Michael Oher presentation?

Talk about the movie blind side (its about him)

What hapeen to Michael Oher (Football player) birth mother? Also does he ever date?

she was a crack cocaine addict, and she didn't really care about him. his dad was murdered. i don't know if he dates

Why did Jerry Angelo not draft Michael Oher?

The answer is in your question brother. It is because he is Jerry Angelo, screwer of the Bears fans.

Women's Michael Oher Home Replica Jersey?

http://www.nflshop.com/family/index.jsp?page_bucket=0&cp=2237481&PAGES_PER_BUCKET=10&num_buckets=1&pageType=family&pageNum=1&pageDisplay=actfam&totalProductsCount=14&hasPagination=false&categoryId=2238053&int_prevBucket=-1&showSizeSearch=false&PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE=9&int_nextBucket=0&pageCount=2&view=all Around the middle of the page, it'll have purple, white, or black in women's. When you click one, it'll take you to a page where you can select a player from the list.

Is Michael Oher as nice as he is portrayed in "The Blind Side"?

No. He eats babies. I saw it. Who cares? Why do they let chicks post in the sports sections?

Will Michael Oher keep Joe Flacco to getting him to get sacked once per game?


Should I trade Michael Oher on Ole Miss for Joesph Addai jersey card pro bowl?

the value for ohers card has more flexibilty, id say no ,,,,.............


Any o-lineman. They really need goos pass protection if they want Russel to have success.

What do you think about guys like [movie] Michael Oher? (Blind side)?

I <33333 this blind side!!!(:(:(:(:(:

3. Discuss the major hurdle that Michael Oher had to overcome if he hoped to play in the National Collegiate A?


Is Michael Oher still with the Baltimore Ravens?


Poll: Who knows about Michael Oher and is a fan?

I don't fall for stories like that. He is not the only person with a tough childhood. I hope he plays for the Bolts cause I respect his skills though.

Who would win: Michael Oher, Dick Butkus, or Larry Allen?

Question is impossible to answer unless you clarify "Who would win...AT WHAT"?

Is Michael Oher considered a good Football player? What is your opinion on him?

he is considered very good just not great.. and he did slip last year.. but they still made the playoffs. at the very least he is not inconsistent, some OTs will make a great block and then not block well for the rest of the quarter or half or game.. he blocks well consistently and only makes a few mistakes, but he isn't on the level of a Walter Jones or a Jonathan Ogden or even an Orlando Pace. He still has potential and is young and can turn it around, but these are the people he was being compared to, and so far it's a good start, but off the pace. (no pun intended)

Religiously speaking, why doesn't Tim Tebow learn from Michael Oher?

He's shy Princess. I think you and your double Ds intimidate him. Be patient, he'll come around one day, when he googles his name and stumbles across this site!

where is michael oher tonight for the ravens?

number 74...right tackle

How old was Michael Oher's mom when she gave birth to him?


what page does Sean adopt Michael Oher in The Blind Side book?

The reason is that Michael wants a driver's license, just something to have his name printed on it. Leann approaches Sean while they are getting ready for bed about becoming Michael's legal guardian as this is the only way he can get a driver's license. Leann tells Sean she knows he put down their phone number to call in case of an emergency and she tells Sean this. He says "there is a big difference in a phone number than legally adopting a kid" Then at the table when Sean asks Michael, he says "Michael, would you like to be a part of this family?" Michael replies, "I thought I already was". sorry don't know page numbers, but you should be able to flip thru and find it easily is you have the book, it is in the first 1/3rd of the book

Did the scene where Michael Oher pushes the defender the length of the field and over the wall actually happen?

I don't think so Oher was an experienced football player when he enrolled at Briarcrest. He developed into a premier left tackle, and was heavily recruited by top schools in the Southeastern Conference. Oher was less than pleased by the movie's depiction of him as passive, unskilled big guy who was only barely acquainted with football.

Do you know Michael Oher? What do you think about him?

