Do you know a residential architect in Metro Manila?

Message me your email address, I will ask my friend to email you directly. He is an Architect based in Metro Manila. :)

Where can I study bartending/wine mixing/flairing in Metro Manila, apart from TESDA? is a good site.for basics

Currently, what is the most widely seen car in the streets of Metro Manila & nearby areas?

Every tme i go to MM i usually see los of Toyota Revo, Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova, Toyota Vios, Toyota Altis, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Adventure, Mitsubishi Lancer, Nissan Sentra(lots of them, wick i can see in EDSA), Nissan X-trail, and Honda CRV(lots of them in Roxas Blvd..) and Honda Civic.. If i Have enough money, I would buy the new Toyota Camry and/or a Volvo XC 90, Nissan X-Trail, Honda City, Hinda Civic, Honda CRV, Toyota Rav 4

Are there a multitude of accents in Metro Manila alone?

Nice thesis topic but it might be difficult to prove any unique accent. Q.1 Are there a multitude of accents in Metro Manila alone? - Yes, since those from the province usually go to Manila to work for better income. Q.2 Besides a standard Tagalog accent, are there any other accents that exists within Metropolitan Manila alone? IF the question asks if there is a unique Manila accent, my answer would be yes and no - no because there is no place in the Metro that would be isolated enough to create a unique accent. Yes - if you look at Philippine TV soaps (most of which are produced in Manila) there is a basic accent that you can get. Q.3 Do accents exist for the different areas of Metro Manila esp. among native speakers for each area, or is it just coincidental? Im not sure if there is such a thing as a Manila Native that would make a unique accent in the city. So I would say it is coincidental.

Where can I get a good skateboard in metro manila?

Aloha Boardsports in Mall of Asia and in Trinoma Five O skateshop in taguig global city

Where can I exactly find a flower shop where they sell blue roses in Metro Manila?

Found a few for you.

where to find beijing olympics merchandise in metro manila?

Philippine Sports Commission, Adriatico St., Malate, Manila

Best place to go on a first date in Metro Manila Philippines?

You know what, we can give all types of varied advice but it will be useless. What will be great for others will suck for most. This is the best advice I can give you. Find out what sh'es interested in and do that. Be it dining in a good restaurant, biking, nature, etc. Make an effort to learn what her interests are and she'll appreciate that. You can hire a cab or a rental car if you have the budget for that. But then again, it's not what you do that counts, but the company P.S. It's best to do an activity. It's easier to break the ice and is less awkward

Where can I buy a 32gb microSDHC card within metro manila area?

Where could I find a store that sells Polymer clays in the Philippines around Metro Manila?

Try these: Shop Kids - The Beadlady Craft Cafe - Polymer Clay Shop, Manila ... 54 Cubao Expo, General Romulo Avenue, Cubao Quezon City 0917 383 3717 FIL-STYRO-CRAFT, INC 10 LEONORA STREET, RAMAX SUBDIVISION,, MAPAYAPA VILLAGE, DILIMAN, QUEZON CITY 02 932 5377 First 2 that came up in a google search for 'craft shop' in Manila.

What is the minimum wage and cost of living allowance applied in metro manila.?

