Are there any Moderate Republicans left besides Meghan McCain?

Meghan McCain isn't exactly what I'd call a "moderate Republican". She seems to be so self-absorbed she doesn't have more than one clue about politics, outside of her own family. ∠°)

Is Meghan McCain's comments good for the Republican Party?

I would say yes. Honest self evaluation is the first step to both personal and political recovery.

Is Meghan McCain an unwitting pawn for the liberals?

The only reason they are interested in her is because she's complaining about the negative things that happened to her. If her name wasn't McCain, they wouldn't talk to her. This is her 15 minutes of fame.

Who would you vote for president: sarah palin or meghan mccain?

I would vote for Sarah Palin. I just have a problem with this Progressive Republican.

what do you think of Meghan McCain speaking out against Palin and the teaparty?

Republicans eating their own. LOL!

Meghan McCain, politically savvy, should she take over Elisabeth's place on "The View"?

I sometimes read her blogs. She has something to say to young republicans who need to find a way to rejuvenate their party. Elisabeth is a Rush clone who has no comprehension of what she is yelling so rudely about. Ms. McCain would make much more informed and rational statements. Republicans remind me of the American Auto industry - resisting change and progress can kill a once mighty organisation. I still wouldn't watch the show!

What do you think of Meghan McCain?

Shes a moron

Do you think Meghan McCain was telling the truth about Karl Rove stalking her on Twitter?

I suppose. What would be her motive to lie? He does seem like a creepy old man.

Anyone else think Meghan Mccain is probably the best republican out there?

She is NOT a Conservative. She is a liberal who calls herself a Conservative.

What do you think of Meghan McCain's open letter to NY GOP regarding gay marriage?

I think she has a soul and a brain, so therefore the rest of the assholes would stone her to death if they could. I think I liked what I read of it though.

What do you think of Meghan McCain?(Conservatives especially)?

The older Reps won't give her the time of day, but to me, what she says makes alot of sense. The GOP had better broaden their horizons before they become irrelevant

Did anyone else lose respect for Glenn Beck after what he did to Meghan McCain?

That "bit" was not one of Beck's more shining moments. But on the other hand, do you think the women... including McCain... did that to be demure? Of course not... They did it to stimulate controversy. Well, McCain got what she was looking for. If Beck hadn't made an issue of that commercial, half of the people who did view it, would not have seen it. McCain should be ecstatic over the publicity.

is meghan mccain the new leader of the gop?

Meghan is straight and giving it to the GOP but good! Taking down Coulter, taking down gay marriage hypocrites, taking down the old white boys' club. Give em hell, Meghan!

Meghan McCain thinks shes cool. Is she high? She went to Columbia U no surprise there?

someone's jealous...

Is it true that Meghan McCain daughter of John McCain, is dating a black guy and she's pregnant by him?

Does this look like the stupid gossip column?

How "right on" is Meghan McCain when she was speaking of Ann Coulter (see below quote)?

absolutely. dems have been saying this all along.

Meghan McCain is the best the Daily Beast can do?

She knows a lot more than Palin. How does she live high on the hog? She doesn't get tax dollars--are you that brainwashed?

Does anybody have a problem with Meghan McCain's picture?


Why does Meghan McCain get so much attention?

She flaunts her assets and you get a big laugh anytime she open her mouth. I am sure she embarrasses her father.~

Why does John McCain often have his daughter Meghan behind him at rallies but he never has Bridget?

because hes a hypocrite .. he probaly doesnt want any one to talk bad about him but then again .. thats crazy .. never really noticed i cant stand that ugly evil looking man OBAMA 08

What are your thoughts on Meghan McCain's speech?

I didn't know she had a speech care to link me? I think Meghan McCain could be good for the future of the party. She is more moderate, and is in tuned with new world ideas at the same time staying true to the values of the party.

What is Meghan McCain's idealized vision of the Republican Party?

She's a Progressive, and ALL progressives need to be done away with

Is Meghan McCain actually improving the quality of dialog in the re-branding of the Republican Party?

no one can salvage the repubs at this point...they try to put hot sexy faces to the new brand still it won't sell...

What do you think about Meghan McCain politically/intellectually-wise?

Probably the only non neanderthal in the US conservative movement

Is it a good or bad thing that Meghan McCain is the first or second most prominent?

Even Meghan is a conservative, I like some of her point of views. I think she's a good kid. She doesn't seem like she is prejudice and want America to be better for all not just for whites or the rich. ☼

Will there be a catfight between blonde bombshells Callista Gingrich & Meghan McCain?

Callista is way too square to be a bombshell.

Will the Republican party ever embrace someone like Meghan McCain?

She is far too smart, and that one thing alone is enough to scare most of them smooth out of their mink house slippers.

What are Meghan McCain's motives for calling the tea party "racist"?

She's saying it because it's the truth.

What does Meghan McCain believe in and what party does she belong to?

As I understand it, Megan McCain is a fiscally conservative, socially moderate R. That makes her a dream candidate for much of America and poison to the extremists currently in charge of the R Party. Shame on those loons. A normal person would do wonders for the R image, not to mention actually be effective if elected.

Is Meghan McCain right? Is the old school republican party scared sh-tless about the future?

