How many people are sick and tried of Miami Ink?

Yes I'm tried of hearing about Miami Ink. Best Artist I've been to Lional in Oxford, England. He did 6 of my tattoos, great artist took his time made sure they were done right. The color is still good more than 20 years later.

Why is it that when people get tattooed on Miami Ink they seem to have sort of waxy skin?

I got tattooed on LA Ink One of the guys wiped on this weird smelling pastey thing! It felt like when you rub vaseline onto skin and you get a kinda rubbery feeling on the skin! So yeah,Lolz!

how much does a tattoo from miami ink cost?

it depends on how big ur tattoo is...

Getting a tattoo at Miami Ink?

It is actually called Love Hate Tattoos. It is named after the owners bar Love Hate. There is shop there in that location called Miami Ink but they only sale Miami Ink apparel. I would not waste my time or money in that overrated hoopla of a joint. There is a place just north of there in Hollywood, FL called Twisted Heart Custom Tattoo. Joe, the owner, is by far better that any of those fad frenzied sale-outs on that show. And the would be 1/3 the price.

Does anyone know if baby dre from miami ink has facebook?

I dont think so...but just search up the name and that person might come up but you never know if its a fake or not. Good luck.

How much does a tattoo artist on Miami Ink or LA Ink make per tattoo?

I've heard Kat Von D charged $500 an hour. You're looking at $2000-$3000 for one of her tattoos. As for Ami and that bunch, you're pretty much paying top dollar for average work. If you look around your city, I'm sure you'll find artists who produce the same quality work for the fraction of the cost. To give you an idea, most reputable shops charge $125/hour for large scale custom pieces.

How Do I Get an Appointment for a Tattoo at Miami Ink? I live in Australia but will be in Miami in June?

You have to apply, and they let you know if you're accepted. And if you're from outside Florida, you have to send a video. You wouldn't be able to just walk in and get a tattoo. details/application:

Does Miami Ink's Tattoo Shield tanning lotion work?

Just use regular suntan lotion with a high SPF.

Miami Ink Bull Forearm fore arm tattoo what episode?

go on the tlc website and click on the show tab and you should be able to find out there

Why isn't Miami Ink not on TLC anymore? Was there a falling out between the owners and TLC?

Where is the shop where Miami Ink took place at located?

Its in Miami beach in Washington ave near 14 st I think??? I am not sure about the St but if you drive down Washington ave, you will not miss it. :)

how many season does miami ink have ?

I think thats it? Though season 6 isn't out on DVD yet. And we get American shows weeks/months later, so I might just be behind again :XD

whats the tattoo shop on miami ink called i was trying to look it up in yellow pages but?

You have to go to to apply to be on the show. They only do tattoos on people who have applied, and have been picked by TLC to be on the show. Also, if you are picked, you have to pay your own way there, the tattoo and accomodations. But to be tattooed by those guys, it's worth every penny!

Who knows when the new season of Miami Ink comes on?

Miami Ink was cancelled. The fourth and final season finished last year in 2008. Sorry =(

where can i find the painting of a tiger that chris garver did and tatoo'ed on a guys arm on miami ink? also:

Where online can I watch the rest of Miami Ink?

Go to

how can I get a tattoo from Miami Ink?

I think Kat from L.A. INK is a better artist.

Do you think that Miami Ink guys would go out of their country to do tatoo?

honestly i doubt it. They are way to busy, and celebrities now. they book for the show like 6 months in advance. I would agree with other people. send them an email or something.. and save money to fly there.

Can I get tattooed by Ami James at Miami Ink without being video taped?

No you don't have to be taped, but it's seriously a pain to get an appoinment. If you were to want to be on the show you would have to apply.

Miami Ink Episodes Online or for Download?

you can watch it or download here. -

Can anyone help me find info on a Miami Ink Tattoo?

Gosh i really do hate it when up-themself ars eholes are so rude on here, theres just no need for it - if they dont know the answer to something why do they bother to answer? Oh yeah its because theyre sad people with nothing better to do who just like to say stupid unhelpful things to be nasty and waste everyones time! I really hate yahoo sometimes! Im afraid i dont have any info on it, but the best advice i can offer you is to either email (or better yet write as they probs get tones of emails) the miami ink website/shop HQ and ask, or try their myspace page and email there too. Good luck!

where can i download miami ink soundtrack for free?

Okay, first download a program that downloads things from youtube I use alter vista which you can get from by following the link on this page: then search miami ink soundtrack on youtube download then when that is done convert it to a mp3 and you done out of curiosity what are you going to use this for?

Help finding pic of a tattoo from Miami Ink?

you mean faith one way and trust upside down?? try this site.. hope it helps The site above is about that tattoo.. Darren is the one that did that one tattoo...

Do you have to go through TLC to get a tattoo at Miami Ink? or can you just take a trip down and make appt?

do you want to be on the show? or just get tattooed? you would have to send in an audition tape to get on the show. but you'll still need to call and make an appointment for the artist that you want to get tattooed by. and like everybody said. chris garver and kat only tattoo in miami when they are filming. they actually live in los angeles. good luck with your tattoo!

who did the gun and flower tattoo on miami ink?

pretty sure it was chris garver (i think that's his name, i'm drawing a blank i know it's a g though)

Is MIAMI INK Comeing back for a New Season?

