college season, and that's about all I can think of, for now.

Do you agree?


nba draft busts: lottery picks only?

I agree that Marvin Williams and Raymond Felton are busts

These players were all...?

SORRY i left the 9th overall part on there

2003 NBA Draft?

Cleveland LeBron James Detroit (from Memphis) Carmelo Anthony Denver Chris Bosh Toronto Dwyane Wade Miami josh howard LA Clippers david west Chicago Kirk Hinrich Milwaukee (from Atlanta) leandro barbosa New York boris diaw Washington T.J. Ford


Michael Damien Sweetney (born October 25, 1982 in Washington, D.C.) is an American professional basketball player who played most recently for the NBA's Chicago Bulls, in 2006-07. He was traded to the Bulls after a two-year stint with the New York Knicks, which selected him with the 9th overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. Sweetney went to Oxon Hill for high school, where he was named Washington Post All Met Basketball Player of the Year. He continued the tradition of highly skilled big men at Georgetown University, averaging 18.2 points while shooting nearly 55% over his 3 year collegiate career. He was especially dominant over his junior year, in which he was named Honorable Mention All-America by AP, as well as being a Naismith College Player of the Year finalist and a candidate for the John R. Wooden Award. That year Sweetney was the only player in the nation to rank in the top 20 in scoring and rebounding. Despite playing only three seasons, Sweetney ranks seventh on Georgetown's career scoring list (1,750), fifth in rebounds (887) and sixth in blocks (180). Sweetney also has battled weight issues throughout his life and career. It was reported in The Chicago Tribune that if Sweetney did not lose a certain amount of weight, his career could be in danger.[1]

Time for some more NBA comedy brought to you by TWANBBAJ (AKA ME)?

Nice. You had me at Tommy Heinson foul calls. Check, check, is this thing on? Here we go. Ladies and Gentleman Michael Cage "Just let You SOUL GLOOOWW!! Oh so silky smooth. Let all your Soul Glow, Flow right over YOU" Sad I know the lyrics. Shawn Kemp and Calvin Murphy get a sitcom called 2 and 52/2 Men. Now with Soul Glo on my mind, here it comes, check the Q's. And it looks like somebody missed their Laxative today.

Where are these NBA players?

Walt Williams: retired Damon Stoudamire: director of player development for the guard-heavy Rice University squad under head coach Ben Braun. Gary Trent: retired Bob Sura: not playing Jason Caffey: He is currently in bankruptcy court "seeking protection from creditors, who include eight women with whom he has had ten children." Lamond Murray: not playing Eddie Jones: not playing Michael Sweetney:? Voshon Lenard: free agent i couldn't really find much about anybody except damon stoudamire and jason caffey. sorry im not very much help.

there still is that big-guard issue hanging over the bulls and the fate of Ben Gordon???

The Bulls are generally concerned with two issues: first, the lack of a post scorer; and two, the lack of big guards and no true point guard. With PJ Brown likely to retire, the post scorer is the bigger need right away. The problem is, at No. 9 the likely draft picks are defensively oriented, real athletic power forwards and the "great white hope" centers. With Wallace and Thomas, the Bulls don't need another defensive, athletic power forward. And they don't have a great deal of luck with the "great white hopes" - see Will Perdue. As a result, I foresee a trade down with Nocioni (on a sign & trade) and No. 9 for a post scorer and perhaps a low 20's draft pick. The post scorer then fills the Bulls primary need. The draft pick, then, can go for a big guard/wing who can score, such as Alando Tucker or Morris Almond. And then in the second round the Bulls, at 49 and 51, can take a point guard - maybe Jamal Tatum from Southern Illinois, or Nate Funk from Creighton - and a scoring power forward - maybe Glen "Big Baby" Davis or Nick Fazekas if they fall that far - to fill in the holes. Maybe package No. 49 and Khryapa or Sweetney to trade up for one of the scoring PF's (Khryapa, Sweetney, Andriuskevicious, Barrett, Griffin can all be traded as part of some package). Gordon and Hinrich aren't going anywhere, even if they are both tweeners - not true points, not big shooting guards. Duhon is a solid backup. The Bulls have a nice core - they just need a couple of solid complementing pieces.

which five on five nba team will win?

they both suck

Does anyone remember PJ Brown?

I remember him best during his "Heat" days and when he played for the Bulls BQ : I remember him as a Bull too, but have no idea what happened to him. BQ2 : about the same as a baby hippo

What Do You Think of This Trade? (The Dream Trade of Many Chicago Bull Fans)?

yep, pretty much every team gets raped in the @ss except chicago, LA to a lesser extent but arenas is not on the level of kobe at all. the bulls dont really lose anything valuable and they get 2 hall of famers, wow isnt that fair. minny trades KG and foye and they get 2 30 something year olds, wow great. wasington loses their superstar and get 1 role player, a back up PG, and the most overweight player in the league. wow cool.

Why didn't the knicks keep their draft picks?

Fail troll is fail? Those are all busts and I think you know it too. You;re just bored and messing with the internet. Go ask questions with more sense.

What happened to Michael Sweetney?

I believe he's signed on with the Bulls but he was too fat to stay on the roster. Seriously the guy is like a Tractor Traylor downgrade if that's even possible. He sucks.

people compare me to michael sweetney when i play basketball is that good or bad or shaq?