Does anyone think michael beasley has become a bust?

One day yes. He has a long ways to go but he could give you 25 on any given night, but he could end up with 12 as well. Just depends on what kind of night it is. I'm a Heat fan and personally I'm glad he is in Miami.

what did michael beasley do to earn a bad rep?

I thought he was a good kid....

Would trading Michael Beasley a stupid idea?

Beasley is not a bad player and trading him might be a bad idea unless the heat get someone great in return. It all depends on who you trade for... He could always be traded for a young up and coming star he could also be in the league for 10 years. you never know when wade leaves the heat,...of course trading Beasley for an older player who puts up just as many numbers is a stupid trade though, and I think by the time beasley is the face of the franchise he will be comfortable. He is practically right next to wade anyways

Can michael beasley be the man the wolves needing?

It's kinda tough to answer your question because at the back of my mind, I am thinking that Beasley will not be the main PF in the Wolves' rotation.. It'll be Kevin Love. Love has proved to us that he can be a monster for the Wolves, almost getting a double-double every night right after his injury healed last season. In my opinion, he's better suited as the starter for the Wolves than Beasley because (1) he's familiar with the system, (2) he's more talented, (3) he's stats are better than that of Beasley. I think Beasley will either be moved to the 3 position or will come off the bench to relieve Love. His stats will be: 15ppg, 5.2rebs, 2ast, .8blks, 1.1stl, 46.4%fg, 77.8%ft, 32%3ptfg.

What type of trio or "big 3" can Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, and Ricky Rubio become in the NBA?

I think they will become a decent "big 3." I also think the playoffs would be a long shot for the Timberwolves in the next two years, but as I always say, "only time will tell." As I said earlier this evening, I believe Michael Beasley will quickly become a low-grade (maybe even as good as) Carmelo Anthony. He's got the shooting down, already. He is a very underrated shooter in the NBA. He shot 45% from the field and 36.6% from the 3 this season. And, he commonly shoots the 3; it's not like he went 2/6 throughout the season. He actually averaged 0.8 made 3-point shot per game, which is a great accolade for someone of his stature. This basically means that he made at least 1 three-pointer every game. Beasley's stats this season are nearly as good as Melo's were in his 2nd year starting for the Nuggets. Kevin Love has proven himself to be a premier rebounder this season, and I would presume that that stat would only increase next season. His rebounding will prove to be very key, if they wish to be a force in the West. Nonetheless, he has a very bright future, and hopefully that future sees him in a Minnesota Timberwolve jersey. Ricky Rubio better be what the media has made him up to be. He looks like a Pistol Pete type of handler and passer, but he averaged a mere 5.9 PPG and 4 APG playing across seas. I'm pretty sure the NBA is a tougher league to play in; let's hope he's ready for this stage. If he is as great a passer as we are shown, then I think he will only make Michael Beasley and Kevin Love better players. That only brightens their future. Plus, who knows whom they may draft on Thursday. Maybe, a strong PF in Derrick Williams coming off the bench for Love would add to the help. ___________________________ Assuming everything I said works out, I think they have what it takes to climb to the 6th seed in the West, but that may be a long shot. EDIT: I forgot to display both Melo's and Beasley's stats for their 2nd season as starters. Melo's 2nd season starting: 20.8 PPG, 5.7 RPG, 43.1% FG shooting, 34.8 MPG Beasley's 2nd season starting: 19.2 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 45% FG shooting, 32.2 MPG Pretty close, I'd say.

Can Michael Beasley still be a superstar in the NBA?

If the Heat are in fact planning to get Odom, what are they planning to do with Michael Beasley?

Starting Lineup C- Jermain Oneal PF- Carlos Boozer SF-Lamar Odom SG-Dwayne Wade PG- Mario Chalmers Beasley comes off the bench somewhat 6thmanish which seems like a pretty solid lineup to me. Plus, I'm pretty sure Beasley could guard SF's kid's got long arms.