I believe that is true--no more Miami Ink--I thought I saw some previews of the guys buying and setting up a bar/club and that the show is moving to that venue. (could be mistaken) I tried finding out more for you on the TLC website, but there is no info, sorry :(

Where can i find a good picture of the tattoo that Kat Von D did on Miami Ink? go to the bottom and click on #11 or #22, im not sure which one it is.

Why did Ami James start NY ink if he hated Miami ink so much?

Does anyone know how long it took the guy in Miami Ink to do the Phoenix tattoo??

probably 30-45 seconds. thats how long they show the people on the show getting their tattoos. if it was such a "reality" show then they should show the people cringing and squirming for 2-3 hours the real amount that it takes to get a tattoo.

about how much would it cost to get a tattoo done by Miami Ink that is about 3inches high and 3inches across?

Wow, I wish you luck............all these people that love that show, don't even think about all the tats that they messed up and won't put on the show.................of course they will show the good stuff...............but, if they showed the bad work that they put out, they could make a mini series. Now, for your have to pay an up front price to even be thought to be put on the show...........then it depends on the tattoo........if it's just a little thing, they won't even bother..............takes up to much show time. Then, because they are on tv...........they will charge you some outrageous price and you are supposed to be happy. No, I'm not jealous, I'm just not that vein........and I care about my loyal customers.

Looking for a picture of a Miami Ink Tattoo?

all i know is there is a lot of "boss lady" memorbilia... links below. PSH to the person who said you're copying.... "Boss Lady" is famous. Hope it helps!!!

Does Miami Ink allow 16 year-olds to get tattoos with parent consent?

No. In one episode a girl came in with her mum the day before her 18th birthday and they said no, she had to come back at midnight that night to get tattooed

anyone been to miami ink tattoo shop in october?

So, I was there last year, and Miami Ink was closed down at the time. However, a few doors down, Chris and Darren had opened up a new shop. I can't remember the name. They took no appointments. It was first come first served. And those guys were working. Just be prepared. I went in with a reference of what I wanted done(a small bracelet around my wrist), was told about a 1 hour wait and quoted a price of $550-$850 depending on how long it would take to place the stencil. An excellent system, everyone has a chance of getting in, but way over inflated prices. If you're interested, get there early, they open at noon.

Miami Ink fish tattoo without an outline?

try here ttp://

what is the best tattoo shop in Miami that isn't Miami Ink?

ask around in Miami, few of us would have any clue

How much would it cost to get a tattoo at Miami Ink?

What is the website to see the paintings done by Chris Garver from Miami Ink?

is this what you're talking about? here's the guy's tattoo - and Chris Garver's painting -

How much time do I have to wait for getting a tattoo at Miami Ink? Is there a long waiting list?

Well here's the deal, you're 14, almost 15, they won't even talk to you until you're 18. So it looks like you're waiting at least three more years.

How can I get tattooed by Chris Garver without applying to be on Miami Ink?

you can call and tell him when u make an app. i am sure he won't mind. he is really nice.

I need the exact times for miami ink and la ink?

well its channel 280 TLC on dish network they are running both tonight actually from now until 1:00 am

How can I ask the artists at Miami Ink to do a portrait tat for us if I can't find an email addy for them?

Kat does the most beautiful work that I have ever seen. Good luck, sweetie. She will do you right.

Where can I find a tattoo from Miami Ink?


Where can I see the video of Ab on miami ink getting his selena tattoo?

check out they are suppose to have almost every episode on tv. you may want to check out the channel's website that they are on. this was previously asked about & this is how you get to it go to and in the search box just type miami ink-selena good luck

Where can I find the pictures of paintings inside the Miami Ink shop??

Awesome show! Those guys are true artists. I have the book, "Miami Ink: Marked for Greatness" and it has the paintings in it. If you want to check it out, the ISBN # is: ISBN-13: 978-0-696-23223-7 ISBN-10: 0-696-23223-5 There also is a website:

When did the first season of Miami Ink start and how many season of Miami Ink is there?

Miami Ink started in July /07 and ran for 4 seasons. Following the fourth season, James and Núñez declined an offer to film any more episodes of the show, because they "weren't happy with the way [they] were treated". Kat left Miami Ink in May /07 and LA Ink premiered on August 7, 2007.

How can I make an appointment at Miami Ink to get my tattoo touched up?

I live in south florida and to even GET a tattoo done by one of those guys, you usually have to do an audition for the show. They usually have the auditions at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino (though not always) so check the Miami Ink website (you can apply online) and check the casino's website for upcoming events. I'm not sure if this hotline still works but it's the one I called last year when I wanted to audition: (786) 276-5222 I dont know if u know all ready know where Miami ink is at in south beach but I'll tell you it's a sidewalk shop on Washington Avenue and 13th street in South Beach. Good luck!!


It hasn`t been shown in TV yet but he had his first child, a little boy, with partner Talea, at the beginning of 2008.

Miami Ink?

its not getting cancelled, kats just getting her own show. she has a huge following, i guess when ami fired her, the tlc people thought theyd cash in and get her a show too.

Miami ink?

you might have better luck in the TV Section. but to answer: yes, someone knows but I don't

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