are there any universities in georgia that have good pharmacy programs?

I know of 2 universities with pharmacy programs--UGA and Mercer University (Atlanta) I did not do pharmacy so I can't speak personally about how good the schools are. However, I went to Mercer undergrad and had a couple of friends who went through the pharmacy program. They graduated, are making money and seem to know what they're talking about. The program is rigged so that if you can complete two years undergrad on the main campus in Macon and then go straight to pharmacy school in Atlanta. (at least, it was 10 years ago. I assume it still is.)

How do I get into Oxford?

You can attend Oxford through Mercer University. They are a sister of Oxford and offer international student exchanges. That's MERCER University in Macon Georgia. Good Luck!

i dont know what school to go to?

Merc as in what? Mercer university? Than defiantly that one

college help!! ?? :(?

Mercer University in Macon, Georgia has a sister school in Taiwan called; Lunghwa University of Science and Technology.

Which University is better?

I'm not in Georgia, but I've never heard of Mercer University, even if it does have a big endowment (public schools get their money from other sources and don't have "endowments" anyway). That could be indicative of a problem if you ever want to move away from Georgia. In general, the one with the strongest reputation is Georgia State. Then I'd put Georgia Southern, Mercer, and finally Valdosta State.

What are some of the best Christain universities to attend?

Baylor University Belhaven College Birmingham–Southern College Calvin College Davidson College Eureka College Grove City College Hampden–Sydney College Hope College Lee University Liberty University Mercer University Milligan College Oral Roberts University College of the Ozarks Pepperdine University Regent University Samford University All are "C"-rated or better by ACTA (if rated), are Green Lighted for excellence and intellectual diversity by ISI, and most have 1000 or more students.

Who will be the best Mid-Major team this year in basketball? Will there be any surprises like Davidson?

Yes, I think Mercer University has a chance. Mercer is in the weak A-Sun Conference and their only competition will be Belmont and ETSU. Mercer has a very tough schedule with games against UCLA, Dayton, Georgia Tech, Alabama, and Auburn. Mercer has a new coach and most key players returning. Check them out at

Is there anyone here that goes to Mercer University?

Yeah what can I do for you....

pharma mngt universities in US?

Auburn University - School of Pharmacy Butler University - College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Campbell University - School of Pharmacy Columbia University - College of Physicians and Surgeons Duquesne University - Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Florida A and M University Idaho State University - College of Pharmacy Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Long Island University - Westchester Graduate Campus Pharmaceutics Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences Medical University of South Carolina Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy North Dakota State University Northeastern University Bouve College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Ohio State University - The College of Pharmacy Oregon State University - College of Pharmacy Purdue University - School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - Rutgers College of Pharmacy Saint John's University - College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions Temple University - School of Pharmacy Texas Tech University - School of Pharmacy University at Buffalo - The State University of New York School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Alabama at Birmingham University of Arizona - College of Pharmacy University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy University of California, San Diego - Department of Pharmacology University of California, San Francisco University of Cincinnati - College of Pharmacy University of Colorado - Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy University of Connecticut - School of Pharmacy University of Florida - Department of Pharmaceutics University of Georgia - College of Pharmacy University of Houston - College of Pharmacy University of Illinois at Chicago - College of Pharmacy University of Iowa - College of Pharmacy University of Kansas University of Kentucky - College of Pharmacy University of Louisiana at Monroe - School of Pharmacy University of Maryland, Baltimore - School of Pharmacy University of Michigan - College of Pharmacy University of Minnesota - College of Pharmacy University of Missouri - Kansas City Pharmaceutical Science University of Mississippi - School of Pharmacy University of Montana - The School of Pharmacy & Allied Health Sciences University of Nebraska Medical Center - Pharmaceutical Sciences University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - School of Pharmacy University of Oklahoma - Health Sciences Center College of Pharmacy University of Pennsylvania - School of Medicine University of Rhode Island - College of Pharmacy University of Southern California Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of South Carolina - College of Pharmacy University of Tennessee, Memphis - College of Pharmacy University of the Sciences in Philadelphia University of Texas at Austin - College of Pharmacy University of the Pacific - School of Pharmacy University of Toledo, The University of Wisconsin - Madison - School of Pharmacy University of Utah - College of Pharmacy Virginia Commonwealth University - School of Pharmacy University of Washington - School of Pharmacy Wayne State University - College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Cornell University West Virginia University - School of Pharmacy

Can you help me decide the top 5-10 university in GEORGIA?