Who is better Michael Beasley or Kevin Durant?

well I have not seen Beasley play in the NBA yet but I guess I'll choose by his college record. I would choose Beasley, he can make points AND rebound, Durant just makes points

is michael beasley a one of a kind player?

LeBron James is left-handed but shoots with his right.

Do you think Michael Beasley is a draft bust?

not as bad as darko

Michael beasley and kevin love finally get their confidence,do you agree?

Considering Love did something no one has done since 1982, after a 20+ point 20+ rebound performance on Tuesday on the same day Beasley scores 35 points, I'd say they are for sure gaining confidence. Lets just hope things can keep up, I hope for big things from this young team.

Should i trade Michael Beasley for Shawn Marion?

Even with beasley having a break out year in miami, a sleep of all sleepers, Marion is a significantly better fantacy pick up. No question.

Is Michael Beasley more effective as a 3 or 4?

Tough to say. Based on Size hes a three in my opinion and on defense he is better fitted to play the three. However Beasley has a nice balanced inside out game and is one of those sought after "hybrid" 4s. He can stretch the floor and is a mismatch for most 4s in the league. I think if he were to be playing with a dominant center he would be better off as a 4. But he can play either. As for Eddy House, he would definantley be a 2 if he was taller. He has a shoot first mentality and sometimes you will even see the Celtics put Rondo at the 1 and him at the 2.

which Nba rookie do you think will have the biggest fantasy impact outside of Michael Beasley?

Besides Beasley, pick Rose or Mayo. Other than those don't bother with rookies on draft day. Oh, unless Greg Oden counts as a rookie... then obviously you should pick him too.

How good can Michael Beasley be for the Miami Heat?

He was first amongst Rookies for points per 48 mins. So your right, he just hasn't had the minutes.

What is Michael Beasley's perception around the NBA?

Do you think Michael Beasley will have a bigger impact on the Heat next year?

I think he will definitely have a bigger impact. I think he has just as much talent as all the other rookies and unlike some, he hasn't been thrown into a situation where he has to be a star. This year he has gotten to learn from one of the best players in the league and it has mainly been an adjustment for him. He went from always being the go to guy to being a third or fourth option sometimes. By next year, he will not only be bigger and stronger since he is only 20, he will have valuable experience and will have the off-season to work on his defense more and inside scoring. He's already shown this year he has special outside scoring ability for a power forward.

Can Michael Beasley ever live up to his potential?

No, he will always be a 3rd or 4th option. He takes alot of shots and miss too much, he's like Melo with less accuracy, if it wasn't for Melo making a good number of his shots he wouldn't be Superstar material.

How good do you think Michael Beasley will do with the T-Wolves?

he shouldn't have a problem averaging 20ppg on this team, but i wouldn't be surprised in kevin love turns out to be the leader of this team the way he dominated in pre-season.

what do you think of Michael Beasley now that hes played in a few games?

Well...I'm glad the Bulls didn't draft him. He's more of a small forward than a power forward. He does have really good skills, however he doesn't seem to be as good as projected coming out of college. He's moved in and out of the starting lineup for various reasons...defense, being out of place on offense, and shooting bad shots. His basketball IQ seems to be that of a average basketball player. I think he should be better being with a player of Wade status. If he's regressing then the problem is with Beasley...not Wade. As much as Wade is double teamed and pressured to pass the ball...Beasley should be getting very good looks, and he gotten those good looks too. Just look at his's a low 45%. Not good for a guy who 6'10 and 240lbs. Right now it looks as if he would have benefitted from not only staying in school, but maybe for a program with a richer history than Kansas State. In 5 years he should post All-Star numbers once he finds out what type of player he is. He playing like he doesn't know that yet. Is he going to be the power player he was in college or the slasher type of player he seems to be now? Don't know...we'll just wait and see.

