What should I change my name to? Input please!?

The first name that came to mind was Penelope! it's very pretty and has TONS of cute nicknames. Penny, Poppy, Nell, Nelly, Pippa. So cute!

Shouldn't BURKE, ROBERTS, and IMMELT be investigated?

What do you think of my PRESEASON NFL standings.?

I like your outcome!! Very good!!!

Running up the score and cheating?

Okay the "running up the score" thing has more to do with HOW the scores are made not WHAT the actual score is. Secondly, what the Dolphins did to obtain Shula as their coach in 1969 had no bearing on the outcome of the 1972 season, other than Shula became their coach. BUT one could argue the Dolphins could have done this in a fashion that the NFL did not deem to be tampering and achieved the same result. That being said, you are an idiot and you need to stop.

08-09 nfl season predictions?

NFL Predictions: NFC North Minesota: 10-6 Green Bay: 9-7 Detroit: 7-9 Chicago: 4-12 NFC East Dallas: 13-3 NY Giants: 10-6 Philadelphia: 9-7 Washington: 8-8 NFC South New Orleans: 11-5 Tampa Bay: 8-8 Carolina: 6-10 Atlanta: 5-11 NFC West Seattle: 10-6 Arizona:10-6 St.Louis: 7-9 San Fran: 6-10 AFC North Cleveland: 10-6 Pittsburgh: 10-6 Cincinnatti: 6-10 Baltimore: 5-11 AFC East New England: 13-3 New York Jets: 8-8 Buffalo: 8-8 Miami: 6-10 AFC South Indianapolis: 13-3 Jacksonville: 12-4 Tennessee: 9-7 Houston:8-8 AFC West San Diego: 12-4 Denver: 7-9 Oakland: 6-10 Kansas City: 3-13 NFC Seeds: 1. Dallas Cowboys 2. New Orleans Saints 3. Minnesota Vikings 4. Seattle Seahawks 5. New York Giants 6. Arizona Cardinals AFC Seeds 1. Indianapolis Colts 2. New England Patriots 3. San Diego Chargers 4. Cleveland Browns 5. Jacksonville Jaguars 6. Pittsburgh Steelers Playoffs: Sat. Seattle vs New York Giants: Seattle Jacksonville vs Cleveland: Jacksonville Sun. Minnesota vs Arizona: Minnesota San Diego vs Pittsburgh: SanDiego Week 2 Playoffs: Sat. Dallas vs Seattle: Dallas Indianapolis vs Jacksonville: Indianapolis Sun. Minnesota vs New Orleans: Minnesota San Diego vs New England: San Diego Week 3 Playoffs Sat. Minnesota vs Dallas: Minnesota Sun San Diego vs Indianapolis: San Diego SUPER BOWL 43 Minnesota vs San Diego Super Bowl Champs San Diego Chargers!

Cleveland Browns 2011 schedule realistic Wins & Losses?

Well I can't find their exact schedule anywheres, but based off of what I did find... Here are their home games - Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Tennessee, St. Louis, Seattle, Miami So, I'll say a Win against Balt, Win against Cinci, Loss against Pitts, Win against Jax, Win against Tenn, Loss against St Louis, Win against Seattle and Win against Miami... so that's what 6-2. Here are their away games - Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Houston, Indianapolis, Arizona, San Francisco, Oakland Loss at Balt, Win at Cinci, Loss at Pitts, Loss and Houst, Loss at Indi, Win at Ariz, Win at San Fran and Win at Oak... so that's 4-4... So finish about 10-6?

New 09-10 season predictions?

NFC North Packers 12-4 Bears 9-7 Vikings 9-7 Lions 2-14 NFC East Eagles 11-5 Redskins 10-6 Giants 7-9 Cowboys 4-12 NFC West Seahawks 10-6 Cards 8-8 49ers 7-9 Rams 3-13 NFC South Saints 13-3 Panthers 10-6 Falcons 8-8 Bucs 2-14 AFC North Ravens 13-3 Steelers 12-4 Bengals 8-8 Browns 6-10 AFC East Pats 14-2 Jets 7-9 Fins 6-10 Bills 4-12 AFC West Chargers 11-5 Chiefs 7-9 Broncos 6-10 Raiders 2-14 AFC South Titans 12-4 Colts 11-5 Texans 5-11 Jags 5-11 MVP - Adrian Peterson Defensive MVP - Lofa Toputu Rookie Offensive - Michael Crabtree Rookie Defensive - Orakpo

Which 1 of these 2 NFL careers as a starting QB would you rather have?