Emory Georgia Tech Mercer University of Georgia University of West Georgia add in the other State Universities and that might total 10. There's not that many!

What are some good schools in georgia that could help me in my future career as becoming a doctor?

Emory Medical College of Ga Mercer University Mount Sinai /

I got a letter from Mercer University inviting me to go see the school?

They are not interested in you, that's just a recruiting tool. Universities get tens of thousands of new students each year, the last thing they'd worry about is somebody that's only taken the PSAT.

Is there such thing as a full academic scholarship to a 4 year college?

I went to Mercer University in Macon, GA, and they offered 30 full academic scholarships per year (including meals, housing, books, etc.) All scholarship students got a free laptop as well. Abraham Baldwin College in Tifton, GA also offers full academic scholarships, but I don't know the details. Many 4 year colleges (if not most) have full academic scholarships. The best thing to do is look at the website of the school you are interested in. There is usually a scholarship or financial aid section listing any available scholarships. Most deadlines are around this time of year though, so don't waste time! :) I know from experience how quickly the deadlines can fly by! Some schools may even send you offers, depending on how high your gpa is. Also, some college offer not only full scholarships, but intermediate scholarships as well. I had a scholarship that paid 60% of my tuition. Not as good as a full scholarship, but better than nothing! Another good tip: lots of small scholarships add up! My freshman year, I had so many small scholarships that I got a refund! And if you do get some small scholarships, even if they are not nonrenewable, some of them will renew your scholarship anyway if you write them a nice long letter at the end of freshman year asking them for more funding. They are usually willing to extend extra funding to people who are doing well in school and are grateful. I hope this helps!!

Becoming a Pharmacist?

Mercer University is the best.

Question about universities?!?

Don't assume you've gotten in until you receive the letter.

What choice would this be for Mercer University?

Answer = College of Liberal Arts (Sciences) All of the prerequisites for your pre-nursing/nursing/pre-med will be located in the College of Liberal Arts. Good luck!

Mercer University questions?

arithmetic, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, maybe statistics. Do some research to find out more, but it shouldn't be anything you haven't covered in your high school math classes.

Which University would be best for becoming a Psychiatrist?

Either: Mercer University or The University of Georgia

do you know anything about Mercer university?

Its more selective . Avg SAT ranges for upper 1000s to 1300. Avg gpa is the upper 3.0. Its a good uni. Its private tho so tuition is fairly high.

Where is a good place to have a wedding in macon georgia?

Mercer University Law School

What are the requirements to get into Mercer University?

Mercer University in ATL?

Mercer has an excellent reputation. It's a very small school located just outside of downtown Atlanta. The main campus is actually in Macon. The Atlanta school is a satellite campus.

looking for college inclayton county called mercer?

Mercer University 1400 Coleman Avenue Macon, GA 31207 (478) 301-2700

Tution rate for mercer university?

Around $30,000 a year

Universities in Georgia?

here are georgian colleges that offer criminal justice majors: Albany State University Albany, GA Augusta State University Augusta, GA Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, GA Clayton State University Morrow, GA Columbus State University Columbus, GA Georgia Southern University Statesboro, GA Georgia State University Atlanta, GA Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, GA Macon State College Macon, GA Mercer University Macon, GA Piedmont College Demorest, GA Thomas University Thomasville, GA University of Georgia Athens, GA Valdosta State University Valdosta, GA here is more info on valdosta:

Night School: Mercer vs. Brenau Universities?

In your favorite search engine enter individually the name of each school followed by the phrase rankings, reviews ,and student life. Then do a compare and contrast.

Is Howard University a good school?

howard university is an amazing school. i have many friends that go there and they all love it there. I have heard nothing negative about the school. if you need more information you could probably try the school's website or try wikipedia also. It really helps and good luck with college take care!

Does anyone know of any good schools in Atlanta?

College? Emory University Georgia Tech Georgia State University Mercer University

What college do you live by? Please tell me.?

Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, Emory University, Mercer University. Nice question!

Has anyone heard about the quality of Mercer University's part-time MBA program?