EVEN if the regional tripartite wage and productivity boards could come up with new wage orders increasing the minimum wages of the various regions across the country, the more difficult task is ensuring compliance. The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines recently filed a petition for a wage increase of P80 daily in the National Capital Region. And the President just last Labor Day ordered the wage boards to work overtime studying the appropriate wage increases to help workers cope with the rising prices of oil and basic commodities. But there’s a lot more work to be done once those wage orders for increases have been handed down. Again there is the matter of ensuring compliance, a protracted and tedious process of labor inspections whose effectiveness in the end might be suspect. In 2005, for instance, the Department of Labor and Employment inspected 19,539 firms and found that only 81 percent were complying with wage laws. In similar surveys by the TUCP, we found that labor violations largely go unchecked and unresolved in the NCR and Southern Tagalog where millions of workers are employed. Other regions also registered high rates of labor standard violations, the highest of which is in the CARAGA region. This is nothing new of course. Open defiance by employers of the country’s labor regulations has been a long-standing issue, one which goes back many administrations. DOLE has to crack the whip on its regional directors to force them to go after violators and file the necessary charges. The labor secretary should order an evaluation of the performance of regional directors and labor justice officials to check whether they are performing their duties faithfully. Ideally, DOLE should also deputize tripartite inspection teams composed of its own officers, employer and labor representatives to conduct inspections. These teams could help the labor department enforce its rules. On its own, DOLE doesn’t have enough manpower to conduct inspections and ensure compliance. The help of deputized tripartite teams would be of immense help. Labor inspections are very effective. Usually, based on DOLE’s experience, two-thirds of companies found violating labor regulations, would, after inspection, make the appropriate remedies. They are forced to do so on-the-spot lest they suffer more penalties. Also, the President should call on employer groups like the Employers Confederation of the Philippines to police their own ranks and take up the issue of compliance with their individual members. Those having a hard time complying with new wage orders could legally seek exemptions, rather than do so illegally. For instance, the Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc or Philexport and ECOP have already said in the news that they will ask that indigenous exporters be exempted from another wage hike, because these exporters have already been heavily suffering from the global economic slowdown and the appreciating peso. It’s up to DOLE to grant exemptions. The cooperation of employer groups is of paramount importance to ensure compliance. The TUCP signs social accords and agreements every year with employer groups like ECOP, and yet labor violations go unabated. It is apparent that employer groups have been remiss in their duties. The leaders of these groups should be responsible enough to do something about their erring members because they put at a disadvantage responsible employers who are complying with the minimum wage and other labor regulations. Sila sila ang naglalamangan. Workers who toil at the very bottom rung of the wage ladder are eagerly awaiting the promised wage increases by the President. The expected pay hike would provide an important boost in the earnings of those who need it most. The question ahead for GMA’s economists is whether they will allow inflation to eat away at the expected modest gain. The TUCP, for instance, while hopeful that the P80 petition would be granted, is realistically expecting less than what is asked for, based on past experience. Hopefully, the pay increase that would be granted by the wage boards would not be trivial, that it would be an amount that would mean a real difference in the lives of ordinary workers. But after these pay increases are granted, would employers comply with them, and can the government ensure compliance? As I said, that is the tougher task ahead.

where is the nicest beach near to Metro Manila, what town & province which can be reached by car? Why? Thanks!

You and your friends will surely have a wonderful time either in Laguna or Batangas. Not to be outdone, the nearby province of Cavite also has a lot to offer.

Anybody know a good frozen yogurt place in Metro Manila?

my condo - just call me and I will eat some icecubes before I give you a jizzload

Where can i buy Mac games in the Metro Manila?

If you're on an intel mac, you can just install parallels, vmware fusion or bootcamp and run windows games. There are not much games on a Mac most are just ported to the Mac. I never bought games for the Mac since I can run windows on my Mac and play games on it. If you have time you can check out this list of apple distributor in the philipines just use your browsers search function to find a reseller in a specific place. I suggest that you phone them first to make sure they have the game you like.

What is the best place for nightlife in Metro Manila?

Eastwood Libis in Quezon City.

Where can I find dog-friendly apartments in Metro Manila, Philippines?

Dogs are live stock there. You will likely have to increase your budget to live somewhere that stealing your dog is not going to be an issue.

Do you know of any Korean hospitals/clinics in Metro Manila? Or any medical facilities catered to Koreans?

Sorry to hear about your friend but it is hard to find a hospital with a staff fluent in Korean. How about if your friend looks for another Korean in the country who can speak in English so he'll be the one to translate. Try calling the hospital first to inquire if they understand Korean or it will be a futile effort to go there. A telephone directory can help. Sorry if there isn't much l can do.

A good place for photographers to practice in Metro Manila?

UP Diliman has some nice landscapes you can shoot. Another place you would want to check out is Intramuros. A busy day in EDSA from atop the MRT stations is also good. Makati and Bonifiacio Global City are good places for cityscape photography.

Where can I get information about all the builders depot in metro manila?

try there in Fort Bonifacio!! more Depots there!!!

Anybody know a beach that is not that far from Metro Manila?

With the subic clark tarlac expressway open SCTex it is 2 hours to subic beaches and around 3 to the great beaches of Zambales coast

Where in Metro Manila can we rent Ghostbusters costumes?

> try to search on google as ghostbusters xccharacters are not that "in" today ... or better yet check on tailoring shop ...

What store/shop is the best in printing on Dri-Fit shirts here in Metro Manila Quezon City Philippines?

Some of the computer shop in the philippines are also servicing t-shirt printing.

Do you know a costume shop around Metro Manila?

Go to Kultura if you want to purchase costumes. But if you want to rent, I happened to see an antique shop on my way home last Wednesday. It is located along 4th Street, near Mt. Carmel Church, New Manila, Quezon City. Try to go there and see for yourself. GOD BLESS YOUR TRIP.

Can you tell me detailed directions from Metro Manila to Indang, Cavite by public vehicles?

Take a bus from Baclaran. There are buses directly to Indang. In front of Baclaran church. It will pass by Coastal Rd. The following will be your landmarks. Coastal Mall(Uniwide) at the entrance of Coastal Rd. SM (Bacoor), Robinson's (Imus), SM (Dasmarinas), Walter Mart (General Trias). You will reach Trece Martirez City. The bus will turn left to Indang. You will pass by Metrogate Indang. Jollibee Indang(town proper). Take a tricycle in front of Jollibee to Balay. You can also take a bus to Tagaytay/Alfonso but the trip may be a little longer.