Hey, I would be too if my party did not have any kind of fresh ideas to help our economy, healthcare, etc... same stale tactics from the old Rove playbook. People are just tired of the same ol, same ol politics.

What does Meghan McCain have against ODonnell?

O'Donnell is possibly the only candidate Meghan feels she can debate against. Saw Meghan for the first time today on a political show, she appears to be out of place debating politics.

Any other liberals love Meghan McCain right now?

She's the future face of an authentically conservative, inclusive and honorable Republican party of common sense if she is inclined to play a role in national politics. I'm confident that you are not alone. If you happen to be a Democrat, Meghan McCain is a Republican that you can and ought to respect. You can love her too if that's what your feeling, but that response is optional. Take care.

Is Meghan McCain trying to make millions off Republicans/Conservatives like Palin did?

Yes, I'd say she is. After Palin raked in millions from her "Joe Sixpack" followers, Meghan decided, "Wow, I can do that!" So, she decided to write a book of her own, and run to every media outlet that will let her plug it. And while she's plugging it, she throws in Sarah's name just enough to keep Sarah's followers interested in purchasing the book. But I wouldn't read her book if she gave it to me for free!

Why is Meghan McCain much cooler than her dad?

Anyone on Earth is.

Do you think Meghan McCain refused to appear on the same stage as Sarah Palin when Palin endorsed McCain?

There are some things that even Meghan doesn't want to be remembered for. Cindy seems icy or demure all of the time.

How can the LIBERALS be offended by Meghan McCain’s Twitpic?

I haven't seen it nor do I care to.

What do you think of Meghan McCain saying that a war is going on for control of the Republican Party?

I think that is her honest opinion, and that she is correct.

Why did Meghan McCain say the Bush administration kept the US safe for eight years?

McCain is thinking of running for public office. She ain't gonna run as a D; that leaves the R Party. So, she has to spout the party line. Bush kept the US safe? Unless you worked in the WTC on 9/11 or volunteered to defend this great land and were sent to avenge an insult to Daddy. Then things did not work out so well.

How come a media didnt seem to care so much when Meghan Mccain put the provocative photo up on the social site?

Because: nobody cares about Meghan McCain or what she does or posts. Not that the others are important people, but at least they are celebrities for what they've done, rather than for who their father is.

Does Meghan McCain owe Veterans and their Family an Apology?

The spoiled spawn of one of the mega-wealthy elites that dominate our country can hardly be expected to say anything intelligent, much less to have sufficient conscience to apologize for her vicious insult to America's real heroes: the vets, especially the vets who didn't have a silver spoon in their know, the ones who came back in whatever condition they were in and promptly had to get back to work in order to feed their families even as the wealthy leeches such as the Bushes or the McCains worked hard to keep their own wealth rising by blocking any advances for workers.

Why is Laura Ingram picking on Meghan McCain?

Laura Ingram is a bytch on wheels. She's picking on McCain's daughter because she had the nerve to say that the Republican Party needs to become more moderate to appeal to the young and she dissed Ann Coulter. That's a threat to the likes of Laura Ingram. But instead of talking about how she disagrees with Meghan she attacks her personally. Typical.

What do you think Meghan McCain disagrees with her father on?

Probably social policy- gay marriage, abortion, that type of thing.

Who Do You Think Is More Physically Attractive, Cindy McCain Or Her Daughter Meghan McCain?

She definitely is better looking than her daughter, but they aren't politicians so why the question in Politics???

Why are certain blocs of the GOP and almost all Tea Partiers not particularly welcoming of Meghan McCain?

Why do people think Meghan McCain is hot?

because beauty is in the eye of the beholder so that is why

Will The GOP Echo Machine Throw Meghan McCain Under The Bus For Her Pro Gay Stance?

We don't throw people under a bus like Barry does!

Question For Conservative Men, Who Do You Think Is More Physically Attractive, Meghan McCain Or Bristol Palin?

Neither is attractive.

Did Meghan McCain, Liberal, really say that she wants to have a Pizza and Beer with Herman Cain?

I have personally met John, Cindy and Meghan McCain. I will be seeing all of then at the AZ Veterans Walk and Commemoration at the Paradise Valley Mall, Phoenix AZ on Nov 13, 2011. I am certain that Meghan is registered as a Republican here in Maricopa County. Being young, she does have Liberal leanings in her politics, i.e. Obama Scare, amnesty, global warming, Bush's Fault. However, she is bright articulate, and knows a loser (Obama) when she here's one. Meghan did say, (contrary to Tonalc or Toenail or whatever it is), that she wants to sit down and have a slice of pizza with Herman Cain. Del Falco's Italian Deli and Club is a real Scottsdale Road treat and hangout for energetic ASU pre med, doctorate and art students. I go there often since I am Italian, love fesh Italian pasto and anti pasto with vino along with bright intelligent people, students and business execs alike. I would like to Welcome Meghan McCain to the Tea Party, with a large frosted mug of Arizona Sonoran Iced Saguaro Lemon Tea on Draft....see you at Del Falco's gang or maybe late in the night at Bobby McGees Night Club in Scottsdale AZ. I'm ready to Boogie are U.

Is Meghan McCain the Mainstream Media darling?

Did you ever see glenn beck make fun of her for being a "republican progressive?" Man, that was priceless.

Meghan McCain.........?

Yeah, she's alright. She owned Ann Coulter.