For one, he's an OFFENSIVE lineman, not defensive. He's a decent player. He had a great rookie season at right tackle but was moved to left tackle and since has not been anywhere near as good. And the Blind Side is an awful movie. It makes Michael out to be some big fat dumb idiot who was as good as dead until some family takes him in (of course it had nothing to do with the fact that he'd play football for their favorite school...) and THEN somehow this suburban housewife is able to turn him into a first round pick. The supporting acting is laughable, the dialog is contrived and straight from a Hallmark or Lifetime movie, its more about Sandra Bullock being a b***h than Michael Oher and it reduces the "main character" to a poorly drawn caricature. But on top of all that, the film is straight up racist. The way the film makes it look is that black people are inherently doomed to failure unless they get helped out by the altruistic and almighty white people. Literally every black character has no millimeter of depth, and only exist to show how awesome and nice this family is. It really is the definition of patronizing, and I'm not even black. The sad part is is how normal this is...

Should the Rams draft Andre Smith or Michael Oher?

Most definitely yes. They need to address a badly struggling line and find Orlando Paces eventual replacement. I have a hunch the Lions will use the top pick on Andre Smith but Oher grades out nearly identical and would be a great building block. But one thing that may change the entire draft is the incredible depth as far as offensive linemen go so the Rams may be inclined to tab a franchise QB (as might the Lions and use pick 20 on a lineman). Either way would be good but the Rams must fix a troublesome line and getting Smith or Oher would go a long ways toward fixing that problem.

What are the words for the essay Michael Oher wrote about "Charge of the Light Brigade"?

This is something you can find for yourself a lot faster than by asking here. I was going to say go to your favorite search engine, but when I tried a few searches, Google got me there fastest.

What do you think of Michael Oher and his amazing life story?

Michael Oher was a turly amazing person. My dad is Coach Markuson, his coach for the Rebs for this year and I simply adored this guy. He's been one of my favorites my dad has had a chance to coach. He has a touching story and he doesn't want people to feel sorry for him in that way. I'm so glad he made the 23rd pick and can't wait to see him play.

In The Blind Side 2 does Michael Oher get benched in the 2nd half of a wild card game for.....?

No, but in the Darkside 2 Peyton Manning gets Jim Caldwell fired.

Is the story of Baltimore Raven Michael Oher true?

Yes. Basically, he was a homeless man and a family took him in.

where do i find if michael oher graduated college?

Attended University of Mississippi (Ole Miss Rebels) in Oxford, Mississippi and its my understanding that he was picked in the draft 2009 before graduating, and since obtained a degree in Criminal Justice. He was lacking just a few hours in obtaining his degree. Awesome player at Ole Miss and now the Ravens!

Why would michael Oher be a good guest speaker at a college graduation?

College graduate, honor roll, American dream, hard work myth and a competitive society likes all that. Sports is big in colleges. If you go to college you can be a millionaire. Of course most of us will work at Micky D's. Shhhh.

Can you guys tell me what happenned to Michael Oher in his past?

basically his mom was a crackhead and his dad was murdered he moved around a lot and then this white couple adopted him he got really good at football got a scholarship to ole miss and then got drafted to baltimore.

In The Blind Side, what did Michael Oher do wrong?

He didn't do anything wrong. He was being questioned because they thought Sandra Bullock's character was forcing him to go there, who is a Mississippi booster at the college. It's against restrictions for them to do that. That's why Michael confronts Leigh Anne, asking her if she only took him in so he would play football for her alma mater

Did Michael Oher really get into a Car Crash?

Yes, I read the actual biography on Micheal Oher, the one the movie was based on. He did get into a car accident with his slightly new Truck that was purchased for him. I do believe the timing was off in the movie however. The book was really good and I'm not a sports book guy but it is a great story.

How is Michael Oher doing on the Off Line for the Ravens this year? His movie/bibliography is awesome!?

Oher is doing VERY well. He's performing as well as any of the rookie lineman. He has started most of the year, and even put a few starts in on the "Blind Side" (the left) when the Ravens left tackle was hurt. He's been pretty solid for a rookie.

Which prison did Michael Jerome Oher SR. go to before he was murdered?