Where to buy screws for glasses in Metro Manila?

Quiapo. Look for any eyeglass shops.

Is there any place in or near Metro Manila where I can make and shape my own earthen pottery?

that is a very interesting question. I know that there are potters around Laguna and Bulacan areas. They are not very far from manila. I am just not sure exactly where to point you at. why not make a road trip where you will find earthen post for sale in the high way and ask about you purpose. those traders are friendly and willing to help out those who have interest in their wares. I know that you have to use clay and bake it. they have those facilities for your project.

Where in metro manila I can study tricking and Krav Maga?

I'm not sure, but most probably you can see some in yellow pages, "recreation" section

where can i by good conditions used cars/automobiles for sale in Metro Manila Philippines?

I bought a car. It is indeed in a good condition plus i bought it cheap. I search it in

How many years will the CALABARZON region reach the economic status of Metro Manila?

Not that far Dom, i would say in about 10 to 20 years from now.. CALABARZON is the fastest growing region after NCR no doubt about it.

Where in Metro Manila can I buy cornmeal?

at veterinary supply stores. this is not a joke and you would be surprised that we use cornmeal as animal feed.

Where can I buy fabric dyes in Metro Manila?

Ebay has lots of them listed. Some are new and some are used. Not sure which you want, but you'll find them at the ebay store below.

In Metro Manila how much is a magic sing mic?

Last January in Manila the Wow Philippines brand Magic Microphones were actually had a promo in Manila where if you purchased the microphone, and one chip, the duet mic was free. My wife purchased a Magic mic with duet Microphone and chip for 11,400 Pesos My wife and I just returned to the states about a week ago. A day before returning we went to several different stores in Greenbel mall in Makati, Mall of Asian and Robinson Place Mall in Ermita to find the very best deals for Kareokee Microphones. We found the best deal in Greenbelt for at a corner electronics store called Listen. Prices as follows: Microphone alone is 11,400. Now if you purchase the Microphone with duet Micrphone with extra chip the cost is 15,400 Pesos and the chip is free. This was current as of April 8th. Since than the prices may have changed. Sold seperately the Mic Microphone is 11,400 Duet microphone cost 4,100 Pesos and Cip 3,400 Pesos

Where can you buy snails in Metro Manila area?

Cartimar. Pasay City

What's the best cake in Metro Manila you have ever tasted?

You should try Conti's Mango Bravo, it's to die for. They are located in Greenbelt 2 in Makati or Serendra at the Fort.

What spa/s in metro manila offer affordable packages for body massage?

I love it in The Spa, at the Podium. p.s. That's really sweet! Kinda gave me an idea of what to give my grannies.

What a plan for the street view around Metro Manila Philippines and other provinces nearby?

There's still NONE as of now in Google Maps, but I hope there'll be Street Views for Manila in the near future.

What establishments are open during holy week in Metro Manila?

Yes, Bob, the malls are closed today and will remain closed tomorrow (Good Friday) too. It's shopping/gallivanting time again on Saturday and Sunday. Most eateries are open for business. Manila Ocean Park is open too.

Where in Metro Manila can I find almaciga sap? How do I extract it?

Before trying to extract the sap, find out if the tree is a protected specie listed by the DENR. I don't know where in MM you will find them but some hardware stores sell almaciga resin since it is often used to varnish.

What are interesting places to visit in Metro Manila?

What shopping mall in Metro Manila sells Sony PSP slim and lite for a cheap price?

i think somewhee in mall of asia,.

How do we know which city is more flooded and which city is not in metro manila?

I hear that the country gets an average of 20 typhoons a year, most of them either hitting Manila or affecting the metropolis in some degree. Most typhoons affect a radius of 300 kms, and therefore even those that landfall in Bicol or in Isabela affect Manila which is about 300 or so kms from these usual entry points. I once checked which areas are flood prone, and these would be the CaMaNaVa (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, and Valenzuela) area primarily. Also Marikina, especially those along the river banks. A high end village called Provident gets underwater and sometimes the water level goes all the way to the second floor of these big homes. In fact, these areas get flooded even when there are no rains. The area sits below sea level and when it is high tide, the streets get flooded. The flood control projects are focused in this area, but like all government projects, they take forever to finish, if they get finished at all. The highest altitude is in the Alabang area, that part where Ayala Alabang and other posh villages are located. The area includes the Alabang Town Center and the Festival Mall. The lower end (literally and figuratively) of Alabang, the poor area near the lake and near the city center, gets flooded.