Hello. As a recent 2010 graduate I can tell you that Mercer's Flexible Evening MBA program is phenomenal! Mercer's MBA is one of the most prestigious in the South. Mercer's School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and less than 20% of business schools world wide have that accreditation. The school's reputation is impeccable and since I graduated from the program in 2010, I have been promoted twice. The educational experience was great. The classrooms were relatively small compared to the large state schools and you will never taught by a graduate assistant. The teacher to student ratio in the classroom is approximately 20 to 1 and all of the instructors were extremely accessible outside of the class (in most cases I had personal email addresses and phone numbers). I could go on and on. Mercer's MBA is probably the best kept secret in the Atlanta Market! If you are looking for a quality program at a competitive price, Mercer's MBA is it.

Where should I go to Law School?

Mercer University! The Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law is a great, small, southern law school located in Macon, Georgia. The law school’s total enrollment is around 450 and the school really is a charmer. Mercer is a top tier school with a great placement rate for graduates and a great bar passage rate. One huge advantage is that if you can make in the mid 160s on the LSAT you can probably get a full scholarship and go to school for free. Truth be know, the education at Mercer is equal to or better than the education you can get at “higher ranked” schools. With the low student/professor ratio professors are always available for students. It is your choice, but Mercer has a great reputation for graduating top quality lawyers. Wallace Miller who wrote the book on Auto Insurance Law in Georgia graduated from Mercer. John Oxendine, the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia, graduated from Mercer. Charles Adams who wrote the book on torts in Georgia also graduated from Mercer. Perhaps the most famous, or infamous, graduate is Nancy Grace. Check out these websites for more information: Good Luck with Law School!

Colleges and Universities?

If you are receiving emails from colleges and universities, it means you did well on your PSAT and those institutions are interested in you . . . congratulations! Colleges and universities use those test scores to determine which high school students will be academically prepared for college level courses, and your score shows you are on the right path. It's true that colleges and universities send emails to almost all students who score well on tests like the PSAT, and there are many students around the nation who do. But that doesn't take anything away from your accomplishment. By my count, you have six great schools who are already interested in you, and you're just a sophomore in high school . . . you (and your parents) should be very proud. Continue to work hard in high school, and spend the next couple of years researching (and visiting) those schools that are interested in you. Find out which schools have the programs you are interested in, the campuses you feel comfortable in, and the faculty that will teach and support you. It sounds to me like you're doing everything right . . . good luck!

Can you tell me anything about these schools?

University of West Georgia - small public school in a small town. If they offer the degree program you want and you like small town living it's a reasonable option. Carrolton is a small town but it doesn't have that college town feel because the school is so small. Kennesaw State - one of the largest schools in the state by student population. In a fast growing very nice suburban area just north of downtown Atlanta. The campus looks brand new (most of it is!) but the on campus life isn't like most large schools since KSU has only had on campus housing for a few short years. It used to be strictly a commuter school and still kinda has that feel to it. Armstrong Atlantic State University - never heard of it Mercer University - small private Liberal Arts school with campuses in Macon and Atlanta. Great school, great reputaion but limited programs. If they offer what you want and you like small schools Mercer may be the place for you. Very good nursing program.

does mercer university have an architecture program?

I did not see one on their website but you can call and ask them. I put a website below of all the numbers you might need. However, the main number for undergrad admission is: 478-301-2650 or you can email them at: good luck

Mercer or University of Georgia?

Sorry, I didn't get the moral person part. The University of Georgia is a better school. That's the one I would choose.

what are the opinions out there on Mercer University?

Depends in what you want to major in...... for example Drexel is a great school for engineers... but not for fashion design (yes they do have that major)!! But overall, I have only heard good things about Mercer.

Does Mercer University in Atlanta offer a pharmD program?

Yes. You can find further information on the Mercer University website.

About How Much Financial Aid Does Mercer University Give?

The answer is that it varies from student to student the amount of financial aid each student receives at a university because no two situations are the same. It is based on the FAFSA EFC score on whether or not a person receives a Pell Grant. Also, some programs come with certain financial aid programs such as nursing and education if you promise to work in a critical need area for a certain amount of time. I will list some free resources that should help you locate money for college. First, the college's financial aid office and website has a list of private scholarships offered from outside organizations and companies. Sometimes a college major's website will list scholarships, too. Second, the public library has a book listing scholarships with some not even listed on the web. Third, fill out the FAFSA form. It will help tap into federal and state need based financial aid along with scholarship money from the college itself. It is based on the parents' income and savings along with your income and savings. The form becomes available on January 1 for the upcoming fall semester or quarter. It needs to be renewed each year until college graduation. This should be filled out in her senior year. Fourth, current high school students can locate local scholarship information at the high school guidance office. Fifth, good grades and SAT/ACT scores do pay in the form of state grants and scholarships. The state of Georgia has a $3000 Hope scholarship which is renewalable each year if a high school student student has a 3.0 GPA. I recommend study hard for the SAT/ACT and raise your test scores as high as possible if there is enough time because it can better the chances of a merrit scholarship. Finally, I recommend joining several free membership scholarship search websites. There are scholarships for a variety of things including ethnicity, clubs, hobbies, and even wearing duct tape to the high school prom. Most are updated on a regular basis. Most offer a customized search based on information entered onto a form on the website. Good luck!