That's not father's name. Father is Williams and mother is Oher. http://www.biography.com/articles/Michael-Oher-547478

why did Michael Oher loose so much weight from when he was at Ole Miss to now?

lost his baby fat

In the blind side, did Michael Oher wind up going to the college Sandra wanted him to?

Yes, he was given a scholarship. What an amazing mOvie.

What did Michael Oher think about the Blind Side?

He like it but he thought it made him look like he didn't have a clue about football before that family took him in. The truth was he was already a stud and was living with a football coach at another school but got kicked out for grades and that's when the rich folks took him in. He wasn't some clueless bum off the streets. He had played football before and was highly regarded and was considered homeless because he wasn't living with his legal guardian.

Will Michael Oher be competing in the Winter Olympics?

wow you are so funny. He is an offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens not an olympic athlete. And by the way, he is not blind at all, but you already knew that.

What teams has Michael Oher played for?

He has only played for the Ravens, professionally. The only other team he has played for would be Ole Miss. He was drafted by the Ravens in 2009 with the 23rd pick. That pick belonged to the Patriots and the Ravens traded them their first and fifth round picks for it.

Did Michael Oher really stop an airbag with his hand?

It's a movie of course he didn't

what poem did michael oher write about for his essay in the blind side?

Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade.

What truck does Michael Oher get in "The Blind Side"?

An 07 ford f-150

What psychological disorder does Michael Oher appear to have in the movie "The Blind Side"?

does michael oher start for the baltimore ravens offensive line?


Will Michael Oher be the steel of the draft?

Before the combine some experts had him going in the first 10 picks (some in the first 5). Now he has fallen dramatically. It is quite obvious that his stock has fallen due to his combine performance. The pro scouts obviously saw things that changed their mind significantly. I was not able to watch all of the combine and I missed the o-line day so I do not know exactly what caused such concern. That being said the scouts and experts are often wrong so he might end up being a steal. But I doubt it. You do not go fall from top 5 or 10 to 20 -25 (+?) without some serious concerns.

What do you guys think of Michael Oher from the Ravens?

He is one of the best tackles in the NFL and I also loved the movie about his life , he is a credit to the NFL and somebody that we can look up too .

Is Michael Oher Going to Sue The Blind Side Industry for making him look dumb?

thats funny considering he and his family loved the movie

What does football depict to Michael Oher in The Blind Side?

Football is depecited as Michael Oher's family, he feels a great connection to the game, and when the going gets tough he can depend on himself to help out his family through the tough times. He sees the opposing football team, as the bad people in life, those that wish to harm your family, and he feels as if he can protect his family/quarterback. I think it's important to note that the relationships he holds with the people on his football team are contingent on his success as a footballer, and like wise his positive relationship with his family members, allow him to grow as a person. I hope this helps :)

What team will draft OT Michael Oher?

He could really go anywhere, but I don't think he'll fall past the Lions at 20 and that would be a huge steal.

Why did they make a movie about Michael Oher but not Patrick Willis?

Oher was taken in by the Tuohys, a rich, well-connected family. It was easier to hear about his story. Sean Tuohy was already pretty well known in Memphis for his business ventures and in Mississippi for his basketball career at Ole Miss. If I remember right, Michael Lewis, who wrote The Blind Side, was already writing a book about how the left tackle position had been basically revolutionized in the last 20 years when he heard about Oher. Basically everything just happened to come together just right. Willis had a similar story in some ways but the people who took him in were a working-class white family living in rural Tennessee without any real connections. And while Oher was pretty well-known coming out of high school in Memphis, I think Ole Miss was the only major university who offered Willis a scholarship.

Michael oher?

Excuse me. The only time a family helping a child gets press is if the child becomes famous and the family that helped is white. Blacks helping blacks is the only way they have survived in this society. But no one wants to hear about that. Whites have more than their share of shooting children in the back, hanging, burning churches, burning crosses and other forms of terrorism. PLEASE get off of your high horse.

Is it true that Michael Oher is moving to the Raiders?

yes, very sound business decision as well - play for the team that has your favorite mascot