How did michael beasley nd derrick rose get their 40 inch vertical jump?

well BIlly Diaz is part right but, you have to learn how to explode part of it is using the ground and your center of gravity. Usually peopel jump wrogn and you can jump a few inces higher without doing anything. But if you watn to just jump until you cant anymore slapping the backboard. Power lifting is good too cause it helps with explosion. Theres a program i used called BFS bigger faster stronger, it makes you gain muslce with speed so you dont slow down.

Is it just me or is Michael Beasley really hot?

He looks like Dennis Rodman, and that's not a good thing.

Where would the Raptors be now if Michael Beasley was on their team?

Ppl r giving Beasley a hard time saying they can't see him with Bargnani, but I couldn't see him with Kevin Love and both players are amazing although rest of team not so much. If he went to toronto though, they would 6 or 7 in the East in my opinion since a team of Bargnani, DeRozan, Calderon, and Beasley along with Barbosa would be a better playoff contender than Miluwakee and Indian that are ahead of toronto.

Do you think that a lack of athleticism will hurt Michael Beasley in the pros?

he probably needs to get more lift on his release...but no he doesnt have much hang time...i see what you are saying though in reference to his lack of athleticism...cause it wont wow you....but I think he should be able to manage...especially at the power forward position where athleticism is not highly required.... Hey Charles K are you watching highlights or games...he's strong but has nowhere near the hangtime as Marion...and you haven't heard any scouts compare him to Shawn Marion in terms of his might wanna try watching more than just ESPN and watch his games

Why did the Heat give up Michael Beasley for Mike Miller?


is a carlos boozer for michael beasley and udonis haslem trade fair?

What up vicdamon25, Well considering a week ago Utah was ready to give up Boozer for Tyrus Thomas- i'd say getting Beasley and Haslem is a lot more than getting a Ty Thomas. Also the Jazz are going to lose Boozer at the end of the season so better to get something than nothing. Nickster

Michael Beasley just starting to reach his potential?

Yes,it's true and together with Greg Oden are starting to prove why they got 2 high places at the drafts and they show that are the best big men from this class Oden is turning into a double-double machine with a huge impact on the offensive and defensive end.20/12/3 guy Beasley is turing into a scoring PF,that can be force on rebounds and deadly shooting mid range threat

Who will be a better NBA player when both of their careers are over - Blake Griffin or Michael Beasley?

Michael Beasley

Who is better Michael Beasley or Tyler Hansborough?

beasley is deff better... hes only a fresh and i think if he decides to stay in college [i hope he doz] he will be one of the better scoring big men in the nba... but if he rushes into the pros he wont develop the way ppl want him to and will get a later pick than if he waits... hansbrough isnt that great, he just gets after it night in and night out

Who do you think is going to be seen as the better player in ten years? Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley?

Beasley will turn out to be another Lamar Odom, where as Derrick Rose would be making a name for himself. Of course Rose would be better.

nba 2k9 trade how to get michael beasley with the cavaliers as your team?

Trade 1st round pick and Anderson Varejao

Who Will Get Their First Championship Ring - Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley?

I think Beasley will have a better shot at winning the title first than Rose. It depends on what happens this offseason. Both the Heat and the Bulls are not done trading yet so you never know what will happen. Anyway, I say Beasley because he has a better team overall. He has Marion, and D-Wade. All they need know is a true point guard and there back-up is probably going to be Chalmers. I believe they are going to be in the playoffs this year, but not going out of the first round.

Do you think Michael beasley will develop into one of the elite PF in the league?

ya he could be good. still pretty young so he has time to develop. im still a little pissed cuz miami didn't re-sign him( i think he could be even better than minnesota ) but at least he is gettin da playin time he need., so my finall answer is yes

should miami start michael beasley or udonis at power forward in the playoffs?

coach might put Udonis for his expirence but I believe Beasley deserves it, lets just see what happens.

Who is better JJ Hickson or Michael Beasley?

Well the cavs Gm and Suns Gm are best friends and they've done plenty of deals in the past and the cavs are willing to give up multiple draft picks. also the suns want Jason richadson included in any deal and he gets paid 14mil next season which would destroy any chances of the heat doing this deal since it will ruin their plan.

why should my bulls draft derrick rose instead of michael beasley?