I want the career of the guy who actually wins a Super Bowl. In this day and age of the NFL everyone is consumed with fantasy football like numbers. Who can put up the biggest and most gaudy numbers. Fans forget about the reason these guys are placed on these teams in the first place. Not to rack up big passing numbers, but to lead a team to and win a Super Bowl. Dan Marino has some of the all time quarterback records, but no ring to show for it. If you ask Dan Marino im sure he would trade all of those numbers for a ring.

is their any truth to this rant???

frankie says relax

2007-08 NFL Predictions...?

Wait...Houston, Oakland, Cincinati, Minnesota, Cleveland, and New York(Giants) have playoffs in their future? Yeah right....I can't even answer this question after seeing your predictions......how can New England and San Diego miss out on the playoffs to Oakland and Houston? Come on, be serious.

NFL Early Predictions 2011-2012?

AFC East: NY Jets win this division AFC North: Steelers win division again AFC West: Chargers rebound and win their division AFC South: Jaguars win their division NFC East: Cowboys win the division NFC North: Packers win I guess...They are the champs NFC West: Rams win NFC South: Falcons win again I don't wanna guess the playoffs yet

Now that the NFL Playoffs are set, how do you see the rest of the 2008 season heading?

I agree with most of your choices... except the Giants part. I hope irrationally that the Eagles can fly and beat those Giants, before being clipped by the Falcons... Or Panthers, if inexperience is factored in (let's hope this is not the case though) And Titans vs Colts... unimaginable, but the Colts can expect to win. Colts vs Falcons... Judging by recent records, Colts will wrap up their 2nd title in 3 years.

What do you think of these NFL predictions?

JAX won't be that high w/o their two starting guards BUF needs a QB to have a winning season nice picks otherwise. My Picks: NE (11-5) 3 Seed NYJ (10-6) 5 Seed BUF (9-7) MIA (4-12) PIT (11-5) 4 Seed CLE (9-7) BAL (8-8) CIN (6-10) IND (13-3) 1 Seed TEN (10-6) 6 Seed JAX (9-7) HOU (7-9) SD (13-3) 2 Seed DEN (8-8) OAK (6-10) KC (5-11) DAL (13-3) 1 Seed NYG (10-6) 5 Seed PHI (9-7) 6 Seed WSH (6-10) MIN (10-6) 2 Seed GB (8-8) CHI (7-9) DET (6-10) NO (9-7) 3 Seed TB (8-8) CAR (6-10) ATL (3-13) SEA (8-8) 4 Seed ARZ (7-9) SF (7-9) STL (3-13) AFC: Wild Card NYJ def. PIT NE def. TEN Divisional: NYJ def. IND NE def. SD Championship NYJ def. NE NFC: Wild Card NYG def. SEA PHI def. NO Divisional DAL def. PHI MIN def. NYG Championship DAL def. MIN Super Bowl DAL 20 NYJ 17

I really need some advice here about what's going on with him.?

Truthfully boys at the moment are bad at giving back the affection that we give for them. Commonly I find myself in the middle of a engaement between my my heart and common sense. Over time ive learned that afliction dissapear but your intelligence almost never Just so when dealing with a man use your guts!

Rate my fantasy football team?

8 out of 10

Are you a VICTIM to NBC's mind RAPE?

And you think that it is just NBC? It is not subliminal messages you should be worrying about. It is the content of the media and its successful attempt to numb the minds of Americans so they don't know or care what the truth is and what is going on around us.

Fantasy Football Week 15 QB?

Smith. Hasselbeck is inconsistent at best even with the good match up, I would be hesitant to play him. Young tweaked his hamstring in the last game. It sounds like he'll play this week, but on a points per game played basis, he's the lowest scoring of the three.

Why is the FCC approving of NBC and NFL mind RAPE?

a guy that seemed really into me cancelled our date and went MIA?

its just your misconception. i've heard of dozen questions by girls like you and dozen boys like him.

Any predictions on the Steelers-Mia game?

with key players out with injuries the steelers should still win but it might be closer then people might think . i say the steelers grind this one out under the monday night lights 13-9 !!!

How do you like my fantasy football team?

your team is soild, WR core is amazing, if you need to change anything then trade leinart for another QB, I have leinart on my team but hes a backup, but yea with the bears D and everything else, ur team is great

Now that rosters are pretty much set,who will win the super bowl?

the Colts will win