Does Mercer University in Atlanta offer programs for undergrads?

Yes, Mercer offers undergraduate programs at their Atlanta campus. The programs are: * Bachelor of Business Administration * Bachelor of Science in Education, Early Care and Education * Bachelor of Science in Social Science, Public Safety * Bachelor of Applied Science in Organization Leadership

Is Mercer University going to join Conference USA? ?

Actually, Mercer is reinstating their football program. I have heard the official announcement is coming. However, I don't think they will be in Conference USA -- the Pioneer Football League is much more likely. Mercer plays all other sports in the Atlantic Sun Conference, which, I think is a bit of a joke -- at least it is Division One.

Is Mercer University going to join Conference USA? ?

Actually, Mercer is reinstating their football program. I have heard the official announcement is coming. However, I don't think they will be in Conference USA -- the Pioneer Football League is much more likely. Mercer plays all other sports in the Atlantic Sun Conference, which, I think is a bit of a joke -- at least it is Division One.

How is Mercer University?

All the answers to your questions about Mercer University can be found with a click of this link

Georgia State University Law vs. Mercer University Law?

It's not a choice - go to Georgia State. Mercer is a tier three law school and GA State is a Tier 1. Right now, that distinction is what will help you get an actual job upon graduation. US News and World Report is the only ranking worth following. I'm not sure where you are pulling the Mercer being ranked higher statistic.

Is "pediatrics advanced nursing" a major at Mercer University?

You want to be a nurse or you want to be a Pediatrician? BIG BIG difference. No school offers a pediatric undergrad major. No school offers a pediatric nursing undergrad major. You don't trust yourself to research? Then any patient care position is out. If you are unwilling to go to the university's website or e-mail them to get a real answers, how are you going to write research paper on a college level? What are you going to do with a difficult diagnosis or surgery that requires prep and research??? Pediatricians are physicians. That means undergrad with PreMed, Med School, then a pediatrics residency of 3 years. Nurses do 1-2 years of GE and prep courses and then a two year program. All nurses graduate as RNs. You may have electives and it may allow you to 'specialize' in a sense, but you will still be an RN (after licensing, of course). You can then do graduate degrees/advanced practice degrees in Pediatric Nursing. I'm sorry, but if a physician came in and said "Well, we think it's cancer, but I don't really trust my research," that physician would be reported to the licensing board after I wrote a letter to the group/hospital. There's a big difference between 'we aren't sure' and 'I don't know how to research.' I don't mean to be a creep, but it gets me a bit riled up when someone wants to go into medicine 'to help people' but then expects someone else to do all the work. If you don't care enough about your future to put more effort into it, why do you think that we should care? Even wikipedia lays out what a pediatrician is. Good Luck

Is there alot of Asians in Mercer University?

maybe you should not go to Mercer because I've been to Macon, GA and there are barley any asians there. I live in Atlanta and there are a bunch of asians there (Duluth and Suwanee in particular) So maybe you can go to a college in atlanta like Georgia perimeter, Ga tech, etc. I hope this helps

Has anyone heard about the quality of Mercer Universities MBA program?

Getting an MBA from a ranked B-School can open a lot of doors for you and greatly increase your salary. Getting an MBA from an unranked school won't do much more for you than a BS in Business. Mercer's MBA program is not ranked. It is not worth it to quit work to get an MBA full time. It might add value if you keep working and get a part time MBA -- especially if somone else is paying for it. Don't expect an MBA from Mercer to create a lot of opportunities for you.