Rose = tickets! Dude is a local and it will help fill out that big empty united centre. The trade off is they can then get rid of Hinrich and bring in a decent scoring forward. Beasley is a good low post scorer, but there are a lot of questions on his attitude, toughness and ability to sustain punnishment that the nastier NBA forwards are likely to deliver him. I would prefer to see Beasley on the Bulls, but word is that they're going to take Rose.

Why hasn't Michael Beasley started more games for the Miami Heat?

because they're coaching staff is stupid. he is a good player but if they r not going to let him show it then maybe another team will let him show what he is made of

Is Michael Beasley finally playing as he has to play?

yes he will. Its not that he wasnt playing well, he wasnt playing that much because everytime he made a mistake, the Miami coach took him out of the game. So he doesnt have the freedom that Mayo and Rose do and that why his numbers arent as good as those two

if your team had michael beasley would u trade him in a package for carlos boozer?

FUCK NO. for what? Boozer isnt that good and as you can see imagine if u were a Jazz fan. He acts like a bitch. Beasley is young still dont mind comin off the bench while he gets better. good right or lefty. If anything for Bosh and thats jus cuz hes a 7 FOOTER. if not for that I'm keepin em.

Is Lebron James really that much better than Michael Beasley?

hell yea what are you on crack or some shit. beasley is terrible and lebron is always getting compared to kobe the so called best ever where no1 else gives a crap bout beasley.

do u think michael beasley and derrick rose arent that good unlike the other rookies?

To be honest, until reading this question, I had kind of forgotten about them. Maybe that's because the Eastern Conference only really has 3 teams to speak of. The Cavs, Celtics, and the Magic. The rest of the East is kind of swirling down in mediocrity. The Hawks, Pistons, Heat, etc. But, just looking at the numbers they both look like they have done very well for themselves.

Can Michael Beasley become the next Lamar Odoms?

Michael Beasley has an interesting game because he can bang dow lown and he can shoot from the outside. He is a combination of Carlos Boozer and Antawn Jamison. He is a little under-sized at the PF position but he is a big body who can bang and shoot. Lamar Odom's game is all about finess he is not a banger. Beasley can do both.

Blazers can get Michael Beasley for free if they want?

Lebron wants to go to the Heat.

Do you prefer Michael Beasley as a SF or a PF?

Small Forward He can step back hit jumpers from mid range and three point line.He has amazing scoring ability,can drive,is athletic and would do better on this position.He could be awsome rebounder as well

MICHAEL BEASLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

He will be a star

What are Michael Beasley and OJ Mayo's attributes on College Hoops 2K8?

they aren't that great cause they are freshmen and they never rate freshmen too high cause they arent sure if they are going to be good. I would say give Beasley a 94 and Mayo a 92.

Did the Timberwolves ripped off the Miami Heat in the Michael Beasley trade?

I agree. Beasley will make the Heat pay trust me. He avearged like 16 points and 6 boards in under 30 mins a game last year and should be getting like 35 mins a game next year. They just traded Al Jefferson for like 2 first round picks from Utah. That is such a bad trade and Im a warriors fan and im mad about it. Jazz first round picks?? Thats like picks 20-25 which are as good as like a 2nd round pick. Jefferson is a stud and another guy we need to watch out for now. :(

How do you think Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers have been playing for the Heat so far?

I think Chalmers has shown that he was underrated while Beasley is just getting thru the rookie wall. It is clearly seen tho that both are going to be in the Heat for a long time. Beasley ability to score has still been able to impress many. Definite all-star in the making.

Michael Beasley?

Is Micheal Beasley a celebrity or just a member of the public. If he's a member of the public then its considered unethical to research living people, we research our dead ancestors on here. If he's a celebrity though there will be enough information on line for you to find the answer.

michael beasley?

I think it is announced during Final Four, but it will be Hansbrough! Not Beasley!