How do I find a PERSON in a phone directory of Metro Manila Pasig Greenpark Village in the Philippines?

His/her name itself would be in the phone directory if that is a residential subdivision.

Where's the best place just outside of metro manila to spend a day with my gf this december?

Tagaytay is the closest out of town are for a day trip. You can go hike Taal Volcano or go horseback riding. Have lunch in Sonya's Garden if you love the ambiance of garden settings. check their site: If you like water, you could go to one of the resorts in Batangas or go to Lake Caliraya for hobbie-cat sailing or kayaking. Otherwise, you could go hiking Mt. Pinatubo in Tarlac. You can try to check arranged tours for convenience. or read about how to arrange it yourselves for a group of 4 Baguio is so crowded in December. Despite the mountain air, I hate the smog from all the vehicles there. It has lost its appeal to me as a budget traveller. I would recommend Banaue or Sagada north of Baguio if you had a minimum of 2 nights excluding the night of travel. It takes more than 12 hours to go to Sagada but the tranquility of the place is well worth it. Accomodations are less expensive than Baguio but do not expect any entertainment or nightlife except if you get invited by a local. My not so active cousin ended up taking 3 nights in Sagada.

Are there any shops in Metro Manila offering wood mounting services for photos?

Im not exactly sure if they do wood mounting but i saw this open gallery in manila right in the corner of Pedro gil and mabini right next to the hotel in front of the casino where they feature art works that are wood could try that or you could go directly to your local photo shop i heard "Kameraworld" offers services similar to this.

can you help me find chicken inasal cook in Metro Manila to hire as cook or consultant?

The best way is to go to Iloilo City yourself. Then eat around. Go to the public market, the eatery section. Eat at the small places and the BBQ joints at night. And hire somebody right there. You might end up hiring more than one, because it will be cheaper. Figure out giving your new staff room and board, and offer Manila minimum wage. .

Where in Metro Manila can I sell my old clothes?

I shop at ukay ukay a lot and i found a lot of 80's inspired pieces there even before the 80's made a comeback. I always have garage sales here at home and theres this lady who buys stuff and sells it to ukay ukay somewhere in guadalupe. I am not so sure where exactly in guadalupe but she sells them per kilo. maybe try having a garage sale first because you will not get your moneys worth if you sell it per kilo or per pound. I f you have designer items or expensive stuff, you can't barter with the people from ukay. If you sell it yourself at your own garage sale then you can price them as you wish.

Where in Metro Manila can you find an organization that financially supports NFP activity?

Good question. Maybe Family of the Americas, they do international outreach re: NFP Good luck!

What are the best elementary schools in Metro Manila?

if you can afford there is the International School Manila, the British School Manila and the European International School

What is the best restaurant in Metro Manila?

this is quite a difficult question to answer because food preferences would still fall on you as there are no official body that judges what is the best restaurant in Metro Manila. But here are various suggestions depending on what you feel eating. If you want to eat Filipino Food try Jerry's grill. Go for a google search because they have a lot of branches all over Manila. Do not forget to order Adobo flakes. One good restaurant is actually 2 restaurants - Mannang/Man Han. They always serve side by side. Manang serves Filipino food, Man Han serves Chinese food. It's like a duplex of a restaurant. They can be found in Megamall but I think they have more branches now because they don't fail serving good food. Don't forget to order a huge pail of ice tea. If you feel like Chinese food of course, it would be Ma Mon Luk. They give a decent meal but not extraordinary. The reason why I referred this to you is that Ma Mon Luk is one of the pioneers of Chinese Food in the Philippines and he is the creator of the famous soup - Mami and was the first to serve Siopao and Dumplings in a restaurant setting in the Philippines. Now for Italian, there are a lot of good Italian restaurants in the Philippines but my favorite is Amici di Don Bosco. It is an Italian Pizzeria and Restaurant run by priests. There are still Italian priests cooking there and that's the closest you can get to an authentic Italian meal and is sufficed by fantastic pizzas. Aside from the that, a part of what you pay go to Don Bosco mission and charities. If you feel like Japanese food, you have to find Makati Cinema Square and behind that old mall are droves and droves of Japanese Restaurants that serve a good Japanese meal. Just pick your choice. They have some sort of organization that looks after the quality that they serve. Japayukis are a bonus. :) Now before I ask plugging fees for the restaurants mentioned, I'll stop. Explore man. That is the key. Eat a lot anywhere and everywhere. Or better yet, cook your own food. Ladies will swoon I tell you. To learn more about Filipino Food, go here: Make sure you say hi to me there :)

How long does it take to send a regular mail from metro manila to metro manila?

depends on the mood of the postal workers handling your letter . It can take from 2-3 days up to a month . It may never get there if not registered or insured