What is Mercer University in Macon, Ga like?

i will be starting my 3rd year at mercer this upcoming fall and i must say that i have really enjoyed my freshman and sophomore year at the university. there is quite a bit of diversity there (at least more than my high school) and people are pretty much friendly and open. although i am not a part of the greek life, it is one of the main ways to be social on campus at mercer. the surrounding city is not conducive to a "college town" scene so joining a sorority/fraternity is one of the main ways to ensure you have a social life. outside of greek life, there really is little to do--except studying lol on the topic of studying, the academics are, in my opinion, challenging. of course, it depends on your major as the true gauge of difficulty, but overall there is no "easy" major. i am not telling you this to discourage you, but no class will simply GIVE you an A. however, the professors are extremely helpful (there are no classes taught by TAs and the professors all have regular office hours--they will even work around your own schedule if you can not make any of their scheduled hours if you express that you need their help/attention in any way). office hours and free tutoring on campus have helped me out tremendously :) despite the challenging academics, i have learned so much--in and out of the classroom--and have met so many nice and accepting people here. i would not trade this experience for anything and i hope you have a similar experience as well :)

Is it easy to get into Mercer University (Macon, GA)?

Schools with lower acceptance rates are usually much more competitive schools meaning they usually get a lot of funding for research which attracts some of the best professors in their fields. The better the faculty means the better the school, the best professors aren't going to work at a school who accepts morons. Since Mercer University has a high acceptance rate, there's a chance that they accept anybody into that school. Admissions rate is only one of the many factors that you should look at though. Part of the reason an acceptance rate might be high is the popularity of the school or they get many top applicants. Many schools are only well-known within their state, county or just the city, so they may only get a couple thousand applicants. But when you say easy, lets not compare this school to the other high acceptance rate or easy going schools. Those schools accept anybody with a lazy high school career. You actually have to work your butt off in high school to get into Mercer. Average SAT's are like 1600-1900.

Liberty University Online / Mercer University in Macon?

What field do you want to go to grad school in? LU is regionally accredited, which is extremely important. That means that its degrees are considered real by employers and by other schools; so you can go on to grad school in most fields. But I ask "which field" because in some fields (medicine, for example), it's extremely important that you do your bachelors degree from a traditional, brick and mortar program. In other fields, you need your major program to have had certain types of professional accreditation in order to be able to practice/go on to grad school. So I ask, "which field?" There's nothing wrong with Mercer. I also have no problem with Liberty. Although with Liberty, IMO, it's important that you not mind being associates with the beliefs of the university/its founder, as employers are going to see you through a certain set of "she went to Liberty" goggles. In other words, they may judge you based on those beliefs, whether or not you hold them yourself; so you'd want to be comfortable with that. But it's a good school. Nothing wrong with it, academically; and it's been coming up in the university rankings over the past years.

Is football coming back to Mercer University?

Yes, more likely than not, football is coming back to Mercer University. The football will be of the non-scholarship variety, similar to what the Ivy League plays. Mercer will most likely compete in the Pioneer Football League because the Atlantic Sun Conference is reluctant to support, or even acknowledge football. Please see the information below. Though football does add to the college atmosphere, I would not base my entire law school decision on whether a school has football or not. However (as you can see from my other answer), I would choose Mercer Law over Emory any day of the week. Mercer does not compete in football; discontinued during World War II, the program was not revived. The final game was in 1942. Mercer played the University of Georgia in UGA's first football game; UGA won 50-0 on January 15, 1892. Later the same year, Mercer played Georgia Tech in GT's first football game; Mercer won 12-6 on November 5, 1892. Wally Butts, arguably one of the greatest football personalities in Georgia history, played at Mercer. Butts later served as the head coach at the University of Georgia from 1939 to 1960 and as UGA athletic director from 1939 to 1963. He is a member of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame. In 2007, Mercer announced that it is studying the possibility of adding football along with other possible improvements to the athletics department. Mercer President William D. Underwood has indicated tentative support for football if the program is financially viable, enhances the academic mission of the university, and if the team can be competitive within those financial and academic constraints. The Pioneer Football League is a college athletic conference which operates literally from coast to coast in the United States. It has member schools that range from North Carolina and Florida in the east to California in the west. The conference participates in the NCAA's Division I Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) as a football-only conference. Unlike most other Division I FCS conferences, the Pioneer League consists of institutions which choose not to award athletic scholarships ("grants-in-aid") to football players. PFL teams are eligible to compete in the FCS Playoffs, but only as an at-large as the conference does not receive an automatic berth. Currently the league champion plays the champion of the Northeast Conference in the Gridiron Classic.